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Birds at Minnesota Valley State Recreation Area (SRA) in Minnesota. Published by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MNDNR).

Birds of MN Valley Rec Area Sp Su Fa Wi ❏ Black-capped Chickadee ❏ Tuffted Titmouse ❏ Red-breasted Nuthatch ❏ White-breasted Nuthatch ❏ Brown Creeper ❏ House Wren ❏ Winter Wren ❏ Sedge Wren ❏ Marsh Wren ❏ Golden-crowned Kinglet ❏ Ruby-crowned Kinglet ❏ Blue-gray Gnatcatcher ❏ Eastern Bluebird ❏ Gray-cheeked Thrush ❏ Swainson’s Thrush ❏ Hermit Thrush ❏ Wood Thrush ❏ American Robin ❏ Gray Catbird ❏ Brown Thrasher ❏ European Starling ❏ Cedar Waxwing ❏ Blue-winged Warbler ❏ Golden-winged Warbler ❏ Tennessee Warbler ❏ Orange-crowned Warbler ❏ Nashville Warbler ❏ Northern Parula ❏ Yellow Warbler ❏ Chestnut-sided Warbler ❏ Magnolia Warbler ❏ Cape May Warbler ❏ Yellow-rumped Warbler ❏ Black-throated Green Warbler ❏ Blackburnian Warbler C C C C O U U O C C C C O C C C U U U U U U U U C C O C C C C C C C C O U U U C C O O O C C C O C C C C C C C C C C C C C U U O U O C C U U C C U U C C C C C U U O O C C U U U U U Birds of MN Valley Rec Area ❏ Palm Warbler ❏ Bay-breasted Warbler ❏ Cerulean Warbler ❏ Black-and-white Warbler ❏ American Redstart ❏ Prothonotary Warbler ❏ Ovenbird ❏ Northern Waterthrush ❏ Mourning Warbler ❏ Common Yellowthroat ❏ Wilson’s Warbler ❏ Canada Warbler ❏ Scarlet Tanager ❏ Eastern Towhee ❏ American Tree Sparrow ❏ Chipping Sparrow ❏ Clay-colored Sparrow ❏ Field Sparrow ❏ Vesper Sparrow ❏ Lark Sparrow ❏ Savannah Sparrow ❏ Henslow’s Sparrow ❏ Fox Sparrow ❏ Song Sparrow ❏ Lincoln’s Sparrow ❏ Swamp Sparrow ❏ White-throated Sparrow ❏ Harris’s Sparrow ❏ White-crowned Sparrow ❏ Dark-eyed Junco ❏ Northern Cardinal ❏ Rose-breasted Grosbeak ❏ Indigo Bunting ❏ Dickcissel ❏ Bobolink Sp Su Fa Wi U U U U O C C C C C O O C C C U U U O C C C U U U U U U U U U U C Birds of MN Valley Rec Area ❏ Red-winged Blackbird ❏ Eastern Meadowlark ❏ Western Meadowlark ❏ Rusty Blackbird ❏ Common Grackle ❏ Brown-headed Cowbird ❏ Orchard Oriole ❏ Baltimore Oriole ❏ Purple Finch ❏ House Finch ❏ Pine Siskin ❏ American Goldfinch ❏ House Sparrow Sp Su Fa Wi MINNESOTA VALLEY C C C STATE RECREATION AREA C C C C C C C C C C C O C C U O C C C O ✓ BIRD Checklist O O C C C C O O C C C C C C C C C C C C C O O C C U U U U O U O U U O C C Date:__________________________________________ C C C U Weather:_______________________________________ U ________________________________________________ C C C C C U U U U C C C Observers:_____________________________________ ________________________________________________ Notes:__________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ C C C C C C C C C C Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Division of Parks & Recreation O U U U March 2004 DNR Web Site: www.dnr.state.mn.us Birding Opportunities at MN Valley State Recreation Area The Minnesota Valley State Recreation Area is a long, linear park comprised of multiple units. It contains a magnificent combination of habitats including river lowlands, floodplain forests, lakes, marsh and prairie all located along the Minnesota River. Significant portions of this recreation area stretch through the south­ western suburbs and communities of the Twin Cities metropolitan area. A wide variety of species can be found here including wading birds, waterfowl, flycatchers, thrushes, warblers, vireos, swallows and sparrows. The fall migration of sparrows is excellent in the grass and brush habitat. Season and Abundance Key The seasons in the checklist are defined as follows: Sp (Spring) = March, April, May Su (Summer) = June, July Fa (Fall) = August, September, October, November Wi (Winter) = December, January, February Abundance codes are defined as follows: C = Common — present, relatively easy to find U = Uncommon — observed, may be difficult to find O = Occasional — may or may not be present in any year R = Rare — has occurred at least once, may or may not be expected to recur The names and taxonomic arrangement of species follows that of the Checklist of the Birds of Minnesota (January, 2001), prepared by the Minnesota Ornithological Records Committee. This checklist contains the names of all birds that have been documented in the park by reliable observers. It was constructed by Robert B. Janssen and the MN DNR-Division of Parks & Recreation using observations of Mr. Janssen, park staff and other observers, as well as Minnesota Ornithologist’s Union records and data contained in research reports. If you are interested in the specific sources used for a particular park, contact the Parks Division Resource Manage­ ment Program Coordinator by telephone at 651-297-1158 or by mail at MNDNR-Parks, 500 Lafayette Road, Box 39 St. Paul, MN 55155-4039. “Equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from programs of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is available to all individuals regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, age, sexual orientation, membership or activity in a local commission, or disability. Discrimination inquires should be sent to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, 500 Lafayette Road, St. Paul, MN 55155-4031; or the Equal Opportunity Office, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C. 20240.” This document is available in alternative formats to individuals with disabilities by calling 651-297-1158. Copyright 2004, State of Minnesota, Department of Natural Resources. Birds of MN Valley Rec Area Sp Su Fa Wi ❏ Snow Goose ❏ Canada Goose ❏ Tundra Swan ❏ Wood Duck ❏ Gadwall ❏ American Wigeon ❏ American Black Duck ❏ Mallard ❏ Blue-winged Teal ❏ Northern Shoveler ❏ Northern Pintail ❏ Green-winged Teal ❏ Redhead ❏ Ring-necked Duck ❏ Greater Scaup ❏ Lesser Scaup ❏ Bufflehead ❏ Common Goldeneye ❏ Hooded Merganser ❏ Common Merganser ❏ Ruddy Duck ❏ Ring-necked Pheasant ❏ Ruffed Grouse ❏ Wild Turkey ❏ Pied-billed Grebe ❏ American White Pelican ❏ Double-crested Cormorant ❏ Great Blue Heron ❏ Great Egret ❏ Green Heron ❏ Black-crowned Night-Heron ❏ Turkey Vulture ❏ Osprey ❏ Bald Eagle ❏ Northern Harrier O O C C C O C C C U U U U U U C C C C C C U U U U U U O O U O U U O O U U U O C C C C R C C C C O O U C U C C C C C U C U U U U U U C U C O O C U C U U U Birds of MN Valley Rec Area ❏ Sharp-shinned Hawk ❏ Cooper’s Hawk ❏ Red-shouldered Hawk ❏ Broad-winged Hawk ❏ Red-tailed Hawk ❏ American Kestrel ❏ Peregrine Falcon ❏ Sora ❏ American Coot ❏ Sandhill Crane ❏ Killdeer ❏ Greater Yellowlegs ❏ Lesser Yellowlegs ❏ Spotted Sandpiper ❏ Semipalmated Sandpiper ❏ Pectoral Sandpiper ❏ Wilson’s Snipe ❏ American Woodcock ❏ Franklin’s Gull ❏ Bonaparte’s Gull ❏ Ring-billed Gull ❏ Herring Gull ❏ Thayer’s Gull ❏ Caspian Tern ❏ Forster’s Tern ❏ Rock Pigeon ❏ Mourning Dove ❏ Black-billed Cuckoo ❏ Yellow-billed Cuckoo ❏ Great Horned Owl ❏ Barred Owl ❏ Long-eared Owl ❏ Common Nighthawk ❏ Whip-poor-will ❏ Chimney Swift Sp Su Fa Wi U U U U U O O U U C C C C C C C U O O U O U U O C C C O O O O U U U U U U O U U C U U O O C O U U C U O O U O C C C C C C C O U U U U U U U U U U U U U U O O O U U U Birds of MN Valley Rec Area ❏ Ruby-throated Hummingbird ❏ Belted Kingfisher ❏ Red-headed Woodpecker ❏ Red-bellied Woodpecker ❏ Yellow-bellied Sapsucker ❏ Downy Woodpecker ❏ Hairy Woodpecker ❏ Northern Flicker ❏ Pileated Woodpecker ❏ Olive-sided Flycatcher ❏ Eastern Wood-Pewee ❏ Yellow-bellied Flycatcher ❏ Acadian Flycatcher ❏ Alder Flycatcher ❏ Willow Flycatcher ❏ Least Flycatcher ❏ Eastern Phoebe ❏ Great Crested Flycatcher ❏ Eastern Kingbird ❏ Loggerhead Shrike ❏ Northern Shrike ❏ Yellow-throated Vireo ❏ Blue-headed Vireo ❏ Warbling Vireo ❏ Philadelphia Vireo ❏ Red-eyed Vireo ❏ Blue Jay ❏ American Crow ❏ Horned Lark ❏ Purple Martin ❏ Tree Swallow ❏ Northern Rough-winged Swallow ❏ Bank Swallow ❏ Cliff Swallow ❏ Barn Swallow Sp Su Fa Wi C U C C C C U U U C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C O U U U U U U C C C U U O U O U U O U C C C C C C C C C C C C O O O U U U U U C C C U U C C C C C C C C C C C O O O O C C C U U U U U U C U C C C C

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