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Visitor Map of Blue Mounds State Park (SP) in Minnesota. Published by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MNDNR).

©2020, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources MAP AND GUIDE: BLUE MOUNDS STATE PARK 1410 161ST STREET LUVERNE, MN 56156 ROCK COUNTY 507-283-6050 VISITOR TIPS • Bison can move very fast. Keep out of the enclosure fence! • Don’t see bison from the viewing platform? Check the southwestern corner of the range from Mound or Western Loop trails. • Stay on trails. Prickly pear cacti are common here and their spines can pierce shoes and clothes. Even their yellow flowers have small spines. • Pack a water bottle for your hike. • In an emergency call 911. • Non-emergency sheriff’s number: 507-283-5000 ONLY HAVE AN HOUR? • Look for bison from the viewing platform or Mound Trail. • Hike the short Quarry Trail to explore the quartzite cliffs. • Visit Eagle Rock, the park’s highest point. Take the Mound Trail from the Eagle Rock Vista parking lot. LOOKING FOR MORE TO EXPLORE? VISIT MNDNR.GOV/BLUEMOUNDS SO EVERYONE CAN ENJOY THE PARK... ABOUT THE PARK Established in 1961, Blue Mounds State Park protects sheer quartzite cliffs and over 1,500 acres of highly diverse prairie. Here you have the opportunity to see more rare prairie species than in any other park in southwestern Minnesota. Management programs restore native grasses and wildflowers, resulting in a panorama of prairie colors in late summer. Amid this rich landscape, you may also spot bison. The herd you see today began with the introduction of three bison from Nebraska in 1961. New calves are born each spring. A FULL SET OF STATE PARK RULES AND REGULATIONS IS AVAILABLE AT MNDNR.GOV. PARK OPEN 8 a.m.–10 p.m. daily. VEHICLE PERMITS Permits required; purchase at park office or entrance kiosk. PETS WELCOME − TRAIL HIGHLIGHTS Bur Oak Trail 0.75 miles one-way Steep terrain • Bare rock • Packed dirt This narrow trail leads through a bur oak forest and large quartzite boulders and cliff faces. Mound Trail 1.5-miles one-way One long, gradual hill • Mowed grass Hike along the western edge of the bison range and over the top of the Mound. You’ll be rewarded with abundant views of tallgrass prairie. Loops can be made by returning on the Upper Cliffline Trail. Upper Cliffline Trail 1.5-miles one-way One long, gradual hill • Mowed grass Travel along the upper edge of the cliffline and old quartzite quarry to experience the unique, pink rock. Lower Cliffline Trail 1-miles one-way Mostly flat • Mowed grass • Some paved segments Take this trail to skirt around the base of a cliffline and join the bike trail. Connecting trails lead up the cliff to the Upper Cliffline Trail. MORE TO EXPLORE AT THE PARK • Bike along three miles of paved park trails and continue onto trails that lead to Luverne, MN. • Bring your own gear and go rock climbing. Keep on 6-foot leash; pick up after; attend at all times; not allowed in buildings. Experience a stunning prairie landscape. • Stay overnight in a park tipi. This is a popular option, so make a reservation well in advance. CAMPGROUND QUIET HOURS 10 p.m.– 8 a.m.; only registered campers may be in campground during quiet hours. FIREWOOD Must be purchased at this park or from vendors who sell wood approved for this park; no gathering firewood in the park. BE OUR GUEST Reserve electric or non-electric campsites, cart-in campsites, a tipi or a group campsite. Visit MORE INFORMATION Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Information Center 500 Lafayette Rd. , St. Paul, MN 55155-4040 888-646-6367 or The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is an Equal Opportunity Employer. This information may be available in alternative format upon request.

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