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Visitor Map of Banning State Park (SP) in Minnesota. Published by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MNDNR).

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MAP AND GUIDE: BANNING STATE PARK P.O. BOX 643 SANDSTONE, MN 55072 PINE COUNTY 320-245-2668 BANNING.STATEPARK@STATE.MN.US VISITOR TIPS • Prepare for mosquitoes, flies and ticks. Cover up, use bug spray and do a thorough tick check daily. • The Kettle River has powerful currents and is not recommended for swimming. • The park’s campground is open April to October. • Visit the new bouldering areas added in 2015. Start at Teacher’s Overlook, then drive down to the Eldon bouldering area for some of the best bouldering in the Midwest. Free climbing permit required. • In an emergency call 911. ONLY HAVE AN HOUR? • Hike the Blueberry Slide Trail for a quick walk along rapids and a beautiful overlook. Park near the picnic area. • Find the ruins of an old quarry powerhouse as you hike along the lower Quarry Loop Trail. • Enjoy a picnic lunch or watch paddlers rush through the rapids from the picnic area. LOOKING FOR MORE TO DISCOVER? VISIT MNDNR.GOV/BANNING ABOUT THE PARK SO EVERYONE CAN ENJOY THE PARK... Banning State Park is filled with gorgeous scenery, historic significance and recreational adventure. The park was created in 1963 to protect a unique landscape along the Kettle River. A FULL SET OF STATE PARK RULES AND REGULATIONS IS AVAILABLE AT THE PARK OFFICE OR MNDNR.GOV. PARK OPEN 8 a.m.–10 p.m. daily. The river itself is a favorite of whitewater paddlers. With five sets of rapids ranging from Class III-V, it offers a wavy playground for experienced paddlers. Hikers can enjoy river views from 17 miles of scenic trails. Watch for wildlife, climb through unique geological formations, and visit two waterfalls during your stay. Stop along the Quarry Loop Trail to explore the ruins of a 130-year-old sandstone quarry. See the quarry wall that still bears the marks of steam-powered drills and find the skeletons of the rock crusher and power house buildings. VEHICLE PERMITS Permits required; purchase at park office or entrance kiosk. PETS WELCOME Keep on 6-foot leash; pick up after; attend at all times; not allowed in buildings or at beaches. View the Kettle River’s many rapids from park trails. − CAMPGROUND QUIET HOURS 10 p.m.– 8 a.m.; only registered campers may be in campground during quiet hours. FIREWOOD Must be purchased at this park or from vendors who sell wood approved for this park; no gathering firewood in the park. TRAIL HIGHLIGHTS Quarry Loop Trail 1.8-mile loop Mostly flat • Packed dirt • Rock This trail holds something for everyone. Discover ruins of a quarry that once operated in the area, experience scenic river views, and watch Hell’s Gate Rapids as they rush downstream. Wolf Creek Trail Steep terrain • Grass • Rock The upland forest transitions to exposed boulders as you approach a 20-foot waterfall hidden in the woods. 4-mile loop Skunk Cabbage Trail 2.4-mile loop Some steep terrain • Mowed grass Watch for numerous wildflowers and birds as you hike along the Kettle River and loop through the forest. This trail can be very wet during spring months. Big Spring Falls Trail 0.4 miles one-way Mostly flat • Packed dirt To reach waterfall views along this short trail, you’ll need to drive into the town of Sandstone. From there, follow Highway 123 to Pine Avenue South. Take Pine Avenue South a little over a mile to the trailhead. BE OUR GUEST • Stay in an electric or non-electric drive-in campsite. • Looking for a more rustic experience? Canoe into a campsite along the Kettle River. • Want a cozy weekend getaway? Stay at the camper cabin. • Make your reservation by visiting or calling 866-857-2757. CURIOUS ABOUT THE KETTLE RIVER STATE WATER TRAIL? GO TO MNDNR.GOV/WATERTRAILS MORE INFORMATION MORE TO EXPLORE • Visiting Big Spring Falls is worth the drive. Go through the town of Sandstone to the park’s southern unit to discover a beautiful waterfall area with good fishing. • View seasonal wildflowers along park trails. Skunk Cabbage and Trillium trails are named for flowers. • Climbers, bring your crash pads and boulder in the park. • Experienced paddlers, bring a canoe or kayak and tackle whitewater on the state-designated Wild and Scenic Kettle River. Call the park office for conditions. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Information Center 500 Lafayette Rd. , St. Paul, MN 55155-4040 888-646-6367 or The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is an Equal Opportunity Employer. This information may be available in alternative format upon request.

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