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Trail map with trail descriptions for Tallulah Gorge State Park (SP) in Georgia. Published by Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites.

Terrora Campground 5 Ri ve r und pgro Cam rail T 4 6 7 3 2 Interpretive Center Trail alls a ne F Hurric taircase & e S Bridg PA RK AR Y ND BO U ARY OUND B PARK 1 Jane Hurt Yarn Interpretive Center 10 Overlook 1A 9 PARK BOUNDARY Slid In Lo spir op atio BACKCOUNTRY Tra n CAMPSITE #3 il Inspiration Point e Fl oo il ra r T ah l Ta lu l ock ing R Ri ve r Tra il LEGEND Paved Roads Forest Management Roads Unpaved Roads Streams Park Visitor Center Parking Restrooms Hiking Trail Bike Trail Picnic Area Picnic Shelter Playground Swimming Tennis Courts Archery Range WMA Sign In Fishing Boat Ramp Backcountry Campsite RK PA RV and Tent Camping UN BO Pioneer Camping Area Overlook Waterfall DA RY Inspiration Loop Trail High Bluff Trail (P) Stone Place Trail (P) Upper Terrora Nature Trail Terrora Trail Shortline Trail Campground Trail Interpretive Center Trail Sliding Rock Trail (P) Gorge Floor Trail (P) South Rim Trail Hurrican Falls Trail North Rim Trail Hiking Trails Symbols rg 6000 TALLULAH LAKE BACKCOUNTRY CAMPSITE #1 4000 Go 2000 nly rive O eel D 4 Wh Northern WMA Southern WMA Y AR ND U BO 1000 BACKCOUNTRY CAMPSITE #2 Tallulah Gorge State Park Trail Map K R PA 0 Feet (P) – Permit Required Register at Park Visitor Center. PARK BOUNDARY Feb Jan 69ºF 61ºF 53ºF 50ºF 43ºF 35ºF 29ºF 27ºF 56ºF 48ºF 41ºF 38ºF 4.62 in 6.68 in 5.26 in 6.11 in 90ºF (1960) 85ºF (1974) 78ºF (1981) 77ºF (2002) Avg. Avg. Low Mean Precip. Record High 21ºF (1987) 6ºF (1993) -5ºF (1958) -8ºF(1985) Record Low Avg. Month High Apr 38ºF (1957) 29ºF (1989) 49ºF (2004) 39ºF (1972) 102ºF (1952) 95ºF (1953) 101ºF (1983) 100ºF (1964) 5.61 in 5.46 in 4.81 in 5.28 in 75ºF 64ºF 73ºF 71ºF 63ºF 52ºF 62ºF 59ºF 86ºF 76ºF 84ºF 83ºF Jul 30ºF (1974) Jun Aug 22ºF (1987) -2ºF (1962) 11ºF (1970) 98ºF (1954) 86ºF (1961) 92ºF (1954) 75ºF (1971) 4.91 in 4.84 in 4.08 in 5.29 in 68ºF 48ºF 57ºF 41ºF 57ºF 36ºF 44ºF 29ºF 79ºF 61ºF 70ºF 52ºF Oct Dec Nov Sep May Mar Climate Data for Tallulah Falls, Georgia 1 inch equals 2000 Feet 8 P. O. Box 248 • Tallulah Falls, GA 30573 • 706-754-7981 • Camping Reservations: 706-754-7979 • GeorgiaStateParks.org Old Jail To Sh ort line Rd. PARK BOUNDARY Rd. Georgia Power Hydro Plant Only 100 Gorge Floor Access permits are issued per day, on a first-come-first-served basis. No permits issued after 3 p.m. or 4 p.m. based on day light savings time. Hikers without permits will be fined. BACKCOUNTRY CAMPSITE #2 BACKCOUNTRY CAMPSITE #3 Ga. 15 Loop T u g a loo V illage Safety Tips & Etiquette h Ta ll a partnership of and Nature's Energy For Work and Play Private Property DA M 441 U.S. • Tell someone your itinerary and expected return time. • Be prepared for unexpected rain and wind which can lead to hypothermia. Always carry quality rain • Take a map, water, snacks, first aid kit, flashlight and gear and turn back in bad weather. If you become whistle. Three short blasts on a whistle are known as wet or cold, it is important to get dry and warm as a call for help. quickly as possible. • Do not stray from trails. If you become lost, stay in one location and wait for help. This will make it easier • Dress in layers and avoid cotton. Today’s hikers can choose from numerous fabrics that wick for rescuers to find you. moisture, dry quickly or conserve heat. Many • Don’t count on cell phones to work in the wilderness. experienced hikers wear a lightweight shirt that If they do, be able to give details about your location. wicks moisture, while carrying a fleece pullover • Invest in good hiking socks, found at sporting goods and rain jacket. stores. Avoid blisters by carrying “moleskin” and • Keep pets on a leash. applying it as soon as you feel a hot spot on your feet. Available in the foot care section of drug stores, • Do not pick flowers or disturb wildlife. • Protect the landscape and help prevent erosion moleskin is like felt that sticks to your skin. by staying on marked trails. • Pack out all trash. AR Y ND 41 1 .4 U.S AR Y ula PA R KB OU . 44 U.S ND OU KB PA R Park Trail Descriptions & Other Information SLIDING ROCK TRAILTrail Sliding Rock Gorge Floor Access Sliding Rock Trail is approximately one quarter mile at a 45-degree angle, over boulders and very strenuous. Access is at South Walenda Tower or steps off the North or South Rim Trails. You can access the gorge via Hurricane Falls Staircase (approximately 550 metal steps). Tallulah Gorge is one of the oldest geological features in North America. Being one of the most spectacular canyons in the eastern U.S., it is two miles long and nearly 1,000 feet deep. Visitors can hike rim trails to several overlooks, or they can obtain a free permit to hike down to the gorge floor (limit 100 per day, not available during scheduled water releases). A suspension bridge sways 80 feet above the rocky bottom, providing spectacular views of the river and the top of Hurricane Falls. Designated a State Park in 1992, Tallulah Gorge is jointly operated by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and the Georgia Power Company through a unique public-private partnership. Located in the historic town of Tallulah Falls, the 2739-acre state park features hiking, biking, camping, picnicking, swimming and opportunities for learning. Jane Hurt Yarn Interpretive Center 16,000-square-foot educational facility with rich cultural, historical and natural exhibits, offering an award-winning film, classroom space, gift shop, restrooms, and staff offices. The center is named for a Georgia conservationist, counselor, and educator who devoted 30 years of her life to the preservation and wise use of natural resources. Terrora Campground 50 RV/tent sites may be reserved or are otherwise available on a first-come, first-served basis. Call 706-754-7979 for reservations. Day-Use Area Picnic tables, 63-acre lake with beach (swim at your own risk; open Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend), 20 miles of hiking and biking trails, and two tennis courts. Free permit required for gorge floor hiking and rock climbing/rappelling. Water Releases Whitewater boating releases are scheduled for the first two weekends in April and the first three weekends in November, 8 a.m.–4 p.m. Water volumes are 500 cfs (cubic feet per second) on Saturday and 700 cfs on Sunday. Kayakers access the river below Hurricane Falls and can be best viewed from North Rim Trail Overlooks 1 and Inspiration Point. South Rim Trail overlooks 8, 9 and 10. North & South Rim Trails 1400 1350 1600 1100 .25 .5 1 Miles 0.5 mile, round-trip | All rocks & boulders | Very Difficult Approximately one quarter mile at a 45-degree angle. An access trail to the Gorge Floor and Bridal Veil Falls. Bridal Veil Falls is the only place to swim in the gorge. The trail is made up of rocks and boulders. You must obtain a permit prior to hiking this trail. You cannot go past the Bridal Veil/Sliding Rock pool area. Inspiration Loop INSPIRATION LOOP TRAIL Trail 1900 1800 • Do not leave trash in gorge. Pack it in; pack it out. 1700 1600 1500 0 1.5 Miles 1.5 miles, round-trip | Mulched surface with exposed rocks | Moderate • No alcoholic beverages allowed. No glass bottles in gorge. • Not recommended for children younger than 8 or people with heart, back or knee problems. • It is not recommended that babies be carried in a baby backpack. • • • • • Accessed on Interpretive Center Road. Part of the trail is used for mountain biking. Must obtain permit at the Interpretive Center. Consists of an old road bed with large ruts in several areas. During hunting season, it is recommended hikers and bikers wear brightly colored clothing. • Pets are not allowed on any gorge floor access trail. Stoneplace Trail STONEPLACE BIKE TRAIL • Several summer camps have a blanket permit for their groups. Camp management has attended training sessions on what is expected of youth going into the gorge. Camps are required to bring a list of hikers’ names to the Interpretive Center. Weekend visits must be approved by park management In advance. 1700 1500 1400 1300 1200 1100 1000 Gorge Trail GORGE Floor FLOOR TRAIL 900 1200 0 1 2 3 Miles 4 4.75 one-way Approximately 10 miles, round-trip | Rocky & compacted red dirt | Moderate/Difficult 1150 1100 1050 1000 3/4 Gorge Floor • Accessed on Interpretive Center Road. • Trail is approximately 10 miles round-trip or 12 miles if you include the High Bluff Loop. • Must obtain permit at the Interpretive Center. • This trail is also used for mountain biking. • Consists of an old road bed with large ruts in several areas. • During hunting season, it is recommended hikers and bikers wear brightly colored clothing. 1200 .75 Miles 1.5 Overlook #10 0 Interpretive Center Hurricane Falls Miles South Rim to North Rim 2 Interpretive Center 3 miles, round-trip | Mulched surface with exposed roots | Moderate Approximately 2 miles, round-trip | Mulched with metal stairs | Difficult The North and South Rim Trails consist of 3 miles roundtrip which will take approximately 2 hours to hike. It is a mulched trail with exposed roots that is a leisurely walk. From the Interpretive Center there is a recycled rubber tire trail that accesses Overlooks 2 and 3. • This trail has a total of 1,099 stairs (including staircase to gorge floor). North Rim Trail • Please do not leave children unattended. Access this trail behind Interpretive Center. It is approximately 3/4-mile one-way, moderate with some inclines and stairs. This trail has six Scenic Overlooks described below: 1. Inspiration Point is the best southern view into the gorge. Oceana Falls is below with a view of the amphitheatre/horseshoe bend rock formation. Gorge depth is 900 plus feet. Aeralist, Professor Leon made a walk from this point to the south rim in 1886. 2. View of Oceana Falls, with Bridal Veil Falls at the far end of the gorge. Tightrope walker Karl Wallenda walked from this overlook to his tower on the south rim in 1970. 3. View of L’Eau d’Or (pronounced Ladore) Falls, top of Tempesta Falls, and Hawthorne Cascade and Pool. Gorge depth is 350 feet. 4. View of L’Eau d’Or Falls, Hawthorne Pool, and remains of a water compressor plant used in building Tallulah Falls Dam. 5. Good view of Tallulah Falls Dam (completed in 1913) and upper portions of the gorge. 6. View of upper gorge and southern view to Hawthorne Pool and Overlooks 2 and 3. Gorge depth is 250 feet. South Rim Trail 1600 1250 1500 0 Overlook #1 SUSPENSION BRIDGE 1300 1550 1000 0 2000 • Hikers must wear hiking boots, athletic shoes with good tread, or hiking sandals with ankle strap. Carrying bottled water Is recommend. 1400 1650 1200 • • • • • • 1450 1700 1300 • If it is raining, or has rained and trail is still wet, no permits will be issued. This is for hikers’ safety and protection of natural resources. In general, if the road and sidewalks are completely dry, most of the trail should be dry as well. 3 miles, round-trip | No soil, all rocks & boulders | Very Difficult 1500 1750 • Only 100 permits are issued per day, on a first-comefirst-served basis. No permits issued after 3 p.m. or 4 p.m. based on day light savings time. Permits help ensure hikers’ safety and protection of natural resources. Miles HURRICANE FALLS TRAIL LOOP NORTH & SOUTH RIM TRAILS 1500 • A free permit is required. Every person going into the gorge must come to the Interpretive Center first, read the safety/rule pamphlet and fill out the gorge permit. For visitors younger than 18, an adult must also sign the permit and accompany them into gorge. Permits must be carried with hikers because rangers are in the gorge checking permits. Hikers without permits will be fined. 0 Hurricane Falls Hurricane Falls Trail Loop Located on the opposite side of the gorge from the Interpretive Center and is approximately 3/4-mile one-way, moderate with inclines. This trail has five Scenic Overlooks described below: 1. View of Hawthorne Pool, North Rim Trail Overlooks 2 and 3, top of Tempesta Falls and down gorge towards Hurricane Falls. Gorge depth is 350 feet. 2. View of Hawthorne Pool, Tempesta Falls and Pool. Gorge depth is 400 feet. 3. View of Hurricane Falls and Pool, “Devil’s Pulpit” outcrop below, and the Interpretive Center is across the gorge. Gorge depth is 500 feet. 4. View of Hurricane Falls, Oceana Falls, Caledonia Cascade (600 feet), and North Rim Overlook 1. Gorge depth is 650 feet. 5. View of Caledonia Cascade and the Wallenda north tower area. Bluff to far right is approximately 1,000 feet high. • Please do not attempt this trail if you have any known health condition. • No dogs allowed on this trail. High Bluff Trail HIGH BLUFF TRAIL 1800 1750 1700 1650 1600 1550 0 1 Miles 3 miles, round-trip | Compacted red dirt | Moderate • Must obtain permit at the Interpretive Center. • This trail is also used for mountain biking. • During hunting season, it is recommended hikers and bikers wear brightly colored clothing. Shortline Trail SHORTLINE TRAIL 1800 1750 1700 1650 1600 1550 0 1 1.45 Miles 3 miles | Paved | Easy This trail can be accessed from Terrora Circle Road, is paved and can be used for hiking and biking. It follows part of an old railroad bed.

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