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Trail map with trail descriptions for Cloudland Canyon State Park (SP) in Georgia. Published by Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites.

Cloudland Canyon State Park Trail Map 122 Cloudland Canyon Park Road • Rising Fawn, GA 30738 • 706-657-4050 • Reservations: 1-800-864-7275 • GATE P Nickajack Trailhead (cars & horse trailer - 5.6 miles) 136 5 Points Recreation Area Foot, Bike & Horse Trails 157 LEGEND Cloudland Connector (multi-use) Multi-Use ail h Tr c l u Beginner Intermediate W G Sitton’s Expert Hiking A larger map of the 5 Points section is on the other side of this brochure. im tR es Loo P p Tra il 5 Points Trailhead cars only P PARK BOUNDARY LEGEND 6-9 Hiking Trails Bear Creek Backcountry Trail 136 157 Walk-In Campground 2 mile Backcountry Trail 10 -16 Overlook Trail West Rim Loop Trail Whiteoak Spring r lo P Bear Creek Backcountry Trail ok Yurt Village (1-10) Connector Trails Symbols 1-4 il Tra Park Visitor Center PARK BOUNDARY Interpretive Center P Ba c ree kc o k un t ry Streams lC Private Property ek re Bear C G3 Priv. Prop. Cre P Picnic Area ek Picnic Shelter Playground il ra PARK BOUNDARY kc un il tryT r a ac 2M ile o Backcountry Trailhead B 189 C dC lan d lo u to nec on rT C an’ ai y Tr rdl t Ha ly) s on ker l (hi Bridge 157 Overlook Observation Deck Cottage Yurt Backcountry Campsites Pioneer Camping Area Group Shelter W Group Lodge AY RV and Tent Camping PA R K PARK BOUNDARY RV Dump Station N NT AI OU TM OU OK Cloudland Connector Trailhead Parking Restrooms DISC GOLF LO nie Da Cloudland Connector Trail lon Roa d Asca Paved Road Cherokee Falls 136 Sitton’s Gulch Trail l 1-5 P Meadowlands Trail Ascalon Trailhead cars & horse trailers ai Tr PARK BOUNDARY ve ar Interpretive Center O Main Trailhead Be West Rim Campground Hemlock Falls Waterfalls Trail Main Overlook DISC GOLF Disc Golf Course G3 Georgia Girl Guides Fishing West Rim WEST RIM TRAIL Loop Trail Cloudland Canyon Five Points Recreation Area and the Cloudland Connector Trail 1900 State Park A large new area of the state park, the Five Points Recreation Area and Cloudland Connector Trail (CCT) offers great workouts for mountain bikers, trail runners, and long distance hikers. The CCT can be accessed from four trailheads and is 14 miles one way. In addition to pedestrians and mountain bikers, the CCT is open to horseback riding. For mountain bike enthusiasts, the Five Points Recreation Area offers miles of singletrack ranging in difficulty from moderate to strenuous to technical with jumps. The recreation area was formerly a coal mining area; middle aged forest now grows over the site. Lula Lake Land Trust, a key park partner and non-profit organization, were instrumental in purchasing the land, developing the trail system, and then handing it all over to the state of Georgia. 1850 1800 1750 1700 1650 1600 0 1 2 Miles 3 4 5 5 miles roundtrip from Main Trailhead Moderately Strenuous Formerly rated as one of the top ten hikes in the U.S. by Backpacker Magazine, the West Rim Loop Trail is a five-mile lollipop style hike provoding several overlooks that showcase the park’s rugged geology, deep canyons, dense woodland, and views beyond. From the Main Trailhead, hikers drop down to Daniel Creek and cross over it. The trail then proceed uphill to a rocky promontory. Just after one mile, the loop component of the hike begins. At about mile four, you complete the loop and then head back to the Main Trailhead, retracing your steps of the first mile. The West Rim Loop Trail is marked by yellow blazes and is most easily accessed from the Main Trailhead. Overnight guests can also access it from the Yurt Village, West Rim Campground, Walk-In Campground, and West Rim cottages. The trail is marked by yellow blazes and is rocky and rooty in several locations. Cloudland Canyon State Park, established in 1938, is located on the western edge of Lookout Mountain in the northwest corner of Georgia. The 3,538-acre state park includes rugged canyons, dense forest, abundant wildlife, cascades, waterfalls, wild caves, and numerous recreational opportunities. The park straddles a thousand-foot deep gorge cut into the mountain by the combined waters of Bear and Daniel Creeks. Several hiking trails exist within and along the rim of the canyon, offering park visitors healthy exercise in the great outdoors. Two-Mile Backcountry Loop TWO-MILE BACKCOUNTRY LOOP 1950 1900 • Tell someone your itinerary and expected return time. • Be prepared for unexpected weather changes by dressing in layers and carrying rain gear. Avoid wearing cotton. Today’s hikers can choose from numerous fabrics that wick moisture, dry quickly or conserve heat. Many experienced hikers wear a lightweight shirt that wicks moisture, while carrying a fleece pullover and rain jacket. • Take a map, water, snacks, first aid kit, flashlight and whistle. Three short blasts on a whistle are known as a call for help. • Do not stray from trails. If you become lost, stay in one location and wait for help. This will make it easier for rescuers to find you. • Don’t count on cell phones to work in the wilderness, but if they do, be able to give details about your location. • Invest in good hiking socks such as those found at sporting goods stores. Avoid blisters by carrying “moleskin” and applying it as soon as you feel a hot spot on your feet. Available in the foot care section of drug stores, moleskin is like felt that sticks to your skin. • Pack out all trash. • Keep pets on a leash. • Do not pick flowers or disturb wildlife. • Protect the landscape by staying on trails. • No motorized vehicles. • Trails are open from 7 AM to sunset, 7 days a week. • Trail difficulties are marked at the beginning of each trail. • Trails may be closed due to weather or construction. Obey any and all closures. • Stay on marked trails only. • Respect private property boundaries. • Horses are limited to the Cloudland Connector (green dashed) and the Multi-Use trails (green & white dashed.) • Persons under 16 years of age are required to wear a bicycle helmet. 1850 Overlook Trail TRAIL # NAME 1800 Approximately 1 mile roundtrip Easy 1750 1700 Offering picturesque views into the canyon, the Overlook Trail is a flat, one-half mile (one mile, roundtrip) path. It leads along the rim of the canyon and behind the Intepretive Center to the Main Overlook, then continues onto a second overlook. This trail is mostly flat, and benches along the way offer opportunities for relaxation and contemplation. The Overlook Trail is marked by light blue blazes on trees. 0 1 Miles Approximately 2 miles Moderate 2 1 This two-mile loop provides access to the park’s backcountry campsites but is also a nice hike in itself. In a clockwise fashion, the trail slopes gently downward through oak woodland on its way to a small stream and dark groves of eastern hemlock. The trail then climbs approximately 200 feet back up to the trailhead. The Two-Mile Backcountry Trail is marked by red blazes. Waterfalls Trail LOWER FALLS TRAIL 6 9 8 3 1750 1700 1750 1600 1500 1550 1400 1500 1300 1450 1200 0 1 Miles 1.8 miles roundtrip from Main Trailhead Strenuous 11 1100 0 1 Miles 2 Named after Jacob Sitton, an early settler of Lookout Valley and owner of a prominent sawmill, Sitton’s Gulch Trail parallels cascading, boulder-strewn creeks downward to the mouth of Cloudland Canyon. The first portion of the trail also serves as the Waterfalls Trail, and wildflowers abound along the lower section of the trail in springtime. The trail ends at the Canyon Park Drive parking lot, near Sitton’s Cave and Case Cave (accessible through Georgia Girl Guides or by permit only). At this point, retrace your steps back upward for a good climb. Sitton’s Gulch Trail is six miles round-trip from the main trailhead. The trail is marked by dark blue blazes. Approximately 1 mile roundtrip Easy Month Avg. High Avg. Low Mean Avg. Precip. Record High Record Low Jan 48ºF 26ºF 37ºF 6.06 in 77ºF (1950) -14ºF (1985) Feb 53ºF 28ºF 41ºF 5.62 in 80ºF (1962) -12ºF (1958) Mar 61ºF 35ºF 48ºF 6.57 in 84ºF (1982) 2ºF (1980) Apr 70ºF 42ºF 56ºF 4.73 in 89ºF (1986) 19ºF (1992) May 77ºF 52ºF 64ºF 4.70 in 94ºF (1962) 29ºF (1971) Jun 84ºF 60ºF 72ºF 4.33 in 101ºF (1952) 35ºF (1966) Jul 88ºF 65ºF 76ºF 5.18 in 105ºF (1952) 45ºF (1967) 46ºF (2004) Aug 87ºF 64ºF 75ºF 3.49 in 105ºF (1954) Sep 82ºF 57ºF 69ºF 4.27 in 100ºF (1954) 29ºF (1967) Oct 72ºF 44ºF 58ºF 3.29 in 93ºF (1954) 19ºF (1961) Nov 61ºF 36ºF 49ºF 5.00 in 84ºF (1961) -2ºF (1950) Dec 51ºF 29ºF 40ºF 5.12 in 78ºF (1951) -8ºF (1962) 3 6 miles roundtrip from Main Trailhead Strenuous Meadowlands Trail CLIMATE DATA FOR RISING FAWN, GEORGIA 7 1000 900 Visitors should note that this trail is strenuous and is not suitable for everyone. Visitors who take the Waterfalls Trail are rewarded with the site of Cherokee Falls after ½-mile and then Hemlock Falls about ½-mile further down the canyon. The steep hike down to Hemlock Falls involves 600 stairsteps one way. The quantity of water over the falls varies greatly from month to month, but in general, winter and early spring offer the greatest flow. Hikers with pets should note that although dogs on leash are allowed on all park trails, they sometimes have difficulty navigating the numerous metalgrated stairsteps. 10 22 Sitton’s Gulch Trail SITTON’S GULCH TRAIL 1650 1400 5 POINTS RECREATION AREA RULES: SAFETY TIPS & ETIQUETTE This short trail takes visitors to an observation deck overlooking the unique meadow ecosystem and fishing pond area of the park. Guests are then encouraged to explore this meadowland on the grassy paths. In summer, thousands of small, wild blackberries are ripe for picking. If interested in fishing, no fishing license is needed. Guests can borrow a fishing pole for free from the Interpretive Center (open yearround Sat-Sun). The pond is stocked with catfish and the Catch and Keep season runs Labor Day to the end of December. 21 2 19 15 12 15 14 17 18 17 16 1 4 13 5 1 1 Cloudland Canyon Connector Trail 3.4 2 Bankhead 0.4 3 Peace Can 1.2 4 Shale Flats 1.1 5 Tailings Run 1.5 6 Fuggett Lift 0.4 7 Windy Shot 0.8 8 Slickenside 0.9 9 Hanging Wall 0.4 10 Foot Wall 1.0 11 Kettle Bottom 2.3 12 Cross Cut 1.3 13 Back End 0.9 14 Bella’s 0.8 15 Torino Hill 0.5 16 Mick’s 1.3 17 Caprock 1.1 18 Caprock Cut Thru 0.2 19 North Hogsback 1.1 20 South Hogsback 0.3 21 Kettle Bottom Alternate 0.1 22 Kettle Bottom 2.3 TOTAL MILEAGE 20 LENGTH (miles) 23.3

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