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Birds at Jonathan Dickinson State Park in Florida - One of Florida’s larges and most diverse state parks. Published by Florida State Parks.

BIRD LIST KEY On the right-hand side of each column, letter designations indicate each bird’s occurrence for each season (Sp, Su, F, and W): Spring (Mar. - May) Summer (Jun. - Aug.) Fall (Sept. - Nov.) Winter (Dec. - Feb.) A = Abundant (numerous, common species) C = Common (frequently seen or heard in suitable habitat) U = Uncommon (usually present, but not certain to be seen or heard) O = Occasional (seen only a few times/ season) R = Rare (seen every 2-5 years) X = Remote (last seen several decades ago) N Non-native species L Listed species (or subspecies); ‘Endangered,’ ‘Threatened’ or ‘Species of Special Concern’ Significant contributors to this list are: Richard E. Roberts, Peter G. Merritt, Jack P. Hailman, Lorne K. Malo, Herb W. Kale II, Debbie Fritz-Quincy, Peter A. Quincy and Richard K. Poole ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Waxwing (Bombycillidae) □ Cedar Waxwing SP SU F W R - R U Cardinal (Cardinalidae) □ Summer Tanager □ Scarlet Tanager □ Northern Cardinal □ Rose-breasted Grosbeak □ Indigo Bunting □ Painted Bunting SP O O C O R U SU C - F O C O U U W R C O U U Blackbird & Oriole (Icteridae) □ Bobolink □ Red-winged Blackbird □ Eastern Meadowlark □ Common Grackle □ Boat-tailed Grackle □ Brown-headed Cowbird □ Spot-breasted OrioleN SP O C R U C U X SU C R U C U X F O C R U C U X W C R U C U X Finch (Fringillidae) □ American Goldfinch SP SU F W C - - C Stork (Ciconildae) □ Wood StorkL SP SU F W U U U U Crow & Jay (Corvidae) □ Blue Jay □ Florida Scrub-JayL □ American Crow □ Fish Crow SP C U U C ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Shrike (Laniidae) SP SU F W □ Loggerhead Shrike O O O O Vireo (Vireonidae) □ White-eyed Vireo □ Bue-headed Vireo SP SU F W C C C C U - U U □ Red-eyed Vireo U U U - Old World Sparrow (Passeridae) □ House SparrowN Limpkin (Aramidae) □ LimpkinL Gnatcatcher (Sylviidae) SU C U U C F C U U C W C U U C SP SU F W □ Blue-gray Gnatcatcher A - A A SP SU F W R R R R Plover (Charadriidae) □ Killdeer SP SU F W U U U U SP SU F W U U U U Cuckoo (Cuculidae) □ Yellow-billed Cuckoo SP SU F W O O O - Wood-warbler (Parulidae) □ Orange-crowned Warbler □ Northern Parula □ Orange-crowned Warbler □ Chestnut-sided Warbler □ Magnolia Warbler □ Cape May Warbler □ Black-throated Blue Warbler □ Yellow-rumped Warbler □ Blackburnian Warbler □ Yellow-throated Warbler □ Pine Warbler □ Prairie Warbler □ Palm Warbler □ Blackpoll Warbler □ Balnck-and-white Warbler □ American Redstart □ Ovenbird □ Northern Waterthurush □ Louisiana Waterthrush □ Connecticut Warbler □ Common Yellowthroat □ Hooded Warbler SP R C O O R U U C R U C U C U U C U O O R U - SU U R C U U - F R C O O U U C R U U O C R U C O O R U R W R C R O C R U U C U O R C - Sparrow (Emberizidae) □ Eastern Towhee □ Bachman's Sparrow □ Chipping Sparrow □ Swamp Sparrow SP C C R O SU C C - F C C R O W C C O O Starling (Sturnidae) □ European StarlingN SP SU F W U U U U Crane (Gruidae) □ Sandhill Crane (Florida)L SP SU F W C C C C Hummingbird (Trochilidae) □ Ruby-throated Hummingbird SP SU F W U U U U BIRD LIST Jonathan Dickinson State Park Clare-Rue Morgan Florida Scrub-Jay (Aphelocoma coerulescens) Jonathan Dickinson State Park (11,471 acres / 4,642 hectares) contains some of the most significant and diverse biological communities in southeast Florida. The park offers a variety of trails to experience these habitats, including sand pine scrub, flatwoods, wet prairies and dome swamps. It also includes 9 miles (15 kilometers) of boating and canoeing along Florida’s first National Wild & Scenic River, the Loxahatchee. This mosaic landscape attracts a large variety of birds. Some are permanent residents and others are migratory, but all 158 species have been documented within the park. Swallow (Hirundinidae) □ Purple Martin □ Tree Swallow □ SP SU F W U U U U - C A Northern Rough-winged SwalU U U low U □ Bank Swallow □ Barn Swallow U U U U U U Wren (Troglodytidae) □ Caroline Wren □ House Wren SP SU F W C C C C U - U U Kinglet (Regulidae) □ Ruby-crowned Kinglet - SP SU F W U - U U Thrush (Turdidae) □ Swaison's Thrush □ American Robin SP SU F R - R A - U Mockingbird (Mimidae) □ Gray Catbird □ Northern Mockingbird □ Brown Thrasher SP U A U SU R A U F W U C A A U U Duck (anatidae) □ Muscovy DuckN □ Wood Duck □ American Wigeon □ Mallard □ Mottled Duck □ Blue-winged Teal □ Northern Pintail □ Green-winged Teal □ Lesser Scaup □ Hooded Merganser □ Red-breasted Merganser SP R U U C U O O SU R U U C - F W R R C C - O U O C C U U - R - U - U O U - O True Owl (Strigidae) □ Eastern Screech-Owl □ Great Horned Owl □ Barred Owl SP C U C SU C U C W A F C U C W C U C Turkey & Quail SP SU F W □ Wild Turkey □ Northern Bobwhite C C C U U U C U Loon (Gaviidae) □ Common Loon SP SU F W - - U U Grebe (Podicipedidae) □ Pied-billed Grebe SP SU F W - U U U Pelican (Pelecanidae) □ Brown PelicanL SP SU F W O O O O Heron, Egret & Bittern (Ardeidae) □ American Bittern □ Least Bittern □ Great Blue Heron □ Great Egret □ Snowy EgretL □ Little Blue HeronL □ Tricolored HeronL □ Cattle Egret □ Green Heron □ Black-crowned Night-Heron Yellow-crowned Night□ Heron Ibis & Spoonbill (Threskiornithidae) □ White IbisL □ Roseate SpoonbillL SP SU F W X X C C U C U C U R X X C C U C U C U R X X C C U C U C U R X X C C U C U C U R U U U U SP SU F W C C C C U C U U New World Vulture (Cathartidae) SP SU F W □ Black Vulture □ Turkey Vulture Frigatebird (Fregatidae) □ Magnificent Frigatebird A A A A A U A A SP SU F W R R R R Osprey, Kite, Eagle & Hawk SP SU F W (Accipitridae) □ Osprey C C C C □ Swallow-tailed Kite U U U L □ Snail Kite R R R R □ Bald Eagle U R U U □ Northern Harrier U - U U □ Sharp-shinned Hawk U - U U □ Cooper's Hawk U U U O □ Red-shouldered Hawk C C C C □ Red-tailed Hawk U U U U Caracara &Falcon (Falconidae) □ Crested CaracaraL □ American Kestrel □ Merlin □ Peregrine Falcon SP SU F W R U - R - R C U O R C U O Gallinule & Coot (Rallidae) □ Purple Gallinule □ Common Morehen SP SU F W R R R R C C C C □ American Coot U - U U Woodpecker (Picidae) □ Red-heade Woodpecker □ Red-bellied Woodpecker □ Yellow-bellied Sapsucker □ Downy Woodpecker □ Hairy Woodpecker □ Red-cockaded Woodpecker □ Northern Flicker □ Pileated Woodpecker SP X A U C O X U U SU X A C O X U U F X A U C O X U U W X A U C O X U U Sandpiper (Scolopacidae) □ Spotted Sandpiper □ Wilson's Snipe □ American Woodcock Tyrant Flycatcher (Tyrannidae) □ Eastern Wood-Pewee □ Eastern Phoebe □ Great Crested Flycatcher □ Western Kingbird □ Eastern Kingbird □ Gray Kingbird' □ □ □ □ □ □ Gull &Tern (Laridae) Laughing Gull Ring-billed Gull Herring Gull Least TernL Royal Tern Black SkimmerL SP U U - SU - F U U - W U U O SP R U C O U SU C O U F R U U O U W U U R O - SP R R R R R R SU R R R R R F R R R R R R W R R R R R Pigeon & Dove (Columbidae) SP SU F W □ Rock Pigeon R R R R □ Eurasian Collered-DoveN U U U U □ White-winged Dove R R R R □ Mourning Dove A A A A □ Common Ground-Dove A A A A Nighthawk (Caprimulgidae) □ Common Nighthawk □ Chuck-will's-widow □ Whip-poor-will SP O C U Barn Owl (Tytonidae) □ Barn Owl SP SU F W U U U U Cormorant (Phalacrocoracidae) SP SU F W □ Double-crested Cormorant C C C C Swift (Apodidae) □ Chimney Swift SP SU F W C C C - Anhinga (Anhingidae) □ Anhinga Kingfisher (Alcedinidae) □ Belted Kingfisher SP SU F W U - U C SP SU F W C C C C SU C C - F U U U W U

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