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Brochure of Lake Overstreet Trails at Alfred B. Maclay State Park in Florida - Scenic Trails for hikers, bicyclists and equestrians. Published by Florida State Parks.

ALFRED B. MACLAY GARDENS STATE PARK HISTORY AND NATURE The Lake Overstreet addition to Alfred B. Maclay Gardens was acquired in 1994 by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Recreation and Parks, with assistance from the city of Tallahassee. With 877 acres, including a scenic 144-acre freshwater lake, the property is part of the Maclay-Phipps Cultural Heritage Greenway. 3540 Thomasville Road Tallahassee, FL 32309 850-487-4556 TRAIL GUIDELINES The Lake Overstreet Trails are a roughly five-mile, double-loop, shared-use trail set that winds through hardwood forests and around Lake Overstreet following the historic natural-surfaced roads. Nearly six miles of off-road, single-track biking trails have been developed in the western portion of the park. These trails provide a variety of hiking, bicycling, and horseback riding experiences. Visitors may access park trails by way of the main park entrance on Maclay Road or by three perimeter entry points. A fee is required to use the Lake Overstreet Trails – honor fee stations are located at each of the perimeter entrances. Visitors must have proof of payment with them while on the trails. Access the Lake Overstreet entrance along the northwest boundary by parking at the city of Tallahassee’s Forestmeadows Athletic Center on Meridian Road. Trails are also accessible at the Bobbin Brook Entrance off Maclay Road, and the High Grove Entrance on the eastern boundary. These latter two locations provide pedestrian access only for adjacent neighborhoods – no vehicle parking is allowed. To make your visit safe and enjoyable: • Trail distances are marked on the map. Please plan your trip according to your endurance and time available. • Open from 8 a.m. until sunset. • Please use trails with a partner and return to the trailhead before sunset. • All plants, animals and artifacts are protected. • Follow directional arrows and trail markings. • Hiking, bicycling and horseback riding only. Motorized vehicles are not permitted. • Camping, fishing, fires, swimming and alcoholic beverages are prohibited. • Insect repellent is recommended. • Drinking water is not provided. Please bring your own. • Be watchful of wildlife and keep a safe distance. • Dogs are permitted on a six-foot, hand-held leash. LAKE OVERSTREET TRAILS ALFRED B. MACLAY GARDENS STATE PARK Follow us on social media #FLStateParks Lake Overstreet is a superb example of a pristine freshwater lake. An abundance of native vegetation, such as water lily and pickerelweed, grows in the lake. Lake Overstreet is one of the last remaining lakes in Leon County with a completely undeveloped shoreline. It provides important habitat for freshwater fish, otters, alligators, turtles, osprey, bald eagles, wading birds and migratory waterfowl. Gently sloping hills and ravines characterize the uplands portion of the property. The forest is a mixed pine-hardwood community with loblolly and shortleaf pines, live oaks, sweet gum, magnolias and dogwood trees. The steephead ravines are an uncommon natural feature in the Tallahassee area, and provide moist microclimates that support a high diversity of native plants. The site is prime habitat for white-tailed deer, gray fox and bobcat. Although wildlife observation opportunities are plentiful, great care should be taken to avoid disturbance of wildlife and their habitat. Visit us online at The fertile soils in this area were used for farming from the time of the Apalachee Indians until the early 1900s. The park property later became part of a much larger property belonging to Alfred B. Maclay. Scenic Trails for hikers, bicyclists and equestrians. Offsite Parking Lake Overstreet Trails at Alfred B. Maclay State Park Directions Biking Restrooms Multi-use Hiking Picnic Pavilion Biking Equestrian Wildlife Viewing Ranger Station Parking Half-mile markers Powerline easement 1.6 miles ½ North Bike Extension ½ Ea st South Loop ½ Gum Pond Lo op Connecting Trail 0.3 miles ½ ½ Ravine Trail 1.5 miles 1.2 miles ½ Lake Overstreet South Bike Extension W E S Maclay Road Bobbin Brook Trailhead (No Parking) Pay Station YIELD TO Bicyclists yield to pedestrians and equestrians. Pedestrians yield to equestrians. Please follow these recommendations: All trail users • Announce your presence, especially when approaching from behind. Bicyclists announce to pedestrians and equestrians. Pedestrians announce to equestrians. • Anticipate other users on the trail. • Stay on designated trails to avoid damage to sensitive areas. ½ Lake Overstreet Trail 2.9 miles Bicyclists • Watch your speed and ride in control. • Always wear a helmet. ½ 0. mi 3 les N Pay Station (No Parking) High Grove Trailhead sement Meridian Road Bike Trail 2.8 miles ½ Your protection of these vital natural and cultural resources is appreciated. Please observe trail signs and remain on designated trails so human disruption can be minimized. MULTI-USE TRAILS Pedestrian, bicycle and equestrian traffic Share the trail • Practice courtesy powerline ea Forestmeadows Trailhead Pay Station North Loop Take I-10 to exit 203 (US 319). Proceed north approximately one mile. Turn left onto Maclay Road, across from Killarney Way. The park entrance is on the right. The Division of Recreation and Parks invites you to discover Lake Overstreet. Information signs, trail markers and trail maps are provided to assist you. As management planning advances, the division will provide additional interpretive programming on the property to further enrich your park experience. Historic Gardens Hikers/Joggers/Pedestrians • Wear appropriate footwear suitable for your activity on uneven ground and occasional rugged terrain. Lake Hall Lake Overstreet Maclay Gardens Trailhead 00204 Rev_07.18 Equestrians • Proof of negative Coggins test is required. • Control your horse at all times. • Please clean up after your horse.

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