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Elkhead Reservoir State Park C O L O R A D O PA R K S & W I L D L I F E What Makes the Yampa River Unique Visitor Information Center Yampa River State Park The Yampa River ties together many features of the Yampa Valley that make it unique and of statewide significance. The Yampa River supports globally rare plant communities as well as four endangered fish species. This watershed has historically provided the lifeline for farming and ranching in the Yampa Valley. The river in Routt County is mostly private, while over half of it in Moffat County traverses public lands. Yampa River State Park visitor information center is located on Highway 40 between Steamboat Springs and Craig. From Steamboat, take Highway 40 west approximately 27 miles to the Park Headquarters, from Craig the Headquarters is approximately 17 miles east on Highway 40. The visitor information center and campground are located in a meadow next to the Yampa River surrounded by riparian wetlands. The river is easily accessible from the campground and offers fishing, river access, nature watching and a convenient overnight campsite for boaters on the river. The key to preserving the unique characteristics of the Yampa River is RESPECT. As recreation users and as private landowners, it is imperative to respect one another, the animals and plant life, and the landscape - all of which are supported by the Yampa River. Each individual is responsible for knowing where private and public lands are located. The Yampa River Legacy Project has provided this unique opportunity to serve as a statewide model of cooperation between recreation and agriculture. Colorado Parks and Wildlife has developed this brochure to help visitors use this valuable resource responsibly. ENJOY YOUR STATE PARKS Elkhead reservoir is located 13 miles northwest of the Yampa River State Park Headquarters. This 900-acre lake offers camping, hiking and boating with more of an uncrowded experience. The campground offers 35 electrical sites and 15 non-electrical sites. Flush toilets, coin operated showers and laundry are available in the camper services building which is located 200 yards from most campsites. Water hydrants and vault toilets are centrally located throughout the campground and a dump station is available for your convenience. Reservations can be made by calling 1-800-678-CAMP(2267), (303) 470-1144 or online at www.cpw.state.co.us The campground also offers a 1.25-mile nature trail with interpretive displays. Tipis and group campsites are available for nightly rental through the park office. A group picnic area (with nearby playground) is also available by reservation. For more information call (970) 276-2061. Our Mission To protect and enhance the ecological health of the Yampa River and the productive agricultural lands it supports while providing appropriate recreational opportunities. Yampa River State Park 6185 Highway 40 • PO Box 759 Hayden, CO 81639 (970) 276-2061 • Fax: (970) 276-2063 E-mail: yampa.river@state.co.us cpw.state.co.us Funded in part by Great Outdoors Colorado through Colorado Lottery proceeds. CPW_RMYA_3/17 cpw.state.co.us Public River Access Sites (All sites require a State Parks pass unless otherwise indicated.) The sites and directions below match the numbers indicated on the map. Please note that the linear bar at the bottom of the centerfold map denotes the river miles between public access sites. It is the responsibility of the river user to know where he/she is and what type of land ownership he/she is passing through. Often during a boating season, the river becomes impassible due to low water. The sections that remain floatable take many hours to navigate. Please plan accordingly for your trips. Sites that are managed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife require a daily or annual vehicle pass. In addition, a camping permit is required at specific sites. Daily passes and camping permits are available at self-service dispensers at each site. All passes are also available at the park headquarters near Hayden. Site 1 Site ##1 Pump Station is located approximately five miles east of Hayden off U.S. Highway 40 on the north side of the highway. Overnight camping is not allowed. The Public Service Company water intake structure is located next to the access site. Please do not trespass on the Public Service Company’s intake structure property. A boat launch is available, and this site has vault toilets. CAUTION: A water diversion exists between sites #1 and #2 (just before the Headquarters access). There is a boat chute on the right side of the diversion. Site 2 Site##2 Yampa River State Park Headquarters is located 2 miles west of Hayden off Highway 40 on the south side of the highway. The headquarters site has boating access, campsites, a camper services building with showers/laundry, a Visitor Center and a nature trail. Camping reservations are recommended during busy summer months. Site 3 Site ##3 Site 5 Site ##5 Moffat County’s Loudy Simpson Park is located off State Wildlife Area is located halfway between Hayden and Craig. The access is south of U.S. Highway 40, near a small metal railroad building called Dorsey. No overnight camping is allowed. This site has no improvements. Site 4 Site##4 Yampa Valley Golf Course is located south of Craig off Colorado State Highway 394 near the airport. No overnight camping is allowed. This site has no improvements. The City of Craig and Moffat County own the site. An undeveloped boat ramp is available. Colorado State Highway 394 south of Craig at the developed ball field complex. This site has a launch/parking area on the river. Moffat County manages and owns the land. Overnight camping is available by permission only (ask a county park manager). Site 6 Site ##6 South Beach a.k.a. Yampa Project pump station is located approximately three miles south of Craig off Colorado State Highway 13. The access road to the large parking lot belongs to Tri-State and Trapper Mining Inc. The water intake channel is open to fishing, but boat launching is prohibited. The boat ramp is located through access in west parking lot. Vault toilets are available. To protect natural resources, the wooded area northeast of the pump station is open to foot traffic only. Overnight camping is allowed ONLY with the permission of the Yampa River State Park Manager. Site #7 Duffy Mountain is located 32 miles downstream from South Beach and about 30 miles southwest of Craig. Take U.S. Highway 40 west of Craig for 19 miles to Moffat County Road 17. County Road 17 is located near the town of Lay. Drive approximately 10.2 miles to Bureau of Land Management Road 1593 and turn left. The river access site is one mile farther on the right. Improvements at the site include a vault toilet, boat ramp, parking and picnic sites. Overnight camping is available with a valid camping permit, which can be purchased at the site. Note: F  or legal and safety reasons, parking at Government bridge is not permitted. Yampa River State Park Designated Public Access Sites operated by state park managed by different organization Reservoir 10 13 12 9 11 8 6 Pump Station 2 Yampa River State Park Headquarters 3 State Wildlife Area 4 Yampa Valley Golf Course 5 Moffat County’s Loudy Simpson Park 6 South Beach a.k.a. Yampa Project Pump Station 7 Duffy Mountain 8 Juniper Canyon 9 Maybell Bridge 10 Sunbeam 11 East Cross Mountain 12 West Cross Mountain 13 Deerlodge Park 2 1 7 Public Access Sites 1 3 5 4 13 12 11 9 mi. 4 mi. 10 12 mi. 9 17 mi. 8 6 mi. 7 12 mi. 6 5 32 mi. 5.5 mi. 3.5 mi. 4 3 10 mi. 2 7 mi. 1 13 mi. Road Miles Headquarters to Steamboat - 27 miles Headquarters to Craig - 17 miles Headquarters to Elkhead Res. - 14 miles Site 8 Site ##8 Juniper Canyon is located 12 miles down Sunbeam is located approximately seven miles northwest of Maybell. Take U.S. Highway 40 out of Maybell to State Highway 318. Drive six miles to Moffat County Road 23 that leads to the access site. There are no improvements or change facilities. No overnight camping is allowed. Please pack out all trash. eron Site 10 Site##10 H lue is located 28 miles west of Craig on U.S. Highway 40. The access site is located south of the highway. The improved site has a vault toilet, parking, picnic sites and boat ramp. Overnight camping is available with a valid camping permit, which can be purchased on site. The town of Maybell is three miles west on U.S. Highway 40. at B CAUTION: Due to Class III rapids, open canoeists should not travel over the diversion dam located in Juniper Canyon. Canoeists and inexperienced boaters should portage on the right or left side of the river. The Yampa River attracts many different types of visitors. Following some very basic principles will make the visit more positive for both users and landowners in the Yampa Valley. Here are some things to keep in mind during your visit: Maybell Bridge Gre river from Duffy Mountain Access Site. Take U.S. Highway 40 west out of Craig for about 20 miles to Moffat County Road 53. Drive south about 3.6 miles to Moffat County Road 74 and turn right (west) for 0.8 mile. The improved site has a vault toilet, picnic sites, parking and boat ramp. Overnight camping is available with a valid camping permit, which can be purchased on site. River Etiquette Site #9 #9 Site 1. The river passes through areas of private property. Don’t trespass! Please respect the river’s neighbors. Pay attention to the private/ public signing system implemented for the river users’ benefit to indicate where private properties are located. 2. Trash? Bring it out with you. Someone else left it? Why not bring it out, too? Site 11 Site##11 3. Visitors on overnight float trips are encouraged to carry all human waste out of the river corridor. Must pack out waste. East Cross Mountain is located approximately 18 miles southwest of Maybell. Take U.S. Highway 40 west of Maybell about 13.6 miles to Moffat County Road 85. Drive north on Moffat County Road 85 to the Bureau of Land Management Road 1551 and then 1.5 miles. Visitors should be aware that rough roads may exist. The improved site has a vault toilet, parking, picnic sites and boat ramp. Camping is permitted with a valid camping permit, which can be purchased on site. Tables and fire rings are provided. 4. Use a firepan to confine ashes and charcoal and keep the ground clean. Use only fallen deadwood or driftwood for campfires. Firepan is required. 5. Wash dishes away from camp. Strain wash water and pack out strainer garbage. Always use biodegradable soap. Site & #13 #13 Site#12 #12 & West Cross Mountain & Deerlodge Park are located between Cross Mountain Canyon and Dinosaur National Monument. Both access sites are in the care of the National Park Service. Boaters at Deerlodge CAUTION: Park must have a permit Class V rapids do exist in the Cross Mountain Canyon. to float on the Yampa River through Dinosaur National Monument. 6. Please keep noise to a respectable level for wildlife, nearby homeowners and others enjoying the river. 7. Always carry required safety equipment.

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