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TH Little Cimarron UNCOMPAHGRE WILDERNESS 858 861 868 Fa ll C ree k arron River Sheep Mountain 228 Big Blue Creek Fork C im Middle 219 231 River West Fork Cimarron River rron River Cimarron Owl Creek Pass 868 Cima 254 Little Elk TH 232 Little East Fork 219 Stealey Mountain 867 Fall TH Creek 149 A 12 WARNING: Do not use this map for wilderness navigation. It is intended for general reference only. Detailed maps are available at the locations shown on the back panel. 864 229 East Fork TH 863 Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, & Gunnison National Forests Straley 03/14/11 TH Big Blue 253 233 Middle TH Fork 244 Elk Creek 860 218 Courthouse Mountain 218 Pinnacle Ridge Dunsinane Mountain 144 Slide Lake 229 218 Precipice Peak 857 211 550 243 Dixie Ridge 258 227 Porphory Basin Silver Jack Mine Ruins 212 216 232 216 138 235 Silver Mountain 226 234 TH Independence 231 233 228 137 244 220 227 232 236.3A 132 217 142 Matterhorn Peak w Co 871 k 205 Larson Lakes 239 236 TH Uncompahgre Peak 239 233 ahg omp Unc Bighorn Ridge 149 233 Crystal Peak 256 136 re R 215 228 Uncompahgre Peak 14,309 Ft 233 226 214 135 Wetterhorn Peak 14,015 Ft Wetterhorn Basin ee Cr 14 Fork Gun nis Coxcomb Peak Lake 216 235 on R 236 872 B iver Redcliff Peak Cutler TH 245 241 Crystal Lake 238 Broken Hill 235 Crystal Larson TH North 236 Bridge of Heaven 877 iver 226 140 USFS TH Matterhorn Ouray Lake City 1 Mile BLM Blackwall Mountain 870 215 TH Bear Creek C He n se eek n Cr 241 NOTICE: Sheep grazing is permitted in the Uncompahgre Wilderness, and livestock protection dogs may be encountered near bands of sheep. To minimize potential conflicts, please keep your distance. Do not approach, harass, or in any way threaten the sheep or dogs. Keep pets under physical restraint. 550 American Flats 242 Darley Varden Mountain Sunshine Mountain Darley Mountain A1 A2 A3 A4 Dallas Courthouse Mountain Sheep Mountain Alpine Plateau B1 B2 B3 B4 Ouray Wetterhorn Peak Uncompahgre Peak Lake City C1 C2 C3 C4 Ironton Handies Peak Recloud Peak Lake San Cristobal MAP LEGEND BLM Wildhorse Peak 20 Alpine Loop Scenic Byway Capitol City (Site) TOPO MAP INDEX USFS Primary Highway Summit Over 13,000 Feet Improved Road Stock May Be Restricted Primitive Road TH Trailhead National Forest Trail 235 National Forest Trail Forest Boundary 118 Wilderness Boundary Butterfly Collection Closure 20 1 2 3 National Forest Road 4 “We have a profound, fundamental need for areas of wilderness -- a need that is essential to our understanding of ourselves, our culture, our own natures, and our place in nature.” Howard Zahniser RECREATION OPPORTUNITY GUIDE F Ouray Ranger District 2505 S. Townsend Avenue Montrose, CO 81401 (970) 240-5300 Forest Supervisor’s Office 2250 Highway 50 Delta, CO 81416 (970) 874-6600 Gunnsion Ranger District 216 N. Colorado Street Gunnison, CO 81230 (970) 641-0471 BLM Gunnison Field Office 216 N. Colorado Street Gunnison, CO 81230 (970) 641-0471 Visit us on the web at: www.fs.fed.us/r2/gmug. Learn more about wilderness or find more information on this wilderness at: www.wilderness.net. AMERICA’S Ouray Chamber Visitor Center PO Box 145 1230 Main Street Ouray, CO 81427 (970) 325-4746 (800) 228-1876 ouray@ouraycolorado.com RESOURCE UNCOMPAHGRE WILDERNESS US Department of Agriculture Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, & Gunnison National Forests WILDERNESS ENDURING LEAVE NO TRACE Outdoor Ethics RESTRICTIONS Uncompahgre Wilderness RESPECT RESTRICTIONS Please Keep It Wild Violations are punishable by a maximum fine of $5,000 and/or six months imprisionment (Title 16 USC 551). Other restrictions may apply. For more information, contact the Ouray Ranger District: 970-240-5300. NOTICE Mechanized transportation or motorized equipment. This includes, but is not limited to: motor vehicles, bicycles, carts, and chainsaws. Building any structure or improvement. This includes, but is not limited to: hitchrails, camp furniture, and shelters. Damaging any natural feature. This includes, but is not limited to: falling or damaging trees, trenching, and vandalism. Collecting or harming butterflies in any stage of their life cycle from June 1 to August 30. Shortcutting a switchback in a trail. Failing to properly dispose of all garbage (pack it out) and leaving human waste in an exposed or unsanitary manner. Groups exceeding 15 persons and/or 25 heartbeats, including pack and saddle stock. Larger groups must separate into smaller groups and remain at least one mile apart at all times. Restraining a saddle or pack animal within 100 feet of a water source or designated trail or in violation of posted instructions. Animals must not be permitted to damage trees, soil, or vegetation. Building a campfire within 100 feet of a water source or designated trail or above treeline. Camping within 100 feet of a water source or designated trail. Over 200 feet is preferred. To protect wildness and the experiences of others, the following acts are PROHIBITED within the Uncompahgre Wilderness: Wilderness Is America’s Enduring Resource PRACTICE LEAVE NO TRACE Please Keep It Wild BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHER VISITORS Don’t let your fun disturb others. Preserve the natural quiet. When you meet horses on the trail, step off the downhill side and speak softly until they pass. RESPECT WILDLIFE Watch wildlife from a distance and never approach, feed, or follow it. Seal food tightly and store it out of reach. Control pets at all times or consider leaving them at home. MINIMIZE USE & IMPACTS OF FIRE Use a lightweight stove, instead of a fire. If you build a fire, use only small dead wood found on the ground and use existing fire rings. LEAVE WHAT YOU FIND Do not damage, deface, or remove natural objects or cultural artifacts. Leave them for others to enjoy. Don’t build structures, dig trenches, or alter natural features. DISPOSE OF WASTE PROPERLY “Pack it in, pack it out!” Bury human waste in a cathole 6-8 inches deep and at least 200 feet from water. Wash yourself and your dishes at least 200 feet from water. TRAVEL & CAMP ON DURABLE SURFACES Use established campsites and trails, where available. Avoid sites just beginning to show impacts. Keep campsites small and at least 200 feet from water, designated trails, and occupied campsites. PLAN AHEAD & PREPARE “Know before you go!” Learn everything you can about the area you plan to visit and the regulations for its use. Wilderness offers sanctuary for wildlife, protects watersheds, and is a living link to our natural heritage. It preserves a piece of a lost landscape and possesses ecological, cultural, scientific, educational, recreational, and/or spiritual values. Wilderness areas are designated by Congress to protect places with rare primeval character from an expanding human civilization. They are managed to preserve their “wildness” and to provide opportunities for primitive recreation and solitude. Wilderness is an Amercian legacy. Many Lasting Things The Uncompahgre Wilderness is located in the spectacular San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado. It boasts two of Colorado’s famed “fourteeners” and many other peaks over 13,000 feet. This is a landscape defined by towering rock, expansive alpine tundra, and forested canyons. Originally known as the Big Blue Wilderness, it was added to the National Wilderness Preservation System by Congress in 1980 and expanded in 1993 to include adjacent land administered by the Bureau of Land Management. The Uncompahgre Wilderness now totals 102,721 acres. The San Juan Mountains were born of fire and shaped by ice. The origins of the San Juans lie in an immense dome formed by tectonic activity during the Laramide Orogeny about 65 million years ago. About 35 million years ago, the dome cracked and bulged as it yielded to tremendous pressure from the magma below. After millions of years of volcanic fury, the San Juans were covered in massive glaciers that carved the rugged landscape seen today. The San Juans are highly mineralized and were at the heart of Colorado’s silver and gold mining history. Many relics of the past can still be seen in these mountains, adding a unique human dimension to the wilderness experience. What Is Wilderness? Please help protect this special area by practicing Leave No Trace outdoor ethics and respecting all Restrictions. Thank you for your cooperation, and have a safe and enjoyable visit! Expect to encounter the challenges and inherent risks of mountain weather, wild and rugged terrain, wildife, and other natural hazards. Your safety is your responsibility. Be prepared! This area was designated as “wilderness” by Congress to provide you and future generations with the benefits of an enduring primitive resource that is unimpaired by human civilization. Know Before You Go Uncompahgre Wilderness Location Southwestern Colorado Ouray, Gunnison, & Hinsdale Counties Access 10 Trailheads 110 Miles of Designated Trail Season Late June to Mid September Passes May Remain Snowbound Weather 30-80 Degrees (F) Frequent Rain, Occasional Snow Use Moderate to High High on Weekends & Holidays Difficulty Moderate to Severe Rugged Terrain, High Altitude Restrictions Special Restrictions Apply See Below for More Information Wilderness Wise Welcome To The Wild

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