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Location C O L O R A D O PA R K S & W I L D L I F E St. Vrain State Park St. Vrain State Park W ith much to offer, this park is an ideal destination for those who want a break in the great outdoors. An easy to reach location alongside north I-25 between Denver and Ft. Collins at Highway 119, St. Vrain State Park [formerly Barbour Ponds], with 236 acres of water and 604 acres of recreational land, is a great place for fishermen, campers, photographers, birders, and anyone who loves to enjoy nature. In the park, fishermen will find many opportunities to seek out their next big catch. The ponds are stocked several times a year with selected species. ENJOY YOUR STATE PARKS Park visitors are treated to breathtaking views of Longs Peak and the Rockies with ample opportunities to see a variety of wildlife that live in the park. It is a wonderful place for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages! Passes and Permits ($7-$70) All vehicles entering the park that have purchased a valid Colorado State Parks pass are required to display it. This pass must be permanently affixed to the lower, inside, passenger side of the windshield, and is not transferable between vehicles. An Annual State Parks pass allows entrance to all Colorado State Parks. A Daily pass is valid from the day purchased until noon the following day. In addition to a park pass, campers are required to purchase and properly display a valid camping permit at their campsite. Passes and permits are available at the entrance station, park office, or self-service boxes near the entrance station. Colorado residents 64 years of age or older qualify for the discounted Aspen Leaf Annual pass. This pass allows admission and discounted weekday camping at all Colorado State Parks. The full-price camping fee is charged on Friday and Saturday nights and all holidays. Colorado disabled veterans displaying Colorado Disabled Veteran (DV) license plates are allowed free access to state parks, but are required to purchase camping permits. St. Vrain State Park 3525 Highway 119 • Firestone, CO 80504 (303) 678.9402 E-mail: Picnicking Picnicking is permitted throughout the park except in numbered campsites. There are tables and grills available around most of the ponds and mature cottonwood trees shade some sites in the park. Funded in part by Great Outdoors Colorado through Colorado Lottery proceeds. CPW_HPVR_3/17 Regulations St. Vrain State Park was built and is maintained for all to use and enjoy. During your visit, we ask that you observe the following regulations: • Operate vehicles on designated roads and parking areas only. • Keep campfires in the fire rings and grills provided. • Firewood must be purchased or brought in with you. It is prohibited to collect firewood from trees or on the ground. • Pets must be kept on a leash six feet or less at all times. • Fireworks are prohibited at all times. • Hunting, firearms, pellet-guns, sling shots, B.B. guns and all other weapons are prohibited at all times. • Radio controlled and/or fuel propelled models are prohibited. • Quiet hours will be enforced from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.. • 3.2% alcohol only is allowed in the park by persons 21 years of age or older. • Please, do not litter! Pack all of your trash, including fish entrails, cigarette butts, etc. and dispose in trash receptacles. Please do not use the fire rings to dispose of trash. Please think of the next person to camp in your site. Camping ($24-$30) St. Vrain State Park offers 87 campsites located in its two campgrounds. Most sites are near the waterside and some are accessible to the physically challenged. Please camp only in designated or numbered sites and display your camping permit in the plastic marker on the post provided at your campsite. Campsites may be reserved in advance by calling (303) 470-1144 (in Denver) or 1-800-678-CAMP (2267). There is a fee for using the reservation system, and does not include the daily entrance fee if you do not have an annual pass. Boat Ramp Hiking Camping Parking Dump Station Picnic Shelter Entrance Station Restroom Fishing Watchable Wildlife Park Boundary St. Vrain Muskrat Run and Pelican Pond CNature ree Trails Fishing Pelican Pond Nature Trail rain St. V The ponds contain bluegill, perch, pumpkinseed, largemouth bass, channel catfish, crappie and rainbow trout. Bow fishing is allowed for carp. There are three fully accessible piers for your use in Pelican and Sandpiper Ponds. Ice fishing is allowed only when the ice is safe to walk on. Please observe the following regulations when fishing on Bald Eagle Pond: k Cree Pelican Pond 1. F  ish with flies and lures only. Scented flies and lures must be 1.5 inches or longer. Pelican Pond Nature Trail Amphitheater Handicap Accessible Fishing 2. A  ll largemouth and smallmouth bass must be returned to the water immediately. (Also for Blue Heron Reservoir) Boating Mallard Pond Trail Last Chance Ditch k Sites 24-41 Sites 6-24 Sandpiper Pond Under Development - Closed to Public M u sk rat Ru Closed to public Killdeer Pond nN atu r Avocet Pond e Trail Bald Eagle Pond Road 24½ Road 7 Coot Po Pintail Pond Sites 1-5 Blue Heron Reservoir has a boat ramp and parking for boat trailers; the reservoir is wakeless and restricted to 10 hp or less (electric or gas) motors. Hand launched vessels that are hand or foot propelled or propelled by an electric trolling motor are permitted on all of the ponds within the park. Inflatable devices that contain two or more chambers are also permitted. All vessels and water users must observe all Colorado Boating Statutes and Regulations at all times. Trail nd Tra il Bald Eagle Pond Sites 47-56 Coot Pond Sites 42-46 Blue Heron Reservoir Red Tail Pond Sites 57-63 Yellow Legs Pond Sites 64-76 Sites 77-87 Highway 119 Wildlife and Nature Wildlife, in addition to the fish, can be seen in the park at different seasons. Raptors such as owls, eagles, red-tailed hawks as well as waterfowl and songbirds, live here year-round. Migrating birds such as curlew, Swainson’s hawk and osprey can be seen. The sharp-eyed visitor can see coyotes, deer, rabbits, reptiles and other wildlife. A 1⁄4-mile nature trail is available for you.

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