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Lory is an island for wildlife in an area that is rapidly developing. As visitors, we should respect their homes. Most animals such as mountain lions, black bears, golden eagles and rattlesnakes are reclusive and would prefer not to come into contact with people. For more information about chance encounters with wildlife, ask for brochures and suggestions at the Visitor Center. In The Wild Colorado residents 64 years of age or older qualify for a special ASPEN LEAF YEARLY PASS, available at a discounted rate. This pass allows admission to all state parks every day. Colorado Disabled Veterans who display Colorado Disabled Veteran (DV) license plates are admitted free to all state parks without a pass. A DAILY PASS is valid from the day purchased until noon the following day. A YEARLY PASS is valid at any state park. For yearly pass holders who own additional vehicles, a multiple pass is available for an additional fee. A walk-in fee is required for hikers, bikers and horseback riders. Passes are sold at the Visitor Center or self-service station. Visitors to Lory State Park are required to display a current Colorado State Parks Pass on their vehicle’s windshield or purchase an individual pass if hiking, biking or horseback riding into the park. Park Passes Please remember the wide variety of users during your visit and observe the “Rules of the Trail”: bikers yield to hikers and horseback riders; hikers yield to horseback riders. L ory has facilities to accommodate all types of visitors. The restrooms and some picnic areas are suitable for use by the physically challenged. CPW_HPLO_3/17 cpw.state.co.us Funded in part by Great Outdoors Colorado through Colorado Lottery proceeds. Map 708 Lodgepole Dr. • Bellvue, CO 80512 Phone: (970) 493-1623 • Fax: (970) 493-4104 E-mail: lory.park@state.co.us Lory State Park Horsetooth Mtn. Open Space Lory State Park NO OPEN FIRES ARE ALLOWED IN THE BACKCOUNTRY! 5. F  ires within the park should always be placed in a grill or approved metal fire ring. This prevents the outbreak of wildfires during the dry season. Backpackers are required to use camp stoves. 4. T  he speed limit in the park is 25 mph. Please be alert for horses, mountain bikers, hikers and Location wildlife on the roadway. 3. K  eep your pets under control and on a maximum six-foot leash to avoid accidents with vehicles, wildlife and other visitors. Pet bag stations are located at major trailheads – please dispose of your pet’s waste while in the park to help keep the environment clean and for the courtesy of other park users. 2. K  eep ALL vehicles on designated roads or parking areas. Off-road driving can damage the resource and wildlife habitat as well as scar the terrain for several years. 1. P  lace your trash in the receptacles provided. Litter can be dangerous to people and wildlife. Lory State Park is maintained for your enjoyment. In the interest of safety and the preservation of your park, please observe the following regulations. Help Protect Our Natural Resources Trails Varying from rolling valleys to mountainous hillsides, Lory’s 26 miles of trails rarely exceed a 12 percent grade. The variety of trails makes the park suitable for short or long hikes, mountain biking, horseback riding and jogging. During the winter months, Lory’s trails provide excellent opportunities for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Snowmobiling is not allowed. Drinking water and restroom facilities are not available on the trails. An adequate water supply should be carried and may be obtained at the Visitor Center. Horseback Riding Lory is an excellent place to take a horseback ride. Riders are welcome to bring their own horses to the park. There are 21.7 miles of trails for equestrians of all levels to access in the park. For your safety, Timber and Howard Trails are for expert riders only. In addition to the trail system, a cross-country jumping course is located at the south end of the park. Riders using the jumping course should wear helmets and jump with at least one “buddy.” The Mountain Bike Park This unique area constructed and designed by free riding enthusiasts is a new addition and offering 69,600 sq. ft. of riding excitement for all levels of mountain bike riders. The area offers dirt jumps, a pump track and a skills area for honing off-road riding skills. The park is open year round except for wet or hazardous conditions. There is no additional fee to use this area. Wildlife Lory’s diverse terrain is home to a variety of wildlife, such as mule deer, wild turkey, black bear, mountain lion, coyote, Abert’s squirrel, cottontail rabbit, blue grouse, mourning dove, songbirds and many reptile species. Nature Study Lory has unlimited possibilities for nature study with an abundance of wildflowers, animals and insects. Guided hikes are available to groups by reservation. Checklists of Lory plants and birds are available at the Visitor Center. Facilities such as gas, groceries, telephones and lodging are in LaPorte, five miles northeast of Lory. The nearest hospital is in Fort Collins. Nearby Facilities Lory offers five picnic areas with a variety of settings. The Timber Group Picnic Area accommodates up to 100 people and has a horseshoe pit, volleyball court, covered tables, grills, fire ring, water hydrant and restrooms. Soldier Canyon Group Picnic Area will accommodate up to 150 people and has an open air stage that is perfect for outdoor weddings, day camps or other special events. South Eltuck Group Picnic Area which has wonderful panoramic views of the sandstone hogbacks will hold more intimate groups of 50 or less. Please call (970) 493-1623 as these sites are by reservation only. Other sites are available on a first come, first serve basis. Picnicking Hunting in the park is controlled. Information regarding special closures, seasons and regulations is available at the Visitor Center. Target shooting is prohibited at all times. Hunting is prohibited at the Horsetooth Mountain Open Space, adjacent to Lory to the south, so be aware of boundary lines. Hunting Lory State Park offers excellent bouldering opportunities along with traditional climbing. The majority of the bouldering is 30- 45 minutes up Arthur’s Rock Trail. You’ll see signage that directs you off Arthur’s Rock trail to the Bouldering Access Trail. Arthur’s Rock Main Buttress offers great traditional climbing. Safety is your responsibility. Don’t climb beyond your abilities and understand all risks that are involved. Rock Climbing Lory State Park allows primitive backcountry camping by permit. No other camping is allowed in the park. The sites are approximately two miles from the trailhead and no open fires are allowed. The campsites offer the perfect weekend getaway to forget about the hustle and bustle of the city just over the hill. Backcountry Camping A Place For Everyone ENJOY YOUR STATE PARKS Lory State Park cpw.state.co.us C O L O R A D O PA R K S & W I L D L I F E ©CPW/VERNDON TOMAJKO Lory State Park H idden in the foothills twenty minutes west of Fort Collins, Lory State Park has it all! Its 2,591 acres provide a variety of activities such as hiking, picnicking, mountain biking, horseback riding, primitive backcountry camping, rock climbing, and wildlife viewing. The park offers terrain suitable for any getaway, from an afternoon to a weekend. There are unique rock outcroppings, sandstone hogbacks, grassy open meadows, shrubby hillsides and ponderosa pine forests. Overlooking the Fort Collins area from a breathtaking elevation of 6,780 feet is Arthur’s Rock, a jutting granite formation named for an early settler. Formerly ranchland, Lory State Park was purchased in 1967. It was named and dedicated in honor of Dr. Charles A. Lory (1872-1969), president of Colorado State University from 1909 until 1940. Please call (970) 493-1623 for more information about the park. Visitor Center Located just inside the park entrance, the Visitor Center serves as an entrance station for purchasing park passes as well as an environmental education center. Here, visitors can learn about the park’s wildlife and other natural resources through interpretive displays that are provided. Also, be sure to browse through the many books, maps, park apparel and other souvenirs available for purchase. A conference room is also available for rent to small groups for business meetings, club meetings, etc. Call (970) 493-1623 for rates. Lory State Park (All Trail Distances Are One Way) 1.7 miles h 40°35'45"N ulc vil G De 40°35'30"N 40°35'15"N 40°35'0"N 580 ulc h 40°34'45"N ) ss ce Ac ic ll G 40°34'30"N 00 67 d oa R e ic rv bl Pu Se (N 0 550 0 es Mil 690 0 40°34'15"N 8 Mi les 8 40°34'0"N 1.2 0 lch 560 kG u 0.7 Miles les s 0 Mi 6800 Mile 11 sR oc 1.1 690 1.1 00 1.1 Miles 6600 6500 0.4 les Mi les Mi 640 0 600 6100 Maintenance Area 0 Mill Creek590Trail (in Horsetooth Mountain Open Space) 6000 ed am Drinking Water Picnic Area un 00 0 0 69 Group Picnic Area Wildlife Watching Area Horsetooth Mountain Open Space 10 00 0 0 590 2,000 Nomad Trail (in Horsetooth Mountain Open Space) 4,000 Feet 5600 Restroom 71 First Aid 10 58 6700 Parking -n Backcountry Campsites 00 es 6600 Mil 0 680 Mountain Bike Park 1.1 Visitor Center 0 0 67 55 s 0.5 Park Boundary 9 s 5600 Streams 6 Mile 1.1 Mile 64 0 00 0 63 0.6 5600 6300 11 es 00 62 00 63 Park Roads 0.3 Mil Foot Only Trail !! i [ 5 _ ! ! 00 58 0.2 1.3 Miles 0 Foot, Horse, and Bicycle Trail 1 6000 40°33'15"N 6700 0 LEGEND 00 570 6600 59 6700 40°33'30"N 62 0 This 1.1 mile trail provides views of Horsetooth reservoir and the eastern plains and offers a moderate connection between the West Valley and Timber Trail. This is the preferred route for mountain bikers and horseback riders seeking an intermediate level loop trail through a mountain shrub ecosystem. 0.2 i ! 7100 6500 105°13'0"W 105°12'45"W 105°12'30"W 105°12'15"W 105°12'0"W 105°11'45"W 40°33'45"N 63 00 00 65 O 40°34'45"N 550 s 105°11'30"W 105°11'15"W 105°11'0"W 105°10'45"W 105°10'30"W 105°10'15"W 105°10'0"W 40°33'0"N 670 0 40°35'0"N 0 ile s We Mile 5 6800 hur 700 1.1 miles R RVOI 5500 0.6 Art 00 63 00 00 Moderate RESE 0 64 61 Foot, Horse, Mountain Bike M 2 6900 6700 00 60 This challenging 2.1 mile trail connects the upper mountain trails to Lory’s valley trails on the south end of the park. Howard Trail offers an alternative route of return from the Arthur’s Rock Trail and connects upper Timber Trail and Westridge Trail to create loop opportunities for all backcountry trail users. 12 Kimmons Trail i ! ! _ 5 ! Homestead 5 0.4 2.1 miles 4 0. 5600 Moderate to Difficult s Foot, Expert Mountain Bike and Expert Equestrian 0.4 Miles 00 6200 11 Howard Trail Eltuck Group Picnic Area ! _ i ! Picnic Area 70 2.4 miles This easy 2.4 mile loop trail takes you to the south border of Lory State Park. This link offers an easy transition into Horsetooth Mountain Open Space. 00 57 00 Easy s 64 Foot, Horse, Mountain Bike 3 00 4 6500 10 South Valley Trail Loop 0.8 Miles 62 ek From the South Valley trail, this 0.9 mile link offers passage to the upper elevations of Horsetooth Mountain Park by way of the Mill Creek Trail, and a connection to Lory’s Howard Trail. This link also connects across the meadow to Arthur’s Trail. 00 67 4 ile 00 0.9 miles 00 1.4 Miles 5 6 69 0.5 s Difficult 3 00 s Mile re Foot, Horse, Mountain Bike 00 M C Mill Creek Link 2 68 0 60 8 1. ill M 9 6800 ile These trails run parallel to the main road, branching to coves at Horsetooth Reservoir or meeting with the mountain trails. East Valley 2.2 mile, West Valley 2.3 mile. 12 6500 64 8 63 2.2 miles 3 n 00 Easy 6900 i ! M Foot, Horse, Mountain Bike yo Mountain Bike Park 7 East & West Valley Trails an i! ! _! ² 0. 8 rC 65 This 0.1 mile trail leads back to a series of waterfalls during the spring and early summer. Picturesque rock outcroppings abut this quick hike through a riparian zone offering shade and wildlife-viewing under the cottonwood canopy. l die les Mi 0 0 59 00 0.1 miles So 1.8 66 Easy 00 68 6800 0 620 s ile M 8 00 67 Foot only 00 66 6100 6000 68 0. Waterfall Trail 0 640 0 0 63 ! G ile 1.0 miles This comfortable one mile hike leads down to the edge of Horsetooth Reservoir. The red sandstone hogbacks offer a striking background to the grassy meadows, where deer can be found grazing. 7 00 65 00 Soldier Canyon Group Picnic Area ! 0.1 56 00 i! ! _! ² 00 M Easy Timber Group Picnic Area 6000 Foot, Horse, Mountain Bike 67 7 00 00 Shoreline Trail 0 57 61 6 670 Visitor Center i! ! _! c! ² 58000.4 Miles Converging with Howard Trail via singletrack, Westridge mostly follows an old Jeep road along the ridgeline near Lory’s western boundary, dropping down into the forest as it turns back east through the center of the Park, merging with Timber and Arthur’s Rock. The only trail in the Park that provides views of the snow-capped Continental Divide, with perfect views of 14,259’ Longs Peak, and portions of the Indian Peaks to the south. 58 5 1.9 miles 00 0 590 0. Moderate 0 610 s Foot, Horse, Mountain Bike 6000 Mile Westridge Trail º ! 00 0.8 5 105°10'0"W h ulc 62 6300 1.4 miles Wildflowers and riparian ecosystem line this plush 1.4 mile trail. A self-guided nature tour takes you through the meadow, mountain shrub, Douglas fir, and ponderosa ecosystems, with stations along the way illustrating botany, geology and animal life in Lory State Park. For those looking for a longer hike, the trail branches off into the Timber and Overlook Trails. 105°10'15"W 550 Easy to Moderate eG les Foot only p ir Mi Well Gulch Nature Trail Em 0.4 4 105°10'30"W TH This 4.2 mile trail ascends from the group picnic area to the ridge behind Arthur’s Rock. The trail climbs through meadows and mountain shrub, changing to pine and fir in the upper elevations, where the park’s six primitive back-country sites can be found. This trail has some steep switchbacks and rocky scrambles to cross in getting to the top of the Well Gulch drainage. 0 6700 40°35'30"N 4.2 miles 105°10'45"W 5800 40°34'30"N Moderate to Difficult 105°11'0"W O SETO Foot, Expert Mountain Bike and Expert Equestrian 105°11'15"W HOR Timber Trail 105°11'30"W 00 3 105°11'45"W 6500 660 64 Mule deer, wildflowers, Abert’s squirrels and views of the eastern plains can be seen along this 1.2 mile trail connecting Arthur’s Rock Trail to the Well Gulch Nature Trail. Starting from Well Gulch, the trail strolls along the ridge below Arthur’s Rock, until meeting with the Arthur’s Rock Trail. 40°35'15"N 1.2 miles 40°34'15"N Moderate 105°12'0"W 00 40°34'0"N Foot only 105°12'15"W 65 40°33'45"N Overlook Trail 105°12'30"W 5400 2 105°12'45"W 5500 This 1.7 mile hiking trail winds through forested mountainsides and open meadows to the summit of Arthur’s Rock. Along the trail hikers can travel through different ecosystems because of the nearly 1000’ elevation change. Upon reaching the summit of Arthur’s Rock, one is offered a impressive view of Horsetooth Reservoir and the Front Range from an elevation of 6,780 feet. 105°13'0"W 40°33'30"N Moderate to Difficult 40°33'15"N Foot only 5800 Arthur’s Rock Trail 40°33'0"N 1 40°35'45"N Trails Map

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