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Jackson Lake Jackson Lake State Park Greeley Co. Rd. 3 Co. Rd. 2 Co. Rd. AA COLOR A DO PAR KS & W ILDLIFE Ft. Morgan Goodrich l Co o. Orchard 34 Colo. 144 Denver Private Ft. Morgan Wiggins I-76 Jackson Lake State Wildlife Area Open for public use Tuesday after Labor Day Hunting at Jackson Lake State Park North Shore Area 6 Rows of windbreak trees (boundry line) 5 Ski Counter-Clockwise ate Priv County Road 2 4 Boat Hunting Area North of Boundry Lin e Only 1 Open to hunting when campground is closed 2 Map Legend 3 E IN NT U OH N N GO DIK 1 2 3 4 5 6 Andrick Ponds StateWildlife Area Public Use by Reservations Only (see Regulation brochure) 7 8 9 10 9 t le In 8 10 7 Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) See Special Restrictions Pelican Campground Cove Campground Lakeside Campground Sandpiper Campground Fox Hills Campground Northview Campground Dunes Group Campground Centennial Group Picnic Area Cottonwood Picnic Area / OHV Track Swimbeach Parking State Wildlife Areas. See Regulation Brochure. Waterfowl, Small Game, and Archery Big Game hunting allowed. Small game/Archery big game hunting allowed. Small game, archery turkey and archery big game hunting allowed. cpw.state.co.us General Information 1. Hunting for small game, archery big game and waterfowl is permitted during established seasons, in designated areas in the park, from the Tuesday after Labor Day to the Friday before Memorial Day. 2. Park is open year-round. Please be aware of park visitors. 3. Bows and arrows or shotguns loaded with birdshot no greater than T-buck, are the only permitted methods of take. It is illegal to have lead shot in possession when waterfowl hunting. 4. Hunters are required to remain one hundred (100) yards from all buildings, trails, and open campgrounds. Waterfowl Hunting Regulations Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) Lease 1. Hunting hours are one half hour before sunrise to sunset. 2. Waterfowl hunters must use non-toxic shot. Lead shot is illegal and must not be on, or in the vicinity, while engaging in hunting. Special Restrictions 3. All dogs must be leashed to and from the hunting area. 4. A valid Colorado hunting license with both the Federal and State waterfowl stamps, a valid HIP number, and hunter safety card must be in possession and available for inspection when hunting waterfowl. 5. All shotguns must be capable of holding a maximum of two (2) rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber. It is illegal to have a round in the chamber when it is in a vehicle. 1. P  arking is at the Inlet parking area ONLY. All vehicles must have a valid parks pass. All roads on this property are closed to the public. 2. Hunting is permitted seven days a week. 3. Upland bird, small game, archery big game and archery turkey may be hunted anywhere on the BOR property. Waterfowl hunting is prohibited. 6. Hunting from frozen surface is prohibited. 7. Boat hunters must stay north of boundry as marked on map. Boat hunting is prohibited within 150 yards of the shoreline. Jackson Lake is closed to boating beginning November 1st. 5. It is unlawful for a person to carry a weapon when under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. 6. Any person entering upon private land for any purpose including retrieving downed wildlife MUST obtain permission from the landowner. Trespassing, while hunting, is a misdemeanor and if convicted could result in loss of hunting privileges. Shooting across fence lines is considered trespassing. Turkey Hunting Regulations Thank you for supporting Colorado Parks & Wildlife! Jackson Lake State Park Archery Turkey hunting is only allowed on the Bureau of Reclamation property. 26363 County Road 3 • Orchard, CO 80649 (970) 645-2551 • Fax: (970) 645-1535 dnr_jackson.lake@state.co.us cpw.state.co.us HPJA1102_02/18

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