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brochure Golden Gate Canyon - Backcountry Camping
In Case of an Emergency Call 911 or the Golden Gate Canyon Visitor Center 303.582.3707 Reverend’s Ridge Campground 303.642.3856 C O L O R A D O PA R K S & W I L D L I F E Backcountry Regulations Registration and Information All park statutes and regulations apply. Please fill out the information on both the blue camping permit and this attached registration form. Tear off this form at the dotted line and deposit the completed form with the payment envelope. • All fires are prohibited in the backcountry. Backcountry Camping • All trash must be packed out. • Camping is permitted in designated areas only, with a maximum of six people and three tents per site. AT GOLDEN GATE CANYON STATE PARK Keep the map brochure for your information. Thank you! • Removing or damaging any natural or historic object is prohibited. This includes picking wildflowers. Thank you for supporting Colorado Parks & Wildlife! For more information and current conditions, please contact us at: Backcountry Camping Fees Please pick up a copy of the park map and brochure for additional park information. Golden Gate Canyon State Park 92 Crawford Gulch Road • Golden, CO 80403 (303) 582-3707 • E-mail: HPGG1304_.4/19 Tear off and deposit with the blue camping permit. • Pets must be leashed at all times while in the park. Tent site: $18.00/night (up to 6 people in 3 tents) Shelter: $18.00/night (up to 6 people) Park Pass: A valid daily parks pass or annual parks pass is required on all vehicles in the park. Keep Backcountry Camping Safe ... Fill out this Form! Attention All Backcountry Campers Backcountry Camper Registration Backcountry Campsites Greenfield Meadow Frazer Meadow 4 4 You share this area with wildlife, including black bears and mountain lions. To help avoid conflicts with wildlife, please follow these simple precautions: Name of group leader: _________________ Leader’s address: _____________________ __________________________________ Leader’s phone #: ____________________ 1  Do not store food in your tent. Food should be stored in a bear box near your site. Cook stoves and other cooking utensils should be stored away from the tent preferably in a “bear bag” or the bear box. # in group:____ Group Members:________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ 7 Spring 2 To Frazer Meadow 5 5 1 rse sh oe Historic Barn Tra i l Horseshoe Trail To Frazer Meadow Trailhead to Kriley Pond or Ole’ Barn Knoll Rim Meadow Forgotten Valley 12 12 to Rifleman Phillips Campground 10 11 11 Buffalo Tra il 3 10 Bu ffa lo Shelter #3 15 15 14 13 14 13 Tr ail to Frazer Meadow Trailhead 99 16 16 Tallman Ranch Pond to Black Bear Trail to Bridge Creek Trailhead = Historic Structure Shelter #1 Deer Creek to Windy Peak Mou nta in 20 20 19 Shelter #1 17 17 e Cr 18 19 il Deer 18 4th night ____________ _____________ to Quarry Tr a on 3rd night ____________ _____________ Shelter #4 Li er De k ee Cr Trail 2nd night ____________ _____________ 4 Mo u to Slough Pond Parking Area Thank you for helping keep wildlife wild. to Greenfield Meadow 1 Ho ____________ _____________ Please check out at the Visitor Center as you leave. Thank you and enjoy your visit! 6 6 Coyote Trail to Bootleg Bottom Trailhead 2 Lion ntain 1st night Date Shelter #2 7 n Trail ain Lio Site # 3 3  Keep a clean campsite. Food scraps and other trash will attract wildlife into your campsite. “Bear bag” trash overnight and PLEASE –pack it out. 4  Do not feed any wildlife. Feeding wildlife, including squirrels and chipmunks, can make them dependent on people and can result in equipment damage. 8 Mount Vehicles: Make: ______________ 2: ______________ Model: _____________ 2: ______________ Color:______________ 2: ______________ Lic. #:______________ 2: ______________ State: ______________ 2: ______________ 2  Do not wear the clothes you cooked dinner in to bed. The smell from your dinner will have seeped into your clothes and could attract wildlife to you while you are sleeping in your tent. 3 2 8 Mule Deer Trail to Panorama Point Trail oe sh rse Ho Vehicles parked at which trailhead: ___________________________________ Tear off and deposit with the blue camping permit. In case of emergency, contact: Name:______________________________ Phone #: ____________________________ To Mule Deer Trail ek to Nott Creek Trailhead = Bear Box (Food Storage) to Burro Trail

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