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brochure Eleven Mile - Orienteering Trail
Orienteering 101 C O L O R A D O PA R K S & W I L D L I F E Helpful Hints: Watch where you put your feet; respect the vegetation as much as possible by not trampling it. While participating in this course, try to limit the number of people in your group to no more than six. Orienteering Trail AT ELEVEN MILE STATE PARK Remember — if you get lost just follow the Midland Trail back to the trailhead. If you are lost in the woods (meaning Are you ready for a crash course in the art of orienteering? O rienteering is the art of using a compass and map to find your way in the woods; or, in this case, to navigate around a course with a set of predetermined locations called waypoint markers. Scattered around the Backcountry landscape you will find the nine waypoint (and thirty-two sub point) markers. Each point is a composite plaque with the point number marked on it. The nine waypoints are embedded within rock mounds that are 9–12" tall. The sub points all lie flat on the ground. you lack a compass), keep in mind that moss generally grows on the north side of a tree. When hiking in bear and/or mountain lion country, be aware of your surroundings; make some noise (you don’t have to be loud, but try not to creep silently). To find these points, you must follow the directions located on the inside of this brochure. Paces are measured as five feet in length. This is roughly the distance an average person would walk when taking two steps. The starting point is the sign posted near Backcountry campsite #901. You’ll notice the first step is to walk 148 paces at 359 degrees. This should bring you to the first sub point #1A. Eleven Mile State Park 4229 County Road 92 • Lake George, CO 80827 719-748-3401 • cpw.state.co.us Look at your compass; turn the dial on your compass until the red half of the floating arrow is within the painted red arrow on the bottom of the compass. Locate 359 degrees on the compass while keeping the floating arrow within the red painted arrow. To find the first sub point, simply walk 148 paces in the direction of 359 degrees. (Hint: You should look as far in that exact direction as you can to find some type of landmark to walk towards). Keep in mind that while paces are approximate, they should still get you close enough to see the marker. Also, remember that the directions to the next target will begin exactly at the marker you have just reached. The total trail length is 3.16 miles. For new and current information on Colorado Parks & Wildlife visit us online at cpw.state.co.us SEEM1202-PDF-07/14 cpw.state.co.us Waypoint One: Waypoint Eight: Start at this sign. Take 148 paces at 359 degrees; then 37 paces at 82 degrees; then 137 paces at 18 degrees; then 67 paces at 65 degrees. Take 113 paces at 205 degrees; then 67 paces at 268 degrees; then 116 paces at 11 degrees; then 153 paces at 34 degrees. 5 5A Waypoint Two: Take 39 paces at 171 degrees; then 29 paces at 85 degrees; then 87 paces at 201 degrees; then 45 paces at 70 degrees; then 63 paces at 213 degrees; then 55 paces at 107 degrees. 1C Waypoint Three: Take 48 paces at 210 degrees; then 74 paces at 124 degrees; then 94 paces at 36 degrees; then 44 paces at 308 degrees. Waypoint Four: 1B 1A Take 54 paces at 329 degrees; then 65 paces at 16 degrees; then 98 paces at 322 degrees; then 52 paces at 81 degrees; then 65 paces at 357 degrees. 2E 4 END 6C 3C 3B 9C 9 9A Take 88 paces at 268 degrees; then 71 paces at 158 degrees; then 48 paces at 94 degrees; then 128 paces at 239 degrees. 7A 7B 8C 7C 8 Waypoint Seven: 7D 8B 8A If you are standing at the same sign that you began the course at, located near Backcountry campsite #901, then you made it. CONGRATULATIONS! Follow the Midland Trail back to the Coyote Ridge parking lot to return to your vehicle. 7 9B BEGIN 6 6B 3 Waypoint Six: Take 122 paces at 142 degrees; then 86 paces at 244 degrees; then 78 paces at 127 degrees; then 108 paces at 237 degrees; then 56 paces at 323 degrees. 6A 4A 3A Waypoint Five: Take 98 paces at 84 degrees; then 108 paces at 161 degrees; then 73 paces at 81 degrees; then 90 paces at 137 degrees. 4B 2D 9D 5C 5B 2A 2B 2C Take 115 paces at 233 degrees; then 108 paces at 303 degrees; then 34 paces at 198 degrees; then 100 paces at 338 degrees; then 132 paces at 214 degrees. 4D 4C 2 Waypoint Nine:

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