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Pipits q American Pipit (UC, M) Clark’s Nutcracker (C, PR) Black-billed Magpie (VC, PR) American Crow (VC, PR) Common Raven (VC, PR) Larks q Horned Lark (C, SR) Swallows Barn Swallow q Tree Swallow (C, SR) q Violet-green Swallow (C, SR) q Northern Rough-winged Swallow (UC, SR) q Bank Swallow (R, M) q Cliff Swallow (VC, SR) q Barn Swallow (C, SR) Chickadees q Black-capped Chickadee (C, PR) q Mountain Chickadee (C, PR) q Bushtit (UC, WV) Nuthatches & Creepers q Red-breasted Nuthatch (R, SR) q White-breasted Nuthatch (R, SR) q Pygmy Nuthatch (C, PR) q Brown Creeper (R, SR) yg my Nuth atch P Wrens q Rock Wren (C, SR) q Canyon Wren (UC, PR) q House Wren (UC, SR) q Marsh Wren (R, SR) Dippers q American Dipper (R, SR) Kinglets q Golden-crowned Kinglet (R, M) q Ruby-crowned Kinglet (UC, SR) Starlings q European Starling (C, PR) Warblers q Orange-crowned Warbler (UC, M) q Yellow Warbler (R, SR) q Yellow-rumped Warbler (UC, M) q Yellow-throated Warbler (ACC, M) q Black-throated Gray Warbler (R, M) q Townsend’s Warbler (R, M) q Northern Waterthrush (R, M) q MacGillivray’s Warbler (UC, M) q Common Yellowthroat (C, SR) q Wilson’s Warbler (UC, SR) Tanagers q Western Tanager (U, SR) Towhees & Sparrows q Green-tailed Towhee (UC, M) q Spotted Towhee (FC, M) q American Tree Sparrow (UC, M) q Chipping Sparrow (UC, SR) q Clay-colored Sparrow (R, M) q Brewer’s Sparrow (R, M) q Vesper Sparrow (UC, SR) q Lark Sparrow (FC, SR) q Lark Bunting (UC, M) q Savannah Sparrow (UC, M) q Song Sparrow (UC, SR) q Harris’s Sparrow (R, WV) q White-crowned Sparrow (FC, M) q Dark-eyed Junco (FC, WV) q Lapland Longspur (R, WV) q Snow Bunting (R, WV) q House Sparrow (C, PR) Yellow Warbler C O L O R A D O PA R K S & W I L D L I F E Discovering Birds AT ELEVEN MILE STATE PARK Because we are interested in maintaining and revising this list, we solicit your help and ask that you share new and unusual sightings and/or comments on the status of the park’s birds. If you do encounter any Rare, Very Rare, Accidental or new species, we’d appreciate a short written description of the field marks used to identify the bird. Special thanks to Hugh Kingery, Tony Leukering, Mark Peterson, and Nathan Pieplow for their assistance in the compilation of this list. Field Notes Date: Weather: n Bu Snow Grosbeaks & Buntings q Blue Grosbeak (UC, M) q Lazuli Bunting (UC, M) q Indigo Bunting (R, M) Thrushes q Western Bluebird (UC, M) q Mountain Bluebird (C, SR) q Townsend’s Solitaire (UC, PR) q Swainson’s Thrush (UC, M) q Hermit Thrush (UC, SR) q American Robin (C, SR) Mockingbirds & Thrashers q Gray Catbird (UC, SV) q Northern Mockingbird (R, M) q Sage Thrasher (UC, M) Finches q Gray-crowned Rosy Finch (FC, WV) q Black Rosy Finch (R, WV) q Pine Grosbeak (C, PR) q Cassin’s Finch (UC, SR) q House Finch (C, PR) q Lesser Goldfinch (UC, SR) q Pine Siskin (UC, PR) q American Goldfinch (UC, SR) q Evening Grosbeak (UC, SR) tin g q q q q Time in Field: Location(s): American Goldfinch Western Meadowlark Blackbirds q Red-winged Blackbird (FC, SR) q Western Meadowlark (C, SR) q Yellow-headed Blackbird (FC, M & C, SR) q Brewer’s Blackbird (FC, SR) q Brown-headed Cowbird (VC, SR) Mountain Bluebird Eleven Mile State Park 4229 County Road 92 • Lake George, CO 80827 719-748-3401 • cpw.state.co.us Pine Grosbeak SEEM1203-PDF-07/14 cpw.state.co.us Seasonal Occurrences os e Go ing Cackl Grebes q Pied-billed Grebe (UC, M) q Horned Grebe (UC, SV) q Red-necked Grebe (VR, M) q Eared Grebe (C, M) q Western Grebe (C, SR) q Clark’s Grebe (R, SR) Cranes q Sandhill Crane (R, M) Eared Grebe Wading Birds q American Bittern (R, M) q Great Blue Heron (C, SR) q Snowy Egret (R, M) q Cattle Egret (R, M) q Black-crowned Night Heron (R, M) q White-faced Ibis (C, SV) C ed Double-crest New World Vultures q Turkey Vulture (C, PR) Lesser Scaup Shorebirds q Black-bellied Plover (R, M) q American Golden Plover (R, M) q Semipalmated Plover (UC, M) q Killdeer (C, SR) q Mountain Plover (R, M) q Black-necked Stilt (R, M) q American Avocet (FC, SV) q Greater Yellowlegs (R, M) q Lesser Yellowlegs (R, M) q Solitary Sandpiper (R, M) q Willet (R, M) q Spotted Sandpiper (FC, SR) q Long-billed Curlew (VR, M) q Marbled Godwit (UC, M) q Sanderling (VR, M) q Semipalmated Sandpiper (UC, M) q Western Sandpiper (UC, M) q Least Sandpiper (UC, M) q Baird’s Sandpiper (UC, M) q Pectoral Sandpiper (VR, M) q Dunlin (VR, M) q Stilt Sandpiper (UC, M) q Long-billed Dowitcher (UC, M) q Wilson’s Phalarope (R, M) q Red-necked Phalarope (R, M) q Red Phalarope (VR, M) q Mourning Dove (FC, PR) Cuckoos q Greater Roadrunner (ACC, VR) Ke can Ameri Gulls & Terns q Franklin’s Gull (UC, M) q Bonaparte’s Gull (UC, M) q Ring-billed Gull (UC, SV) q California Gull (VC, SR) q Herring Gull (R, M) q Sabine’s Gull (R, M) q Caspian Tern (R, M) q Forester’s Tern (R, M) q Black Tern (UC, M) Swainson’s Hawk Pigeons & Doves q Rock Pigeon (R, PR) q Band-tailed Pigeon (UC, SV) Owls q q q q q Barn Owl (UC, PR) Flammulated Owl (VR, SR) Great Horned Owl (C, PR) Northern Pygmy-owl (VR, PR) Long-eared Owl (UC, PR) Goatsuckers & Swifts q Common Nighthawk (UC, M, SR) q Common Poorwill (R, SR) q White-throated Swift (R, SV) Hummingbirds q Calliope Hummingbird (R, M) q Broad-tailed Hummingbird (C, SR) q Rufous Hummingbird (R, M) Kingfishers q Belted Kingfisher (FC, SR) Sandhill Cranes Woodpeckers gf q Williamson’s Sapsucker (R, SR) Kin Belted q Red-naped Sapsucker (UC, SR) q Downy Woodpecker (UC, PR) q Hairy Woodpecker (UC, PR) q American Three-toed Woodpecker (VR, PR) q Northern Flicker (C, PR) Flycatchers q Olive-sided Flycatcher (R, SR) q W. Wood-pewee (C, SR) q Willow Flycatcher (U, SR) q Hammond’s Flycatcher (R, SR) q Dusky Flycatcher (R, SR) q Cordilleran Flycatcher (U, SR) q Say’s Phoebe (VC, SR) q Western Kingbird (VC, SR) or mo rant Pelicans & Cormorants q American White Pelican (C, M, SR) q Double-crested Cormorant (C, SR) Birds of Prey q Osprey (R, M) q Bald Eagle (UC, WV) q Northern Harrier (UC, SR) q Sharp-shinned Hawk (R, M) q Cooper’s Hawk (UC, SR) q Northern Goshawk (UC, SR) q Swainson’s Hawk (C, SR) q Red-tailed Hawk (C, PR) q Ferruginous Hawk (UC, VR) q Rough-legged Hawk (UC, WV) q Golden Eagle (UC, PR) American Kestrel (C, SR) Merlin (VR, WV) Peregrine Falcon (VR, PR) Prairie Falcon (R, PR) Coots q American Coot (FC, M) Loons q Red-throated Loon (VR, M) q Pacific Loon (R, M) q Common Loon (UC, M) Abundance Ducks q Snow Goose (R, M) q Ross’s Goose (R, M) q Cackling Goose (R, M) q Canada Goose (C, SR) q Trumpeter Swan (R, M) q Tundra Swan (R, M) q Gadwall (UC, M) q Eurasian Wigeon (VR, M) q American Wigeon (C, M) q Mallard (C, M) q Blue-winged Teal (UC, M) q Cinnamon Teal (UC, M) q Green-winged Teal (UC, M) q Northern Shoveler (C, M) q Northern Pintail (C, M) q Canvasback (C, M) q Redhead (UC, M) q Ring-necked Duck (C, M) q Greater Scaup (R, M) q Lesser Scaup (C, M) q Surf Scoter (UC, M) q White-winged Scoter (R, M) q q q q Grouse & Turkey q Blue Grouse (UC, SR) q Wild Turkey (UC, PR) PR = Permanent Resident SR = Summer Resident SV = Summer Visitor WV = Winter Visitor M = Migrant ACC = Accidental AB = Abundant VC = Very Common C = Common FC = Fairly Common UC = Uncommon R = Rare VR = Very Rare Black Scoter (R, M) Long-tailed Duck (R, M) Bufflehead (C, M) Common Goldeneye (C, M) Barrow’s Goldeneye (UC, M) Hooded Merganser (UC, M) Common Merganser (C, SR) Red-breasted Merganser (UC, M) Ruddy Duck (UC, M) ish er KEY q q q q q q q q q str el This list is intended to represent all of the bird species recorded at Eleven Mile and Spinney Mountain State Parks. May you be lucky enough to encounter others! Shrikes q Loggerhead Shrike (FC, M) q Northern Shrike (R, WV) Western Sandpiper Vireos q Plumbeous Vireo (UC, SR) q Warbling Vireo (UC, SR) Jays q Gray Jay (R, PR) q Steller’s Jay (C, PR) q Pinyon Jay (UC, SV) Say’s Phoebe

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