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Guide to Colorado State Recreation Lands. Published by Colorado Parks & Wildlife.

C O L O R A D O P A R K S & W I L D L I F E 2020 Colorado State Recreation Lands INSIDE: STATE FISH UNITS, STATE WILDLIFE AREAS, STATE TRUST LANDS, STATE PARKS ONLINE FEATURES Check out more Colorado Parks & Wildlife on our VIMEO & YOUTUBE CHANNELS LINKS TO MAPS MAKE CAMPING & HUNTING RESERVATIONS ONLINE! STATE WILDLIFE AREAS STATE FISHING WATERS STATE TRUST LANDS STATE PARKS Cherry Creek State Park © Nora Logue VIDEOS CHECK OUT THE 360 VIDEOS OF COLORADO’S STATE PARKS! 101 PLACES TO TAKE A KID FISHING #TAKEAKIDFISHING G.E.M. TRAIL NOW OPEN IN STEAMBOAT SPRINGS! CONTENTS CONTENTS Printed for free distribution by: WHAT’S NEW: 2020................................................1 COLORADO PARKS AND WILDLIFE (CPW) 6060 Broadway, Denver, CO 80216 ■ 303-297-1192 RESERVATIONS......................................................1 OUR MISSION: The mission of Colorado Parks and Wildlife is to perpetuate the wildlife resources of the state, to provide a quality state parks system and to provide enjoyable and sustainable outdoor recreation opportunities that educate and inspire current and future generations to serve as active stewards of Colorado’s natural resources. ■ Abbreviation key................................................................................1 STATE FISH UNITS (SFUs)........................................2 ■ What is an SFU?..................................................................................2 ■ SFU properties & regulations..............................................................2 COLORADO PARKS AND WILDLIFE DIRECTOR Dan Prenzlow COLORADO PARKS AND WILDLIFE COMMISSION MEMBERS, as of July 2020 STATE WILDLIFE AREAS (SWAs)......................... 3–29 Marvin McDaniel, Chair Carrie Besnette Hauser, Vice-Chair Marie Haskett, Secretary Taishya Adams Betsy Blecha Charles Garcia Dallas May ■ What is an SWA?.................................................................................3 ■ SWA access rules................................................................................3 ■ SWA properties & regulations..................................................... 4–29 STATE TRUST LANDS (STLs) PUBLIC ACCESS PROGRAM.............................. 30–51 ■ What are trust lands? What is the STL public access program?.............30 ■ State trust lands FAQs/access rules...................................................30 ■ State trust lands public access properties & regulations............ 31–51 REGULATION BROCHURE EDITOR Chelsea Harlan PRINTED STATE PARKS................................................. 52–59 The Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife (CPW) receives federal financial assistance from multiple bureaus within the U.S. Department of the Interior. Under Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act (as amended), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (as amended), the Age Discrimination Act of 1975 and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, the U.S. Department of the Interior and its bureaus prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, disability or age. In addition, CPW adheres to all antidiscrimination laws of the state of Colorado. For more information on how to request an accommodation or to file a grievance, please visit MAPS............................................................ 60–65 ■ State fish units, wildlife areas, trust lands & parks — Northeast ..........60 ■ State fish units, wildlife areas, trust lands & parks — Southeast ..........61 ■ State fish units, wildlife areas, trust lands & parks — Northwest .........62 ■ State fish units, wildlife areas, trust lands & parks — Southwest ........63 ■ NEW State fish units, wildlife areas, trust lands & parks — Central close-up.............................64 ■ Game management units (GMUs)....................................................65 NOTICE: Laws and regulations in this brochure are paraphrased for easier understanding and are intended only as a guide. Complete Colorado wildlife statutes and regulations are available at CPW offices listed below and online: CPW REGIONAL AND AREA OFFICE LOCATIONS ADMINISTRATION 1313 Sherman St., #618 Denver, 80203 303-297-1192 (M–F, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. MT) LANDS INDEX BY COUNTY............................... 66–73 ■ State fish units, state wildlife areas, state trust lands, state parks GET THE BROCHURE ONLINE: Send us your outdoor photos and stories for a chance to be featured on a brochure cover or CPW's online blog! HUNTER.TESTIMONIALS@STATE.CO.US COVER: ▶ Gone fishing at Sylvan Lake State Park. © Dustin Doskocil for CPW OTHER PHOTOS, LEFT TO RIGHT: ▶ Mountain biking at Trinidad Lake State Park. © Thomas Kimmell for CPW C O L O R A D O P A R K S & INSIDE: STATE FISH UNITS, STATE WILDLIFE AREAS, STATE TRUST LANDS, STATE PARKS ▶ Hiking at Castlewood Canyon State Park. © Ken Papaleo for CPW 2020 COLORADO STATE RECREATION LANDS ONLY the offices below can assist hunters with animal checks and taking samples that are related to hunting activities. See the CPW website for a complete list of our parks locations that can also sell licenses, issue duplicate licenses and accept some licenses for refunds. BRUSH 28167 County Rd. T Brush, 80723 970-842-6300 GRAND JUNCTION 711 Independent Ave. Grand Junction, 81505 970-255-6100 MONTE VISTA 0722 S. Rd. 1 E. Monte Vista, 81144 719-587-6900 COLORADO SPRINGS 4255 Sinton Rd. Colorado Springs, 80907 719-227-5200 GUNNISON 300 W. New York Ave. Gunnison, 81230 970-641-7060 MONTROSE 2300 S. Townsend Ave. Montrose, 81401 970-252-6000 DENVER 6060 Broadway Denver, 80216 303-291-7227 HOT SULPHUR SPRINGS 346 Grand County Rd. 362 Hot Sulphur Springs, 80451 970-725-6200 PUEBLO 600 Reservoir Rd. Pueblo, 81005 719-561-5300 DURANGO 151 E. 16th St. Durango, 81301 970-247-0855 LAMAR 2500 S. Main St. Lamar, 81052 719-336-6600 SALIDA 7405 Hwy. 50 Salida, 81201 719-530-5520 FORT COLLINS 317 W. Prospect Rd. Fort Collins, 80526 970-472-4300 MEEKER 73485 Hwy. 64 Meeker, 81641 970-878-6090 STEAMBOAT SPRINGS 925 Weiss Dr. Steamboat Springs, 80487 970-870-2197 W I L D L I F E 2020 Colorado State Recreation Lands ▶ Hanging out at Rifle Falls State Park. © Dustin Doskocil for CPW ▶ Scouting for the hunt at Yampa River State Park. © Vic Schendel for CPW COVER PHOTO © Dustin Doskocil for CPW July 2020 by Publication Printers, Denver: 120,000 copies Printing paid for with hunting and fishing license fees. ■ State park fees & passes...................................................................52 ■ State park access rules......................................................................53 ■ State park properties & regulations .......................................... 54–59 ▶ Out and about with the pup at St. Vrain State Park. © Verdon Tomajko for CPW Duke Phillips, IV Luke B. Schafer Jay Tutchton Eden Vardy Dan Gibbs, ex-officio member Kate Greenberg, ex-officio member Dan Prenzlow, CPW Director GLENWOOD SPRINGS 0088 Wildlife Way Glenwood Springs, 81601 970-947-2920 WHAT’S NEW: 2020 REGULATION CHANGES & NEW INFORMATION ▶ CUSTOMERS 18 & OVER MUST HAVE A HUNTING OR FISHING LICENSE TO ACCESS SWAs & STLs: State wildlife areas (SWAs) and state trust lands (STLs) are acquired using hunter and angler dollars for the purpose of conserving wildlife habitat and providing wildlife-related recreation. To ensure that SWAs and STLs are being used for their intended wildlife-related purpose, customers now must have a valid hunting or fishing license before going on any of these properties. Note that the requirement to purchase a $43 permit for access to Jumbo Reservoir, DeWeese Reservoir, Prewitt Reservoir and San Luis Lakes SWAs has been removed. Customers now must have a valid hunting or fishing license for access. If you've already purchased one of these permits, it will still be valid through March 31, 2021. See: ▶ NEW STATE PARK ON THE WAY! Fishers Peak State Park in Trinidad is an expansive area that connects grasslands to the east with foothills and mountains to the west, providing habitat for a diverse array of Colorado wildlife. While our newest state park isn't open yet, it will be soon. Stay tuned for more information as we continue to plan: ▶ MANY NEW PROPERTIES ADDED TO THE PUBLIC ACCESS PROGRAM: WHAT'S NEW RESERVATIONS ▶ ALL HUNTING RESERVATIONS MAY NOW BE MADE THROUGH THE HUNTING RESERVATION SYSTEM: This includes small-game, waterfowl and big- game hunting for properties that require hunting reservations or have them available. These properties, including state parks, will have hunting reservation information listed in each property description where applicable. Reservations are also now available starting at 9 a.m. MT. See pages 3–59 and: ▶ NEW PARK PASSES FOR FIRST RESPONDERS & DISABLED VETERANS: The new Blue Spruce park pass is now available for free to first responders with a permanent occupational disability. The Independence park pass will be available starting this Sept. to disabled veterans with a 50% or more disability for free. See for more details. ▶ STATE PARKS DAILY ENTRANCE FEE RAISED BY $1: Most state parks will require a daily pass of $9 per vehicle. Chatfield, Boyd Lake and Eldorado Canyon state parks are $10/vehicle, and Cherry Creek State Park is $11/vehicle. ▶ LAND REMOVALS: Urad Lake SWA is no longer a CPW SWA. Nee Noshe Reservoir and Neesopah STLs have been incorporated into Queens STL. 210,000 acres have been added to the Public Access Program (PAP), for a total of over 770,000 acres. The PAP provides limited, seasonal hunting and ▶ NAME CLARIFICATIONS FOR SOME PROPERTIES: "Pueblo Reservoir SWA" is now fishing opportunities on trust land across the state. Over 120 properties have "Lake Pueblo SWA." "Lake DeWeese SWA" is now "DeWeese Reservoir SWA." been added, and several properties have expanded. There are too many to list "West Lake SWA" of Mesa Co. is now "Grand Junction: West Lake SWA." here! See pages 30–51 for descriptions of each property; look for the NEW tag. ▶ REGULATION UPDATES TO MULTIPLE PROPERTIES. LOOK FOR THE NEW TAG: ▶ ALL STATE PARKS NOW REQUIRE RESERVATIONS FOR CAMPING: See pages 3–59. Find more details online: See "Reservations" below and page 52 for more. RESERVATIONS HUNTING SOME STATE WILDLIFE AREAS, TRUST LANDS & PARKS REQUIRE RESERVATIONS TO HUNT. If required, it is listed under the land name in this brochure. All hunting reservations may be made by phone at 1-800-2445613 or online: reservations. NEW You can also now make reservations starting at 9 a.m. MT. THE FOLLOWING RULES APPLY: ▶ Maximum 1 reservation per hunt date. ▶ Reservations are not transferable. The person making the reservation must have a valid license for the species to be hunted before making the reservation and must hunt at the property the day of the hunt. Hunters with reservations may only hunt the area specified on the reservation. ▶ Small-game and waterfowl hunting reservations are not accepted more than 14 days before the hunt date, nor after noon the day before the hunt date. ▶ NEW Big-game hunting reservations are not accepted more than 45 days before the start of the season the reservation is being made for. Biggame hunting reservations are valid throughout the season designated by the license, unless otherwise specified. ▶ To cancel, hunters must do so by noon the day before the hunt date, except for Boyd Lake State Park: Hunting reservations can be canceled up to the starting time of the reserved time slot. Failing to cancel reservations or follow check station procedures may result in losing future reservation rights for the rest of the hunting season, unless otherwise specified. CAMPING: CABINS, YURTS, CAMPSITES THERE ARE MORE THAN 4,000 CAMPSITES and 70 cabins and yurts waiting for you on your next vacation at state parks across Colorado! Campground amenities at many parks include restrooms, full electrical hookups and shower facilities. (See pages 52–59.) Many parks also offer campsites or cabins for large groups. Nearly 300 campsites are ADA accessible. Yurts and cabins offer comfortable, year-round alternatives to traditional camping in a tent. FOR CAMPSITES, YURTS AND CABINS: ▶ NEW All state parks now require camping/cabin/ yurt reservations. ▶ Campers can make reservations, 24/7 by phone (1-800-244-5613) or online, from six months in advance through when they arrive at the park. Park entrance fees also apply at all state parks, in addition to camping fees. ▶ Customers can cancel their camping reservations at any time prior to the day of arrival, online at cpw. (click "Buy & Apply" to reach your CPW account) or by phone: 1-800-244-5613. Reservation change or cancellation fees are nonrefundable. On the day of arrival or after, customers must contact the park directly about canceling. ▶ See page 52 for more details on camping at one of Colorado's state parks. FIND MAPS ONLINE State wildlife area maps and information: State trust lands maps: State parks map finder: ABBREVIATION KEY 4WD 4-wheel-drive ATV all-terrain vehicle BLM Bureau of Land Management CO./COs. county/counties CPW Colorado Parks and Wildlife CR county road GMU game management unit HWY. highway JCT. junction OHV off-highway vehicle RD. road RES. reservoir SFU state fishing unit STL state trust land SWA state wildlife area USFS/FS U.S. Forest Service N/NW/NE north, northwest, northeast S/SW/SE south, southwest, southeast E/W east/west HABITAT STAMPS ▶ HABITAT STAMPS ARE $10.13, and only one is required per person per year for anyone 18–64. Stamps are valid March 1–March 31 of the following year (13 months). ■ You must purchase a stamp before buying or applying for a hunting or fishing license. ■ Anyone buying a one-day or additional-day license for fishing and/or small game is exempt from buying the Habitat Stamp with the first two of these licenses. ■ Anyone who holds a lifetime fishing, or disabled veteran or first responder lifetime combo license is exempt from the Habitat Stamp requirement. ▶ 1 CPW.STATE.CO.US FISH UNITS STATE FISH UNITS NOTE: SWA ACCESS RULES #1–29 (PAGE 3) APPLY TO SFUs. STATE FISH UNIT PROPERTIES & REGULATIONS WHAT IS AN SFU? The term stands for state fish unit. There are 16 of these around Colorado that offer limited wildlife recreation. They include fish hatcheries and rearing operations. ▶ PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES ON ALL SFUs: a. Fishing is prohibited in any waters within any fish hatchery, rearing or distribution unit (including but not limited to: streams, rearing ponds, holding areas and raceways), except in designated areas of these properties managed for public fishing. b. Waders or other fishing equipment prohibited. c. Camping, fires prohibited. d. Hunting, target practice prohibited. e. Pets and other domestic animals prohibited. f. Rock climbing prohibited. g. Launching and takeout of vessels prohibited. h. Water contact prohibited. i. Feeding fish prohibited, except with fish food provided by SFU. j. Throwing anything besides SFU-provided fish food into the water prohibited. k. Overnight parking prohibited. ▶ BELLVUE-WATSON SFU — LARIMER CO. DIRECTIONS: Go N of Fort Collins on Hwy. 287 to La Porte. Just N of La Porte, go W on CR 28. GMU/ACRES: 19 / 58 acres RECREATION: limited public use, limited tours ▶ CHALK CLIFFS SFU — CHAFFEE CO. DIRECTIONS: From Nathrop, go W for 2.5 miles on CR 162, then go N for 0.125 miles on CR 287. GMUs/ACRES: 56, 481 / 61 acres RECREATION: limited public use, limited tours ▶ CRYSTAL RIVER SFU — GARFIELD CO. DIRECTIONS: 1 mile S of Carbondale on Hwy. 33. GMU/ACRES: 43 / 19 acres RECREATION: limited public use, limited tours ▶ DURANGO SFU — LA PLATA CO. DIRECTIONS: In Durango, next to Animas River. GMUs/ACRES: 74, 75 / 14 acres FISHING: coldwater stream on Animas River RECREATION: Visitor center open May 15–Sept. 15; limited tours available at other times, schedule by calling 970-375-6766. FACILITIES: Restroom and drinking water available when visitor center open. ▶ FINGER ROCK SFU — ROUTT CO. 2 DIRECTIONS: From Yampa, go 3 miles S on Hwy. 131. GMU/ACRES: 26 / 34 acres RECREATION: wildlife viewing, limited tours RESTRICTIONS: a. Hunting prohibited in designated safety zones as posted. b. Discharging firearms or bows prohibited in designated safety zones as posted. 2020 COLORADO STATE RECREATION LANDS ▶ GLENWOOD SPRINGS SFU — GARFIELD CO. DIRECTIONS: From Glenwood Springs, go 2.2 miles N along Mitchell Creek. GMU/ACRES: 34 / 2 acres RECREATION: wildlife viewing, limited tours ▶ J.W. MUMMA NATIVE AQUATIC SPECIES SFU — ALAMOSA CO. DIRECTIONS: From I-25, take Walsenburg Exit to Hwy. 160 W to Fort Garland, into Alamosa. GMU: 80 RECREATION: wildlife viewing, limited tours FACILITIES: restroom, drinking water ▶ LAS ANIMAS SFU — BENT CO. DIRECTIONS: From Las Animas W on Hwy. 194, go 4 miles, then go N on CR 5.5. GMU/ACRES: 125 / 69 acres RECREATION: wildlife viewing, limited tours ▶ MOUNT SHAVANO SFU — CHAFFEE CO. DIRECTIONS: From Salida, go 0.5 miles NW on Hwy. 291 to CR 154, then go 0.5 miles W. GMU/ACRES: 56 / 45 acres FISHING: coldwater stream, coldwater lake RECREATION: wildlife viewing, limited tours FACILITIES: restroom, drinking water ▶ PITKIN SFU — GUNNISON CO. DIRECTIONS: From Gunnison, go 14 miles E on Hwy. 50 to Quartz Creek Rd., then go 14 miles E to Parlin and turn N. GMUs/ACRES: 55, 551 / 48 acres FISHING: coldwater stream RECREATION: wildlife viewing, limited tours RESTRICTIONS: a. Fishing only in Quartz Creek. ▶ POUDRE RIVER SFU — LARIMER CO. DIRECTIONS: From La Porte, go 5 miles N on Hwy. 287 to Hwy. 14, then 38 miles W. GMUs/ACRES: 8, 19 / 460 acres FISHING: coldwater stream RECREATION: picnicking, hiking, wildlife viewing, limited tours FACILITIES: restroom RESTRICTIONS: a. Discharging firearms or bows prohibited in designated safety zones as posted. ▶ PUEBLO SFU — PUEBLO CO. DIRECTIONS: From Pueblo, go 6 miles W of Pueblo Blvd. on Hwy. 96. GMU/ACRES: 84 / 105 acres RECREATION: wildlife viewing, limited tours FACILITIES: restroom, aquarium ▶ RIFLE FALLS SFU — GARFIELD CO. DIRECTIONS: From Rifle, go 15 miles N on Hwy. 325. GMU/ACRES: 33 / 600 acres FISHING: coldwater stream RECREATION: wildlife viewing, limited tours RESTRICTIONS: a. Hunting prohibited in designated safety zones as posted. ▶ ROARING JUDY SFU — GUNNISON CO. DIRECTIONS: From Gunnison, go 14 miles N on Hwy. 135. GMUs/ACRES: 54, 55 / 778 acres FISHING: coldwater stream, pond fishing RECREATION: wildlife viewing, limited tours FACILITIES: restroom RESTRICTIONS: a. Open for public access 1 hour before sunrise to 1 hour after sunset. b. Property E of Hwy. 135 only open for public access May 16–Nov. 30. c. W of Hwy. 135, hunting with archery equipment for big game and shotguns for waterfowl only. d. Discharging firearms or bows prohibited in designated safety zones as posted. ▶ WATSON LAKE SFU — LARIMER CO. DIRECTIONS: From Fort Collins, go 7 miles NW on Hwy. 287 to Rist Canyon Rd. (CR 28), then go 1 mile. GMU/ACRES: 19 / 90 acres FISHING: coldwater stream RECREATION: limited tours FACILITIES: restroom ▶ WRAY SFU — YUMA CO. DIRECTIONS: From Wray, go 2 miles W on Hwy. 34 to CR FF, then go 2 miles N. GMU/ACRES: 98 / 355 acres RECREATION: limited tours Are you catching our emails? If not, you're missing out on fishing conditions, tips, news and upcoming events, as well as regulation updates. 4 EASY STEPS TO ADD YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS: 1. Go to 2. Click "Things To Do" 3. Click "Fishing Report" 4. Click "Sign Up" © Mike DelliVeneri, CPW WILDLIFE AREAS STATE WILDLIFE AREAS WHAT IS A STATE WILDLIFE AREA? State wildlife areas (SWAs) are state- or privatelyowned lands that offer state-managed, wildlife-related recreation to the public. While most activities focus on hunting and fishing, each SWA has different allowed activities based on location and available resources. These parcels of SWA land are paid for by sportsmen and sportswomen, and managed under state law by Colorado Parks and Wildlife employees for the benefit of wildlife. CPW manages about 350 SWA lands around the state. Read on for information about each SWA, pages 4−29, and get ready to plan your next adventure. Look online for SWA maps: wildlifeareamaps © Amanda Horton STATE WILDLIFE AREA ACCESS RULES NEW Everyone age 18 or older MUST have a valid hunting or fishing license to be on ANY PART of a state wildlife area (or state trust land). Note that one- or five-day licenses are only valid for the date(s) on the license. RULES FOR E-BIKES ON SWAs: E-bikes (electrical-assisted bicycles) are vehicles with 2 or 3 wheels, fully operable pedals and an electric motor that doesn't go over 750 watts. There are 3 classes: ▶ Class 1 e-bike: Has a motor that assists only when the rider is pedaling and stops assisting when the bike reaches 20 mph. ▶ Class 2 e-bike: Has a motor that assists if the rider is pedaling or not, but stops assisting when the bike reaches 20 mph. ▶ Class 3 e-bike: Has a motor that assists only when the rider is pedaling and stops assisting when the bike reaches 28 mph. In state wildlife areas, e-bikes are allowed on designated roads and within designated camping or parking areas where motorized vehicles are allowed. They are prohibited in all other areas. BOAT REGULATIONS All vessels and floating devices, their contents, motors, trailers and equipment are subject to inspection by CPW before being launched, operated on or leaving waters on SWAs. Any aquatic nuisance species found during inspection must be removed and disposed of according to CPW procedures before vessels are allowed to be launched, operate on or leave the water. YOUTH/MENTOR HUNTING Youth/mentor hunting applies to youth under 18. Youth hunters under 16 must be accompanied by a mentor when hunting on youth-mentor properties. Mentors must be 18 or older, comply with hunter education requirements and accompany youth while hunting. Except when specifically authorized, the following activities are PROHIBITED on lands, waters, frozen surfaces of waters, rights-­of-way, buildings or devices under CPW control: 1. To possess the following types of ammunition and/or firearms: tracer rounds, armor-piercing rounds, military hardened rounds with explosive or radioactive substances, .50-caliber BMG rounds or fully automatic firearms. 2. To enter, use or occupy an area when posted against entry, use or occupancy. 3. To engage in illegal activities. 4. To enter, use or occupy an area for commercial purposes or do land, water, oil, gas or mineral investigations, surveys or explorations. 5. To operate a vehicle (motorized or nonmotorized) except on established roads or within designated camping or parking areas. Drivers must obey Colorado motor vehicle laws. 6. To drive faster than posted speed limits or faster than 25 mph if not posted. 7. To leave a camp, tent, shelter, motor vehicle or trailer unattended more than 48 hours, or to camp or to park travel trailers or campers on a SWA over 14 days in a 45-day period. 8. To establish a permanent structure or plant vegetation. Only portable blinds and tree stands for big-game or waterfowl hunting can be erected on SWAs, and no earlier than 30 days prior to the season for which they will be used. No nails can be driven into trees. Man-made materials for blinds or stands must be removed within 10 days after the season in which they are used ends. Any other portable blind or tree stand used for any other purpose must be removed at the end of the day they are used. The owner’s Customer Identification number (CID) and dates of use must be visible on the outside of portable blinds or underside of tree stands. Placement of blinds or stands does not reserve them for personal use; they may be used by the public on a first-come, first-served basis. 9. To remove, modify or destroy a building, water control device, fence, gate, sign, survey or section marker, vegetation, or objects of archaeological, geological or historical value. 10. To litter, leave fish, fish entrails, human waste, waste water, containers or toxic substances; to bring household or commercial trash or toxic substances to an area for disposal; or to dump trailer waste in a sanitary facility. 11. To build fires without precautions to prevent spreading; to leave fires unattended. 12. To graze livestock. Horseback riding, mules, llamas, burros may be used in wildlife activities. 13. To have or use fireworks, explosives, poisons, herbicides, pesticides or illegal substances. 14. To release wildlife or privately-owned game birds. Private game birds may be released for field trials, including group dog training on SWAs only where allowed. To allow dogs, cats or domestic pets to run at large (not on a leash), except dogs used while hunting, while training hunting dogs or at CPW-authorized field trials. 15. To dig trenches, holes or pits. 16. To leave boats, rafts or other floating craft beached, anchored, moored or docked unattended overnight except in designated areas. 17. To fish from or block any CPW boat ramps or docks in conflict with boaters or as posted. 18. To snorkel, scuba dive or spearfish with a diving mask, swim fins, snorkel or air tanks. The exception is where swimming is permitted, when a location is identified by a “divers down flag,” and when a scuba diver has a valid scuba certificate from a recognized scuba training organization. 19. To use air or gas-inflated floating devices for transportation on the surface of the water unless the device has multi-compartments and a rigid motor mount when propelled by gasoline or electric motors. Single-compartment air or gas-filled flotation devices are restricted to posted swimming areas. 20. To promote, sponsor, conduct or participate in boat regattas, paintball shooting, questing or non-wildlife-oriented activities. 21. To launch or land aircraft, including drones. 22. To leave decoys or anything used as decoys in the field or on water overnight. 23. To swim, except in designated waters or during authorized water contact activities. 24. To discharge a firearm or bow in parking, camping or picnic areas. 25. To fish in fish-rearing ponds, raceways, holding areas or streams on CPW hatchery properties, except areas posted as open to fishing. 26. To conduct field trials or group dog training without a field-trial license. 27. To have, store or use hay, straw or mulch not certified as noxious-weed-free. Certified materials must be clearly marked by the certifying state or province. People who transport these materials on federal, state or county roads that cross CPW property are exempt. Also exempt is hay produced on state trust lands leased from CPW for wildlife recreation. 28. To trap unless done according to statutes, regulations and authorization. 29. To partake in Internet-based or computerassisted remote hunting or fishing. Hunters and anglers must be present in the immediate vicinity of their activity. DON'T LITTER! PACK YOUR TRASH OUT. CPW.STATE.CO.US 3 WILDLIFE AREAS STATE WILDLIFE AREA PROPERTIES & REGULATIONS NEW Everyone age 18 years or older MUST have a valid hunting or fishing license to be on ANY PART of a state wildlife area. ▶Download individual maps of state wildlife areas online: ▶ 63 RANCH SWA — PARK CO. DIRECTIONS: From Fairplay, go 15 miles S on Hwy. 285, or 5.5 miles N of Antero Jct. on Hwy. 285. GMU/ACRES: 50 / 1,200 acres HUNTING: big game, waterfowl FISHING: coldwater stream fishing RECREATION: wildlife viewing RESTRICTIONS: a. Camping prohibited. ▶ ADAMS SWA — ROUTT CO. DIRECTIONS: From Steamboat Springs, go E on Hwy. 40, turn S on Hwy. 131. At CR 14, go S. SWA is 0.5 miles N of Stagecoach State Park. GMU/ACRES: 15 / 650 acres HUNTING: deer, elk, dusky grouse RECREATION: wildlife viewing FACILITIES: restroom RESTRICTIONS: a. Open for public access July 1–Nov. 30. b. Camping, fires prohibited. c. Dogs allowed only as an aid in hunting grouse. d. Vehicles prohibited beyond parking area. ▶ ADOBE CREEK RES. SWA (BLUE LAKE) — BENT, KIOWA COs. DIRECTIONS: From Las Animas, go 15 miles N on CR 10. GMU/ACRES: 125 / 5,147 acres HUNTING: deer, pronghorn, rabbit, pheasant, scaled quail, dove, waterfowl FISHING: warmwater RECREATION: boating, sail boating, sail surfing, waterskiing, hiking, wildlife viewing FACILITIES: restrooms, boat ramps RESTRICTIONS: a. Open for public access 1 hour before sunrise to 1 hour after sunset; no time restrictions for fishing. b. ATVs, dirt bikes, snowmobiles prohibited. c. Frozen surface of lake closed. d. Dams, inlets, outlet structures open only for fishing. ▶ ALBERTA PARK RES. SWA — MINERAL CO. DIRECTIONS: From South Fork, go 18 miles W on Hwy. 160 to Wolf Creek Ski Area, drive through parking lot. Continue 1.7 miles on USFS Rd. 391. GMU/ACRES: 80 / 240 acres FISHING: coldwater lake RECREATION: wildlife viewing FACILITIES: primitive boat ramp ▶ ALMA SWA — PARK CO. DIRECTIONS: From Alma, go 1.5 miles N on Hwy. 9 to CR 4; then go 0.25 miles NW. GMU/ACRES: 49 / 277 acres FISHING: coldwater stream RECREATION: wildlife viewing, camping 4 FACILITIES: restrooms, campsites 2020 COLORADO STATE RECREATION LANDS ▶ ALMONT TRIANGLE SWA — GUNNISON CO. DIRECTIONS: From Almont, go 3 miles N on Hwy. 135. GMUs / ACRES: 55 / 643 acres HUNTING: deer, elk, dusky grouse RECREATION: hiking, wildlife viewing RESTRICTIONS: a. Open May 1–Nov. 30. ▶ ANDREWS LAKE SWA — SAN JUAN CO. DIRECTIONS: From Durango, go 39 miles N on Hwy. 550 to access road; then go 0.5 miles E. GMU/ACRES: 74 / 13 acres FISHING: coldwater lake RECREATION: picnicking, wildlife viewing FACILITIES: restrooms, trailhead, parking, overlook ▶ ANDRICK PONDS SWA — MORGAN CO. DIRECTIONS: From I-76, take exit 66 (Hwy. 39), go 7.4 miles N on Hwy. 39 to Hwy. 144 and CR Y.5. Go 1.5 miles W on CR Y.5, then N on CR 3 for 1.5 miles to CR AA. Go 1 mile to CR 2, go S on CR 2 for 0.5 miles to parking. GMU/ACRES: 95 / 711 acres HUNTING: turkey, dove, waterfowl RECREATION: wildlife viewing RESTRICTIONS: a. Open 4 a.m.–9 p.m., Sat., Sun., Wed. and legal holidays only. b. Camping, fires, fishing, dog training, target practice, hunting with centerfire rifles, hunting on Clark Lake prohibited. c. From Sept. 1 through end of dark goose season, only open for migratory bird hunting within designated hunting areas. Reservations required, valid until sunrise and limited to 3 per hunter annually. See "Reservations: Hunting" (page 1) for details. d. Mandatory check-in and check-out at check stations. Check-in allowed after 4 a.m. Hunters can hunt only the area reserved and may check in on first-come, first-served basis after a hunter checks out, or after sunrise if a hunter has not checked in. Maximum of 4 hunters per hunting area. e. From end of dark goose season through spring turkey season, only turkey hunting permitted. Reservations required and valid until sunrise. Mandatory check-in and check-out at check station on CR AA. Hunters may hunt entire property. f. During waterfowl and turkey seasons, scouting permitted from 10 a.m.−2 p.m. on Thurs. only. All people scouting must check in and out at check stations. Firearms, dogs not allowed during scouting. ▶ APISHAPA SWA — LAS ANIMAS CO. DIRECTIONS: From Walsenburg, go 18.5 miles NE on Hwy. 10 to property sign; turn SE and go 20 miles past Mica Butte. GMUs/ACRES: 133, 134 / 7,935 acres HUNTING: deer, pronghorn, bighor

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