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Recreation Trail Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines Bicycling in the Sweetheart City T he City of Loveland recognizes that bicycling contributes to quality of life, playing an important role in improving air quality and developing a more balanced transportation system. Bicycling for transportation and recreation is encouraged by making it an increasingly safe, accessible, convenient, enjoyable mode of transportation. On-street and trail facilities are provided and continually improved to expand a bicycle friendly system. Recreation Trail System General Information Cycling Safety Tips Take Responsibility for Your Own Safety! b b b b Scan for hazards. Colorado State Law Regarding Bicyclists Rights and Duties: b • Bicyclists have all the rights and duties that apply to drivers of any other vehicle, except those, which by their nature, cannot apply. • Don’t carry more people on your bicycle than it is designed or equipped to handle. • Don’t attach yourself or your bicycle to a motor vehicle while riding. • Always ride in the right-hand lane, following the direction of traffic. When being overtaken by another vehicle, you must ride as far to the right as practicable. • Ride with at least one hand on the handlebars at all times. • Signal your intent to turn or stop. • When turning left, a cyclist may either turn as a car using the left-most lane, or turn as a pedestrian, crossing to the far side of the intersection, then crossing in the new direction when the light is green or the pedestrian signal indicates “walk”. • At night, use a light and reflectors. • Give an audible signal when passing pedestrians, and yield to pedestrians when cycling in a crosswalk or on a sidewalk or path. • When riding or walking a bicycle in a crosswalk or on a sidewalk, a cyclist has all the rights and duties associated with a pedestrian. • Ride on the shoulder where a suitable paved shoulder exists. Exceptions: 1) When overtaking and passing another bicycle or other vehicle proceeding in the same direction. 2) Turning left at an intersection or driveway. 3) When reasonably necessary to avoid hazardous conditions, such as vehicles, pedestrians, animals, surface hazards, etc. • It is preferred that you ride single file, However you may ride two (2) abreast under the following circumstances: 1) When riding two abreast will NOT impede the normal & reasonable movement of traffic. 2) When riding on paths or parts of roadways set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles. • Cyclists riding two (2) abreast must ride within a single lane. • Riding abreast on a shoulder is permitted when all cyclists are on the shoulder. • In Loveland, bicycling or skateboarding is NOT allowed on sidewalks in zoned districts “Be” or “B” (downtown business area) or when posted as prohibited. Dress appropriately. Wear reflective clothing. Be prepared for changing weather. b Carry items in packs attached to the bicycle, not in your hands. b b b Carry Identification & Emergency Contact Info. Laws and Rules of the Road Cross railroad tracks perpendicularly. Don’t weave in between parked cars. Don’t ride in a right turn lane unless you are turning right. Always secure your bicycle with a good lock. Obey traffic laws. Make eye contact with others. Be alert for the unexpected. Be courteous. The Bike/Bus Connection Bike racks are available on all Loveland COLT and Fort Collins Transfort buses. The racks attach to the front of the bus and hold two bicycles, which are available on a first-come/first-served basis. Bikes are NOT permitted inside the bus. City of Loveland Transit (COLT) Bus Service Info Line................................... (970) 962-2429 COLT Office..................................................... (970) 962-2700 Transfort/Fox Trot.............. (Fort Collins) (970) 221-6620 Pedestrian and Motorist Safety Tips Pedestrians: • Walk on the left side of the road, facing traffic • Cross the street at crosswalks • Be visible Acquisition of the Loveland trail corridor began in 1989. Funding and maintenance is paid for by Loveland’s share of Colorado Lottery proceeds. Approximately 20 miles of paved urban trail are planned with the goal of developing trails that will encompass the perimeter of the City. Quarter-mile markers are located along the trail to measure the distance from the start at Wilson Avenue and proceeding east. The trail is designed to accommodate many types of recreational uses. Currently, it is used by bicyclists, walkers, runners, skaters and roller-bladers. Benefits go far beyond obvious recreational opportunities. The trail system enhances the quality of life in Loveland by contributing to better health, a stronger economy, protection of natural resources & education. Development of the trail system is viewed as a positive capital investment for the future of Loveland. To view the PDF of the City of Loveland Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan dated May 1, 2012 go online here: Motorists: • • • • • • Obey the speed limit Allow plenty of time & space when passing cyclists Don’t park or travel in “bike only” lanes Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks Keep your eyes on cyclists & pedestrians Keep a 3 (three) foot distance when passing a cyclist - IT’s THE LAW! Navigating Roundabouts • • • • Traffic already in the circle has the right-of-way. Traffic flows counterclockwise, even if turning left. Yield to pedestrians. Cyclists merge to the center of the lane OR Use sidewalks and cross like pedestrians. • Roundabouts are found in several areas of Loveland, and are becoming more commonplace. • The Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan may be found online here: There are a number of soft-surface trails in the Loveland area of various lengths. Soft-surface trails can be found at: • Devil’s Backbone Open Space • River’s Edge Natural Area • Oxbow Natural Area • Morey Wildlife Reserve • Round Mountain Recreation Trail - The Round Mountain Trail encompasses the Foothills Nature Trail and Summit Adventure Trail sections. Foothills Nature Trail: Summit Adventure Trail: • • • • Kings Crossing Natural Area Old St. Louis Natural Area Mariana Butte Trail Mehaffey Park More Information............................... (970) 962-2727 The following are prohibited: Don’t wear headphones while riding. For Everyone: • • • • There are 18.5 miles of paved trail in Loveland, running from Wilson Avenue along the Big Thompson River to the east and then north through Boyd Lake State Park. Then it heads west to Highway 287. The trail winds along irrigation canals, through fields, over streets and along the Big Thompson River corridor. • Please stay on the designated trail, and respect the rights of adjacent property owners. • Loveland’s trails have many different types of users. Please be courteous to others on the trail. • The flow of traffic on the trail is similar to road traffic. Always ride or walk on the right side and warn others of your approach. • Ride or walk single file when traffic is approaching from the opposite direction or when someone verbally signals they would like to pass. • Be predictable: ride/walk straight; avoid weaving. • When passing others on the trail, verbally warn them that you are passing on the left. • Bicyclists are encouraged to use helmets and to make sure your bike is operational and properly equipped (including reflectors and lights). • Parking is allowed in designated areas only. • Noise Ordinance is strictly enforced. • Pet owners are required to pick-up and remove pet waste. Pets must be leashed and under human control at all times. Fishing is regulated by Colorado State Regulations. All persons age 16 and older are required to have a Colorado Fishing License. • Vending is not allowed in City Parks, Open Land areas or trails without prior permission from the Parks and Recreation Department. • Accidents/Emergencies along the trail must be reported directly to the Police Department (911). • Maintenance concerns/Vandalism can be reported to the Parks & Recreation Dept. at (970) 962-2727. Soft-surface Trails Support the Colorado Lottery and GOCO which gives money to projects to help positively impact communities. Funds build trails, open recreation facilities, preserve view corridors, improve & expand river quality/ access, and conserve wildlife habitat. • • • • • • • • • • • • Overnight parking or camping. Glass containers/ bottles. Open fires or flames; gathering or cutting firewood. Smoking, except in designated areas. Motorized vehicles (except authorized). Littering, graffiti or markings. Alcoholic beverages. Horses (except Police). Pets in environmentally sensitive areas. Feeding, trapping, hunting, or disturbing wildlife. Discharge or use of firearms/projectiles/fireworks. Collecting, removing, destroying, or defacing any natural or man made object. • Private landscaping or uses, including extensions of back yard landscaping, trash/rubbish dumping, or other unauthorized uses. Encroachment or storage of privately owned items. Mountain Biking Mountain biking is allowed on the Round Mountain Recreation Trail including the Foothills Nature Trail and Summit Adventure Trail. Round Mountain Recreation Trail: Information..................................................... (970) 962-2727 Foothills Nature Trail: Summit Adventure Trail: NOTE: In addition to these RULES, REGULATIONS, and GUIDELINES, other site-specific rules & regulations or guidelines may be applicable and must be obeyed. Call or go online for more info.: (970) 962-2727 To Report a Crash or Other Incident: EMERGENCY..................................................................... 911 Loveland Police: Non-emergency assistance.................... (970) 667-2151 Animal Control................................. (970) 226-3647 x126 Larimer County Sheriff: Non-emergency assistance.................... (970) 416-1985 General Information.................................. (970) 498-5100 Division of Wildlife..................................... (970) 472-4300 EPAMD Policy The Parks & Recreation Department authorizes a person with a mobility disability to use an electronic personal assistance mobility device (EPAMD) in City parks, and on hard & soft surface trails, sidewalks, outdoor recreation facilities and open lands maintained by the Department, subject to the following conditions:  1. Individuals w/mobility disabilities shall be allowed: a. Wheelchairs; b. Manually-powered mobility aids (e.g. walkers, crutches, canes, braces or similar devices designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities); c. Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices that are EPAMDs & meet all conditions of this policy. The following may NOT be used: a. Gas or fuel powered devices or internal combustion engine vehicles; b. Devices heavier than 500 pounds; and c. Other power-driven mobility devices that exceed more than 32” in width, when measured from the outside of each tire. The full Policy is available on the City website: Resources Information/Report On-Street Hazard: City of Loveland Streets ...................... (970) 962-2529 City of Loveland Traffic .................. (970) 962-2535 Bicycle & Pedestrian Program..... (970) 962-2524 Larimer County Roads/Bridges... (970) 498-5650 Information or to Report a Hazard or Vandalism on a City of Loveland Trails: City of Loveland Parks & Recreation Follow Us on Social Media for the latest news and information regarding Loveland Parks & Recreation Administration Office............................... (970) 962-2727 Recreation Trail Planning......................... (970) 962-2451 Bicycle Colorado Information................................................... (303) 417-1544 Advocacy and maps....................... Twitter: @LovelandParks SCAN this QR Code from your mobile device for direct access to the City of Loveland Recreation Trail web page, info & updates. Colorado Department of Transportation Bicycle/Pedestrian Program Information................................................. (303) 757-9982 Colorado Bicycling Manual, bikeway funding, education Colorado Parks & Wildlife; Trails Information................................................. (970) 472-4300 State trail maps and funding information £ ¤ £ ¤ 0.5 1 4 mi les w est o f the D am Store on H wy 34 CLOSED until Fall 2018 Viestenz - Smith Mountain Park £ ¤ Emerald Glen Natural Area GARFIELD AVE Woodmere Park 37TH ST OPEN Summer 2017 Round Mtn Trail THE OLDE COURSE AT LOVELAND Benson Park The Round Mountain Trail encompasses the Foothills Nature Trail and Summit Adventure Trail sections. Online: 29TH ST Bi g Meadowbrook Natural Area U 34 Ri v er Morey Wildlife Reserve U ( ! ( ( ! ( 1 Service Center - 200 N. Wilson Avenue 2 Centennial Park - 977 W. First Street River’s Edge Natural Area - 960 W. First Street 3 4 Fairgrounds Park - 700 S. Railroad Avenue 5 Civic Center Complex - 500 E. Third Street Chilson Recreation Center - 700 E. Fourth St. 6 Seven Lakes Park - 1975 Park Drive TAFT AVE S DOTSERO BOEDECKER RESERVOIR CR18 Westside Park U Centennial CR21 & DISTANCE MARKERS 8TH ST CARLISLE Loch Lon Park ( ! ( P2 U ( ! ( River's Edge Natural Area U P3 Fairgrounds Park LON HAGLER RESERVOIR CR16 CR5 § ¦ ¨ Sunnyside Park Civic Center Park Chilson Rec. Ctr. P5 EISENHOWER BLVD £ ¤ 34 McWhinney Hahn Sculpture Park Loveland Sports Park CR20E 5TH ST 1ST ST Osborn Park Winona Pool P4 25 Barnes Softball Complex ( ! ( Old St. Louis Natural Area ve Big Thompson Ri King's Crossing Natural Area r CR18 RYAN GULCH RES. £ ¤ 287 Sherri Mar Park 22ND ST SW WILDLIFE IN LOVELAND IS EVERYWHERE! Please STAY ON THE TRAIL and DO NOT APPROACH THE WILDLIFE! Some of the wildlife which you may encounter along the trail are: • Foxes • Deer & Elk • Eagles & Hawks More Information • Mountain Lions • Ducks & Geese • Black Bears available on the • Coyotes • and MUCH MORE! Parks & Wildlife website: • Rattlesnakes PLEASE BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS AT ALL TIMES! CR16 CR9 Mehaffey Park - 3350 W. 29th Street (north) Mehaffey Park - 3285 W. 22nd Street (south) EQUALIZER LAKE 14TH ST SE CR19 8 ! ( 14TH ST SW CR21 Boyd Lake State Park - 3720 N. Cty. Rd. 11C (Pass purchase required to park in Boyd Lake SP) U ( ! ( U U Barnes Softball Complex - 405 S. Cleveland 7 29TH ST McKee Park Dwayne Webster Cottonwood Run Natural Area 1ST ST PUBLIC PARKING Silver Lake EISENHOWER BLVD P1 CR20 SILVER LAKE BURIAL PARK CEMETERY Jr. Achievement Namaqua Park Seven Lakes ParkP6 Kirkview Park LAKE LOVELAND Namaqua Natural Area Mariana Butte DISTANCE MARKERS: Quarter-mile trail markers measure the distance from the start at Wilson Ave. (at the Service Center) going east, and continuing around the loop in a counter-clockwise direction. Silver Glen Park Loch Mount Oxbow Natural Area MARIANA BUTTE GOLF COURSE CR23E RIST BENSON RES. 37TH ST HOUTS RES. North Lake Park CATTAIL CREEK GOLF COURSE Estrella Park 22ND ST WILSON AVE on CR23H o ps P8 ( ! £ ¤( Th m Mehaffey Park 37TH ST P7 BOYD LAKE LINCOLN AVE to Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park CASCADE AVE Devils Backbone Open Space BOYD LAKE STATE PARK L AL . ND W Y KE PK P8 CROSSROADS BLVD. Eagleview Park CLEVELAND AVE Sources: Esri, USGS, NOAA IN SET M AP CR9 HORSESHOE LAKE Edmondson Park 42ND ST 34 FAIRGROUNDS AVE M CENTERRA PKWY. 0.25 ROCKY MTN PKWY. 0 Derby Hill Park CR7 Regional Soft-Surface Trails Kroh Park BOYD LAKE AVE Miles TAFT AVE Loveland Bike Routes CR 9E Loveland City Limits CO DR RV IV US E Loveland Bike Lanes 71ST ST / CR30 57TH ST DENVER AVE Other Open Lands U Sunset Vista Natural Area BOISE AVE Privately Maintained Trails ( ! ( CR13 Loveland Open Lands MADISON AVE RecTrailUnderpasses DONATH LAKE MONROE AV Loveland Cemeteries & Golf Courses CR17 Proposed Trails CR19 U Loveland Parks Trail to Open Summer 2018 WILSON AVE ( ! ( Existing Trails 71ST ST / CR30 CR11C RECREATION TRAIL & BIKEWAYS MAP 287 Long View Farm CR11 287 Loveland Parks & Recreation 2016 Sources: Esri, USGS, NOAA

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