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Colorado Recreation - Backyard to Backcountry. Published by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management Colorado Recreation Backyard to Backcountry Map Guide & Guide BLM Colorado Recreation Backyard to Backcountry M ore than a quarter of public lands in Colorado are managed specifically for recreation and tourism. Recreation on BLM lands is all about the visitor’s freedom to choose where to go and what to do. Unlike many other recreation destinations, the BLM’s public lands are still quite rustic. There are no entrance stations and comparatively few developed recreation areas. Diversity is the name of the game in Colorado, from our lands, to our recreation opportunities, to our adjoining communities. Dozens of nearby communities provide permitted guiding and outfitting services, gear and equipment sales, and lodging. BLM Colorado is always seeking recreation partnerships to enhance visitors’ experiences and provide quality recreation opportunities. Public lands are not set aside solely for recreation; they offer energy potential and—in an increasingly urban world—vast open spaces. In many places, the flavor of the Old West is still plainly visible—in historic mining structures as well as contemporary ranching activities. syMBOLs Legend A J K V C A N T E G S Camping Hiking Horse Trail Historic Site Rock Climbing Mt. Biking 4WD Wildlife Viewing Fishing Back Country Byway Kayaking Cover Photo: Kevin Krill - Crested Butte Photography, Penitente Canyon Top: Photo ©Jerry Sintz, Animas Forks Bottom: BLM Photo by Matt McGrath, McInnis Canyons NCA 1 | O T D Q E P Q I H B W Dirt Bike Trail Rafting Hunting ATV Trail Scenic Geology Fossil Site Scenic Area Winter Rec Area Snowshoeing Canoeing Off-Highway Vehicle Know Before you go BLM Colorado Offices 9 1 Craig 8 3 Kremmling Meeker 10 2 DENVER Silt 6 4 5 7 6 Grand Junction 7 8 Gunnison Montrose 3 5 Cañon City 1 2 4 9 10 Monte Vista Durango ROyAL gORge FIeLd OFFICe sAn LUIs VALLey FIeLd OFFICe gUnnIsOn FIeLd OFFICe TRes RIOs FIeLd OFFICe UnCOMPAHgRe FIeLd OFFICe gRAnd JUnCTIOn FIeLd OFFICe COLORAdO RIVeR VALLey FIeLd OFFICe KReMMLIng FIeLd OFFICe LITTLe snAKe FIeLd OFFICe WHITe RIVeR FIeLd OFFICe For additional information, contact the local BLM field office for the area you are planning to visit, or go to recreation-activities/colorado. B LM Colorado wants you to have the best experience possible on your public lands. When planning your trip, take all necessary safety precautions and be aware of regulations. Take into consideration the weather conditions, necessary equipment and wildlife inhabiting the area. CAMPIng BLM-managed public lands provide a variety of options for overnight trips: • developed campgrounds may include a variety of facilities, such as restrooms, potable water, fire rings, picnic areas, garbage cans, tent pads, etc. • dispersed (undeveloped) campsites are normally recognized by a hardened surface with no vegetation, where others have already camped. Use pre-existing fire rings or firepans, and be sure you know the local fire restrictions. TARgeT sHOOTIng Target shooting is permitted in most locations on BLM lands in Colorado. However, some areas are closed to target shooting for safety and resource protection. To ensure the well-being and enjoyment of all visitors on public lands, please follow laws, regulations and guidelines. OFF-HIgHWAy VeHICLes To ensure that all visitors have a chance to enjoy their public lands, visitors must abide by vehicle travel designations. In most BLM areas, OHVs are limited to operating on roads and trails that are identified on travel maps and/or posted as available for motorized use. Please check in with your local field office for more information on the best locations for motorized recreation. CULTURAL sITes Archaeologists study cultural sites to help understand the past. These important sites act as an outdoor classroom for all ages and provide insight into the lives of previous cultures. Collecting artifacts–including arrowheads–from federal public lands or Indian Tribal lands is illegal under federal laws and regulations. Violators may face prosecution and prison sentences of up to one year or more and possible fines. Never touch painted or plastered walls, petroglyphs or pictographs. The oil and dirt from hands can eventually destroy these remnants of past lives. Leave all artifacts exactly where you find them for others to enjoy. | 2 BLM Colorado offers a diversity of recreation activities and destinations. Here are a just few of the highlights: FIsHIng With four gold medal trout waters and three blue ribbon waters, some of Colorado’s best fishing is found on BLM public lands. Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area, Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area and the Upper Colorado River are just a few areas that offer excellent fishing opportunities. ByWAys Several scenic and historic byways such as the Alpine Loop Backcountry Byway, Dinosaur Diamond Scenic and Historic Byway, and Trail of the Ancients Scenic Byway pass through BLM Colorado lands. Each of these routes offers a multitude of activities and interpretive sites highlighting their unique attractions. WATeR ReCReATIOn Colorado’s many rivers provide a range of rafting experiences from the leisurely floats through the Ruby-Horsethief River Corridor, to the Class II-IV river rafting opportunities in the Gunnison Gorge Wilderness, as well as the challenging rapids in the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area. MOUnTAIn BIKIng Some of the nation’s best mountain biking can be found on Colorado’s public lands. The Lunch Loops Trail System near Grand Junction offers challenging terrain for mountain bikers; Hartman Rocks Recreation Area is home to 44 miles of single-track trails with views of the Gunnison Basin; and Red Hill Recreation Area’s outstanding mountain biking is available in close proximity to Carbondale. 3 | OHVs BLM Colorado offers a variety of motorized recreation opportunities from the OHV play areas in Flat Top-Peach Valley and Grand Valley, to extreme rock crawling at Wolford Mountain Recreation Area or Independence Trail in the Gold Belt Recreation Area. ROCK CLIMBIng A variety of rock types, such as sandstone and limestone, offer visitors the chance to enjoy traditional climbing, sport climbing, scrambling and more in areas like Penitente Canyon and Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area. WInTeR sPORTs Winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy Nordic skiing at the Emerald Mountain Recreation Area just outside Steamboat Springs or seek adventure at the experts-only Silverton Ski Area. HeRITAge TOURIng BLM lands also offer recreation with scientific and cultural education opportunities available at the Kremmling Cretaceous Ammonite Locality, Canyon Pintado Historic District, Gold Belt Tour Scenic and Historic Byway, McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area and Canyons of the Ancients National Monument. The Bureau of Land Management’s National Conservation Lands contain some of the West’s most spectacular landscapes. The mission of the National Conservation Lands is to conserve, protect and restore these nationally significant landscapes that are recognized for their outstanding cultural, ecological and scientific values. National Conservation Lands are part of an active, vibrant landscape where people live, work and play. They offer exceptional opportunities for recreation, solitude, wildlife viewing, exploring history, scientific research, and a wide range of traditional uses. For more information visit dOMIngUeZ-esCALAnTe nATIOnAL COnseRVATIOn AReA AJKVCANTOETDQE Congressionally designated in 2009 for its distinctive canyon country, the Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area includes the remote Dominguez Canyon Wilderness, recreation along the Gunnison River, and a network of OHV trails. The conservation area allows for a wide variety of activities including hiking, boating and wildlife viewing. The area also provides heritage tourism opportunities, and the rugged canyons and bluffs here hold geological and paleontological resources spanning 1.4 billion years. For overnight stays, the Big Dominguez and Potholes campgrounds are available. See both the Uncompahgre and Grand Junction Field Office maps (pg. 15 & 17). gUnnIsOn gORge nATIOnAL COnseRVATIOn AReA AJKVANTETWE The Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area encompasses Gunnison Gorge Wilderness, Flat Top-Peach Valley, and Gunnison River Recreation Area. The river cuts a wide path through the breathtaking sandstone and black granite canyon. The area, known for its exceptional and challenging whitewater boating, also features world-class Gold Medal trout waters. The upland desert landscape of the Flat Top-Peach Valley area provides outstanding OHV riding for enthusiasts. Visitors to Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area can also observe cultural resources, including prehistoric rock art and historic mines. See the Uncompahgre Field Office map (pg. 15). Photos by ©Jerry Sintz | 4 MCInnIs CAnyOns nATIOnAL COnseRVATIOn AReA AJKATETDPW NE Located adjacent to Colorado National Monument near Fruita and Grand Junction, McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area is one of BLM Colorado’s most diverse desert recreation areas. Hikers will be stunned by the red-rock cliffs and arches of Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness while the Ruby-Horsethief River Corridor offers Class I and II flatwater boating and permit camping nearby. The area is home to mountain lions, desert bighorn sheep, elk, deer, eagles and collared lizards. The area also offers mountain biking on Kokopelli’s and Mack Ridge trails and OHV riding in Rabbit Valley. The Trail Through Time, Dinosaur Hill and Fruita Paleontological Area provide visitors a chance to learn about fossils and paleontological finds in the area. See the Grand Junction Field Office map (pg. 17). BROWns CAnyOn nATIOnAL MOnUMenT AJKTETDH For centuries, the granite cliffs, colorful rock outcroppings and stunning mountain vistas of Browns Canyon National Monument have attracted visitors from around the world. The area’s unusual geology and roughly 3,000-foot range in elevation support a diversity of life and a wealth of geological, ecological, riparian, cultural and historic resources. The Arkansas River is one of the nation’s most popular whitewater rafting destinations. Browns Canyon provides a different rafting experience than other segments, allowing visitors to enjoy solitude while taking in the scenery of the area. The Arkansas River’s Gold Medal waters provide opportunities for anglers to test their skills at catching brown and rainbow trout. See the Royal Gorge Field Office map (pg. 7). Top: BLM Photo by Matt McGrath Bottom: Photo by Bob Wick 5 | CAnyOns OF THe AnCIenTs nATIOnAL MOnUMenT AJKVANQEGT Located in southwest Colorado, Canyons of the Ancients National Monument is home to thousands of Ancestral archaeological sites reflecting Pueblo and other Native American cultures. Visitors can view a variety of Pueblos or hike the popular Sand Canyon Trail. The Monument headquarters is located at the Anasazi Heritage Center, which offers information about the area and is an important place to stop before heading into the Monument. For those wishing to learn about the greater Four Corners region, the Trail of the Ancients Scenic Byway runs through the Monument and provides a scenic tour of the area. See the Tres Rios Field Office map (pg. 13). POWdeRHORn WILdeRness AJKTEDI The lower elevations of Powderhorn Wilderness are characterized by sage-covered slopes and ponderosa pines that lead up into lush aspen stands. At higher elevations, shadowy spruce and fir forests give way to pristine alpine tundra. The runoff from Powderhorn Lake and Devil’s Lake flows down wide, willow-filled valleys dotting the landscape with small beaver ponds. This idyllic scenery is a perfect backdrop for hiking, fishing or wildlife viewing. The winter months also provide ample opportunities for skiing and snowshoeing. See the Gunnison Field Office map (pg. 11). UnCOMPAHgRe WILdeRness AJKCED The Uncompahgre Wilderness Area, located within the San Juan Mountains, boasts two fourteeners and more than 34 peaks that tower over 13,000 feet in elevation. The area encompasses alpine tundra meadows, rock castles and denselyforested canyons. More than 100 miles of trails make this wilderness area perfect for hikers, backpackers and horseback riders. The varied landscape provides opportunities for camping, hunting and rock climbing as well. Several forks of the Cimarron River roar through the wilderness, creating numerous alpine lakes and streams, many available for fishing. See the Gunnison Field Office map (pg. 11). Photos by Bob Wick | 6 ROYAL GORGE FiELd OFFicE Royal Gorge Field Office ROYAL GORGE FIELD OFFICE ! . p OO o o O Ä M $ " ! ` ! . o I I r r I o O s I I s t O ¿ M r O í M Ä M Ä M ! . x I ± K ! . o sI ! .I ½ M s I r O ! . ! . !!. $ a " CANYON * BROWNS NATIONAL MONUMENT ó M ! . ù M ! . ! . n I ! . ! \ ä Q % ( c & Denver ! . t I 1 Fairplay ! . $ a " ! õ M ! . n I n I ! . ¿ M i O 2 t I þ M ñ M ! . t I ì!. M M þ BLM Photo by Bob Wick, Kayaking on the Arkansas River ! . s I Colorado Springs ü M s I ! . Ç ° K M ! . } O For more information: Royal Gorge Field Office!. I } O̧ 3028 East MainI Street Å !. } M I } Cañon City, CO 81212 » O ! . ° K O 719-269-8500 z !. ! . Ç M w I O » 7 | ! . $ " ! ` ! . ° K h O â M í M ! . *Salida ! . r I $ a " ! ä Q ° K o I ! . ! . ° K ¿ ° KM n I ! . ! $ b " Denver ! . ! . o I ! . ¿ M ! I $ b " m ! . ! . n I ! . í M ! . þ M ! . Pueblo ! . t I ! . ¼ O ! . t I ! . t I ± K À M ì M ¥ I } I ! . d O ! . ! ` $ " Â M ! . ³ K ! . } I } I ± K } I AEJKTAWT The steep canyons and towering peaks of the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area feature some of the state’s best whitewater rafting with rapids ranging from Class II to V. The Arkansas River offers world-class fishing and was designated as Gold Medal waters in 2014. Campgrounds, picnic areas, and boat ramps can be found along the entire length of the river. For those looking to add variety to their trip, trail systems outside of Buena Vista and Salida offer great hiking and mountain biking. Big Ben OHV Park and Texas Creek offer exceptional OHV opportunities. BLM Photo by Kyle Sullivan, Rock Climbing at Shelf Road 22. gOLd BeLT ReCReATIOn AReA GAJKVCAWPN The aptly named Gold Belt Recreation Area is the site of the world’s largest gold rush. The Gold Belt Tour National Scenic Byway features a historic railroad bed and an old stage road connecting the mining locations of Cripple Creek, Florence and Victor National Historic Mining District. Stops along the byway, audio driving tours and videos interpret this interesting chapter in Colorado history. Garden Park, considered the birthplace of modern paleontology, has a number of interpretive exhibits for those wanting to learn more about the dinosaur fossils found in the area. Gold Belt Recreation Area also offers highquality trail opportunities ranging from primitive hiking in Beaver Creek Wilderness Study Area to ATV adventures in Seep Springs or Penrose Commons. This recreation area is also home to the world famous Shelf Road Rock Climbing Area, which boasts nearly 1,000 climbing routes and is supported by two campgrounds. ROYAL GORGE FiELd OFFicE 11. ARKAnsAs HeAdWATeRs ReCReATIOn AReA BLM Photo by Kyle Sullivan, Phantom Bridge | 8 SAn LuiS VALLEY FiELd OFFicE San Luis Valley Field Office Saguache Creede 2 Del Norte 4 1 Monte Vista Alamosa Denver San Luis Antonito For more information: San Luis Valley Field Office 1313 E. Hwy. 160 Monte Vista, CO 81144 719-852-7074 BLM Photo by Denise Adamic, Rio Grande Natural Area 9 | 3 Photo Courtesy of Wendy Shattil/ Bob Rozinski ©2008, American Avocet at Blanca Wetlands 33. RIO gRAnde nATURAL AReA GEJDTA EJTQS These unique Colorado wetlands are home to more than 200 ponds, marshes and playas, making this recreation area an excellent habitat for a diverse population of waterfowl. The complex trail system winding through Blanca Wetlands allows visitors to appreciate the diverse landscape while hiking through the area. Boardwalks located throughout the wetlands offer exceptional wildlife viewing opportunities. Seasonally open July 15 – February 15. 22. PenITenTe CAnyOn ReCReATIOn AReA AJKCAV The pinnacles of Penitente Canyon attract rock climbers from far and wide. Technical climbers can enjoy more than 300 world-class routes through the canyon. Developed and primitive camping is available for overnight stays, while an extensive trail system caters to hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians. Penitente Canyon also holds remnants of its unique history ranging from rock art to wagon ruts from early settlers. Originally a spiritual haven for a Spanish religious group that gave the canyon its name, the area also features a modern painting of the “Virgin de Guadalupe.” BLM Photo, Rock Climbing in Penitente Canyon Located in southern Colorado, the Rio Grande River slowly meanders down to the ColoradoNew Mexico border. The generally calm nature of the river offers fishing, kayaking and paddle boarding opportunities. A hike, takeout and trail are available to avoid challenging whitewater rapids where the river enters New Mexico. 44. ZAPATA FALLs ReCReATIOn AReA GAJTQA A short, yet slippery hike leads to the view of a 25-foot waterfall at Zapata Falls Recreation Area. During the summer months, the falls provide a cooling oasis, but during the winter months, the waterfall freezes into an enormous column of ice, perfect for the experienced ice climber. Travelers along Los Caminos Antiguos Scenic and Historic Byway can stop for an overnight stay at one of 24 campsites in Zapata Falls. SAn LuiS VALLEY FiELd OFFicE 11. BLAnCA WeTLAnds ReCReATIOn AReA BLM Photo, Zapata Falls | 10 GunniSOn FiELd OFFicE Gunnison Field Office GUNNISON FIELD OFFICE s O n I Crested Butte 4 ú M Saguache Gunnison !. t I } O Denver 3 t I Sargents 2 h O Lake City . ! . ! * Silverton . ! * 1 . ! * UNCOMPAHGRE WILDERNESS * POWDERHORN WILDERNESS } O Photo by ©Jerry Sintz, High alpine scenery in the Alpine Triangle 11 | For more information: Gunnison Field Office 210 W. Spencer Street Gunnison, CO 81230 970-642-4940 Photo by ©Jerry Sintz, Animas Forks GAWDAEJTIN CTV This picturesque area features mountain landscapes, wildflower displays, streams and snowfields. Historic mining areas are found throughout the Silverton area, including the Animas Forks townsite and Sound Democrat Mine. During the summer months, the area features four-wheel trails and tours, which make it easy to explore the Alpine Loop Backcountry Byway. The winter season offers a variety of winter sports including skiing at the expert-level, 1,300-acre Silverton Ski Area and adjacent 13,000-acre permitted heli-skiing area. In addition to three fourteeners and more than a dozen alpine peaks, the Alpine Triangle features spectacular landscapes, winding streams and picturesque wildflower displays. Not only does this area cater to those who love wildlife and nature viewing, the area also offers trails designated for OHVs and other types of motorized recreation. 22. COCHeTOPA CAnyOn AE This scenic recreation area is a destination perfect for a day of fishing. The dense vegetation and steep canyon walls that line Cochetopa Creek provide a calm and relaxing place to fish with developed campsites and picnic areas located along the creek. Beautiful rock Photo by ©Jerry Sintz, Cochetopa Canyon formations line Highway 114 and lead down to this little oasis located between Saguache and Gunnison. 33. HARTMAn ROCKs AWAJKINC Hartman Rocks is a popular recreation area just a few miles southwest of Gunnison. The central attraction to this area is the “Ring Dike,” a spectacular rock formation approximately six miles in diameter. This rugged landscape features high quality trails and dirt roads for mountain biking. GunniSOn FiELd OFFicE 11. ALPIne TRIAngLe 44. OH Be JOyFUL ReCReATIOn AReA AJATIK Named after a nearby mountain stream, Oh Be Joyful features beautiful waterfalls and world-class kayaking during high water flow. Filled with lush forests and colorful fields of wildflowers, this area offers horseback riding, hiking and backpacking opportunities during the summer months. For those who are looking for an overnight stay, Oh Be Joyful Campground is conveniently located along the Slate River. The recreation area is also close to Crested Butte, where lodging, restaurants and shops are available. BLM Photo, Rock Climbing at Hartman Rocks | 12 tRES RiOS FiELd OFFicE Tres Rios Field Office Denver } O ø M h For more information:O Tres Rios Field Office 29211 Highway 184 . ! Dolores, CO 81323 970-882-7296 å M | O y O . ! . ! 1 . ! . ! . ! } O Dove Creek 4 | O Dolores * Ḱ | O . ! } I Cortez 3 } I } I . ! 2 Durango } I Ḱ } I * CANYONS OF THE ANCIENTS NATIONAL MONUMENT BLM Photo by Bob Wick, Dolores River . ! Pagosa Springs x O 13 | TRES RIOS FIELD OFF ¹ O w I AETET Beginning high in the San Juan Mountains, the Dolores River descends into the red canyons of the Dolores River Recreation Area. In select segments of the river, and in certain years, technical rapids are available for remote, multi-day rafting trips. Check with the Tres Rios Field Office or the Dolores Water Conservancy District for flow information. The dense vegetation of the canyon and surrounding mesas is home to species such as bighorn sheep and river otters, making this area perfect for wildlife viewing. The portion of the river from Slickrock to Bedrock flows through the Dolores River Canyon Wilderness Study Area, where desert canyon primitive recreation opportunities are available. 22. dURAngO ReCReATIOn AReA AJKCT Situated alongside the town of Durango and punctuated by smaller foothills of the San Juan Mountains, the Durango Recreation Area is perfect for a variety of recreational activities. Hiking and mountain biking trails are readily accessible throughout the area with facilities for renting equipment in nearby Durango. Elk and deer in the area make for exceptional wildlife viewing. Visit the Grandview Ridge and Animas Mountain areas for extensive non-motorized trails and exceptional views of the Animas River Valley. Visitors can also head to Turtle Lake and Photo by IMBA, Phil’s World East Animas just north of Durango for great rock climbing opportunities close to town. 33. CORTeZ ReCReATIOn AReA JAKQ This comparatively low-elevation (6,000-7,000 feet) area offers a unique combination of terrain, scenery, and climate that allows for nearly yearround recreation close to towns and surrounded by panoramic backdrops. The relatively small blocks of public land are particularly well-suited to non-motorized trail use with opportunities for short motorized trails. This area also contains the only “open” (to cross country travel) motorized areas in the field office, providing rock crawling, OHV play and skill-building. Mountain biking trail systems are currently the greatest draw, highlighted by Phil’s World just east of Cortez, which is one of the BLM’s 20 premier mountain biking destinations. tRES RiOS FiELd OFFicE 11. dOLORes RIVeR ReCReATIOn AReA 43. AnAsAZI HeRITAge CenTeR JGV The Anasazi Heritage Center serves as headquarters for Canyons of the Ancients National Monument and is southwest Colorado’s premier archaeological museum of Native cultures in the Four Corners region. The museum curates artifacts from several units in the area and hosts special exhibits, films and programs regularly. Photo by Bob Wick, Anasazi Heritage Center | 14 uncOmpAhGRE FiELd OFFicE Uncompahgre Field Office GORGE * GUNNISON NATIONAL CONSERVATION AREA dOMIngUeZ-esCALAnTe *nATIOnAL COnseRVATIOn AReA Delta * Hotchkiss * Montrose Denver Norwood 2 Ridgeway Ouray Telluride BLM Photo by Amy Sharp, Ridgway Area Trails 15 | 1 For more information: Uncompahgre Field Office 2465 South Townsend Ave. Montrose, CO 81401 970-240-5300 uncOmpAhGRE FiELd OFFicE 11. RIdgWAy AReA TRAILs AJK Located at the base of the San Juan Mountains, these multi-use trails are perfect for the avid mountain biker. While most popularly associated with mountain biking, these trails also cater to hikers and equestrians. Conveniently close to Montrose, Ouray and Ridgway, the trails are easily accessible for a quick day trip for both community members and visitors. 22. sAn MIgUeL RIVeR ReCReATIOn AReA AETGT This diverse ecosystem is home to a wide variety of rare riparian plant communities. Ample brown and rainbow trout populations make for excellent fishing opportunities. Along the river, whitewater rapids ranging between Class II and IV allow boaters to enjoy a variety of river trips. Visitors can also travel along the Unaweep-Tabeguache Scenic and Historic Byway. Four campgrounds found alongside the river are available for overnight stays. Photo ©Rich Durnan, Ridgway Area Trails Photo ©Rich Durnan, Ridgway Area Trails BLM Photo by Amy Sharp, San Miguel River Rec Area | 16 GRAnd JunctiOn FiELd OFFicE Grand Junction Field Office * McINNIS CANYONS 4 NATIONAL CONSERVATION AREA * 3 Fruita Palisade Grand Junction 1 Denver 2 Gateway Photos ©Jerry Sintz, Bangs Canyon 17 | * dOMIngUeZ-esCALAnTe *nATIOnAL COnseRVATIOn AReA For more information: Grand Junction Field Office 2815 H Road Grand Junction, CO 81506 970-244-3000 GJTKAWNC Located near Grand Junction, this fascinating desert terrain of slick rock canyons and plateaus offers an extensive system of trails that are ideal for morning, mid-day and evening outings. The area includes intensively visited mountain bike and OHV playgrounds, as well as primitive backcountry areas, appealing to locals and visitors alike. Ladder Canyon and Rough Canyon are particularly popular with hikers and rock climbers. Visitors will enjoy hiking and mountain biking on the Lunch Loops Trail System, while other routes extending from the Bangs Canyon Trailhead are great for horseback riding, OHV use and four-wheeling. 22. gATeWAy AReA GAEJKCAVE WNT Spectacular red-walled canyons line the Dolores River’s winding course through the heart of the Gateway area. A scenic and historic byway and two Wilderness Study Areas found here brim with breathtaking scenery, cultural history and fascinating geology. Miles of all-terrain vehicle and OHV routes also provide spectacular riding through historic uranium mining country. The area also offers opportunities for canyoneering and hiking. Commercially-outfitted services for climbing, horseback riding and other diverse Photo ©Jerry Sintz, Dolores River activities; a world class adventure center; and a museum are also nearby. 33. gRAnd VALLey AReA AEWDA The Grand Valley is made up of imposing badlands topography on the southern toe of Mt. Garfield. Just opposite I-70 from the City of Grand Junction, the area offers an “open” OHV playground. The limitations of this challenging terrain are those of rider and machine. Readily accessible to visitors and locals, this rugged terrain offers challenging and exciting riding as well as opportunities for onlookers to enjoy the sport. GRAnd JunctiOn FiELd OFFicE 11. BAngs AReA 44. nORTH deseRT AReA AJWDANK The North Desert Area boasts an extensive trail system that has become a popular mountain biking destination. Dozens of designated mountain bike and OHV trails spread for miles throughout this huge riding area at the base of the Book Cliffs. In addition, there is a small OHV “open” area, offering an ideal warm-up or family play area. The area also offers a developed campground comprised of 58 campsites. The user fees from these sites help maintain the campground and support trail maintenance and associated riding opportunities. Photo ©Jerry Sintz, North Fruita Desert | 18 cOLORAdO RiVER VALLEY FiELd OFFicE Colorado River Valley Field Office 2 State Bridge Burns 3 Glenwood Springs Carbondale 1 Eagle 5 4 Aspen Denver BLM Photo, King Mountain 19 | For more information: Colorado River Valley Field Office 2300 River Frontage Road Silt, CO 81652 970-876-9000 Wolcott 44. Red HILL & THe CROWn O JA Bocco Mountain is a small motorcycle riding area north of I-70 at Wolcott. This riding area offers 20 miles of difficult motorcycle trails through rugged terrain and scattered piñon-juniper woodlands. It is popular with experienced riders in the spring before the snow melts in the high country. 22. KIng MOUnTAIn JTAAKDD Enjoy the area’s wildlife and scenery while hiking, horseback riding, hunting and camping in the 12,000-acre King Mountain recreation area off Highway 131 in Routt County. The area offers uncrowded recreation outside of the fall big game hunting seasons. 33. UPPeR COLORAdO RIVeR, sTATe BRIdge TO dOTseRO LAndIng AETT This scenic section of the Colorado River has fewer rapids than the stretch above State Bridge. The stretch between State Bridge and Horse Creek is prized for trout fishing. The lower sections are popular for floatboating, canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding and tubing. Numerous developed recreation sites provide river access between State Bridge and Dotsero Landing, enabling visitors to plan trips to fit their own abilities and interests. BLM Photo, Upper Colorado River Red Hill and The Crown offer Carbondale residents and visitors a wide variety of mountain biking and hiking opportunities close to town. Red Hill lies just north of Carbondale and The Crown is about 4 miles southeast of Carbondale off Prince Creek Road. From mid-April through October, The Crown offers more moderate biking trails compared to the steeper and more difficult hiking and biking trails on Red Hill. Note: Red Hill trails can be crowded and parking is limited. Parking is not allowed along County Road 107. Overflow parking is available 1/2 mile south at the Carbondale Park-n-Ride. 55. HARdsCRABBLe -eAsT eAgLe JAW cOLORAdO RiVER VALLEY FiELd OFFicE 11. BOCCO MOUnTAIn From mid-April through October, mountain bikers can enjoy single-track trails on BLM lands that connect with the Town of Eagle’s trails. The western side of the recreation area near the Town of Gypsum offers OHV trails for motorcycles, ATVs and 4x4s. These diverse trail systems help locals and visitors maintain active, healthy outdoor-oriented lifestyles. Visitors can access the area at Spring Creek just south of the Eagle County Airport. BLM Photo by Denise Adamic, Red Hill | 20 KREmmLinG FiELd OFFicE Kremmling Field Office KREMMLING FIELD OFFICE p O o O 2 o O ! . Walden Ä M Ä M ! . o O s I 1 r O 3 t O ! . Kremmling 4 Denver Grand Lake s I o I s I Hot Sulphur Springs ½ M ¿ M Winter Park State Bridge s I r O ! . $ a " ! ! . For more information: Kremmling Field Office 2103 E. Park Avenue Kremmling, CO 80459 970-724-3000 Dillon ! . ! . n I ¿ M ù M ó M BLM Photo, Upper Colorado River BLM Photo by Kyle Sullivan, Ammonite Fossils ! . 21 | JTP This unique locality is home to the fossils of more than 100 invertebrate species. The Kremmling Cretaceous Ammonite Locality takes visitors 72.5 million years back in time where they can view well-preserved specimens of tropical and subtropical mollusk fossils. Even the smallest rocks may contain scientifically valuable finds. This area has the highest concentration of such fossils in the world and is perfect for avid fossil enthusiasts as well as those visiting for the first time. These sites hold scientific and educational values; fossil collection is prohibited. 22. nORTH sAnd HILLs ReCReATIOn AReA AJW Colorado’s only open sand dune area for OHV recreation is situated at the eastern edge of N

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