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Fruita Front Country, Devils Canyon & Pollock Bench Trail System

brochure McInnis Canyons - Fruita Front Country, Devils Canyon & Pollock Bench Trail System
Front Country Trail System â a il â ââ â â ââ â â â â lum e C onne c tor ââ Z ! ââ O3 Opal Hill Equestrian Trailhead ââ i! ! _ O al p 0.1 0.2 Miles O2 O1 Parking Area Opal Hill Hi ll L o Ki i ! ng Devils Canyon Trailhead s w 's Tra il Ro a di e Vie i _ ! ! S D1 ad D5 Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness D4 D1 i ! â ââ â D4 D6 D1 D6 D1 D2 K1 K6 K6 K8 K9 K5 K7 K2 K4 D6 connector K8 K2 K7 K3 Loop K1 â â â ââ â K8 â ââ â ââ â â â ââ D6 Loop â D5 D3 â i ! â D1 â ââ â â ââ â D1 â â ââ ââ â ââ K2 Loop â K8 D4 â K10 p â D4 D7 o Lo ââ 0 i ! a l Hill Lo op p -F Op o Restroom Skinner Cabin Historical Site ââ De vi ls D4 Trail Number i ! ââ _ ! â â â â â â Open To: â !! È F F ! D3 â Travel Opportunities: Open To: â â ââ Fruita Paleontological Area ââ N i ! â ââ â â â ââ â McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area Boundary Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness â â â â ââ ââ ââ â ââ â âââ â ââ â â â â â â ââ Skinner Tr ââ ââ â Special Area Designations · Æ 340 K12 D3 K5 K4 D1 K1 PLAN AHEAD AND PREPARE • Know the skills and gear that go along with traveling through the desert. • Minimize risk by planning a trip that matches your skills and expectations. • Tell someone where you’re going. TRAVEL AND CAMP ON DURABLE SURFACES • The Devils, Flume & Pollock Bench Trail System, including trailheads, is designated for day-use only, with camping and nighttime use prohibited from the NCA boundary to the wilderness boundary. • Outside of the wilderness, this part of the NCA is designated for day-use only with no camping or nighttime use allowed (including at trailheads). • Camping and nighttime use is allowed inside the wilderness. DISPOSE OF WASTE PROPERLY • Pack it in, pack it out. Pack out all trash, leftover food and litter. LEAVE WHAT YOU FIND • Prehistoric and historic sites help us understand our past (collection of artifacts and fossils is against the law). • Enjoy rock art by viewing it not touching it. • Help children understand the natural roles plants and animals have in their environment. MINIMIZE CAMPFIRE IMPACTS • Campfires are prohibited from the NCA boundary to the wilderness boundary. RESPECT WILDLIFE • Never feed wild animals. • Control your dogs. • Observe wildlife from a distance. BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHER VISITORS • Choose to maintain a cooperative spirit on trails. • Yield to other trail users. • Take breaks a short distance from trails on durable surfaces. BLM/CO/GI-17/009 In October 2000, Congress designated the 123,430–acre McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area (NCA). This legislation provides for the protection of the NCA’s nationally significant resources for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations as a part of the BLM’s National Conservation Lands. Directions From Grand Junction, take I-70 west to Fruita exit #19. Turn south (left), travel 1.5 miles to the Kingsview Estates subdivision. Turn west (right) in to the subdivision. Stay on the main road all the way through the subdivision; Devils Canyon Trailhead is approximately 0.5 miles ahead on your left. The trailhead sits back off the main road via a short access road and is not easily visible from the main road. Watch for the sign. Pollock Bench Trailhead is another 2.5 miles ahead directly off the main road, on your left. USGS 7.5 - minute maps that cover this area: Mack, Ruby Canyon and Battleship Rock. Maps are available at the BLM Grand Junction Field Office. A georeferenced PDF map is available to download at Colorado Canyons Association CCA is a partnering 501(c) (3), non-profit committed to community stewardship of Gunnison Gorge, McInnis Canyons and Dominguez-Escalante NCAs. It is a nonpartisan volunteer organization fostering cooperation among all NCA user groups.To get involved, visit Bureau of Land Management McInnis Canyons NCA 2815 H Rd Grand Junction, CO 81506 970-244-3000 BLM Photos by Matt McGrath Leave No Trace Skills and Ethics Fruita Front Country Devils Canyon & Pollock Bench Trail System McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area â ââ â â ââ C o l o ra do _ ! i ! 70 § ¦ ¨ â â ââ r Rive i ! â i ! g Kin s a Ro 19 340 · Æ â Fruita ââ Sign to MCNCA â ââ â â i! ! Ö ! 5 i ! d â â ââ â 1 Miles w Vie Devils Canyon Trailhead i! ! _ Fruita Paleontological Area i â Ö ! ââ! ! _ Opal Hill â Equestrain Trailhead ââ â â â â â Pollock Bench Trailhead i! ! _ F1 ils e to r â P1 P2 De v -F lu m C o n ne c ââ â D1 D1 See Detailed Map On Opposite Side No Camping 0.5 â â Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness P1 F1 No Camping D5 D4 D3 D3 0 â â ââ â â â Devils, Flume, and Pollock Bench Trail System È ! ! F R1 P1 P1 F1 D5 D3 ââ â â ââ ââ ââ â â â â â â â REGULATIONS/RULES OF CONDUCT These regulations and rules of conduct are designed to protect fragile resources and to provide for your safety and enjoyment. The Devils/Pollock Bench trail system as shown on the map is open to hiking and horseback riding. Wheel chairs are allowed. Avoid cross-country travel. Stay on signed trails. On narrow trails, hike or horseback single file. McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area is closed to recreational target shooting. Hunting is allowed. F2 F1 D1 Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness Flume Canyon Trail - 4.8 miles round-trip Pollock Bench Trail - 6.5 miles round-trip Devils Canyon Trail - 6.7 miles round-trip Devils Canyon Trailhead to Flume Canyon, return via Devils/Flume connector - 6.4 miles round-trip Biting gnats are prevalent May through August. Pack in your water. One gallon per person, per day minimum is recommended. Water sources are limited and unreliable. Summer daytime temperatures can exceed 100 degrees. Visitor Safety Dinosaur Hill Trailhead â â â ââ ââ Help keep the area clean - remove all garbage, including organic waste, such as banana peels, and dog waste. Camping is allowed only inside the Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness Area and limited to 14 days. N Land Ownership and Administration Bureau of Land Management Use fire carefully in wilderness. Stoves are recommended. If you must have a fire in the wilderness, keep it small and use only dead and down wood. Build a minimum impact fire. Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces National Park Service City of Fruita State Parks and Wildlife Areas Private Property Dispose of Waste Properly Pet Owners: McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area Boundary Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness Area limited to Day Use Only Fruita Paleontological Area Map Symbols Ö Interpretive Trail ! ! _ Restroom ! Picnic Area ! 5 i Parking Area Travel Opportunities: Open To: È! ! F â â â â â Open To: ! F Map Scale 1:26000 Can yon ls Kode Í ! Be considerate of other hikers and riders. Keep your pet on a leash when approaching other users and help keep trails clean. Remember that hiking in canyon country with pets will increase stress on wildlife. Spring is lambing season for bighorn sheep. Please keep your pet under your control at all times. Please stay on Signed Routes Non-system routes are being rehabilitated to provide a better trail experience and to minimize disturbance to the fragile desert landscape. Please help us with this effort by staying on the signed trail system. This Map was produced by the BLM Grand Junction Field Office 7/2017 n â Canyo ls D e vi Canyon k Cree me Flu ch B en Pollock

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