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Flat Top - Peach Valley


brochure Flat Top - Peach Valley - Brochure
ve Rd Rd op oo nlig ht Me H ! ( T r se ^ H l ra i sa C h uk a r R d M y s te r y D i tc Moo Black Canyon of the Gunnison Wilderness ! (I Red Rocks n light M e R ds Lu n Red R eg tL Le g e Te Exp Bo ne s Elevator R i d g e ha n ep El nt ha g Le Le Nig e tR an ph e Ridge idg Go e R S k ull X Bon es at Du m e id g t Te p dg Ri e ncS ton Ri dge Ki n g ge mp Ri d u D e om Rd JKI QON Two staging areas in northwest NCA accessed via County Road 2200 and H-75 Road near the Town of Austin. Limited Use Area. No off-route travel permitted. Provides access to Sidewinder and RedrocksNighthorse trails and Smith Mountain Jeep Route. Black Ridge Trail GuJKI n O Advanced scenic trail along Gunnison Gorge Wilderness rim with steep hills, rocks, off-camber terrain, and large ledge step-ups and step-offs. 2 miles, one-way. Connects to Red Rocks Trail, Eagle and Chukar Roads. Eagle Valley Trail JK IO Challenging single track for advanced riders with tight canyon walls, rocks and off-camber terrain. Starts at Peach Valley Recreation Area. Follow signs to Eagle Valley Trail. 1 mile, one-way. Connects to Sunset Rocks, Sidewinder, Spikes Trail, Wave-Eagle Loop. 2WD road connecting Chukar Rd with Elephant Skin Staging Area. Impassable when wet and may be temporarily closed during wet periods to protect soils. 9 miles, one-way. Provides access to numerous designated trails. ns J Du m s Johns B p as y 3 S i dehill p Ri dg e JKI QON King Ditch Trail JKI O Good beginner/intermediate trail with tight turns and blind corners. Access from Flat Top by multiple trails. King Ditch is first ditch after crossing Backside Bridge. 2 miles, one-way. This ditch divides the “open play” area to the south and the designated routes area to the north. Monster Ditch JKI O Intermediate/advanced trail begins off Badlands Trail and ends at Lunar Express Trail. Starts in a narrow ditch that widens to a large open drainage with a steep climb at the end. 1.5 miles, one-way; 5 miles Badlands/Monster Ditch Loop. Redrocks-Nighthorse Trail JKI QON Advanced trail with steep climbs, rocky terrain, and large step-ups and step-offs. Single-track and jeep road sections provide outstanding Gunnison Gorge Wilderness views. 13 miles, one-way. Can be looped with Smith Mountain Road and Wilderness access roads off Peach Valley Road or Sidewinder for single track. Sidewinder Trail JK IO Technical single track snakes in and out of canyons along the NCA’s west side. Rocky off-camber terrain. Access from Smith Mountain Recreation Area, Eagle Valley Trail, Bobcat and other roads along Peach Valley Road. Entire trail is 20 miles long. Shorter or longer rides/hikes are available by combining with other NCA roads or trails. Moderate jeep trail with panoramic views of Gunnison Gorge Wilderness. Connects to Ute Road as well as single-track and road sections of Redrocks-Nighthorse Trail. Connect with South River Road at Smith Mountain Saddle Trailhead for a 14-mile loop along the Gunnison River. ic kP JKI ark QON R Snake Trail JKI QO ATV trail with many banked turns and minimal elevation change. A great trail for beginners and younger riders. 2.5 miles, one-way. Sunset Rocks Trails JKI O Challenging riding with rocks and off-camber terrain. Access from Peach Valley staging area, Eagle Valley Trail or Chukar Road. 3 miles, one-way; 7-mile loop with Eagle Valley and Moonlight Mesa Trail. Wave-Eagle Loop JKI QON Popular intermediate ATV on 4WD roads with moderate hills and very rocky terrain. Access starts off Peach Valley Road. Easier if traveled counterclockwise starting on Wave Road. 6.5-mile loop. Also loops with Bobcat Road via Redrocks Nighthorse Trail for panoramic Gunnison Gorge Wilderness views. Recreation Sites Lan dfi ll R d e R iv er ! ( S J u an A ve an Montrose Y B Smith Mountain Recreation Site/ North Sidewinder Trailhead C NCA Entrance - Carnation Road YN HJ YH E Wave/Eagle/Sidewinder Connector Parking YH YH Eagle Valley Trailhead YH Sunset Rocks Trailhead Y Red Rocks Connector Trail YHOI Slanty Bridge Trailhead YIO F Eagle Road Parking G / oc k er Elephant Skin Road H 50 ra il sT ar h gr pa uk 1 Smith Mountain Recreation Area and Smith Mountain Saddle Trailhead D Wave Road Parking il U Ch ^ Rd et R Provides access to numerous designated single-track and ATV routes. D it c h p K i ng Lincoln Rd Tr Tr u ns Limited Use Area. No off-route travel permitted. All vehicles must stay on signed, designated routes. NOT an “open play” area! Smith Mountain Jeep Trail 6600 RD an ley JKI QO e ail yL Ea gl e Va l Elephant Skin OHV Staging Area & Designated Trails um Le g t Ri dg m Na ss s- d Can Falcon Rd h or se Spikes Tr a Ea g l e G ! ( Offers 1,347 acres of “open play” area acres; numerous trails. A Smith Mountain Saddle Trailhead Wave Rd ! (F Off-route cross-country riding permitted in “open play” area by vehicles 50 inches or less in width. oad Po nd s i tc h E le ertha ss re a l oc k E ! ( JKI QO v p n ds B y Po dg Ri le .E S kul G oa t Kentucky Rd ht D ! ( Flat Top OHV Staging & Open Area w B u r s S No ^ Offers 894 acres of “open play” area and numerous trails. st e me h 6530 Rd J oh Off-route cross-country riding permitted in “open play” area by vehicles 50 inches or less in width. Beginner loop and training area. e Rd JKI QO Bo Sh g Rid Ri Ki Trail Di tc h N o Na ep d ee Sp ht o t ch Di ge rts E xpress it c h dg R id t Miles/LOOPS Ku ge au rrow G s a N P nd Leg g Le Ti g le er 6450 Rd in d To p an ph n itch X au ge D g D o nk ey Leg g Ea ew F la t ch Di ep El e Leg ng nder R idg Narrow G d Bad la Wo Si d D itc h R n Trail u d Bobca t Rd h e ss x pr ^ Dinosaur Rd Carnation Rd ZD B Elep hant 2 Duncan R r Ditc ar E Lun 1 y2 no D Tech phant S ki n R Description Peach Valley OHV Staging & Open Area ge Badlan ds H wy il Tra Hw Ute Rd C ! ( id g e El e nd s ck s il - N ight horse ar Exp B a dl a Redro r Tra Valley Rd Mile R Slanty Brid e nst J ! ( ocks Mo e w i n de Peach 1 Luna r Si d / R d Re Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park Allowed uses Ri tr ocks C n c Re d 50 OHV Staging Areas D lley Gunnison Gorge National Conservation o Va ± Private Land Recreation Area on ni s Mt n National Park Service h it h Bureau of Land Management sa Sm Ch u k a e M Lo o p il Black Canyon of the Gunnison Wilderness Gunnison Gorge Wilderness ley o ad 0R rT ra d Lo de e ac 0 64 in P al h ew s oa d Routes North of Peach Valley ak Sn 1 Hwy ! ( B ! ( Si d A Blac Rd ck Pe ac V 75 Ro Gunnison Gorge Wilderness h H Trails and Staging Areas Land Ownership sa Falcon Road R se t k Ri d ge 1 r uk a t Me Ch ig h OHV Play Areas (vehicles ≤ 50” wide) -- off-route travel permitted it c h Su n = EASY = MODERATE = DIFFICULT Staging Areas, Trails and Roads Open to Hikers and Equestrians Rd a l l ey M ^ iver R d le V e on p Ea g e e Loo p oonl th R Sou Eagl p Eagl o Lo y Open to Motorcycles, Bikes, Hikers, & Equestrians e gl yC C an e L o o G ! ( [ [ [ Open to ATV (≤ 50”), Motorcycles, Bikes, Hikers, & Equestrians rR e Rd Open to all vehicles Spi ke s a Flat Top - PeachValley OHV Routes e Tra il W av nd Ca an Ni g ht hors ane ge ! ( D ! ( ! ( ks - Wa E F R oc er L ndy Ed a ve Rd W /E Can d Red e wind Ca d Peach Valley R Si d Map produced by Bureau of Land Management, Uncompahgre Field Office, GIS Program. Projection: UTM, Zone 13; Datum: NAD 1983. 0 0.5 1 50 / 2 Miles No warranty is made on the accuracy, reliability or completeness of these data for individual use or aggregate use with other data. Spatial data may not meet National Map Accuracy Standards. This information may be updated without notification. 11/13 I J 1 Peach Valley OHV Staging/Open Riding Area YNLOQ 2 Elephant Skin OHV Staging/Designated Route Riding 3 Flat Top OHV Staging/Open Riding Area YNOQ YNOQ Flat Top-Peach Valley Recreation Area Welcome to the Gunnison Gorge NCA BLM Flat Top PeachValley User Regulations Flat Top-Peach Valley Recreation Area Recreation Area T he Flat Top-Peach Valley Recreation Area is part of the 64,000-acre Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area (NCA). The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) manages the NCA to protect and improve the health of the land while providing quality recreation experiences for all users. Areas within the NCA are designated for a variety of uses including wilderness, recreation, grazing, native plant and animal habitat, landscape restoration, sensitive species and soils conservation, geologic values, and scientific research and education. The spectacular Gunnison Gorge Wilderness Area is managed for challenging whitewater boating, Gold Medal trout fishing and backcountry experiences. Preserve this place for everyone Public lands are our heritage, but the privilege to use them comes with the responsibility to protect them for the use and enjoyment of all visitors. Most routes are two-way single track trails open to motorized and non-motorized users. A number of routes are suitable for ATVs and UTVs 50 inches or less in width. Many trails are tight, narrow and maintained to provide challenging experiences. What’s an NCA? NCAs are the BLM’s unique national treasures, set aside by Congress to protect, restore and conserve their wild, open character; healthy natural landscapes; native plants and animals; and Front and back cover photos by ©Jerry Sintz M o n t ro s e • C o l o r a d o The BLM manages the 9,700-acre Flat Top-Peach Valley Recreation Area for responsible motorized and non-motorized recreation. scenic settings and 95+ miles of challenging single track and primitive dirt road trail systems for a multitude of mountain biking, hiking, horseback and off-highway vehicle (OHV) riding adventures. You are responsible for following these special area regulations, which are designed to protect you, other visitors, and the NCA’s natural landscapes and native inhabitants. Don’t harass domestic animals or wildlife.The BLM closely monitors all travel routes and users to identify potential problems. Our OHV trail crew works with local user groups to repair trail damage, address user conflicts and educate all visitors about responsible use. Motorized and Mechanized Vehicles: Outside of open play areas, motorized and mechanized vehicles must stay on signed, designated roads and trails as shown on BLM signs and maps. Travel routes are designated by white arrows, trail names or other travel management signs. The best way to ensure your privilege to ride in the NCA and on other public land areas in the future is by riding responsibly and showing respect for all users. Off-route riding for mountain bikes, motorcycles, and all-terrain or utility terrain vehicles 50 inches or less in width is permitted only in designated “open play” areas at Peach Valley and Flat Top Recreation Areas shown on the map. The Elephant Skin “Limited Area’ is not an “open play” area. Be a RIGHT RIDER! Know how, where and when to ride on your public lands. Rock crawling and reckless riding is prohibited in all areas. Be advised that these activities, along with deliberate riding on saturated, muddy soils with the intention to create ruts, highmarks and other visible impact scars (mud-bogging), is considered resource damage and punishable by fines. All vehicles more than 50 inches in width must stay on main access roads and designated jeep routes. Hunting, Target Shooting and Firearms: Hunting is permitted during designated game seasons with appropriate firearms except within 500 yards of developed recreation sites (trailheads, campsites, etc.). Expect blind turns, steep hills, over-hanging branches, rocks and other obstacles. Many trails twist in and out of deep arroyos, making it difficult to see or hear others approaching. Anticipate meeting horses, hikers and bikers around every turn and over every hill. Improper handling of your OHV, mountain bike, or even your horse, can damage sensitive soils, biological crusts, native plants and animal habitat. Off-trail riding, cutting switch backs, cornering and riding too fast lead to trail braiding, ruts and erosion. In addition to changing the nature of your trail system and degrading riding experiences, continued usercaused impacts may force closures of routes and areas. Recreational target shooting is prohibited in all NCA areas to protect riders, other visitors, signs and facilities. Other activities involving projectile shooting from weapons or recreational equipment (paintball guns, fireworks, etc.) are also prohibited. Camping: Camping is allowed at the Peach Valley and Flat Top OHV staging areas, other NCA recreation sites and on adjacent BLM lands for up to six consecutive nights unless the area or road is labeled as closed to camping by a BLM sign or map. Elephant Skin Staging Area and Road are closed to vehicle camping to protect sensitive soil, scenic and watershed values. Campsites must be kept free of trash, litter and debris. The Recreation Area scientific, cultural, educational and recreational offers two designated values for you and future visitors. “play areas” where crossSpecial use and travel regulations apply country motorcycle, ATV, throughout Gunnison Gorge NCA. Permit fees apply and mountain bike riding is in the Gunnison Gorge Wilderness. Please help permitted. Motorized and protect this unique area by showing it the respect mechanized travel in all it deserves. other NCA areas is limited to designated, signed routes. Elephant Skin, Flat Top and Peach Valley staging areas Always respect private property. YOU are responsible for knowing provide access to large expanses of adobe hills and arroyos, as if you are on private or public land. Leave gates the way you found well as pinyon-juniper uplands along the NCA’s west side, offering them. Bonfires, Campfires and Wood Collecting: You may not cut, collect or use live, dead or down wood for campfires. Fires must be fully contained in a metal fire grate, fire pan or other metal device to contain ashes. Coals and ashes must be packed out. Burning of wood or other materials containing nails, glass, plastic or metal is prohibited. Pets: Pets and pack stock must be under visual, audible or physical controls at all times, and are not permitted to harass or disturb wildlife or other users. Keep pets leashed in developed recreation sites and carry a leash with you while hiking. Remove pet and stock solid waste at campsites and trailheads and dispose of it properly. How Do I Get There? Be Careful Out There The Gunnison Gorge NCA’s rugged and remote landscapes will challenge your riding abilities and can be unforgiving if you don’t prepare for your trip. Weather conditions can change quickly. Heavy summer rains make routes impassable and create dangerous flash floods in arroyos. Some roads, including Elephant Skin and Chukar Road, may be temporarily closed during wet periods to protect soils from resource damage. • Carry a map, compass and/or GPS, extra water, food, first aid kit, rain gear and warm clothing. • Tell someone where you’re going and when you expect to return, or travel with a group. • Be prepared for changing weather. • Wear safety gear appropriate for your activity. • Know your vehicle and keep it in good condition. • Dial 911 in the event of an emergency. Cell phone coverage for emergencies or local information may not be available in all places; have a back-up plan. • For non-emergency situations requiring law enforcement, contact the sheriff’s office or the BLM. Montrose County Delta County BLM Ranger (970) 240-6606 (970) 874-2000 (970) 249-5300 GUNNISON GORGE NATIONAL CONSERVATION AREA 2465 South Townsend Avenue Montrose, CO 81401 (970) 240-5300 Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm http://blm.gov/7wkd Peach Valley Recreation and Staging Area – From Hwy 50, turn east onto Falcon Road, one mile south of Olathe. Look for “Gunnison Gorge NCA Access” sign. Drive three miles on pavement to the end of Falcon Road, then continue east on the unpaved Peach Valley Road to the Gunnison Gorge NCA. The Peach Valley Recreation site located at the NCA entrance provides picnic tables, restrooms, informational kiosks, vehicle and trailer parking, loading ramps, and OHV training and practice areas. Flat Top Recreation and Staging Area – From Hwy 50 east in Montrose, turn north onto San Juan Avenue. Turn north onto 65.30 Road. Continue north, past the nursery and saw mill on left, then turn right onto Flat Top Road and follow it to the base of Flat Top. Elephant Skin Staging Area – From Hwy 50 east in Montrose, turn north onto San Juan Avenue. Turn north onto 65.30 Road. Continue north, past the nursery and saw mill on left, and past the intersection of Flat Top Road and the NCA entrance. Follow Elephant Skin Road east approximately one mile to the staging area. (Travel is limited to designated trails.) Want to Learn to Ride? Have fun while learning to ride right! Thanks to a special partnership with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife OHV Program, our BLM OHV trail crew members are ASI-ATV Certified and MSF Dirt Bike Certified. The crew can assist you with your training and even provide a motorcycle or ATV for the class. Call us for more information. BLM/CO/GI-13/010 Your Vehicle must be LEGAL to ride here • All OHV’s must be registered when on public lands. You may register at any Colorado State Park, via their website (parks.state.co.us) and at most OHV dealers. Know BEFORE you GO! Look for signs intended to notify you of changes in regulations and travel restrictions within the Gunnison Gorge NCA and Flat Top-Peach Valley Recreation Area. Some of the signs you may encounter include: Road Signs • Out-of-state OHVs must have a Colorado nonresident OHV permit. • OHV registration decals must be properly affixed to your OHV and the operator must have possession of the registration card. THIS ROAD OPEN TO TRAVEL MUST REMAIN ON DESIGNATED ROADS AND TRAILS BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT KING DITCH TL Area Signs • Headlights and taillights must be used when operating OHVs during nighttime hours (1/2 hour after sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise) • All OHVs must have good brakes and an approved, installed spark arrestor. FLAT TOP OHV RECREATION AREA TRAVEL RESTRICTED AREA THE FOLLOWING METHODS OF TRAVEL MUST REMAIN ON DESIGNATED ROADS AND TRAILS NORTH OF KIN DITCH TRAIL OPEN TO CLOSED TO U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT • OHVs must pass the SAE J1287 Stationary pipe sound test. travel-restricted areas and inform travelers of the modes of travel allowed on the route. Travel Restricted Area Signs are posted at boundaries Trail Signs U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR • Where applicable, OHV operators must stay on designated routes. Road Use Signs identify “designated routes” through BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT between “open” play areas, where cross-country travel is permitted, and “limited” use areas, where travel is restricted to “designated routes.” The signs depict which modes of travel are allowed or restricted in the area. Trail Signs, which are common at trailheads and major intersections, communicate which modes of travel are allowed or prohibited on an entire trail or trail section. It is your responsibility to be aware of and abide by travel restrictions where you are riding. Thanks to our partners and Colorado Parks & Wildlife! The BLM proudly partners with Colorado Parks and Wildlife to promote safe and responsible OHV riding opportunities on your public lands. Our OHV crew, partially funded by your OHV registrations, promotes the importance of sharing trails, maintaining and enhancing trail systems, minimizing environmental impacts of trail recreation, and promoting education and ethics among trail users. Partial funding for this brochure was provided by a Colorado OHV Program grant. This great riding area wouldn’t be possible without the help of Colorado Parks and Wildlife and your support through OHV registration purchases. Keep it legal and keep on riding! Special thanks to local OHV, mountain bike, hiker and equestrian groups for helping us protect and maintain this special area. TM STATE OHV VEHICLE REGULATIONS Enjoy and Protect Your Public Lands 

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