Arkansas Headwaters


brochure Arkansas Headwaters - Map

Map of Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area (RA) in Colorado. Published by Colorado Parks & Wildlife.

Mt. Arkansas 13795' 2 1 3 Hayden Ranch 4 Hayden Meadows Arkansas River Ranch Kobe 5 Twin Lakes Village Granite Big Bend Blue Heron Bootlegger Boulderfield Buena Vista Whitewater Park Canyon Trading Post Cañon City Whitewater Park Centennial Park Granite Rock Granite Boat Chute Clear Creek 7 Stone Cabin 8 Pine Creek Numbers Arkansas River Placer Rapid #4 The Wall Numbers The Rapid #5½ Boulderfield Rapid #6 Riverside Railroad Bridge Collegiate Peaks Copper Gulch Elephant Rock Fern Leaf Gulch Fisherman’s Bridge Five Points Five ½ Points Florence Whitewater Park Ford Crossing Granite Granite Boat Chute Granite Rock Grassy Knoll Hayden Meadows Hayden Ranch Hecla Junction Kobe Lazy J Loma Linda Lone Pine Lower Floodplain Maytag MacKenzie Bridge Numbers Old Parkdale Parkdale Pathfinder Park Pine Creek Point Barr Railroad Bridge Rapid #4 Rapid #5 ½ El. 11 12 13 Rapid #6 For campground reservations, please call 1-800-244-5613 or online at 10 14 Crystal Lakes Pinnacle Rock Grassy Knoll Elephant Rock Tunnel View Buena Vista Whitewater Park 7,965' Cottonwood • Annual passes, regulations, and guide books are available at the AHRA Visitor Center. • The AHRA Visitor Center is located on the corner of G Street and Sackett Avenue in downtown Salida, one block North of Highway 291. 9 Collegiate Peaks Scenic and Historic Byway Clear Creek Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area Visitor Center 6 Raynolds Red Wall Rincon River Station Riverside Ruby Mountain Salida Whitewater Park Collegiate Peaks 15 Salida East Salt Lick Slaughterhouse Fisherman’s Bridge 18 Spikebuck Stone Bridge Ruby Mountain 16 Stone Cabin 17 Swallows Browns Canyon National Monument Texas Creek The Wall Tunnel View Vallie Bridge Browns Creek TH Browns Canyon Wilderness Study Area Browns Canyon Wellsville 27 LEGEND Hecla Junction Peak 12,208' 163 150 Big Bend Paddock SWA Gold Belt Tour National Scenic Byway 19 Stone Bridge Slaughterhouse Reddy SWA Fishing Easement 21 166 22 Box Creek STL Poncha Springs Visitor Center Hardeman SWA Fishing Easement 160 23 24 25 7,083' Salida East Wellsville Clear Creek Reservoir SWA Tiger Lily STL Fishing/Portage Easement Red Wall Monarch Crest Trail Point Barr Rincon Buena Vista SWA Harmon SWA 26 Chubb Park Ranch STL Chubb Park Ranch SWA Johnson Village SWA Champion SWA Bighorn Springs Ruby Mountain Wright’s Lake SWA and Great Sand Dunes National Park River (Jointly managed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the Bureau of Land Management, and the U.S. Forest Service) 11386' SalidaWhitewater Park Granite SWA Heckendorf SWA 28 11716' 20 Crystal Lake STL Fishing Easement LEGEND 9,763' Lower Parkdale Floodplain Old Five ½ Parkdale Points Bighorn Sheep Canyon Salt Lick Bootlegger Copper Gulch Pinnacle Rock Spikebuck Five Points Maytag Cottonwood Texas Creek Lazy J Ford Crossing Vallie Bridge Loma Fern Leaf Linda Lone Gulch Pine Canyon Trading Post 5,331' River Station Raynolds MacKenzie Bridge Centennial Park Pathfinder Park 29 Blue Heron Miles National Monument Border Florence Whitewater Park Swallows Road State Wildlife Areas/Fishing Easements Pridemore Fishing Easement Big Bend SWA Swallows Mt. Ouray Fishing Easement Mt. Ouray SWA 30 Frantz Lake SWA Mount Shavano SWA Sands Lake SWA Ogden/Treat SWA Skaguay Reservoir SWA 28 Beaver Creek SWA 29 Brush Hollow SWA 30 Swallows /Pueblo SWA Pa rk ing Pi cn ic Ta ble Po s/G rta ril ge ls Tra il Re str oo ms Ri ve rA cc es Sc s en ic Ov er Sp loo ec k ial Ne ed W atc sF ha ish ble ing W Ac ild ce life ss Arkansas River Ranch Hundreds of thousands of visitors boat on the river each year, and close to a million people enjoy the recreation area. Courtesy and respect for others will make everyone’s experience more enjoyable. You can minimize your impact and help us protect this valuable resource by observing the following guidelines: • respect private property and don’t trespass • keep noise down • if you are boating, travel on opposite side of the river from anglers and avoid fishing holes • learn and practive Leave No Trace backcountry ethics, including pack it in/pack it out • use existing restroom facilities, or a portable toilet (groover), required by regulation • stop only at well-established, well-used sites and avoid trampling streamside vegetation • build fires only in grills and fire pans, required by regulation Crystal Lakes Ho rs e/M tn .B ike Arkansas River Placer Visitor Etiquette 10,151 OH V Recreation Site Facilities Welcome to the Upper Arkansas River Valley, famous for its 14ers, whitewater, wilderness and wildlife. The Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area offers many fun and exciting activities. Please: • know your skill level • be aware of risks involved in an activity • be familiar with safety practices • equip yourself properly Copper Mountain AH RA Ma na Bo ge at d Ra mp Ca / Sl mp ide ing Ch an gin gF Di s ac ilit Di pers ies sp e er d/D se e Fis d C sig hin am nat gA pin ed cc g Hi e ss kin g Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area Access for the Physically Challenged The Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area has fully accessible restroom facilities and at least one fully accessible campsite at each developed campground, except for Salida East, Point Barr and Vallie Bridge (walk-in/boat-in only access). Select river access sites have fully accessible restroom facilities, complete with accessible parking spots. Please call 719-539-7289 or visit for more information. 0 1 2 3

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