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Torrey Pines

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No vehicles on trails except baby strollers or wheelchairs. Bicycles may use the paved road, but are only allowed southbound (uphill) between the upper and lower lots. Park only in designated parking lots. Stopping on road shoulders is not permitted. Stay away from the bottom of the cliffs. Rock slides can occur at any time. The Visitor’s Center (the Lodge) offers exhibits on the natural and cultural history of the Reserve and nature walks on weekends and holidays at 10 am and 2 pm. All groups of visitors or events must make arrangements at least three weeks in advance before visiting the Reserve. For details, contact Julia Miura at (619)688–3385 or email The Torrey Pines Association funds many projects at the Reserve. We invite you to join us in our ongoing efforts to preserve and protect the rare Torrey pines and their scenic refuge by becoming a member. For more information, visit their website 12600 N. Torrey Pines Road, San Diego CA 92037 (858)755–2063 #inventyouradventure Reserve Information Fire, erosion, and off-trail hiking can damage fragile natural features beyond repair. Be safe, and help us preserve the beauty of Torrey Pines. Stay on trail. Cutting across switchbacks and between trails, going into closed areas, and climbing cliffs ruins the Reserve for everyone. No pets. The Reserve is set aside for native animals. Dogs and other domesticated animals are prohibited. No food in the Reserve. Reduce litter and help keep our animals wild and healthy by eating and picnicking only at the beach. Trash cans and recycling receptacles are found only at the beach parking lot. No alcohol. Alcohol is prohibited. No drones. To prevent possible resource damage fron accidents and to avoid frightening the native animals, all remote control devices are prohibited. No picking/collecting natural features. Pine cones and flowers must be left to produce seeds to grow new plants and as food for animals. Torrey Pines Trail Guide Please return this trail guide for reuse. Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve is a fragile wilderness island in an urban sea: home of our nation’s rarest pine tree—Pinus torreyana—which is native only here and on Santa Rosa Island off the coast near Santa Barbara. ® Guy Fleming Trail Razor Point Trail 2 1 /3 mile loop Easiest trail, relatively level, forested, along ocean bluffs, sandstone formations, spring wildflowers, drinking water, parking. Parry Grove Trail /2 mile loop Secluded, with steep entry/exit (100+ rugged steps). Few trees due to drought and bark beetle infestations. Native plant garden at trailhead. 1 /2 mile to overlook Dramatic views of gorge, badlands, spring wildflowers. A few picturesque trees. Beach Trail /4 mile to Flat Rock Descends 300 feet to beach level. Final access to beach via stairs. 3 Broken Hill Trail North fork 11/4 miles South fork 11/3 miles Reserve’s longest trail, including access to the beach. Features chaparral, High Point Trail few trees, and scenic 100 yards with steps Panoramic views of reserve, overlook pictured below. ocean, lagoon, and inland. No smoking/open flames. The plants found here are dry and flammable. No amplified music. Respect your fellow hikers and enjoy the sounds of nature while in the Reserve. THE RESERVE CLOSES AT SUNSET All visitors and vehicles must exit. View from Broken Hill overlook Torrey Pines State Beach W Cl os ed REV 3/2017 Torrey Pines Gliderport 2.5 miles South Fork Trail Printed on paper that contains post-consumer recycled Accessible Path Printed on paper that contains post-consumer recycled fibers. Torrey Pines City Golf Course South Fork Overlook ad Viewpoint Stairs Restrooms W Water Fountain North Fork Trail Red Butte West Overlook W W Old Hwy 101 to La Jolla Ranger Station & Visitor CenterMuseum Bike Rack (no bikes allowed on trails) Parking Locked Gate le s Black’s Beach 3/4 mile ne Ro Broken Hill Overlook Broken Hill Trail Be Pi LEGEND Accessible Restroom M rV Flat Rock l Razor Pt Trail rai T h ac Big Basin Yucca Point Razor Point W y High Point re Sorrento Valley Coaster Station 3.5 miles Mar sh Tra il Whitaker Garden EB Scripps Overlook Parry Grove Trail W or South Beach & Reserve ENTRANCE Guy Fleming Trail Hwy to Del Mar & North Beach Parking (858) 755-2063 • Torrey Pines State Natur al Reserve® es Oc e an No ll Bik nhi w Do d Pa c if i c T R Cl i f f Ed ge N or th s oa to o ot ic eh

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