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brochure Coyote Lake Harvey Bear Ranch - Hiking

Hiking at Coyote Lake Harvey Bear Ranch County Park in California. Published by Santa Clara County Parks.

Coyote Lake – Harvey Bear Ranch Hiking “The Coyote-Bear!” Several trails at the Coyote-Bear, provide visitors with spectacular hiking opportunities. These trails range from the wide, maintained and relatively easy Coyote Ridge, to the narrower and steeper trails on both side of the ridge. It is the responsibility of hikers to plan their trip for their comfort and safety. Toward that end hikers should follow the rules listed in the Coyote Lake- Harvey Bear Ranch County Park General Brochure, and those guidelines listed below: • Stay on designated trails when hiking- avoid animal paths which are narrow and potentially dangerous. • Overlooks and trail edges with steep drop-offs should be avoided. Children should be supervised by an adult at all times. • Do not hike alone. Use a “buddy system which allows someone to seek help if necessary. • Carry and drink plenty of water. You should carry a minimum of one quart for every hour you hike. If the weather is hot, carry more! • Beware of poison oak, rattlesnakes and ticks. Poison oak can be identified by its cluster of three shiny leaflets. Rattlesnakes warm themselves on sunny portions of trails. Ticks ‘lie in wait’ on grasses and plant stalks, hitchhiking on to both wildlife and humans. • Don’t start a wildfire! Please do not smoke on park trails. • No hiking is allowed off-trail. The park is surrounded by both private property, and public property that is currently off-limits to the public. • Later in the day, check the day’s sunset time before you start. Park gates close at sunset. HIKE DISTANCE DIFFICULTY DESCRIPTION & HIGHLIGHTS (miles, roundround-trip) From Bear Ranch: 1 Martin Murphy Loop 2.0 (paved) Easy This mostly level paved paved path is popular with joggers in the morning and evening. The trail provides great views of the Santa Cruz Range Range and the Diablo foothills. Hikers will notice huge Valley Oaks in in the field and can spot ground squirrels, American Kestrel and maybe even a golden eagle overhead. As you head up the Willow Springs Canyon notice the huge landslide landslide to your right. This hike takes you through hills and dales that have been intensively used by cattle. You will pass through the Front Front Creek drainage numerous times. Great views of Coyote Ridge can be seen on this trail. Up Willow Spring Canyon this hike passes through a beautiful small small glen after crossing Coffin Creek. The return on Harvey Bear Trail Trail provides great views of the southern Santa Clara Valley 2 Willow Springs/ Rancho San Ysidro/ Ysidro/ Savannah 5.3 Moderate 3 Willow Springs/ Town Springs Harvey Bear 4.4 Moderate 4. Harvey Bear/ Coyote Ridge/ Willow Springs 6.0 Strenuous This hike makes a grand loop of the park’ park’s north end. Climbing to the top of Coyote Ridge, the trail turns north providing great views views of the valley, and of Coyote Lake. Once it reach Harvey Bear the the trail gives you an “edge of the world” world” feeling as you drop back into the valley where you started Climbing from the campground through a forest of coast live oak, this hike turns north onto the Valley Oak Trail where you enter a rare blue oak woodland with beautiful views of Coyote Lake. After a short jaunt on the Calaveras you turn south onto Coyote Ridge where you are afforded great views of the Santa Clara Valley. At Campground Trail you go downhill back to you car, tent or trailer, This hike explores the southern end of the park. Going south on Coyote Ridge Trail, you are right on the Calaveras Fault trace. Along the way you’ you’ll see linear valleys and small sag ponds. Turn west onto the Mendoza Trail hiking to the “Ankle of Mummy Mtn.” Mtn.”, a pass where you turn north onto the Mummy Mtn Trail. Here you’ you’ll climb to the mountaintop passing interesting rock formations and catching glimpses of the Coyote Creek Canyon to the east. Enjoy the view on top of Mummy Mtn. before you climb down, returning to the campground. From Campground Trailhead: 5 Campground./Valley Oak/ Coyote Ridge 3.0 Moderate 6 Campground/Coyote Ridge/ Mummy Mountain/Mendoza 4.3 Strenuous From Mendoza Ranch: 7 Coyote Ridge/ Mummy Mtn./ Mendoza South 3.6 Moderate 8 Coyote Ridge/Mendoza 3.0 Moderate Follow this trail along the main trace of the Calaveras Fault, hiking hiking in a beautiful oakoak-studded valley. At the fence separating the Mendoza and Bear Ranches, take a right onto the Mummy Mtn. Trail for spectacular spectacular views of the south Santa Clara Valley and Coyote Lake. Coming down down off the mountain, take Mendoza and Coyote Ridge Trails back to the trailhead trailhead Taking Coyote Ridge Tr. from the trailhead, take the Mendoza Trail. Trail. The trail winds along the west slope of Coyote Ridge providing great views of the valley. Watch for deer, coyotes and turkey vultures soaring above the ridge. Mendoza intersects Coyote Ridge Trail. Turn south and return return to the trailhead. From Launch Area/Ohlone Trailhead: 9 Ohlone/Calaveras/ Ohlone/Calaveras/ Harvey Bear/Coyote Ridge 5.5 Moderate At the Launch Area, climb Ohlone Tr, Tr, to the Calaveras Trail and head north. Along the way you’ you’ll pass through live oak forest and by a rare serpentine habitat with is stunning wildflowers in Spring. At Harvey Bear, climb to the ridgeline for beautiful valley views as you return to the trailhead. trailhead. From Coyote Dam Trailhead: Harvey Bear/Coyote Ridge/ Calaveras Coyote Ridge. 5.0 Moderate This route covers the same terrain as Trip 9 from the Ohlone Trailhead, from a different start point. Enjoy views of the lake along Coyote Coyote Ridge. Coyote Dam Lot 1 HARVEY BEAR TR.. SP TOW N 3 MARTIN MURPHY LOOP.. 4 R.. Bear Ranch Lot WILLO W SP CALAVERAS TR.. .. . TR RDG OTE COY R.TR.. 9 AH NN R SID NY SA HO NC RA .. TR VA SA San Martin Ave. 10 RNGS T Foothill Ave. 10 2 Coyote Lake Rd.. COYOTE LAKE OT Launch/Ohlone Lot R. Ohlone Trail New 6 . Ave VALLEY OAK TR.. 5 Campground 7&8 MUMMY MTN. TR.. MENDOZA TR.. Roop Rd.. Mendoza Ranch Lot

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