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v Clo d 236 R id ge T rail Co y 61 ad Ro 62 Family 63 Walk-in Sites 64 Ivers on Madrone Day Use n ad sc true Tr a il il Footbridges across Pescadero Creek are removed in the fall and replaced in late spring. S Circle d e ro Bridge Picnic Area: Group Camp Host Ranger Station Campfire Center Restrooms Campground Showers Campground: Group Telephone Campground: Hike & Bike Campground: RV Dogs Allowed on Leash Waterfall Water Faucet Map not to scale SPECIAL EVENTS: Weddings, family reunions, company picnics, and other group activities require a special permit. The Ramada Group Day-Use Area and the Campfire Center can be reserved for these events. Groups are limited to 75 people and 25 vehicles. Call (831) 335-3455. ADDITIONAL PARK INFORMATION: • Be aware that the last six miles of road to the park are steep, narrow, and winding. • Fill up the gas tank of your vehicle before driving to this area. The nearest gas station is 14 miles away in Sky Londa (the intersection of Hwys. 84 and 35). No gas is available in the park. • The nearest grocery store is nine miles away in La Honda (on Hwy. 84) • There is a pay phone outside the Visitor Center. mmit Trail Su Tiptoe Falls Ive O ld H aul R o ad (U ra il No dogs beyond this point np ) Picnic Area ed Bicycle Trail Iverson Trail av Locked Gate Parking k Ro vice ad er ved S Cree Unp a sca T on rs Accessible Campsite Accessible Feature © 2006 California State Parks (Rev. 2016) d Point LEGEND # Upper Escape Roa Old Tree Trail Ramada Group Day-Use Area Pe WILDLIFE: This is a CRUMB-CLEAN park. Portola is home to the endangered marbled murrelet, a seabird that nests in old-growth forest. The wildlife that is attracted to your food also preys on the marbled murrelet. Do not feed the wildlife. Leave no trace, not even a crumb. Park visitors are required to stay within arm’s reach of all food, trash, and any other food items (dirty dishes). This rule is strictly enforced. WARNING: Be aware of the presence of poison oak, stinging nettles, ticks, and yellow jackets. No day-use parking in campground areas. eq To Co Mem un ty orial Pa rk TRAILS: Free trail maps are provided at the Visitor Center. Detailed foundation maps can be purchased for $2 at the Visitor Center. If you would like to purchase one by mail, please send a $2 check made out to Portola and Castle Rock Foundation, and a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the park’s address. DAY USE AND PICNICS: Picnic sites and dayuse parking are available year round first-come, first-served. Picnic tables and barbecue grills are provided. There is a daily parking fee per vehicle. 53 Park Office & Visitor Center uoi a Na n so er Tra PLEASE RECYCLE: Recycling stations for aluminum cans, as well as plastic and glass bottles, are located throughout the park. Main Campground Tan Oak Day Use Pe Iv 39 38 4 er oC re ek 3 2 Here the rugged terrain of the Santa Cruz Mountains forms a deep canyon with a natural stream basin of mixed evergreen forest, featuring old and second growth redwoods. Popular activities include hiking, picnicking, exploring, camping, and backpacking. 30 8 7 9 6 5 Tr ai l il rs o Ive To Slate Creek Trail Camp 37 40 31 36 41 42 33 32 26 34 43 44 25 22 35 24 21 23 20 45 Hillside 47 19 Overflow 49 46 Parking 16 48 15 18 50 51 14 17 11 12 52 Huckleberry 10 Tr a io T r a il 9000 Portola State Park Road, #F • La Honda, CA 94020 (650) 948-9098 Slate Creek Trail Pom pon S Portola Redwoods State Park 27 Ravine ice erv Up per Escape Road Parking 9 d ve pa n U r s Cree k eP a St Saratoga 9 9 35 S ky lin Castle e Rock State Park e ot 29 Overflow 28 vd Bl R ale erd 1 Portola Redwoods State Park Big Basin Redwoods State Park l Pete La Honda Alpi neR R ero Butano State Park rt o Po Sk y ad sc Pe 280 vd Bl line age R d d 101 a 35 d O l d St 1 84 Pag e Mil l Rd 94 San Gregorio Mountain View 85 To Hwy. 35 (Skyline Blvd.) (Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space District and County Parks) at Palo Alto To Half Moon Bay Sky Londa rk R oa d Portola Redwoods State Park Iverson Cabin Site Poison oak Stinging nettle Tick Yellow jacket Banana slug WOOD: Wood collecting, including leaves and twigs, is not allowed. This material protects the soil, decaying over time and forming the natural mulch necessary for the health of the forest. VEHICLES: The wheels of all vehicles must stay on pavement. Park in designated spots only. No parking along the roads or in any dirt area. Day users park in Madrone or Tan Oak picnic areas. RULES AND REGULATIONS Because of the many visitors to this fragile area, the cooperation of everyone is needed to preserve the qualities that make Portola Redwoods State Park a very special place. Please remember to follow these rules and regulations. HOURS: The park is open at 6 a.m. for hiking and picnicking and closes at sunset (including all trails). Only registered campers in designated campsites may remain overnight. QUIET TIME: Quiet hours are 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. radios off, voices lowered to a whisper. Voices carry at night, and sound seems to be magnified in the still of the forest. Generators may operate from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. only. During the day, outside of “quiet hours,” electronic equipment, machinery, or other devices must be used at a low enough volume that the sound does not extend beyond your campsite or picnic area. DOGS: Dogs must be on leash (maximum 6 feet length) at all times and kept inside your tent or vehicle at night. Dogs are allowed on paved roads (campgound roads, the park entrance road, the service road between the Campfire Center and the Pescadero Bridge, and on Upper and Lower Escape Roads). Dogs are not allowed on trails, at any of the creeks, or in the county parks. FIRES: Fires must be completely out when not being personally tended. Scooters, skates, and skateboards are prohibited. FISHING: All of Portola’s streams are closed to fishing. All stream life, including crayfish, is protected. WEAPONS: Firearms, spears, bows and arrows, and slingshots are prohibited. HAMMOCKS or other lines may not be hung from trees less than 12 inches in diameter. Hammocks cannot be hung from any oak tree. GAMES: Ball games, Frisbee, badminton, and similar activites must be safe and not damage or impact natural resources. No bats, hardballs, nets, airsoft weapons, paint ball guns, or horseshoes. If in doubt, please ask staff. BICYCLING: Bicycles are restricted to the paved roads and are not allowed on Portola’s trails. Riders under 18 years of age must wear a helmet. Helmets are recommended for adults. OLD HAUL ROAD FOR BICYCLING: Access to the Old Haul Road in Pescadero County Park is via the Service Road (one mile). Turn right (west) for a five-mile ride through the redwoods to Memorial County Park. Return by the same route (10-mile roundtrip on a dirt road). There are also trails open to bicycles in Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space District located along Skyline Boulevard. CAMPGROUND INFORMATION: Check-in time is 2 p.m. Check-out time is noon. PAY SHOWERS are located in the Main Campground. FAMILY DRIVEIN CAMPSITES: Family drive-in campsites are in the Main Campground (limit 8 people per site, including children). The fee includes your first vehicle. There is a fee for additional vehicles. Campgrounds are closed November through March. GROUP CAMPS: All group camps are for tents only, no RVs, motor homes, or trailers and require a 50- to 200-yard walk from their parking areas. Reservations are required. Reserve group camps by calling (800) 444-7275. Limits on the number of persons, including children, are strictly enforced. • The Point and Circle Group Campgrounds each have a 50-person and 12-car limit. Circle and Point are adjacent to each other. • • Ravine Group Campground has a 25-person and 6-car limit. Hillside Group Campground has a 50-person and 12-car limit. Ravine and Hillside are adjacent to each other. TRAIL CAMPS: Six campsites are available at Slate Creek Trail Campground, a three-mile hike from park headquarters. Trail camps can be reserved by calling the trail camp reservation number at Big Basin Redwoods State Park, (831) 338-8861, during weekday business hours. Fires are prohibited, but backpack stoves are allowed. Water must be packed in or purified from nearby Slate Creek, about 1/4 mile from camp. No dogs allowed at trail camps. ADDITIONAL CAMPGROUND RULES: When you have registered and paid for one or more campsites, you must occupy them by setting up equipment in each one, so others will know the sites have been claimed. Failure to do this may result in your having to pick a different site when others claim a site left vacant. There are no RV hookups. The maximum length is 21 feet for trailers and 24 feet for motorhomes. RV sites are numbers 4, 7, 8, 9, and 19. JUVENILES: Juveniles (under 18 years of age) not camping with a parent or legal guardian must have written permission to camp here. Permission forms must include the park name, name of the juvenile, dates they are staying, and the name, address, phone number, and signature of parent. Children under 15 years of age may not camp without a parent present. CAMPING RESERVATIONS: Reservations are required for all campsites. If you do not have a reservation, check at the park office for a list of available sites. You may register for only one night at a time for a listed available site. You may not register for a site reserved by someone else. You may make camping reservations by calling (800) 444-7275 (TTY 800-274-7275). To make online reservations, visit our camping website at www.parks.ca.gov. ALTERNATE FORMAT: If you need this publication in an alternate format, contact interp@parks.ca.gov. For Emergency, Dial 911.

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