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brochure Picacho - General Hunting Information
PICACHO STATE RECREATION AREA GENERAL HUNTING INFORMATION This is a synopsis for general information only. All sportsmen are encouraged to read the complete California Hunting Regulations Booklets available where hunting licenses are sold or from the Calif. Dept. of Fish & Game (520) 783-2866. This sheet is hunting specific information only. Ask for a list of the California State Recreation Area general rules and regulations. Picacho has specific requirements for payment of fees, vehicle usage and other restrictions to help us protect all aspects of the fragile desert environment. NO HUNTING IS PERMITTED WITHIN THE ONE SQUARE MILE area centering on the Picacho main campground. No hunting is permitted within 150 yards of any occupied campsite. CALIFORNIA HUNTING LICENSE IS REQUIRED. Federal and state duck stamps are required to take migratory waterfowl. An upland game stamp is required to take dove or quail. ARIZONA HUNTING LICENSE REQUIRED to hunt the AZ side of the Colorado River and its backwaters. Check Arizona State requirements. For AZ and federal information call the Imperial National Wildlife Refuge at (520) 783-3371. HUNTING HOURS: In season, one half hour before sunrise to sunset, California time. METHODS AUTHORIZED: Shotguns 10 gauge or smaller, plugged to hold no more than THREE shells in the magazine and chamber combined. ONLY migratory game birds and quail, in season, may be taken in Picacho SRA. NO other hunting is permitted within our boundaries. (deer, rabbit, coyote, rattlesnake etc.) It is unlawful to place any bird carcasses within 150 feet of any water source. WITHIN PICACHO SRA, IT IS UNLAWFUL TO POSSESS ANY LOADED RIFLE OR HANDGUN. These weapons may be possessed in the park only when encased, unloaded and taken apart. Shotguns may be possessed loaded while hunting with a valid license only. Unload all shotguns before entering the campground area. Store your weapons safely and discreetly. STATEWIDE CALIFORNIA WEAPONS LAW  It is unlawful to hunt while intoxicated.  It is unlawful to shoot from a vehicle. (Some exceptions for the disabled – see regulations.)  It is unlawful to shoot from or near any road.  It is unlawful to shoot within 150 yards of any occupied dwelling, residence or occupied campsite.  It is unlawful to possess any loaded weapon in a motor vehicle or its attachments. ADDITIONAL INFO FOR HUNTERS NONTOXIC SHOT IS REQUIRED for waterfowl, American Coot and Common Moorhen hunting. DO NOT have lead shot anywhere in your blind or in your boat!!! Lead shot is banned against pheasants. Lead shot can still be used against quail and doves until July 1 st, 2019. Rifle ammo must be steel shot when hunting for fur bearers. It is unlawful to hunt while your scull boat or similar is under motorized power. This does not prohibit using motorized power to retrieve downed birds.

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