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Wel ! come Palomar Mountain State Park 19952 State Park Rd.• Palomar Mountain, CA 92060 • (760) 742-3462 California State Parks has established rules and regulations to protect park areas for the enjoyment of future generations as well as for the convenience and safety of park visitors. To ensure your visit is a pleasant one, please observe the following: Natural resources, plants and animal life are the principal attractions of most state parks. They are an integral part of the ecosystem and the natural community. As such they are protected by federal, state and park laws. Disturbance or destruction of these resources is strictly forbidden. Loaded firearms, air rifles and hunting are not allowed in the park. Dead and down wood is part of the natural environment. Decayed vegetation forms humus and assists the growth of trees and other plants. For this reason the gathering of down wood is prohibited. Fuel is sold in the park for your convenience. (When considered a hazard, down wood is removed by park personnel.) Fires are permitted only in facilities provided for this purpose. This is necessary to prevent disastrous forest fires. Portable stoves may be used in designated areas. It is the responsibility of every visitor to use extreme caution with any burning materials, including tobacco. All fireworks are prohibited. Dogs and other domestic animals are not permitted to run at large in state parks. Dogs or cats must be in tents or vehicles during nighttime hours. Dogs must be controlled on a leash no longer than six feet at all times, and they are prohibited on all trails and beaches except in designated areas. Loud noises are prohibited at all times, especially between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Engine-driven electric generators, which can disturb others, may be operated only between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. All vehicle travel must be confined to designated roads or areas. The speed limit for all vehicles is 15 mph. All vehicles and all drivers must be licensed. Parking is permitted only in designated areas. Blocking parking spaces is prohibited. Campsite use must be paid for in advance. To hold a campsite you must reserve it or occupy it. To prevent encroachment on others, the occupant limit of each campsite is eight people. Checkout time is noon. In order to accommodate the greatest number of visitors possible, the camping limit in any one campground is 30 days per calendar year. Refuse, including garbage, cigarettes, paper, boxes, bottles, ashes and other rubbish, shall be placed only in designated receptacles. Your pleasure and pride will be enhanced when you keep your park clean. Please clean up after yourself so that others may enjoy the beauty of this park. Palomar Mountain State Park 22 21 Do an 24 tur Na y e all eV Accessible Feature 20 ra il we Lo LEGEND 23 rail eT n oa rD eT C ek re Campfire Center 25 Parking 19 e an Do Locked Gate 27 18 26 16 Restrooms 17 Showers Trail 28 15 Doane Valley Campground 30 6 7 1 8 Camp Host Do © 2006 California State Parks ane Valle y 13 12 10 9 4 2 Map not to scale 11 29 5 3 14 il Nature Tra 31

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