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California State Railroad Museum Old Sacramento State Historic Park Our Mission The mission of California State Parks is to provide for the health, inspiration and education of the people of California by helping to preserve the state’s extraordinary biological diversity, protecting its most valued natural and cultural resources, and creating opportunities for high-quality outdoor recreation. Sacramento’s historic role as the commercial center of the California Gold Rush and terminus for the Pony Express The California State Railroad Museum and Old Sacramento State Historic Park are continually improving accessibility. Lift assists provide access to raised viewing areas and some railroad cars. Due to historic doorway widths and steep stepwells, not all exhibits and attractions are accessible. Inquire at the Railroad Museum Ticket Counter for a­dditional services, including wheelchair use, at (916) 323-9280. If you need this publication in an alternate format, contact CALIFORNIA STATE PARKS P.O. Box 942896 Sacramento, CA 94296-0001 For information call: (800) 777-0369 (916) 653-6995, outside the U.S. 711, TTY relay service California State Railroad Museum Corner of Second and I Streets Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 323-9280 © 2005 California State Parks (Rev. 2017) and America’s first transcontinental railroad is preserved in Old Sacramento State Historic Park and the California State Railroad Museum. A LL ABOARD! Widely regarded as North America’s finest and most popular railroad museum, the California State Railroad Museum houses more than 20 restored locomotives and railroad cars, along with thousands of smaller artifacts and a variety of exhibits in its 100,000-squarefoot main exhibition facility. Museum Theater  — “Evidence of a Dream,” a 20-minute, award-winning documentary on the railroad’s importance in developing California and making America, is shown on the hour. MAIN EXHIBIT HALL 1 The Transcontinental Railroad — Linking California with the U.S. 2 Nation-Building — Railroads were an essential element to create a modern nation. 3 Railroad Work, Railroad Life  — Human effort and enterprise changed America. 4 Travel by Train — Passenger travel during railroading’s Golden Age 5 American Icons  — Historic locomotives from different eras and the golden “Lost Spike” 6 Small Wonders  — Toy trains, children’s activity area, and changing exhibits This park receives support from a nonprofit organization. For more information contact: California State Railroad Museum Foundation 111 - I St. • Sacramento, CA 95814 • (916) 445-5995 Legend California State Railroad Museum FIRST LEVEL Accessible Feature Information Restrooms Stairway Roundhouse e tabl Turn Theaters (Entrance on Second Level) Elevator Elevator SECOND LEVEL Group Entrance Museum Store Museum Theater Ticket Ramp to Counter Theater MAIN ENTRANCE Theater Lobby FLOOR LAYOUT FIRST LEVEL THIRD LEVEL Children’s Play Area Toy Train Gallery THIRD LEVEL Become a Museum Member Enjoy such great benefits as free admission and free train rides. For more information or to join, visit the Ticket Counter or our website. Help Protect the Artifacts Smoking, food, drinks, and chewing gum are not allowed in the museum. Please do not touch or climb on exhibits. Elevator SECOND LEVEL Museum docents are always available to assist you. Photography Hand-held, noncommercial photography and video recordings are permitted. Tripods are not allowed in the museum. Commercial photography and filming should be arranged in advance. See back panel of brochure for accessibility information. OLD SACRAMENTO STATE HISTORIC PARK The California State Railroad Museum complex is located within Old Sacramento State Historic Park —  itself a portion of the Old Sacramento Historic District. News of the 1848 discovery of gold in nearby Coloma (site of Sutter’s Mill and today home to Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park) traveled quickly around the world, drawing thousands of people to the Sierra Nevada foothills and kicking off the California Gold Rush. Originally part of the New Helvetia land grant of Captain John Sutter, Sacramento sits at the confluence of the Sacramento and American Rivers. The commercial center of the California Gold Rush, it became a crossroads of transportation — connected by steamboats to San Francisco, by supply roads to mining regions, and to Folsom by the first railroad in the West. Despite floods, fires, and epidemics, Sacramento became California’s capital in 1854. The center of the commercial district gradually moved east, and the Sacramento riverfront became neglected. In the mid1960s, a redevelopment plan took shape. Today, with 53 historic commercial structures sited on 28 acres, Old Sacramento is a National Historic Landmark. California State Parks owns and operates a number of original and reconstructed buildings, mostly accessible, as part of Old Sacramento State Historic Park. B.F. Hastings Building This 1853 structure housed the owner’s bank, Hastings & Company, and Wells, Fargo & Company. It also served as the western terminus for the Pony Express. California’s Supreme Court held session here between 1855 and 1869. Today the building houses the Old Sacramento Visitor Center and the Wells Fargo History Museum. Tehama Block From 1850 to 1851, this reconstructed Greek Revival building housed numerous business ventures. Eagle Theatre Built in 1849, the Eagle Theatre is a reconstruction of the first theater built in California. Made with a wood frame, canvas walls, and a tin roof, it provided entertainment for only three months before the flood of January 4, 1850, destroyed it. See museum for hours (museum ticket good for theater entry). CM&T Co. Building This reconstructed 1849 building was originally home to the Connecticut Mining & Trading Company, an auction and commission business, and general merchandise firms. Big Four Building Housing the Stanford Brothers Warehouse and the Huntington & Hopkins Hardware Store from the late 1850s into the 1880s, this building was also the first headquarters of the Central Pacific Railroad. First floor —The mid-nineteenth century Huntington & Hopkins Hardware Store has been reconstructed. See museum for hours. Second floor  —The Railroad Museum Library, North America’s finest railroad-only reference library, is open Tuesday through Saturday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Dingley Spice Mill Building After arriving in San Francisco in February 1850, Nathaniel Dingley settled in Sacramento to operate a coffee and spice business. Constructed following Sacramento’s disastrous 1852 fire, the Dingley Spice Mill is restored to its circa 1860 appearance. Central Pacific Railroad Passenger Station The station is a reconstruction of the western terminus of America’s first transcontinental railroad circa 1876. It is complete with ticket office, telegraph office, main waiting room, and a separate waiting room for ladies and children only. Open daily for tours (museum ticket is good for station entry). Central Pacific Railroad Freight Depot The museum’s steam- and diesel-powered excursion trains arrive and depart from this reconstructed late 1800s transcontinental railroad freight station. Departures are on weekends, April through September, hourly 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Special holiday “theme” trains depart on selected weekends October through December (a separate ticket is required). Dining car docent explains meal service. I Street Bridge Old Sacramento State Historic Park to Amtrak California State Railroad Museum Sacramento History Museum Big Dingley Four Spice Building Mill Building Central Pacific Railroad Passenger Station 5 I Street 99 P P 1849 Scene CM&T Co. Building Pony Express Monument Eagle Theatre Tehama Block B.F. Hastings Building J Street to J Street P Second Street Central Pacific Railroad Freight Depot Front Street Sacramento River OLD SACRAMENTO S TAT E HISTORIC PA R K pedestrian walkway to downtown and P K Street Legend Paved Road Pedestrian Walkway Trail: Hike Trail: Hike & Bike 5 P 99 Park Boardwalk Theodore Judah Monument L Street City of Sacramento 160 Park Building Old Sacramento SHP Neasham Circle 275 Information P Parking Restrooms BUS 80 P Train Rides 5 south entry Tower Bridge © 2005 California State Parks (Rev. 2017) Capitol Mall 0 100 200 300 Feet 0 30 60 90 Meters St Accessible Feature 5th Non-Park Building Bro BUS CA State Capitol Sutter’s 80 Museum J St Fort L S SHP NSt t SACRAMENTO adw ay 0 1 Mi 0 1.5 Km 99 160 50 99

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