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Ocotillo Wells


brochure Ocotillo Wells - Wildflowers
DESERT e d i u g r e w o l f d l i W Ocotillo Wells SVRA Sand Verbena, Abronia villosa Common, in sandy soils throughout the park Phacelia, Phacelia crenulata Common, under shrubs in sandy, gravelly soils Desert Heron’s Bill, Erodium texanum Occasional, in sandy soils near Ranger Station Desert Five-Spot, Eremalche rotundifolia Occasional, in gravelly soils east to County Line Spanish Needles, Palafoxia arida Common, all areas of the park except badlands Arizona Lupine, Lupinus arizonicus Occasional, in most areas of the park Orcutt’s Aster, Xylorhiza orcuttii Common, in washes in northern area of the park Chia, Salvia columbariae Unusual, seen a few times near Barrel Springs Salton Milkvetch, Astragalus crotalariae Occasional, throughout the park Arrow Weed, Pluchea sericea Abundant, in washes throughout the park White Rhatany, Krameria grayi Occasional, in dry sandy, gravelly soils Dyeweed, Psorothamnus emoryi Common, throughout the park except badlands Bristly Gilia, Langloisia setosissima Occasional, in sandy, gravel soils in western area Desert Ironwood, Olneya tesota Common, in western low plains and near washes Desert Willow, Chilopsis linearis Common, in San Felipe Creek wash Indigo Bush, Psorothamnus schotti Common, on slopes, benches and in washes Spectacle Pod, Dithyrea californica Occasional, in southern area of the park Smoke Tree, Psorothamnus spinosa Occasional, in washes Apricot Mallow, Sphaeralcea ambigua Common, in southeastern area in disturbed soils Ocotillo, Fouquieria splendens Common, in dry rocky soils Catclaw, Acacia greggii Occasional, in sandy soils in western area Honey Mesquite, Prosopis glandulosa Common, in sandy washes Fourwing Saltbush, Atriplex canescens Common, throughout the park Frost Mat, Achyronychia cooperi Common, in sandy areas Ground Cherry, Physalis crassifolia Common, in rocks at base of East Butte Burro Bush, Ambrosia dumosa Abundant, throughout the park Creosote Bush, Larrea tridentata Common, throughout the park Blue Palo Verde, Parkinsonia florida Common, in washes throughout the park Chinchweed, Pectis papposa Common, throughout the park after summer rains Hairy Lotus, Lotus spigosus Frequent, on flats and plains SweetBush, Bebbia juncea Frequent, on plains east of County Line Brittlebush, Encelia farinosa Occasional, in rocky soils in western area of park Desert Sunflower, Geraea canescens Common, throughout the park Desert Dandelion, Malacothrix glabrata Rare, in western area of the park Little Gold Poppy, Eschscholzia minutiflora Occasional, in washes and disturbed soils Evening Primrose, Camissonia californica Occasional, around Ranger Station Jimson Weed, Datura wrightii Uncommon, near Benson Dry Lake Desert Star, Monoptilon bellioides Fairly common, throughout the park Rock Daisy, Perityle emoryi Fairly common, in the western area of the park Pebble Pincushion, Chaenactis carphoclinia Occasional, in western alluvial and sandy areas Desert Lily, Hesperocallis undulata Uncommon, in sandy soils throughout the park Brown-Eyed Primrose, Camissonia claviformis Common, in sandy, gravelly soils Dune Evening Primrose, Oenothera deltoides Common, in deeper sandy washes and dunes Ghost Flower, Mohavea confertiflora Unusual, in sandy washes and gravelly slopes Desert Chicory, Rafinesquia neomexicana Common, under shrubs in sandy, gravelly soils Popcorn Flower, Cryptantha sp. Common, in sandy, gravelly soils 6/25/13

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