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Ocotillo Wells SVRA Visitor Guide Your Adventure Starts Here... Photo courtesy of Chris Davilla Inside... Is this your first visit to Ocotillo Wells SVRA or have you been visiting for years and lost track of how many times you’ve ridden the trails of OW? In either case, you need to turn the page and get ready to experience the park like never before! This visitor guide is full of info for the rookie and desert rat alike. As always: stay safe, have fun, and enjoy! C ongratulations! You have made a successful getaway to Ocotillo Wells SVRA. Desert adventurers of all ages will find guaranteed thrills and plenty of room for relaxing here. Use this Visitor Guide to answer almost any question you might have about safe travel habits and awesome destinations.You’ll also get the scoop on action-packed exhibits and events that the whole family will enjoy. Photo courtesy of Nick De La Torre Hop on your ride to explore your 85,000 acres. Challenges await any type of off-road vehicle. Whatever your speed or ability, you’ll find enough variety and discoveries to make your day. Greetings from the “Super”! You’ll ride through territory that has been home over five million years to mollusks, walruses, jaguars, and mammoths. You might spot evidence of preOHV human lifestyles from oil prospecting to hippie hangouts. Fascinating landforms and endless skies will inspire you. Photo courtesy of Sarah Perez Find a sweet camp spot... Your senses will sharpen as darkness falls. You’ll notice a wild world that features geckos, scorpions, bats, and kit foxes that are all welladapted to life with little rain. At the end of your day, you’ll sit back and reflect on your travels with a smile on your face. And you’ve just scratched the surface of this fascinating place.You’ll be back. Bring a friend! Garratt Aitchison, District Superintendent On behalf of the Ocotillo Wells SVRA staff, I would like to welcome you to your playground of adventure, recreation, and discovery. Roughly one million visitors make their way to our desert each year. While offroad vehicle recreation is the major draw to this park, you will quickly discover that this place is home to a variety of plants and animals. In addition, we are proud to be the keepers of significant historic sites and geologic wonders. Be sure to Tread Lightly! The stewardship of your park is appreciated. T Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area Ar op 19 Destinations Photo courtesy of Anna Stirling 1 Pumpkin Patch These round rocks were created long ago when the climate was wet, then shaped through centuries of erosion. Sadly, the Pumpkin Patch has shrunk over the years. Leave the “pumpkins” here so your grandchildren can take their grandchildren to see the “Patch.” Photo courtesy of Shellene Manning 2 Shell Reef About five million years ago, this desert was covered by a sea. At the top of Shell Reef, one can see the proof: a five-foot thick layer of fossilized shells. This hard “coquina” resists erosion so well it has preserved the ridge, and a window to the past. Devil’s Slide 3 This ancient mountain nub was once the site of gold prospecting. People have reported seeing ghostly lights here, usually at night after rare rainstorms. Nowadays, its dark rock face and nearby sands present a popular challenge for a variety of OHVs. 4 Discovery Center This is your “one-stop shop” at OW. Learn about your desert through exhibits. Stock up on water and maps. Get face time with knowledgeable staff. Enjoy the accessible nature trail, shaded picnic area, and come by later for night programs in the amphitheater. 5 Blowsand Hill Strong winds have piled sand in this notch. The finest, lightest sand grains are deposited on the top; the larger, heavier grains collect at the bottom. This is the most impressive concentration of sand at Ocotillo Wells, and a popular, fun spot to ride. Photo courtesy of Adam Gaeth PAGE 2 Visitors Guide Ocotillo Wells SVRA is committed to the principles of Tread Lightly! This simple, common sense framework is an excellent way to ensure continued access to public lands for OHV recreation by respecting the places we all share. Travel Responsibly Respect the Rights of Others Educate Yourself Avoid Sensitive Areas Do Your Part By following these guidelines, you are helping conserve OWSVRA. For more info, go to Coral Wash Arch 6 This astounding arch is roughly 1.6 miles west of Highway 86 along Coral Wash, a wash located in the area known as “Truckhaven.” Driving up Coral Wash offers technical challenges and maneuvers while winding between the narrow walls lined with prehistoric layers. 7 Photo courtesy of Allen Seligson Tectonic Gorge This huge canyon and neighboring badlands is not only a popular place for riding. It was also the location for the series finale of The X-Files, but don’t count on seeing Scully or Mulder. The filmmakers blew up the set...then completely cleaned it up. Tule Spring 8 Following a subterranean fault line, water from the mountains trickles out here. Named for the rare tule reeds that grow here, Tule Spring is also very popular with the local wildlife as you can see in this shot from one of our motion-activated cameras. Barrel Springs 10 Sand holds water like a sponge here, allowing thorny mesquite to grow and providing food and shelter for many animals. Prospectors even drew water from a barrel placed in a hole, hence the name. Badgers are sometimes seen here. That’s right, OW has badgers! Gas Domes 9 Amazingly, this weird waterhole stays wet year-round and produces a stream of gas that bubbles up through the muddy water. This “crown jewel” of Ocotillo Wells also offers views of the Salton Sea-a salty, below sealevel lake accidentally created in 1905. Stay on trails on the east side of Poleline Road. PAGE 3 Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area T op 19 Destinations Photo courtesy of Aryonna Castillo Dusty 11 This steep hill is used as a navigation point for exploring the Truckhaven region. The peak of this unique point is topped with a novelty phone booth. Nearby, one can find some intriguing pieces of “off-road folk art,” including totem poles and a concrete motorcycle. Main Street Event Center Opened in 2015, this ADA-accessible facility is available for rental and is the ideal location for your events. The enclosed area provides tables, shade ramadas, a central fire pit, grills, electrical outlets, lighting, and is adjacent to showers and restrooms. For further information, call 760-767-0166. 12 13 Soens Youth Track Enclosed and lined with protective hay bales, the Youth Track provides a safe riding area for children to practice. It is for riders 12 and under on 70cc engines or less, and is dedicated to Harold Soens, who worked tirelessly to open up the world of OHVs to kids. Holmes Camp 14 Denner ASI Track ATV Safety Institute classes are offered here. Children or accompanying adults must have an ATV Safety Certificate to ride (see page 14 for more details). This facility was named for Roy Denner, a champion of OHV recreation. PAGE 4 15 Once the homestead of a local turkey rancher (who planted the shady tamarisk trees that still stand), today Holmes Camp is a popular camping location. This site features two fullyaccessible ADA campsites, as well as pay showers and much-needed shade. Visitors Guide 16 Truckhaven 4x4 Training Area In March 2011, Ocotillo Wells SVRA was proud to unveil this new adrenaline-fueled addition. Spread across 30 acres in the northern section of our park, it consists of 23 colorfully-named, top-of-theline obstacles constructed from huge tires, logs, concrete tubes, boulders, concrete, dirt, and more. These obstacles are ranked in three difficulty ratings and await the brave (or crazy). This one-of-akind, state-of-the-art destination is the result of a dynamic partnership between CA State Parks, Tierra Del Sol, and W.E. Rock. The course was designed to protect the area’s desert feel. Included as a shaded, vehicle-free, observation area, with picnic tables and restrooms, from which to watch the action. See you there! Photo courtesy of Raymond Holt Artesian Well 17 In 1919, a derrick built here drilled for oil, but hit geothermal water instead. The well was abandoned, but became a local landmark. Today a plane fuel tank holds water, and palm trees have been planted. Panels here detail the search for “black gold” at Ocotillo Wells. Old Hippie Commune 18 This was home to a counter-culture commune in the early 1970s (seen below in a historic photo). Trailers, shacks, a cellar, and even a bus housed the “hippies.” Little remains except the concrete foundations for windmills that generated electricity and pumped water. Far-out man! The de Anza Trail San Felipe Wash is the historic route of two epic expeditions led by the Spanish officer Anza in the 1770s. Anza guided about 240 settlers from Mexico to San Francisco Bay. Waysides detailing the experiences of these heroic settlers invite you to follow in their footsteps. 19 Artwork courtesy of Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail. PAGE 5 Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area Destination Discovery Photo courtesy of Italo D’Alessio Native Plant Garden Begin an exploration right outside the Discovery Center door. Our breathtaking Colorado Desert is one of the harshest environments on earth, receiving less than five inches of rain in most years. As such, the plants found in our native garden are among the most adaptable to be found anywhere. From the towering blue palo verde trees to the heavily-clad barrel cacti, each native plant not only survives but thrives in its beautiful and remarkable way. Perennials, trees, cacti, and some annuals are labeled for your convenience. Bring a camera and our Wildflower Guide in the spring for a spectacular show of blooms. Walking Path Beyond the garden, continue on the 1/3 mile ADA-compliant paved loop for a relaxing stroll. Bring a picnic or a snack— the ocotillo-inspired ramadas and tables along the way are perfect spots to munch and tank up on lemonade. Beyond the amphitheater, the garden gives way to native vegetation that teems with wildflowers in spring. Look for birds nesting in native trees and desert iguanas on the ground below. Finish the loop after passing alongside our RC course. Wander back to the Amphitheater on weekend evenings for stargazing, scorpion safaris, and nocturnal “creature features.” Tread Lightly! RC Course Conquer some new terrain! Bring your remote-controlled vehicles for some rock crawling fun on our Tread Lightly! RC scale trail. Test your nerve and your vehicle on more than a dozen obstacles, including bridges, hairpin turns, tunnels, and other challenges. Kids from ages 3 to 93 can explore these manmade, yet very natural-looking features, both with your own rigs and with RC vehicles available for use during our Tread Lightly! afternoon RC events. PAGE 6 Visitors Guide Festivals Photo courtesy of Darla Underwood Halloween Spooktacular Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Welcome to our nightmare! Werewolf wannabes and goblin guests come trick-or-treating at dusk and mingle with monsters and superheroes of all ages. Eerie sounds from our haunted hut beckon the brave. If you’re not terrified after that, check out the disgusting remains of Dead Edgar. Warm nights at the end of October guarantee that your family will be able to observe glowing scorpions and prowling bats. These nocturnal beasts that call OW home might seem creepy and crawly, but you’ll learn their special ways of trick-or-treating on this spooky night. After competing in our costume contest, enjoy a campfire treat. First Day Ride You will definitely start the new year off right by gearing up for our family-oriented First Day Ride. Families plan and follow their own adventure routes through the park to begin the day. Afterward, they head back to the Discovery Center to log their miles and share their stories.Young riders take part in games and other activities that spotlight safety, riding responsibly, and off-road fun. The community of OW riders is like one big family, and you’ll feel like you’re a part of it after this event! Photo courtesy of Samantha Black Kids Adventure Connection The Kid’s Adventure Connection is an action-packed weekend designed to open up the outdoors to California’s children and their families. Kids spend the weekend exploring the desert while discovering what makes Ocotillo Wells such a fascinating place. Activities include scavenger hunts, desert animal games, seed-planting, stargazing, trail rides, demonstrations, and, of course, camping under the stars. Group meals are enjoyed around the campfire, with everyone sharing laughs and exciting stories from the day. This family-focused event is a “mustdo” for Ocotillo Wells’ kids! Photo courtesy of Marilynn Chavez Hot Stars & Heavenly Bodies Ocotillo Wells’ annual astronomy festival is out of this world. For this special weekend rangers, scientists, and astronomy enthusiasts of all ages gather for a celebration of the cosmos. From fun-filled Junior Ranger activities during the day to great dark sky stargazing at night, “Hot Stars & Heavenly Bodies” is sure to offer something for everyone. The weekend’s festivities blast off Friday night and continue through Saturday night. Attractions include solar viewing, a range of amazing telescopes, guest speakers, constellation tours, astronomy-themed activities, a slew of cosmic videos, and, of course, free hot cocoa! We hope you’ll join us for part or all of what is sure to be a stellar event! Photo courtesy of Derik Thoma Bug-a-palooza Come springtime, Ocotillo Wells bursts to life amidst a cascading chorus of chirping, buzzing, and whirring wings. Bug-a-palooza is a celebration of all things creepy and crawly. From beetles to butterflies to arachnids and more, the sheer variety on display in the desert is an insectivore’s delight! This weekend-long event features interpretive displays, insect-focused Junior Ranger programs, guest speakers, bug “magnets,” and a night tour to search for the infamous giant desert hairy scorpion! Guests are invited to explore the desert from a bug’s eye view, examining how the web of life here derives much of its diversity from these crafty critters. PAGE 7 Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area Programs Photo courtesy of Joshua Seavey Off-Highway Adventure Tour Series Off-Highway PAL What do bobcat latrines, X-Files set locations, casts of mammoth femurs, and glow-in-the-dark scorpions have in common? They can all be spotted during OffHighway Adventure Tours at Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area, of course! Ocotillo Wells sponsors the OHPAL program that pairs at-risk youth with instructors and equipment. The program uses the appeal of OHV recreation as a “gateway activity” to welcome young people into a learning environment that promotes responsible recreation. Whether your interests lie in local history, the surprising complexities of desert geology, night-time off-roading under the full moon, or the ancient (and surprisingly water-filled) history of the Borrego Valley, we’ve got a tour to fit the bill. Regardless of skill level, tour leaders strive to make every experience rewarding for a wide variety of folks. Whether you’re a curious beginner, a seasoned offroader, or a somewhere inbetweener, the Off-Highway Adventure series at Ocotillo Wells is sure to provide a unique way of experiencing the desert to the fullest. Safety is of paramount importance to our knowledgeable tour leaders. As such, participants are required to have a highclearance 4-wheel drive vehicle, snacks & water, and— perhaps most importantly—a sense of adventure! Tours meet at a variety of locations Along the way you’ll have an throughout Ocotillo Wells opportunity to test your off- SVRA, most frequently right roading skills in some of the at the Discovery Center off more seldom-visited locations Highway 78 at Ranger Station the park has to offer. Road. Off-Highway Adventure Tour participants frequently come back for more. When asked about the experience, one happy visitor responded: “I had a GREAT day of adventure. I learned so much about the composition of the desert that I had never known. Great fun and excellent info!” Tours take place most weeks of the winter season. For more detailed information regarding specific tours, give us a call at (760)7675370. Brochures highlighting each tour can be obtained at the Ocotillo Wells SVRA Discovery Center. We hope you’ll join us for a fun, excitement-filled adventure! Photos courtesy of the Richardsons, Franks, and Seligsons PAGE 8 Guides At Your Fingertips Since you can’t comfortably carry one of our park naturalists around in your glove compartment, we offer five Desert Guides to visitors. Pick up these booklets from the Discovery Center or one of our Traveling Exhibits and you’ll be able to show off your knowledge of the birds, mammals, reptiles, bugs and wildflowers of Ocotillo Wells. Next thing you know, you’ll be one smart “desert rat.” S DE ER DESERT r guide T d al i gu M e s ell m am tillo Wildflowe DE Ocotillo Wells SVRA RA SE bU SV G W o Oc Tr ac ks ab t 50 ou n n Lyn Pho to by Joh te yo ans Co is latr W ell Com mon sS Da rk lin d Phacelia, bo in th g B Phacelia crenulata ee in sandy, gravelly soils e shrubs Common, dy under leng pa rk tle, th ne ly e VR A foun 1-1 1 ar Eleode /2 in and s sp ch unde . es r ve ge lar, bu ld in tatio Ph oto n tu fo ooth n; © 20 ofte that sm 08 is pes s a ds or Aa ron scat d ro at ha t en inch Sc hu Com In ore; ente . Sc blun to 1 ng. ste ff rniv gm es ith lo mon flate Ca ng se selv ce w 7/16 es Ele rtm lout them rfa end; 9 inch wildly se d B Com ga onWiscter su inty to flowen w eetl n ou h e po er, 3 mon t B ers; ande e, Cy et ly list ondiam bo ring steo fo er dy th de fameund B leng e de mus ee siz ily fe th 1 sert arm tual ; bo edin tle, ac /4 - 3 floo atus dy g on Eupo of /4 in r % le fl m ng ow ph ch arou t 50 th 1 er ou Erodium texanum nd a el Desert Heron’s Bill, Five-Spot, Eremalche rotundifolia ab /4 - 1 s of Desert eg ks /2 in Occasional, th an Occasional, in sandy in gravelly soils east to County Line ac soils near Ranger Station Tr ch e sunf s eleg low ans Ph oto Ph oto Can illo ce fruit aran ir pe with ap at little d ha an with scat . Sc ith s re; diet lar w bone pe ch ro 8 in . nivo s on bu with d Om pend is tu at tapere 1-3/ long de nuts g. Sc d 8 to ches or istin ed ands; 3/ 13 in tw twist d en to 5 is inte er, e Verbena, Sand po ametAbronia villosa siz di Common, in sandy soils throughout the park tual ac of % RT gu id Oc ot © 20 07 Ha er n n Lyn Pho S DE t bca fus Bo is ru Fel to by Joh ER T © e d bir o otill Oc 20 10 Aa ron Sc Com M hu ste ff sp mon ast ring ly er an foun Bli d ea d st rly feed er su ing Bee mm on er; a tle, bo vari Ly dy et tta leng y of mag th 3 flow ister /4 -1 1 er /4 in s du ch ring es id gu RA SV ells W DE SE Rep RT til eg Oc otill uid e oW ell ber & s SVR Du A ne s SV RA He tt ico Long by Don End k -nto aw Pho ed’s H oni Gamoson Pho Lens to by opy Bru ainsbelia swaior ce Ed w ard Sw teo at ley Bu Migr islizen Lizard ii to Pho by JR Dou gla ss, NPS k aw d H is ile cens t d-ta mai siden Re teo ja nd re ou Bu Year -r Dip Deser sosa t Ig uras uana dors alis k aw ’s H erii © 200 7 Ron lf Wo er coop op Co piter atory Acci Migr e Pho to by © ss ce 5 Joy s San 200 gui Cri 3, 200 Gro no ltur Vu ra ey s au resid Turktharte ring Fall- Ca te Win Col Des eony ert B Pho x va ande to by rieg d G Bru ce Ed atus ecko ley vari egat us ent r-Sp Com m Saur on C om huck alus wal ater la Pho to by Bru ce Ed ley CHECK IT OUT... Ocotillo Wells SVRA is on Facebook! Please “Like” Us (after all, we like you) Trading Cards Our park is certainly in the big leagues. What better way to celebrate our desert all-stars than with trading cards. Ocotillo Wells SVRA offers more than 180 unique cards featuring our MVPs from the animal, plant, geologic, historic, and OHV leagues. Some are hidden in geocaches; some are waiting “on deck” at the Discovery Center; others are available at our Mobile Park Exhibits or on tours, and new ones are always coming off the bench. Collect the whole set! 5 Visitors Guide MUST SEE Programs! Mobile Park Exhibits Making your riding destinations more enticing since 2009! For times, dates and locations, check the Discovery Center, our website, or the park bulletin boards. Join our e-mail list for updates and follow us on Facebook. Photo courtesy of Derik Thoma 1 Desert Animal Extravaganza An up-close and personal look into the lives of some of Ocotillo Wells’ year-round residents! From lizards to snakes, badgers to coyotes, tarantulas to black widows, plus bugs of all shapes and sizes — OW has its share of amazing creatures. Be sure you see the live, glow-in-the-dark scorpion! 3 Gnarly Beasts Of The Past What is the gnarliest beast to ever call Ocotillo Wells home? Imagine a time when massive mammoths and ancient camels were hunted by hungry saber-tooth cats. Picture a shark the size of an RV chasing walruses through the sea above Shell Reef. Discover these and other megacritters at the Gnarly Beasts of the Past. 2 Stargazing Join us at our amphitheater for an incredible look at our dark side—the night sky. Our park astronomers will amaze you with views of the Milky Way, distant galaxies, nebulae, stars, and planets through our 11-inch telescope. You will revel in close-ups of the Moon’s craters and lunar seas. Secrets of the Salton Sea 4 Delve into the story of California’s largest and most misunderstood lake. A variety of maps, newspaper articles, and illustrations help you understand the past, present, and future of the nearby Salton Sea. Check out vintage photographs of the Salton Sea when it was a paradise beach vacation destination. We even bring a sample of the modern beach to you. 5 Junior Rangers Discover the amazing geology, history, wildlife, and other secrets of the desert at your favorite offhighway park, and earn a sweet Junior Ranger badge through our Junior Ranger programs located at the Ocotillo Wells Discovery Center. Join us for an actionpacked afternoon of games, crafts, and exciting fun-filled activities that will make this magical place come alive. There is no better way to discover the desert than learning about the desert! Get your kid a head start at being a responsible, educated rider. These programs are for kids ages 7 to 12. Activities take approximately 45 minutes. Check at the Discovery Center, our weekly schedule, e-mail, or Facebook post for times, dates, and weekly themes. Mini Rangers Designed specifically for 3-6 year olds, this program gives your kids an early start on understanding their desert with games, crafts, activities, and more! This program is full of fun experiences that will give your little one a greater appreciation for where they ride! Traveling School Programs Have you ever secretly wanted to pack up the desert and bring it home to share with your students? There is no need to get your bags sandy because our park educators can take the desert to you! Ocotillo Wells SVRA is proud to offer Traveling School Programs for area elementary classes. Through these programs students have the opportunity to explore desert wildlife in an interactive and educational experience. With the use of displays, crafts, and games, our park educators share our local critters and their adaptations to this harsh land. Rest assured, this program is designed to meet curriculum standards. If you are interested in scheduling a program, or for more details, please contact us at (760) 767-5393. PAGE 9 Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area Get Involved Photo courtesy of Andrew Jarvis @muscle_up_jarvis The Friends of Ocotillo Wells Founded in 2008, the Friends of Ocotillo Wells is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting, preserving and promoting offhighway vehicle recreation at Ocotillo Wells SVRA and the surrounding area. The Friends help provide a variety of programs and resources for this unique riding area. These include boosting our educational programs, coordinating desert cleanups, and the general promotion of the park, not to mention various other projects. Currently, Friends of Ocotillo Wells has a board made up of dedicated off-road enthusiasts who, in conjunction with guidance from park management, direct the association for the benefit of Ocotillo Wells SVRA. We encourage you to become a member of the Friends of Ocotillo Wells and enjoy the benefits and satisfaction that come with supporting Ocotillo Wells SVRA. Membership benefits include an online newsletter, discounted merchandise, stickers, and more. Because Friends of Ocotillo Wells is a nonprofit organization, membership fees are also tax deductible. Want to be a part? Just fill out the form and mail it to: Friends of Ocotillo Wells 5172 Hwy. 78 #10 Borrego Springs, CA 92004 Or you can simply log on to Volunteer Opportunities Volunteering at Ocotillo Wells SVRA is a rich and rewarding way to share your knowledge and passion for the desert and the off-roading sport, as well as learning new things along the way. The opportunities here offer many diverse activities and assignments that can fit into almost anyone’s lifestyle. From park host to roving the trails, you are sure to find something that is both fun and rewarding. Here are some of the opportunities we offer: • Desert clean-up crews • Hosts for the Truckhaven 4X4 Area • Help with festivals • Archaeological site stewards • Volunteer patrols Contact us now and let the fun begin! PAGE 10 Visitors Guide Critical Info Emergency? CALL 911 Ocotillo Wells Rangers provide 24-hour emergency services. The three nearest hospitals are: Pioneers Memorial in Brawley (760) 351-3333; Palomar Medical Center in Escondido (442) 281-5000; John F Kennedy Memorial in Indio (760) 347-6191. Stay safe while riding. Alcohol Beverages containing alcohol may only be possessed and consumed within established campsites. Do not carry alcohol while out riding or away from camp. Open Camping The park does not take reservations, nor does it charge for open camping. Open camping is permitted in most of the park for 30 days per calendar year. No permits, passes, or stickers are necessary. See park map for more information. Weather The desert here is a land of extremes. Be prepared for quick swings in temperature, especially in winter. Intense winds are common and flash flood danger exists year-round. Seasoned “desert rats” wear layers of clothing. Always carry water and a map with you. Be aware of your environment at all times. Respect Plants & Animals Do not capture, disturb, harm, hunt, or harass wildlife. It is unlawful to ride over, burn, cut, disturb or remove trees and plants. Respect these living things and we can keep this park open and available for future generations. Firearms It is unlawful to possess or discharge any weapons in the park. Nearby public lands maintained by the Bureau of Land Management are available for shooting. Contact the BLM or stop by the Discovery Center for info. No Collecting Everything that you find in the park—rocks, artifacts, plants, animals, etc.—needs to stay in the park. Sadly, through the years, places like the Pumpkin Patch have shrunk due to collecting. If trash looks old, leave it where you found it. Historic “trash” tells an archaeologist a lot about how this place was used in the past. Park Radio Station To keep informed, tune into the park’s informational radio station, AM 1620, Radio Rock-otillo. We broadcast current events, fun facts, park policies, and reminders about our programs and services. Sky Lanterns The use of sky lanterns spreads litter across the park and also creates unsafe fire conditions. The use of sky lanterns within Ocotillo Wells SVRA is prohibited. Accessibility California State Parks supports equal access. Prior to arrival, visitors with disabilities who need assistance should contact the Discovery Center at (760) 7675393 or 711 relay service. This publication can be made available in alternate formats. BURNING PALLETS EQUALS FLAT TIRES! When a pallet is burned, the nails remain. With up to 180 nails per pallet, that’s 180 chances to get a flat tire! No pallets at Ocotillo Wells SVRA. + Fireworks You are not allowed to possess or discharge any fireworks, rockets, pyrotechnics, or explosives within Ocotillo Wells SVRA. Litter Nothing ruins our desert scenery like litter. Properly dispose of trash in the dumpsters provided by the park. Strong wind conditions can blow litter, so keep it bagged at your camp. Don’t forget to recycle. Firewood Only natural and untreated wood products are permitted for campfires. You = cannot transport, possess, or burn pallets. Collecting native wood in the park is prohibited. RV Dumping You are not allowed to dump waste water (“gray” or “black”) into toilets, on the ground, or into any standing water. Facilities are available in nearby communities. Military Munitions This area was a military training site. Potentially dangerous ordnance may remain in the area. If you come across any munitions, leave them there and contact a Park Ranger. Do Not Touch! Save Your Pets’ Lives Each riding season, numerous pets are lost in OWSVRA. Loud noises like the sounds of engines or illegal fireworks startle pets and cause them to run off. Left unattended or allowed to wander off leash, your pets could become a meal for our local coyotes. •Please keep pets under direct supervision at all times. •Control pets on a leash no more than 6 feet long. •Make sure your pet has ID tags on its collar. Following these steps will help to keep your pets safe. PAGE 11 Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area 5172 Highway 78,, Box Park Rules and Regulations You are responsible for knowing park rules and regulations. All provisions of the California Vehicle Code are enforced. A copy may be found at: If you have questions, please contact the park staff, stop at the Discovery Center, or call (760) 767-5393. The term OHV means off-highway vehicle. Any motor vehicle operated off-highway is an OHV. A highway licensed vehicle is an OHV when operated off of the highway. Vehicles having green and red stickers are OHVs. ALCOHOL: Open container and DUI laws apply off-highway just as they do on-highway. Don’t drink and drive. Alcohol is only allowed in your campsite. REACH AND OPERATE ALL CONTROLS: All operators of off-highway vehicles must be able to reach and operate all controls. REGISTRATION: When operating an OHV, you must display either a license plate or an OHV sticker. OHV stickers include “Green Stickers,” “Red Stickers,” California Nonresident OHV Use Permits, and OHV stickers from states that have an OHV program. Dusty RED STICKER RIDING SEASON: Red stickers are allowed to operate in the SVRA from October 1st May 31st . These dates are established by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and are subject to change. Please call the park for updated information. LIGHTS: OHVs operated between sunset and sunrise must display at least one lighted white headlight and one lighted red taillight visible from 200 feet. SPARK ARRESTERS: All vehicles operating off-highway must be equipped with either a street legal muffler or a spark arrester maintained in effective working order. NOISE EMISSIONS: The law limits noise emissions from all OHVs. Noise emissions for most OHVs are limited to not more than 96 dBA when measured from a distance of 20 inches using standardized test procedures. For more specific information, go to:

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