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Morro Bay State Park 1 State Park Road, Morro Bay, CA 93442 (805) 772-7434 Morro Bay State Park features lagoon and natural bay habitats. The bay’s most prominent landmark is Morro Rock - illegal to climb. The park has opportunities for sailing, fishing, hiking, and bird watching. The park museum has exhibits that cover natural features and cultural history, Native American life, geology, and oceanography. The park also has a colorful marina and an 18-hole public golf course. On the bay’s northeast edge is a pristine saltwater marsh that supports a thriving bird population. Please help preserve our park for the future by following these rules: PARK FEES are due upon entry into the park. Use the self-registration system if the entrance station is closed. The campsite fee covers one vehicle and one legally towed-in vehicle. Additional fees apply for extra vehicles, including motorcycles. A valid camping/extra vehicle tag must be visible inside the windshield. campsite and must be kept in a tent or vehicle at night. Please pick up after your dog. HORSES are not allowed in the campground or other areas of the park west of South Bay Boulevard. SPEED LIMIT: The maximum speed limit is 15 mph. When pedestrians, bicyclists, and children are present VEHICLE PARKING: No more than three licensed vehicles even 15 mph might be too fast. Use good judgment. per site (four for motorcycles). A trailer is considered a ELECTRICAL OUTLETS in the restrooms are for shortvehicle. All vehicles must be parked on the pavement. duration use. Do not use outlets for long duration CAMPSITE driveways are either 25 or 35 feet. All vehicles charging/appliances. Do not use extension cords in these must be parked entirely on the pavement. Picnic tables outlets. Outlets outside of the restrooms are for State must remain at designated campsites Parks Maintenance use only. OCCUPANCY: There is an eight-person MAXIMUM limit BICYCLE, skateboard, and scooter riders under age per family campsite. Do not occupy sites you have not 18 are required by law to wear a helmet. Mopeds and paid for or disturb campsites occupied by other campers. motorized scooter operators must be 16 years of age or CHECK-OUT TIME is noon. Please vacate your site by that older and licensed according to state laws. time. Check-in time is 2 p.m. PLANTS/WILDLIFE: All features in state parks are QUIET HOURS are from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Voices and protected by law and may not be disturbed in any way. music can travel far in the campground. Please, no radios, Please do not feed the wildlife. musical instruments, or loud talking during quiet hours. TRASH: Please recycle your trash whenever possible. GENERATORS may not be operated between the hours of 8 p.m. and 10 a.m. Receptacles are located throughout the campground. PETS: Dogs are permitted in the campground, on park roads, and on trails in the Black Hill area. Dogs must be kept on a leash no longer than six feet, and under adult control at all times. Dogs may not be left alone in the DAY USE: The picnic area next to the campfire center in the campground may be used by the public and school groups. Day-use fees are required for all vehicles visiting the picnic area and not registered in the campground. GROUP CAMPS: Except for the expanded occupancy, all SHOWERS require tokens to operate. general regulations apply. Chorro Group Camp is limited WOOD/FIRES: Wood gathering is PROHIBITED. Firewood to 35 campers and 15 vehicles (2 RV maximum). Osos Group Camp is limited to 25 campers and 10 vehicles and kindling are available for purchase from the camp hosts at campsites 31, 40, and 135. Fires are only allowed (2 RV maximum). Vehicles are not permitted past the parking logs. in the provided fire rings/stoves at each site. Thank you for helping preserve our state parks! CAMPING RESERVATIONS: You may make camping reservations by calling (800) 444-7275 (TTY 800-274-7275). To make online reservations, visit our website at ALTERNATE FORMAT: If you need this publication in an alternate format, contact 25’ Campsite Tent-Only Campsite Restrooms Picnic Area Parking 2 23 101 102 138 100 99 98 140 75 80 104 125 124 128 97 95 123 122 96 129 93 105 108 120 68 119 60 118 134 87 90 117 113 e (135) at 88 86 114 62 St rk to group campgrounds & Black Hill Trail #5 Rd to Los Osos 115 116 Pa Note: RV Hookup Sites: 1-30 (no sewer hookups) Dial 911. For Emergencies 61 63 64 111 66 112 #4 109 89 92 132 131 133 94 121 130 91 107 110 70 59 58 65 (31) 57 67 72 30 32 55 69 74 53 29 33 56 71 76 51 54 34 11 28 10 78 73 49 52 35 12 27 9 106 #3 136 137 139 77 26 8 13 36 50 47 14 #2 82 15 7 25 45 6 37 79 103 81 48 43 16 24 38 46 84 83 41 17 5 39 44 85 Monarch Butterfly Roosting Area 42 18 22 (40) 3 4 #1 to Marina Boardwalk 19 21 Morro Bay State Park Campground ## 35’ Campsite / / / Morro Bay Golf Course / / / ## LEGEND ## Sanitation Station Walkway/Trail Accessible Campsite Boating Viewpoint Pay Showers Camp Host Campfire Center Campsites 1 20 Accessible Feature 1-140 Entrance Station Hike/Bike Campsites Map not to scale e Pa rk Rd to Museum of Natural History, Heron Rookery Natural Preserve Sta t Cafe to White Pt. Marina © 2011 California State Parks (Rev. 2016)

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