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UPPERFOUR-WHEELED RANCHVEHICLES & HUDNER RANCH ONLY (non-ATVs) Hollister Hills W elcome to Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA) – California State Parks’ first SVRA. Located in the Gabilan Mountains, just an hour’s drive from San Jose, this unique SVRA features over 6,800 acres of scenic and varied terrain. Visitors are drawn to the natural beauty of the park’s oak woodlands, rolling hills, lush canyons, seasonal creeks, and the many miles of OHV trails for all vehicle types and skill levels. Elevations in the park range from 660 to 2,425 feet. The average monthly Red-shouldered Hawk temperature varies from the low-to-mid 90s in summer, to the low 30s to upper 50s in winter. The park is open year-round and offers day use and overnight camping opportunities. OHV recreation is permitted from sunrise to sunset. This map focuses on the Upper Ranch and the Hudner Ranch of Hollister Hills SVRA, which are set aside for fourwheeled vehicles with the exception of ATVs. A separate map is available for the Lower Ranch and the Renz Ranch, where opportunities are provided for motorcycle and ATV use. Recreational Opportunities OHV Upper Ranch: The 800+ acre Upper Ranch offers fun on a network of trails and three specialized areas that provide a range of challenges and obstacles. On occasion, the Upper Ranch may be partially or entirely closed for special events. Please check www.ohv.parks.ca.gov/ hollisterhills for a list of special events and corresponding closures. Hudner Ranch: This area provides OHV touring on trails that wind through more than 1,500 acres with panoramic views of the surrounding area. Some trails are suitable for novice drivers; others are for the more experienced. Special Events 156 Salinas 68 7800 Cienega Road • Hollister, CA 95023 • 831.637.3874 Education Hollister Hills SVRA offers a variety of educational programs including OHV safety training, nature hikes, school presentations, and community outreach. For more information about these programs, please call the Park Office at 831-637-8186. Group Campground “Area 5”: This area is a large group campground available for groups and special events. Accommodations include picnic tables, shade ramadas, fire rings, flush toilets, showers, a large barbecue pit, a food prep area, a stage, electricity, air compressor, and parking. For more information, or to book a group or special event, please call 831-638-3390. Lower Ranch: Visitors to the Upper Ranch may camp in the Lower Ranch. Some campgrounds have flush toilets and showers. Nature Area The Nature Area, located in the Lower Ranch, is available for non-motorized recreational opportunities including hiking, mountain biking and nature viewing. This 280 acre area encompasses a network of scenic trails available for exploration and enjoyment. The entrance to the Nature Area is located at the west end of Madrone Camp. Dogs on leash are welcome. Getting Involved Volunteering: Hollister Hills SVRA offers many opportunities for volunteers. For those interested in joining the team, volunteer opportunities include Trail Patrol, education and outreach, resource management, and Trail Watch. For more information about volunteering, please call the Park Office at 831-637-8186. Cooperating Association: Hollister Hills Off-Road Association (HHORA) is a non-profit organization that supports Hollister Hills SVRA and its mission of providing sustainable OHV recreation. HHORA is dedicated to enhancing and promoting the recreational experience of park visitors. For over 30 years, members have assisted in a wide variety of activities ranging from organizing roadside cleanups to holding family-oriented special events for club members. To get involved or find out more, please visit www.hhora.org. Park Resources Air Compressor: Air for tire inflation is available at no cost near the Ranger Station. Fire/Firewood Restrictions: Firewood may be purchased at the park store in the Lower Ranch. Collection of firewood within the park is not allowed. No ground fires are allowed. Park Store A general store is located at Lodge Camp in the Lower Ranch. The store offers a variety of items for park visitors including motorcycle and ATV parts, riding apparel, camping supplies, ice, drinks, snacks, and packaged food. To contact the general store, please call 831-637-9780. Park History A tribe of the Ohlone people that lived, and still live, in the vicinity of Hollister Hills SVRA are called “Mutsun.” During the late 1700s, Spanish explorers encountered these and other Native Americans in the area. Spain established nearby Mission San Juan Bautista in the late 1790s and forced many of the Ohlone people, along with members of other tribes or bands from the area, to build the mission. Facilities Day Use/Camping Day use and camping at Hollister Hills SVRA are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Fees are collected at the Main Entrance Station at the Lower Ranch. Day use is allowed throughout the park, including the designated camping areas. Hookups and a dump station are not available. Hudner Ranch: Two remote campsites, each in a private setting with spectacular scenery, are only available by reservation. Both campsites have basic camp accommodations with picnic tables, shade ramadas, pit toilets, and fire rings. For reservations please call 831-637-3874. Hollister Hills SVRA is home to many species of plants and animals, including California tiger salamander and California red-legged frog, both federally-listed as threatened, and Gairdner’s yampah, western azaleas, a variety of hawks, mountain lions, and more. The park’s commitment to protecting these species, while providing Red-legged Frog high-quality sustainable OHV recreation opportunities, requires active resource management. Park staff is constantly working to improve trail design, monitor wildlife habitat, implement erosion control measures, maintain roads and trails, suppress excessive dust, protect riparian areas, and address invasive plant and animal species within the park. Managing natural and cultural resources requires constant vigilance. Throughout the park you may encounter trail reroutes, fencing, gates, and/or closed areas. Please do your part to ensure that Hollister Hills SVRA will be available to you and future generations by staying on trails, respecting wildlife, and staying out of vegetated and closed areas. Park Features San Andreas Fault: Cutting northwest through the park, the San Andreas fault zone defines the tectonic boundary between the North American and Pacific plates, marking a divide between two contrasting terrains. The area east of the fault has dark, clay-rich soils on rolling hills covered in grassland and oak woodlands. This portion of the park sits on the North American plate and is slowly moving south. West of the fault, the landscape is higher and steeper and sits on the Pacific plate that is moving north. This portion of the park consists primarily of much older and more weather-resistant granitic rock, with pine, sage, and chaparral taking root in the sandy soils. The Pacific and North American tectonic plates have been sliding past each other for 30 million years at a current rate of about 1.5 inches per year. Vineyard Schoolhouse: Located near the entrance to the Upper Ranch is the historic Vineyard Schoolhouse. The school was established in 1891 and operated as a county schoolhouse until 1952. It is a classic example of a one-room schoolhouse reflecting local traditional architecture. Howard Harris, the last private owner of the ranch, attended school here. Rider Responsibilities Be Prepared! OHV recreation is a great way to connect to the outdoors. To ensure you have an enjoyable experience, be prepared for the unexpected. The park is not exclusively used by OHV recreationists but is shared by others, including many species of wildlife. Showing courtesy to all makes the park experience most enjoyable. Drive and Ride Safely Use proper equipment: When operating an OHV, proper protective gear should be used at all times. All operators should thoroughly acquaint themselves with all aspects of their vehicle before starting out. Take a training course: All operators of an OHV should take the appropriate safety training course(s). OFF HIGHWAY VEHICLE USE MAY BE HAZARDOUS YOUR USE OF PROTECTIVE APPAREL SKILL LEVEL, VEHICLE CONDITION, TERRAIN, WEATHER, COMMON SENSE AND FOLLOWING PARK RULES ALL AFFECT YOUR SAFETY DRIVE AT YOUR OWN RISK www.ohv.parks.ca.gov/hollisterhills Walnut Orchard: Remnants of a walnut orchard planted by Howard Harris can be seen on the right hand side of the road near the park’s main entrance. This orchard is an excellent example of one of California’s earliest and more successful experimental orchards. The techniques pioneered by Howard were originally criticized but resulted in significantly increased yields and soon were adopted as the industry standard. Hector Heights: This is the highest elevation in the park that can be reached by a vehicle. It offers sweeping views of the park and the town of Hollister, as well the Gabilan Hollister Hills SVRA 101 180 25 Drive and ride within your limits: Minimize the chance of injury and maximize your fun by exercising common sense. Take time to evaluate the situation and consider options. Do not attempt to exceed your abilities. Operate your vehicle safely and treat others with courtesy. ROV Laws In California, there are laws specific to operating a Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle (ROV), also commonly referred to as a side-by-side, recreational utility vehicle, or a utility terrain vehicle. Operation: A person operating an ROV must be at least 16 years old or be directly supervised in the vehicle by a parent or guardian or by an adult authorized by the parent or guardian. Helmets: All occupants of the vehicle are required to wear a DOT approved safety helmet while operating an ROV. Seatbelts: All occupants are required to wear a seatbelt and shoulder belt or safety harness that is properly fastened when the vehicle is in motion. Seats: For vehicles manufactured after 2014, an operator shall not allow a passenger to occupy a separate seat location not designed and provided by the manufacturer for a passenger. Seat position: A passenger must be able to sit upright with his or her back against the seatback and reach the occupant handhold with the seatbelt and shoulder belt or safety harness properly fastened. Accessibility California State Parks supports equal access. Visitors with disabilities who need assistance should contact the District Office at 831-637-8186 or 711 TYY relay service prior to arrival. This publication is available in alternate formats by contacting the OHMVR Division at ohvinfo@parks.ca.gov. Alternate formats for print media include audio, large font print, electronic files, internet information, and Braille. PARK HOURS: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Vehicle operation: sunrise to sunset FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Hollister Hills SVRA 7800 Cienega Road Hollister, CA 95023 831-637-3874 In 1822, the Mexican government, which was hostile to the mission system, took back the lands from the church, and in 1839, the land was divided into two Mexican land grants: Rancho San Justo and Rancho Cienega del Gabilan. Today, Hollister Hills SVRA is located on parts of both of these former land grants. Howard Harris created the foundation of what today is known as Hollister Hills SVRA. Howard’s great grandfather, Jesse Whitton, was a civilian surveyor for the John C. Fremont expedition that traveled through the area in 1846. After the expedition, Jesse Whitton returned to the area and successfully purchased 600 acres for $50 per acre. The land was passed on through the family and finally to Howard Harris in 1959, who became the last private owner of the property. In the following years, Howard purchased more of the surrounding properties and built many of the park’s trails and roads. He used the land for a number of activities including mining, farming, ranching, hunting, scientific studies, and OHV recreation. Mountain Range and surrounding areas. The peak at Hector Heights is a good example of uplifting along the fault zone. The taller, rugged peaks of the Upper Ranch are part of the Pacific plate. Hollister California State Parks, OHMVR Division 1725 23rd Street, Suite 200 Sacramento, CA 95816-7100 916-324-4442 www.ohv.parks.ca.gov © California State Parks, 2019 Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division All rights reserved. Printed on recycled paper. [4-2019] Hollister Hills Upper Ranch: There are two campgrounds in the Upper Ranch: Sycamore Campground and Obstacle Course Campground. Flush toilets are available at both campgrounds. Showers are available at Sycamore Campground. OHVs were first used on the ranch in 1947 when Howard established the Bird Creek Hunting Club. Jeeps, motorcycles, and “tote-goats” were used for transportation to get around Re dthe ranch. The Bird Creek Hunting ta ile dH Lodge was located at the site of the current aw k general store in Lodge Camp. During the 1950s, private OHV activities were held and by 1970, the ranch was officially opened for public OHV recreation. Howard managed the land as a motorcycle park until October 1, 1975, when the land was sold to the State of California and became Hollister Hills SVRA. 156 129 Monterey San Luis Reservoir UPPERFOUR-WHEELED RANCHVEHICLES & HUDNER RANCH ONLY (non-ATVs) There are areas within the park that can be reserved for special events – everything from family reunions, weddings, poker runs, and trail rides, to group camping and club outings. For more information, or to book a special event, please email HollisterHills.Events@parks. ca.gov or call 831-638-3390. 152 State Vehicular Recreation Area Grand Prix Track: Located adjacent to the Upper Ranch, the GP Track is a classic closed course track set in a natural terrain of rolling hills and oak woodlands. The GP Track is available for use through the special event process. Please call 831-638-3390 for additional information. 152 Santa Cruz 36˚47.000’ N Hollister Hills 7800 Cienega Road • Hollister, CA 95023 • 831.637.3874 UPPER RANCH & HUDNER RANCH OHV Recreation Areas and Trails FOUR-WHEELED VEHICLES ONLY (non-ATVs) Paved Roads Ranger Station Main Park Road Restrooms River or Stream Showers 1200 Park Boundary Camping Easiest Trails Day Use Area More Difficult Trails Wheelchair Access Most Difficult Trails Telephone Recreation Area Special Use Area First Aid Special Use Area (Non-motorized) Parking Park Feature 75 50 100 125 25 10 150 0 AIR PRESSURE PSI White Ro ck ss in’s M art ck M Ro Martin’s Misha p r Pa ne it e Wh Hu d Air Station Gate San Andreas Fault is ha p dn Hu P er ll o w HUDNER RANCH Pass ge r Ro ck Rib c a g e Da Va ise as s p to Hu dn D a n’s Demi er P d. Cr ay Z Mc d. l l Ch ine R rra ) l Clo sure Mc a y Rd . C Gu lch an za Bo n Bonanza G ul c h Rd. sona . a Gu lch anz ey e Bo n . Mc . Rd ay r C il Re Mc e d Tra PRIVATE PROPERTY (Sea Qu ail T Rd 36˚45.000’ N d. ray R McC ck . Rd r il Tra ed e R . Rd lch Gu nanz a Bo . M c Cra y R d d. lat R Rd. ray UPPER RANCH 00 20 Bi g G VEGETATION: It is never legal to drive or ride over vegetation. Always stay on established trails. M cC SPARK ARRESTERS: All vehicles operating off-highway must be equipped with either a street legal muffler or a spark arrester maintained in effective working order. SUSPENDED OR REVOKED LICENSE: Anyone whose driving privileges have been suspended or revoked is prohibited from operating any motor vehicle, on- or off-highway. McCray R d. Fr e SPEED: Please follow posted speed limits throughout the park. In developed areas, keep speeds to 15 mph or less. Never drive faster than is safe for conditions. . ia Rd 121˚27.000’ W m o ntia Rd. NOISE EMISSIONS: The law limits noise emissions from all OHVs. Noise emissions for most OHVs are limited to not more than 96 dBA when measured from a distance of 20 inches using standardized test procedures. For more specific information, go to: www.ohv.parks.ca.gov/noise_emissions. REGISTRATION: When operating an OHV, you must display either a license plate or an OHV sticker. OHV stickers include “Green Stickers,” “Red Stickers,” California Nonresident OHV Use Permits, and OHV stickers from states that have an OHV program. t Frem on NIGHT OHV OPERATION: Operation of OHVs is not allowed at night. Hours of operation are from sunrise to sunset. REACH AND OPERATE ALL CONTROLS: All operators of off-highway vehicles must be able to reach and operate all controls. er F Garn rn Retu e W DOGS: Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. Please pick up after your dog. il . e tur en ck v Ad Tra h Gulc b im Cl Mc Cra yR d. ner rade. Gust o G Tr st We Park Rules and Regulations ra Rd ll y en V alle Hidd Rd Bu st T ALCOHOL: Open container and DUI laws apply off-highway just as they do on-highway. Don’t drink and drive. spec t Rd . Gar ail Tr d. ra y R McC il il ra Hill Truck ry b Hill C li m Hi Five Fing ers P ro ll Hi il Tra D rail ail T Qu ert Cr ay Z . ail Trail Qu Chapar ral Chap a e ct Rd. rG ulch We st Tr ail Sycamore i ll R pground d . Cam ar r al p arral o th a arr ap . Ch e Rd in Ch Cha Fo . t Rd Fla Lup ine Lupin e L Chine Rd. Ch ap Fl a osp Lup ine Lo op Dry Trou gh Tr a Water Tanks Ch b op Lo Pr p Foothill Rd. t Rd. c e p s Pro r a il Rd. oo E ar ne r Foo thi ll R nce ntra ai l The term OHV means off-highway vehicle. Any motor vehicle operated off-highway is an OHV. A highway licensed vehicle is an OHV when operated off of the highway. Vehicles having green and red stickers are OHVs. k ac Tr li m pC Rd . G er rn Ga b it G G arn e ab . .P G arner F lat R d. ill Roa d 4x4 le tac b O s rse Cou d it R abb We st Trail Mc Obstacle Course Campground & Day Use Area R Tr ou gh Special Use Area To ood Cany nw on GP T Entrarack nce Chaparral . Rd Cot to h ill h San Andreas Fault . Rd d. tR Fo Foothill Rd. ot Cr ay Garner Lake Rd. R You are responsible for knowing park rules and regulations. All provisions of the California Vehicle Code are enforced. A copy may be found at: www.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/vctop/vc/vc.htm. If you have questions, please contact park staff at: (831) 637-3874. nc a r R ce e p n U pn t r a E as s Vineyard Schoolhouse Footh PRIVATE PROPERTY PRIVATE PROPERTY N o rma Jea n n r m a Jea Area 5 Group Campground Special Use Area 36˚46.000’ N n San Andreas Fault Tank Trap Trail M ai e We st T T S No avi rs R ne se ea Ar E Ra il ra A R V PSI r nt m n’s D e Cienega Road 125 150 AIR PRESSURE c an H u n er P d ista yV lle Norma Jean R ll 100 0 Go rg e Cl Ou Ohlo ne ge ca Ravi n e Phil’s Fa Ri b ll Fa s tor ap 75 50 25 10 Trail y V ista enture Adv rg e Phil’s ss er nn ack i g r Be T Ranger Station (first aid, phone) Gav ila n iffh an hit e W Ray’s Retreat Ohlone Camp Va ll e er P a Side Wi nd er vila n Gorg e Hu dn r y’s Hollow st tpo Ga Hen S i dewi n der Hudner Hollow Henr y’ s etre a t Ray ’ s R Ra y’s Re tr Hu dn er Cien Pas s ea t ega Roa p Hudner Pass Cam G avilan Go Hudner Entrance 13 00 fhanger Clif HLY C NVs ON A R & AT R E CLES WRCY O LMOTO Cliffhange r 36˚47.000’ N d He Ba s as Ho y’s nr ut ilo . y Rd McCra ar ne r 00 10 Sp ring s Loop ale Sc in et fe 0 M cC ra y Rd . 121˚26.000’ W Hector Heights Overlook Locations in park are representations. Actual locations of some features may vary over time as a result of weather, maintenance, and other factors. Observe all signage, and use appropriate caution when traveling through the park. 121˚25.000’ W

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