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Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park 2591 Graham Hill Road • Scotts Valley, CA 95060 • (831) 438-2396 Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park Campground is in a pine and oak forest five miles from Santa Cruz on Graham Hill Road. The Redwood Grove is a 5-minute drive or a 45-minute hike from the campground. The Nature Center and picnic area are have separate park entrance on Highway 9 in Felton, about 3 miles from the campground. A Special Note about Poison Oak Poison oak flourishes throughout the Santa Cruz Mountains, where it provides food and shelter for wildlife and aids in erosion control. It grows in the form of a bush or vine, and when leaves are present they are in groups of three with lobed edges. Autumn poison oak leaves turn a beautiful red and fall off, leaving bare stems. All parts of the plant produce an oil that causes a rash on most people. Learn to identify this plant, and stay on designated trails in order to minimize exposure. Campsites are available on a “site-specific” reservation system. Reservations are highly recommended between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Henry Cowell closes seasonally; please call 800-444-7275 for our dates of operation. Length of stay limit is seven days. Campers 18 years and younger must have a verifiable note with permission to camp from a parent or legal guardian. Checkout time is noon. Campers are limited to 30 days total within the Santa Cruz district. Park vehicles in the driveway of your campsite only. Park extra cars at the campfire center. Dogs must be kept on a six-foot maximum leash at all times and are permitted only on paved roads, Powder Mill Road (at the campfire center), Pipeline Road, Graham Hill Trail and the Meadow Trail. Keep pets in a tent or vehicle at night and never leave them unattended. Be alert to hikers and children playing. The park speed limit is 15 mph. For your safety and their health, do not feed the wildlife; they can be aggressive and dangerous and may carry disease. Build campfires in the fire rings only. Wood gathering is not allowed. Firewood is sold at the campground entrance. Do not throw trash or wood pallets into the fire rings. Bicycles are allowed on designated fire roads and paved roads only. No bikes are allowed on park trails. Ride cautiously; yield to hikers and horseback riders. Helmets are required for riders under 18 years of age. At no time may music or noise extend beyond the limits of your own campsite. Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 8 am Radios and TVs must be off after 10 pm Use generators sparingly from 10 am to 8 pm only. No water or effluent may be discharged onto the ground. Campsites are vulnerable to theft at any time. Secure valuables and equipment and report all suspicious activity to park staff. After hours dial 911. Join us at the campfire center for campfire programs each season from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Ask for the schedule at the entrance station. Discover the many states of California.TM CAMPING RESERVATIONS: You may make camping reservations by calling (800) 444-7275 (TTY 800-274-7275). To make online reservations, visit our website at www.parks.ca.gov ALTERNATE FORMAT: This publication can be made available in alternate formats. Contact interp@parks.ca.gov or call (916) 654-2249. Trail maps are available at Day-Use and Campground Entrance Stations, and the Nature Store and Visitor Center. Trail maps are also available for Fall Creek Unit. Your Site # ____________ Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park 47 to OBS Deck 43 45 48 41 50 23 34 25 29 27 17 16 15 4 14 13 2 12 11 10 Powder Mill Fire Road 7 6 5 3 87 81 85 95 112 110 75 109 53 52 54 55 56 103 107 73 101 102 106 104 100 57 59 58 63 61 60 62 72 68 64 66 67 Pine Trail Pine Trail To Graham Hill Road 70 Parking Ranger Station Coin-Operated Showers 69 Telephone Pine Trail Kiosk No Dogs Allowed Restrooms Water RV Water Fill Up Road Graham Hill Trail Powder Mill Creek Columbine Trail 71 99 65 Bike Campground Camp Host 74 105 Accessible Feature Dogs on Leash 108 97 98 76 77 Accessible Campsite Campfire Center Pine Trail 9 8 88 113 111 96 31 91 92 93 94 30 28 19 18 33 32 26 22 20 37 24 21 Ridge Road 39 90 35 82 E 78 80 Trail 51 36 38 84 N S Pine 49 86 89 40 42 # W Eagle Creek Trail to Redwood Grove Pine Trail 44 46 LEGEND Fire Road Trail: Hiking ONLY Trail: Hike & Horse ONLY Maps Not to Scale For emergencies call 911. © 2007 California State Parks (Rev. 2013)

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