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Brochure of Mission Peak Regional Preserve, part of East Bay Regional Park District. Published by East Bay Regional Park District.

Mission Peak R GARIN AV. D. LR HIL FOOT Pleasanton Ridge Dry Creek/ Pioneer S TO DECO TO R D. UNION CITY VA ST EV EN SO N MO W AV RY . 880 ISS IO N BL VD . ROAD ERAS . BL 680 L CRE MIL EK RD. NEWARK M CALAV Vargas Plateau AS RG VA RD. Historic Farm 84 AD RO NILES CANYON RD. S RD . Quarry PAS EO Lakes EM D ON RE T PK Ardenwood BL. WY FR CI LLE SUNOL NILE 84 SANTA LIVERMORE RITA D ROA HO VALLEY AV. Shadow VD. STANLEY BL Cliffs PY AR D RD . PLEASANTON VIN EYA BER RD NAL AV. AV. Garin Reg. Park PA BICYCLE POLICY Safe multiple use on these trails requires your cooperation. The East Bay Regional Park District’s Bicycle Ordinance is summarized below: • Bicycles shall not be ridden in a negligent, unsafe, or reckless manner, or in a way that endangers the life, limb, or property of any person. • Bicycles are permitted on paved roads, paved bike trails, and unpaved roads over 8 feet in width, unless otherwise posted. • Bicycles are not permitted to ride cross country on Regional Parklands. All bicycles use is restricted to permitted trails only. • Bicycles shall not be ridden at a speed exceeding 15 miles per hour on any trail with a posted speed limit. • Bicycles shall not be ridden at excessive speeds, especially when passing other trail users or in areas with short sight distances, or in an irresponsible manner in violation of published trail etiquette or posted bicycle speed limits. • Bicycles must travel in single file on the right side of the trail when on turns or blind corners. • Bicycles are not permitted in any park or area posted pursuant to a resolution of closure or restriction adopted by the Park District Board of Directors. OA D . VD BL POLICE, FIRE, MEDICAL EMERGENCY.................................9-1-1 EBRPD HEADQUARTERS......................................1-888-327-2757 PARK OFFICE........................1-888-327-2757, option 3, ext. 4545 FIRE HAZARD PARK CLOSURE ............................510-544-2222 INTERPRETIVE HIKES The interpretive staff at Coyote Hills Regional Park plans organized hikes along the slopes and the peak. For more information, call (510) 544-3220, or see www.ebparks.org. 580 Palomares PA Ridge L N IO ISS M “Perhaps the denizens of this valley are so accustomed to the sight of Mission Peak that they fail to appreciate the dignity and individuality which it gives to the landscape. Whether the outlines, snow-capped may be, are sharp and distinct on a clear, frosty morning in winter, or overspread with the purple afterglow of a summer sunset; whether rising grim and rugged against black storm clouds, or emerging into sunlight from unwinding fog wreaths, the mountain has a majesty of its own... “It is a singular fact that many living in the township, even some born and reared here, have never ascended this mountain. They have gone to Tamalpais, tramped to Diablo, and to other mountains farther off, ignorant of the vast and wonderful landscape to be seen from their own. Standing on the top, when the day is clear, we can see far in the east the shining summits of the high Sierra...Spread out between is the great plain of the San Joaquin, and the smaller valleys of San Ramon, Livermore and Sunol. The canyon immediately in front drops down 2,000 feet into Rosedale, and on the other side are the serrated crags of the Calaveras. Far and faint in the south is the huge bulk of the Gabilans, while nearer is flat-topped Loma Prieta, and closer still the silver dome and clustered dwelling of Lick Observatory, with the higher top of Mount Hamilton behind. Due north rise the splendid double peaks of Mount Diablo, the giant of the Coast Range.” (Excerpted from History of Washington Township,1904, Stanford University Press.) TODAY Mission Peak trails begin at Fremont’s Ohlone College campus and at the east end of Stanford Avenue off Mission Boulevard. The Bay Area Ridge Trail passes through the park into Santa Clara County’s Ed Levin County Park. Mission Peak’s panorama includes the southern arm of San Francisco Bay and the area from San Jose to Mount Tamalpais. To the north can be seen Mount Diablo, the San Ramon Valley, and the Hamilton Range. Coyote Hills Regional Park is visible to the west by the Dumbarton Bridge, and eastward is Sunol Regional Wilderness. No drinking water is available along the trails. Wear sturdy hiking shoes. Keep the area free of litter so others may enjoy the beauty as you do. The Wings of Rogallo has an agreement with the Park District to conduct hang gliding and paragliding activities at the Preserve, so while at the peak, don’t be surprised if a quiet hang glider whisks ’round the peak or overhead. You can wave to the pilot – at eye level. The South Bay Soaring Society (SBSS) has an agreement with the Park District to use R/C Hill to fly remote-controlled aircraft. No motorized or gaspowered aircraft are allowed. All remote-controlled pilots launching at R/C Hill must be members of SBSS and must have in their possession a current membership card. No other sites within Mission Peak Regional Preserve are approved for this activity. ES AR OM Highlights: Hiking, biking, backpack camping, dog walking, and horseback riding. DUBLIN 580 OHLONE COLLEGE PARKING STANFORD AV. WELCH C REEK R D. Sunol Ohlone Mission Peak FREMONT To Reach Mission Peak Regional Preserve: 43600 Mission Blvd, Fremont, CA 94539 The Ohlone College staging area (900 parking spaces) is just south of the I-680 northern Mission Boulevard exit (in the Mission San Jose area). Park in lots D, E, G, H, or K. Purchase a parking ticket from the vending machine. Proceed to the Park District information panel at the trailhead. 1997 Stanford Ave, Fremont, CA 94539 The Stanford Avenue staging area (43 parking spaces) is just north of the southern Mission Boulevard exit. Public Transit: Call 817-1717 or 5-1-1, or see 511.org. East Bay Regional Park District 2950 Peralta Oaks Court, Oakland, CA 94605-0381 1-888-327-2757 (1-888-EBPARKS) (TRS 711) www.ebparks.org Rev. 7/2020 Mission Peak Regional Preserve Fremont, Newark WELCOME! AD RO R WILD E 00 18 2400 T R AI L 1.2 R 7 A IL TR GE RI D Ed Levin County Park A A Y BA 75 mp 1 14 13 00 00 00 0 18 1600 1.89 miles from park boundary to end of Bay Area Ridge Trail in Ed Levin County Park. 14 00 11 120 2000 Santa Clara County Parks (408) 262-6980. 12/2020 00 RE PEA VEN .13 PI CANYON T R. REL AU .48 RANCH TRA IL ESS RN Ca lie n LA NE ANZA - EY T RAI L VALL OHLO NE HIDDE N . AV E RD D 8 7 0 ek Cre A RO 680 In order to reduce or prevent the risk of serious head injury or death, state law requires that all bicyclists under age 18 wear an approved helmet while riding on trails and roadways. The district also strongly recommends that all equestrians and bicyclists wear helmets at all times. 233 200 15 ot 10 a H IGUE RA .28 mp 26 er Cal O R A NCH ROAD HIGUERA ADOBE PARK 2594 Monument Peak Creek Violators are subject to citation and/or arrest. Hikers in the park and vehicles in the staging area when the park is closed will be cited. Citations can cost $300 or more. Y. CUR TNER To Hwy. 238 and Hayward The remaining areas of Mission Peak are open 6am-10pm. 43 parking spots D RE 3 254 The parkland highlighted in YELLOW including the Stanford Avenue Staging Area is open ONLY during the hours below: Dec 23 - Mar 31 .........6:30am - 8pm Apr 1 - Dec 22 ............6:30am - 9pm t Scot 7 mp 2 1600 PA LA AL AC NT SA 00 SBSS Launch Site W PK 1200 00 AC Transit #217 UN Y Visitors are responsible CO UNT for knowing and complying with park DA 38). CO See www.ebparks.org/rules. E rules (Ordinance A R AM 24 AIL STANFORD AVENUE STAGING AREA O TY 1800 PA SEO F AN ST mp 3 NO TRESPASSING 22 ER TRAIL GRI M M Contour interval 20 feet E ARROYO AGUA CALIENTE PARK Mt. Allison 2658 TY ER MEADO W T 6 B SE RULES • Dogs must be leashed 200 feet from any trail or park entrance, in parking lots, picnic areas, developed areas such as lawns and play fields, and on some trails. They must be under voice control at all times. Pick up dog waste and deposit bags in trash cans. Never leave bags on trails. • Drones are prohibited. • Smoking is prohibited. RID G OP HOR mp 18 FREMONT D. LV tour interval Con 4 H EMERGENCY TRAIL POST NUMBERS If reporting an emergency or problem on a trail, please note the nearest trail post number and relate it to park staff or emergency personnel to speed emergency response. BAY TE VA I PR 46 1. eet 0f K 0 60 mp 17 ot 1 te eek Cr 00 800 E 14 D. BLV AM RH DU ILD OW 4.03 miles to Ed Levin County Park boundary. McClure Spring 1600 AD .19 mp mp 19 21 PR N ROAD W .84 IL IO 538 5 51 1. .73 ot 10 EA AR 0 TRAIL T RA 100 .32 mp 19 Wheelchair accessible restroom. NO CAMPFIRES. Personal cooking Eagle equipment only. Water needs to Spring be treated or boiled. Camping by mp reservation only: 1-888-327-2757, 22 option 2. E A G LE mp 20 Moore Park Memorial Residence Grove PEAK ot 2 EAGLE SPRING BACKPACK CAMP .15 .65 Laurel Spring 43600 Mission Blvd., Fremont, CA See www.ohlone.edu for parking fees + hours. GR 1800 mp OV E 27 2517 00 Hiking from here is highly recommended. Park hours: 6am-10pm 2000 .24 TR .28 AI L San Francisco Water District Land .36 P LOO 900 parking spots TRAIL mp ot 26 3 .18 ot 9 ot 8 22 Hang Glider Launch Mission Peak ot 7 .13 OHLONE COLLEGE PARKING .24 EA .52 TRA IL ot ot 5 2000 .23 6 EAGLE .15 PE AK Ag ua 80 0 CR EE K L IL 0 60 W IT H 1.65 .07 . RD OLD MISSION PARK PEA K ot 4 mp 25 .12 ME ST. mp 4 SS PINE TR A I L 1000 TRAIL D ROA TRAIL nd 1400 1600 mp 6 La CRE EK SAFETY and ETIQUETTE • No drinking water is available along the trails. Bring two liters of water per person to prevent dehydration and bring plenty of water for your dogs as well. • Stay on trails. Taking shortcuts can be dangerous and causes erosion. • Trails can be slippery, rocky and steep. Proceed carefully at your own risk. • Wear sturdy hiking shoes. • Bicycles are permitted on designated trails only. Hikers yield to equestrians. Bicyclists yield to both hikers and equestrians. • Cows are a part of the Mission Peak landscape. Keep your distance, and do not approach them. Dogs must be on on leash in areas where cows are present. Cows are protective of their young. Do not get between a calf and its mother, and don't try to touch them. • Feeding or approaching wildlife is dangerous and illegal. • Keep the parks clean. Pack out what you pack in. OHLONE WILDERNESS TRAIL PERMIT IS REQUIRED FOR EACH PERSON to hike beyond Mission Peak Regional Preserve boundary into S.F. Water District land along the Ohlone Wilderness trail. Permits may be purchased at the Sunol Visitor Center, at Del Valle Regional Park, or by calling 1-888-327-2757, option 2. OHLONE TRAIL SIGN-IN PANEL Permit required: call 1-888-327-2757, option 2. STAY ON TRAIL! NO BICYCLES. ot 10 .44 LOOP mp 5 PEAK .35 LAU REL Starr Spring mp 23 .48 NE mp 7 MILL GE mp 24 TRAIL .44 .12 AC Transit #210, 217 mp .45 8 PEA K ID TRAIL TRAIL OHLONE COLLEGE .62 mp 11 SPRING 273 VALLEY TR. 1 600 MI 4 NO PARK OR TRAIL ACCESS FROM MILL CREEK ROAD. R .48 LY ER 800 Mission San Jose de Guadalupe To I-680 Park Residence NO PARK ACCESS T R. REEK mp A TR YC . mp 14 D R .38 mp Co 12 .18 15 lle 1 ge 1 . .09 mp YSC 10 . ne AM 2 3 EA lo TR 10 Oh 7 PAN OR 00 1.6 M BA Y AR mp 16 L 1 Enjoy the Regional Parks safely. Help us protect and preserve the parklands by complying with park rules and regulations. 3.59 miles to Sunol Regional Wilderness boundary from Mission Peak Regional Preserve boundary. 8.66 miles from Stanford Ave. staging area to Sunol Visitor Center. TRAI L SS OHLO NE NE 1000 To San Jose 0 A B C D E F G H I J K Hikers, Horses & Bicycles Bay Area Ridge Trail, Ohlone Trail Hikers, Horses & Bicycles Hikers & Horses Mileage Between Points Trail Post Numbers Paved Road Creek Parking rth Restrooms No Drinking Water Horse Water Information panel Picnic Table Bench Reservable Camping Bus Stop Pond 1/4 1/2 3/4 Mi.

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