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Campground Map of Doheny State Beach (SB) in California. Published by California Department of Parks and Recreation.

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Doheny State Beach 25300 Dana Point Harbor Drive • Dana Point, CA 92629 • (949) 496-6171 With over a mile of sandy beach and some of the warmest water and best swimming and surfing in California, it’s no wonder that people return here year after year on vacation. PARK FEES are due and payable upon entry into the park. Use the self-registration system if the entrance station is closed. The campsite fee covers one vehicle and one legally towed-in vehicle. You may register three vehicles (trailers and/or cars) for each campsite. Fees for extra vehicles are payable at the entrance station. OCCUPANCY: Eight people are allowed per family campsite. VEHICLE PARKING: Vehicles may be parked only in your assigned campsite. They must remain on the pavement and must not exceed into the roadway beyond the limit line. Second or third vehicles that cannot be parked legally in the campsite may only park in the area immediately south of the campground, with a valid overnight receipt visible. No day-use vehicles are allowed in the campground. CAMPSITES: Ropes or lines may not be attached to any plant, fence or park structure. You may attach lines to your property only. Tents and other equipment must be confined to the space assigned. CHECK-OUT TIME is noon. Please vacate your site by that time. Check-in is 2 p.m. DOGS must be kept on a leash no longer than six feet and under supervision at all times. They are not permitted in buildings or on the beach (except for service dogs). Please clean up after your pets. Dogs must be confined to a vehicle or tent at night. SPEED LIMIT: The maximum speed limit is 15 mph. When pedestrians, bicyclists and children are present, even 15 mph might be too fast. Use good judgment. QUIET HOURS are from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. To ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone, please do not disturb other campers, regardless of the time of day or night. ALCOHOL consumption and glass containers are not allowed on the beach or beyond your campsite. NOISE: Radios and other sound-producing devices must not be audible beyond your immediate campsite, regardless of the time of day or night. All amplified music must be silenced by 10 p.m. GENERATORS may be operated only between the hours of 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. BICYCLES are allowed only on paved roads. All riders under age 18 must wear a helmet. Bicycles ridden after dark must have lights. Please ride safely. DAY USE offers beach access, restrooms, changing rooms, outdoor showers, barbecues and picnic tables. There are two canopycovered picnic areas and 13 smaller sites that may be reserved for a fee. Day use hours are from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Parking is limited to stall length limits. Discover the many states of California.TM CAMPING RESERVATIONS: You may make camping reservations by calling (800) 444-7275 (TTY 800-274-7275). To make online reservations, visit our website at ALTERNATE FORMAT: This publication can be made available in alternate formats. Contact or call (916) 654-2249. 23 22 CH 29 33 CH 35 Accessible Feature 36 Camp Host 37 38 Campfire Center Entrance Station Group Campsite 25 27 24 28 30 21 20 19 18 17 15 9 13 12 11 10 32 8 6 7 3 rk R d. Pa Do he ny San Ju An additional day use area south of the campground contains fire rings, restrooms, beach showers and beachfront parking. 1 2 120 39 122 42 44 41 43 46 48 50 52 54 56 CH 119 121 58 117 115 114 118 112 116 63 45 47 49 51 53 55 57 59 65 60 62 64 66 67 69 68 70 72 71 109 107 105 74 76 73 75 Picnic Area BEACH Restroom Pacific Ocean To So uth 108 106 113 111 110 61 Parking Showers Dohen Co y as CampState Beac tH h groun wy d . 5 Hike & Bike Campsite RV Sanitation Station 1 Pacific Ocean 4 34 40 an C ree St. isp o Ob De l o arb rn H nt nte i a L o k P r a a P Dan each State B a y n e h o D e Are Day-Us CH 16 HW Y1 r. rD 9-1-1. 31 LEGEND 1 For Emergencies Dial North Day-Use San Juan C reek Da na Po int Ha rbo r Dr ive Visitor Center k Doheny State Beach The park is divided into three areas. The area north of the creek is reserved for day use, with a landscaped picnic area equipped with picnic tables, barbecues and fire rings. Ample parking is available. Protected tide pools are located in the very north end of the beach. Visitors can observe a wide variety of coastal marine life. Please remember that the tide pools are protected, so do not touch or trample. The campground located south of the San Juan Creek has 118 developed family campsites and a developed group campsite. 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 Da y-U se Your Site # ______ 104 103 102 101 84 85 CH 86 98 88 90 87 89 CH 99 97 95 91 92 93 94 Map not to scale. © 2008 California State Parks (Rev. 2013)

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