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Important Information • Chaperones must stay with students at all times. • No food, beverages or gum inside any of the sites. • Park staff reserves the right to cancel groups arriving more than 10 minutes after the scheduled arrival time. • Groups without reservations are admitted on a space available basis. Payments for admission by check or cash only. Holding capacities strictly enforced. Our Mission The Mission of the California Department of Parks and Recreation is to provide for the health, inspiration and education of the people of California by helping to preserve the states’s extraordinary biological diversity, protecting its most valued natural and cultural resources, and creating opportunities for high quality outdoor recreation. California State Parks Historic Sites Visitor Information Guide • Commercial tour companies will be charged regular admission price at the park where applicable. • School groups with reservations will be admitted free of charge at all venues unless otherwise noted. • Requests for special assistance for persons with disabilities should be identified when making reservations with Reserve America. • Due to the number of no-shows at the Historic Sites venues, groups that fail to show for a reserved venue will be invoiced $25.00 per no show. • Fees subject to change. School group reservations call toll free: (866) 2404655 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., 7 days a week Pacific Standard Time. Commercial group reservations call toll free:(866) 361-5111 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. M-F. For additional site information, maps and teacher background materials, Visit the California State Parks Website at: HISTORIC STATE PARK SITES STATE CAPITOL MUSEUM 10th and L Street Guided tours provide an understanding of California’s complex and dynamic legislature. In addition, the guides interpret the Capitol’s history, architecture and symbols. Historic offices offer a glimpse into the Capitol’s past and museum rooms convey a perspective on current issues. Maximum 35 people. Wheelchair accessible. Listening devices upon request. (1 hr - Guided Tour) LELAND STANFORD MANSION 4th – 12th grades only. Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park, a National Historic Landmark, was the 19th century home of Leland and Jane Stanford. Today the Mansion welcomes leaders from around the world as the State’s official reception center and public museum. Allow 30 minutes for this guided tour. There are adult and youth fees; children five and under are free. For more information, call (916) 3246088 or (916) 324-0575 and press 03. THE CALIFORNIA MUSEUM FOR HISTORY, WOMEN AND THE ARTS The California Museum offers fun and educational programs and tours. Students have the opportunity to learn about California and the nation through the gallery-based programs. Developed by an experienced educator with specific reference to California’s curriculum standards, the Museum offers a range of resources California State Parks does not discriminate against individuals with disabilities. To receive this publication in an alternate format contact the California State Parks Concessions & Reservations Division at (916) 653-7733. CALIFORNIA STATE PARKS P.O. BOX 942896 SACRAMENTO, CA 94296-0001 For Information Call: (800) 777-0369 (916) 653-6995, Outside the U.S. (888) 877-5738, TTY (888) 877-5379, Without TTY Cover photo: Marshall Gold Discovery SHP © 2009 California State Parks for discovery and learning to classroom teachers. These resources are provided in a ready format that encourages and supports the efforts of teachers in addressing the natural and cultural diversity of California, the growth of the world-class economy, and the workings of our democracy. The Museum features exhibits on pioneering families, California Mission art, and the Remarkable Women Series with Latinas: the Spirit of California. For more information on our current exhibits, check our website at www. CALIFORNIA STATE INDIAN MUSEUM 26th & K Street The museum displays a comprehensive collection of artifacts relating to California Indian culture. Wheelchair accessible. Groups without reservations are admitted on a space available basis. Carrying capacity enforced. (30 min Self-guided Tour) for 2nd floor of Central Building. (1 hr - Sound-Assisted, Self-guided Tour) GOVERNOR’S MANSION SHP 16th & H Street Elegant Victorian mansion built in 1877. Former home to California’s governors from John Pardee through Ronald Reagan. No strollers allowed. Due to limited holding capacity, large drop-in groups not advised. Wheelchair lift available. For information regarding this site, call (916) 323-3047. (40 min - Guided Tour) MARSHALL GOLD DISCOVERY SHP Highway 49 in Coloma This is the site of the discovery at Sutter’s MiII that triggered the California Gold Rush. Groups with a valid reservation must check in at the park entrance within an hour before or after their scheduled arrival time. For Bekeart’s gold California State Indian Museum (redwood canoe) panning programs SUTTER’S FORT SHP call (530) 295-1850, 27th & L Street Coloma Theater melodrama call (530) 626This is the oldest restored fort in the West. 5282. Other park programs call (530) 622Construction on the adobe fort began in 3470. Buses must park in the North Beach 1840 by Captain Johann Augustus Sutter. parking lot. Groups without reservations are Groups without reservations are admitted admitted only on a space available basis. on a space available basis. For informa(Reservations at the park are for self-guided tion regarding this site, please call (916) visits - allow 2 to 4 hrs) 445-4422. Wheelchair accessible, except CALIFORNIA STATE RAILROAD MUSEUM The California State Railroad Museum’s interpretive staff provides a basic orientation to your group prior to the beginning of your self-guided tour of the museum. Throughout your tour, uniformed docents are available to answer questions and provide information. Themes to explore within the museum include the Transcontinental Railroad, the Agricultural Development of California, Passenger Travel in the 19th and 20th Centuries, and the People of the Railroad. (1 hr Self-guided Tour) EAGLE THEATRE 4th-6th grades only This is a 40-minute interpretive program including “City of the Plain,” a 12-minute audio-visual production on Sacramento from the Gold Rush to today. The program emphasizes Gold Rush history and material culture in Sacramento. EMIGRANT TRAIN: LAST STOP, CALIFORNIA! (Tour A) 4th-6th grades only. There is a per-person charge. Teachers ride free. This program begins with a 50minute, hands on history tour of the Central Pacific Passenger Station (with strong emphasis on the Emigrant Trains of the late 1800s). Students are escorted to the Sacramento Southern Railroad Depot for a 40-minute vintage train ride along the Sacramento River. SONOMA SHP Founded in 1823, Mission San Francisco de Sonoma was the last San Franciscan mission established in Alta California. Today, part of the original priest’s quarters and a chapel dating from 1841-42 are left to mark the mission’s site. Secularized in 1834, the mission served as the parish church of Sonoma until 1881. For information regarding this site, call (707) 9389560. (45 min - Guided Tour) GENERAL VALLEJO’S HOME Site of General Vallejo’s second home in Sonoma. Built in 1847 and known as Lachyma Montis, an American-style Victorian home. Visitor center and museum are housed in the Swiss chalet, a Tudor-style structure that once served as a storage house and granary. For information regarding this site, call (707) 938-9559. (45 min - Guided Tour) SONOMA BARRACKS Mexican garrison and scene of the Bear Flag Revolt of 1846. Self-guided tour of the soldiers living quarters and museum of California history. Self-playing video of the history of Sonoma State Historic Park. Bookstore on site. For specific information regarding this site, call (707) 938-9560. (45 min - Self-guided Tour) PETALUMA ADOBE SHP Once part of General Mariano Vallejo’s vast agricultural empire, this restored adobe displays examples of early California rancho furnishings and equipment. Made from adobe brick and redwood, its design SCHOOL TRAIN RIDE ONLY (Tour B) There is a per-passenger charge. Teachers ride free. This tour is perfect for younger students. Students learn what it was like to travel by train during the 1920s. The ride on vintage railroad cars takes 40 minutes and is supervised by knowledgeable docents. TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD: FROM HORSES TO HORSEPOWER! (Tour C) 4th-6th grades only. There is a per-group charge. This is a 30-minute hands-on interactive program, which traces the development of the Transcontinental Railroad. It begins with Theodore Judah’s dream of a railway that connected the nation from coast to coast; its construction, completion and its consequences, as it impacted not only California, but the whole country. INTERPRETIVE HANDCAR PROGRAM (Tour D) 4th-6th grades only. There is a per-group charge. This hands-on program gives students the opportunity to experience the trials, tribulations, and hardships associated with the heavy labor performed by maintenance workers. It is designed to provide school children with a safe experience in the operation of the most basic of railroad equipment. RAILTOWN 1897 Located in Jamestown, this one-of-a-kind attraction combines industrial heritage and railroad history with the lore of Hollywood’s film industry. The Railtown 1897 Interpretive Center, the authentic Roundhouse and shops and the Depot Store (a railroad specialty gift shop) are among the Park’s unique year-round offerings. Steam train rides are offered weekends during the spring, summer, and fall. For more information, check: www.csrmf. org/railtown/doc.asp. Railtown 1897 is typical of Hispanic architecture. For information regarding this site, call (707) 762-4871. (45 min - Guided Tour) SAN JUAN BAUTISTA SHP San Juan Bautista State Historic Park, in the city of San Juan Bautista, is part of a nationally recognized Historic District and fronts the old Historic Plaza and Mission San Juan Bautista, which has operated as a working church since its founding. The surrounding architecture represents both Spanish and Mexican style adobe structures from the first half of the 1800s, as well as American-period styled buildings from the second half of the same century. There are four main buildings within San Juan Bautista SHP: The Plaza Hotel, the Castro-Breen Adobe, the Plaza Hall/Zanetta House, and the Plaza Stables, which can be visited while in the park. San Juan Bautista is a very popular destination for 4th grade school classes studying California History. Many educators bring students to visit the neighboring mission but come to the park for quality interpretive programs led by park staff. For specific information, please visit For Mission reservations and questions, please call (831) 623-4528. The following programs are available at San Juan Bautista SHP with reservations: CALIFORNIA OVER TIME A park interpreter will, in an historic setting, take a class through the different time periods and cultures, in California, relevant to 4th grade curriculum. Selected students may get to put their faces into pictures with cutouts and “become” characters in history. This program helps students integrate their classroom learning with what they experience when they visit the park. The eras from the Native American period up to the Gold Rush/Statehood time, circa 1850 are covered. This program is wheelchair accessible. A per class charge is payable upon arrival at San Juan Bautista. Check in at front desk of the Plaza Hotel. (1 hr - Program) MISSION GAME This program focuses on the Mission period of time. A class broken down into small groups of about five students each will “design” a mission using clues and information given by the interpreter. This is a hands-on activity, which encourages critical thinking while learning about the background behind the creation of the Mission system in California. This program is wheelchair accessible. A per class charge is payable upon arrival at San Juan Bautista. Check in at front desk of the Plaza Hotel. (1 hr - Program)

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