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Campground Map of Castle Rock State Park (SP) in California. Published by California Department of Parks and Recreation.

Castle Rock State Park ! Wel come 15000 Skyline Blvd., Los Gatos, CA 95033 • (408) 867-2952 • packing, horseback The park encompasses Be aware of the presence of poison oak, riding and rock climbing. over 5,200 acres of rattlesnakes, ticks and mountain lions. wildlands, and perches To ensure that your visit on the highest ridge in is safe and enjoyable, the Santa Cruz Mounplease stay on the trails, tains, separating San and abide by the regulaPoison Oak Tick Western Rattlesnake Francisco and Monterey Mountain Lion tions listed on the back Bays. Above the fog of this handout. and smog, the park offers over 35 miles of trails Maps: Two maps are available: Castle Rock Trail through a wide variety of plant and animal communiMap and Guide to Rocks & Climbing. To purchase ties, interesting rock formations, and sweeping views maps by mail, send $2.00 (make checks payable to of the San Lorenzo Valley and Pacific Ocean. A few Portola & CR Foundation) and a self-addressed, of the activities visitors can enjoy are hiking, backstamped (2 oz. = 2 stamps) #10 envelope (9-1/2" x 4-1/8") for each map of the park. Always carry and drink plenty of water to avoid becoming dehydrated. Water availability in the park is very limited, and temperatures can be very high. Castle Rock Trail Camp has piped water. Use caution when you are among or on the rocks. Slips and falls can result in serious injury. k re e nj e Bo l Trai o t R Saratoga Gap il ck Loop vic e Road Trail 35 ing Castle Rock State Park s ra i T Spr ne ra i g Private Property C ree k Gap Tr a l Park Entrance Indian Rock i x Varian Peak il Horse Trail Information Locked Gate Parking Restroom Telephone mi C Sk yli C i Sum tt i e Frog Flat Trail lin S er Ridge Tra il S a ra to ga LEGEND Rock Tr a Castle Rock Trail Camp Russell Point x Summit Sk y Private Property Goat Rock Interpretive Shelter Castle Rock Creek Paved Road Service Road Trail Goat Rock Overlook Castle Rock Falls and Overlook 35 map not to scale © 2006 California State Parks BACKPACKING AT THE TRAIL CAMPS 9 ce R oad t o g a G a p Tr a i l S a ra R idg Waterman Gap Trail Camp 4 2 the 5 6 3 Sea Trail Horse Trailer Parking To Santa Cruz 9 To Big Basin Redwoods State Park 236 Map not to scale Waterman Gap Trail Camp — Located 6.3 miles from the north end of Skyline-to-theSea Trail at Saratoga Gap (no overnight parking at this location), or 9.3 miles from the Castle Rock State Park main parking lot on Hwy. 35 (2.5 miles south of Hwy. 9), this camp, in a mixed hardwood and redwood forest, has 6 primitive sites and a vault toilet. Reservations are required and may be made by calling the trail camp reservation line at Big Basin Redwoods State Park at (831) 338-8861. Fires and smoking are not permitted. However, gas camp stoves are allowed. There is very limited drinking water so carry water with you. Log Castle Rock Trail Camp — Located 2.6 miles from the main parking lot via the Saratoga Gap Trail, this camp is situated on a ridge. Each of the 20 first-come, first-served sites has a table, fire ring, nearby piped drinking water and vault toilets. A camp shelter is available for everyone’s use during inclement weather. Fires are allowed only in designated fire rings when fire season is closed. Wood gathering is prohibited, but campers may purchase fireMain 17 16 wood at the Camp 14 15 13 25 24 camp. The only 22 12 23 23 11 access for bicy20 clists to this 18 5 19 camp is via the rvi 43 21 Se Campground Frog Flat Service Road Camp Trail, off Hwy. 35. Bicycles are not Tr a i l allowed on any Gap a g o trails beyond this Russell S a r a t il Tra Point e camp. F r o g F l a t Tr a i l 1 Skyline -to- Mill Road (not a through street) Castle Rock has two backpacking trail camps: Waterman Gap Trail Camp and Castle Rock Trail Camp. All trails are closed at sunset. Campers are required to remain in the campground from sunset to 6 a.m. Plan to be in your campsite at least 1/2-hour before sunset to have enough light for camp setup and check-in with the ranger. Dogs and smoking are not permitted in either campground. The only overnight parking at Castle Rock State Park is in the main parking lot on Hwy. 35, 2.5 miles south of Hwy. 9. Tr a hr y W o o d s Tr a i l il Castle Rock Trail Camp Map not to scale SKYLINE-TO-THE-SEA TRAIL CAMPS -t o -th ne rai l eT il Park Entrance Ho Waterman Gap Trail Camp Mill Road Skyli 236 ne Tr a i l Tr a ade Lane Trail Camp -to ea- T Tree Ch Gr l l ow S sin a Johansen Road Travertine 35 Springs Trail ar ato Beekhuis ga G Trail Road Trail ap Saratoga Toll Castle Rock Road Trail in -the-S 9 Big Basin Park Entrance Sequoia Trail rail set T Su n Jay Trail Camp il k Fa lls Tra Sunset Trail Camp Sk y lin e -to -t h e-S ea Trai l ee LEGEND Be rry Cr Castle Rock—Park your vehicle in the main parking lot on Hwy. 35 (approximately 3 miles south of the Hwys. 9 and 35 junction). Use the selfregistration envelopes and pay station at the kiosk to register. Castle Rock Trail Camp 9 To Portola Redwoods State Park il ra 9 li n Sk yli For required trail camp reservations, location of overnight parking areas and information on planning your hike, call Big Basin Redwoods State Park at (831) 338-8861. There are 3 major starting points for this trail system, all with overnight parking areas. Each stopping point has somewhat different registration procedures. Trailhead 35 l ea-Trai e-S Sk y Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail Camps Ba Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail descends for 28.2 miles from Saratoga Gap (intersection of Hwys. 9 and 35) through Castle Rock and Big Basin Redwoods State Parks, ending at Waddell Beach. Dirt Road (Vehicles Prohibited) 236 Paved Road Trail Locked Gate 9 Parking Ranger Station Trail Camp (Back Packing) Twin Redwoods Trail Camp Waddell Beach Alder Trail Camp Rancho Big Basin HQ— Del Oso 1 Register, pay trail To Santa Cruz map not to scale camp fees, and get the combination to parking lot gate and trail permits at the Big Basin Ranger Station during office hours. When the station is closed, use the self-registration envelopes and pay station. You will park at Jay Trail Camp. Rancho Del Oso—Park entrance is on Hwy. 1, four miles north of Davenport. The trailhead is directly opposite the Waddell Beach parking lot. (Do not use the Rancho Del Oso Nature and History Center entrance.) You will find a closed, unlocked gate on a paved road. Drive up this road (close gate behind you) to the office and overnight parking area. Use self-registration envelopes to register. When using self-registration: • Bring EXACT CHANGE. • On the envelope use the name under which the reservation was made. • Include the vehicle license number. • If you are parking a second vehicle for the same site, pay for it as posted, using a separate envelope for each vehicle. • Leave the envelope end tag in plain sight on the vehicle’s dashboard. Quiet Hours are 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Sounds may not be heard beyond your own camp. You may not disturb another person with loud or unreasonable noises at any time. Please follow these park rules and regulations: Hours: The park is closed from sunset to 6 a.m., including all trails and climbing areas. San Lorenzo Headwaters Natural Preserve: Use is restricted to established hiking trails. No off-trail use or climbing is allowed in this area. If you park in the main lot, you must pay day-use or camping fees. Dogs, bicycles, glass containers and smoking are prohibited. Firearms and devices capable of injuring or killing a person or animal are prohibited, including airsoft, paintball and pellet guns, bows and arrows, sling shots, etc. Fires are permitted in the metal fire rings in the Castle Rock Trail Camp ONLY WHEN FIRE SEASON IS CLOSED. (Check for posting.) During this time firewood is available for sale at Castle Rock Trail Camp. Camping is permitted only in designated camps. (See maps on inside of this handout.) Campers are required to be in their campsites from sunset to 6 a.m. All vegetation, wildlife and geological features are protected. Do not pick wildflowers, mushrooms or any other plant, or remove any park feature. Do not feed, disturb or harm wildlife. Bleeding Heart Horses are only permitted on designated trails. Volunteers are vital to the trail maintenance program. For information go to Mariposa Lily LOW IMPACT CLIMBING Local climbers are committed to good stewardship. To preserve the character and beauty of the park’s rock formations and minimize impacts on soils, vegetation, wildlife and other visitors, support “Leave No Trace” practices. • Use natural colored chalk. Use a chalk ball. • Help prevent erosion. Use only existing access trails. Carry crash pads—do not drag. • Protect park vegetation. The park is home to a variety of mosses, plants and trees, which in turn provide food and shelter for wildlife. One of the challenges of climbing is to work around branches, mosses and lichens without damaging them. • Do not climb when the rock is wet. This sandstone is more fragile when it is wet, so climbing routes may be damaged. Please allow a few days after heavy rain for the rock to dry before climbing.

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