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brochure Carnegie - Brochure and Map

Brochure and Map of Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA) in California. Published by California Department of Parks and Recreation.

Fairfield 5 Stockton 1 680 State Vehicular Recreation Area Carnegie W Electric Charging Station Park Store The MotoMart at Carnegie is a general store centrally located in the park. The store sells parts and accessories, apparel, safety gear, hot and cold food and drinks, and firewood. Full maintenance and repair services are available for bikes and ATVs. Compressed air is free and available during business hours. Call MotoMart at (925) 455-1318 for information and store hours, or visit their website at Carnegie brick was used to build some of California’s most beautiful buildings. While the foundation of the brick works is all that can be seen of the old Carnegie Brick and Pottery Company, the company’s legacy continues in stately buildings such as the Oakland Hotel, the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum, and the Carnegie Libraries in Livermore and Lodi. Dump Stations There are no dump stations in the park. Recreational Opportunities Air Stations An air station is available at the western end of the park, just outside the park maintenance yard. Compressed air is also available at the park store during business hours. OHV 4x4 Area The 4x4 play area is located at the east end of the park. The area includes an obstacle course with features such as the stairsteps, frame twister, rock crawl, and a sand pit. Please remember that if you get stuck, you are responsible for getting yourself out. 4x4 vehicles, golf carts, and side-by-sides are limited to operation on the valley floor. Special Events Many special events are held at Carnegie SVRA throughout the year. For more information about holding an event or obtaining a special event permit, please contact the park. In the early 1940s motorcyclists began riding on the clay soils of Corral Hollow which were ideal for offhighway recreation. In 1970 the Carnegie site became a private motorcycle park known as Carnegie Cycle Park. The park was purchased by the state in 1979 and Carnegie SVRA opened in 1980. National Championship Hillclimbs are held at Carnegie SVRA in the spring and the State Championship Hillclimbs take place in the fall. Park Resources Getting Involved Carnegie SVRA offers a number of opportunities for community involvement. Park volunteers assist with safety patrols and park stewardship. For more information contact the park at (925) 447-9027. Motorcycle and ATV Tracks Tracks for dirt bikes and ATVs are available on the valley floor. Motocross Track - This popular track is open to motorcycles only. Organized competitive events are held on some weekends causing periodic closures to the public. Please contact the park at (925) 447-9027 for a schedule of upcoming events. ATV/Motorcycle Track Open to both ATVs and motorcycles. • 70cc Track - This track is limited to motorcycles and ATVs 70cc and under. • 110cc Track - This track is limited to motorcycles and ATVs 110cc and under. Trials Area Trials riders have a designated area where they can practice their skills and control techniques on a variety of obstacles. This area can only be accessed through the special event parking lot. Carnegie SVRA offers Junior Ranger programs, ATV and dirt bike training programs, and educational opportunities through local community and historical special events. For more information about outreach programs, please contact the park at (925) 447-9027 or visit our website at Rains and flooding may force temporary closures of part or all of the park. During the rainy periods it is advisable to call ahead or follow our Facebook page link on the park’s website at to determine if the park is open. Staging areas are located throughout the valley floor. Other facilities in the valley include picnic tables, shade ramadas, and restrooms. Loading ramps are also available at various locations. Day use hours vary depending upon the time of year. The park is closed to OHV recreation after sunset. Camping Campers can rest from a day’s riding at Carnegie’s campground. There are 25 designated campsites available on a first-come, first-served basis. Sites are equipped with a picnic table, shade ramada, and fire ring. Potable water, flush toilets, and showers are provided near the campsites. The coin-operated showers require quarters. No water filling stations or hook-ups are available. Fire / Firewood Restrictions Fires are allowed in the fire pits provided or in contained barbeques. Open ground fires are not allowed. If you plan to barbeque, you must make provisions to remove your used coals as they cannot be left in the park. Gathering of downed wood and burning pallets of wood, fiber, or plastic are prohibited. So remember, if you plan to have a fire at the park, you will need to bring your own firewood. Only wood and untreated wood products – free of metal, petroleum products, or other If you find an artifact, please leave it in place and report it to park staff. It is important that the archeological features remain undisturbed. Removal of any artifact erases part of the history of Carnegie and is prohibited. Rider Responsibilities Be Prepared! OHV recreation is a great way to connect to the outdoors. To ensure you have an enjoyable experience, be prepared for the unexpected. 5 ATV Laws In California, there are laws specific to operating ATVs on public lands. Passengers: Passengers are only allowed on ATVs designed by the manufacturer to carry a passenger. Helmet: All persons must wear an approved helmet at all times while riding an ATV on public lands. ATV Safety Certificate Requirement 18 years and older: A safety certificate is not mandatory to operate an ATV. It is recommended. The park is not exclusively used by OHV recreationists but is shared by others, including many species of wildlife. Showing courtesy to wildlife and all visitors makes the park experience most enjoyable! Ages 14-17: All riders ages 14 to 17 must possess an ATV Safety Certificate, or be under the direct supervision of a parent, adult, or guardian who has completed an ATV safety course and has an ATV Safety Certificate in his/ her possession. Ages 13 and under: All riders 13 and under MUST BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES. Either the child or the child’s parent, legal guardian, or someone who is authorized by the parent or legal guardian to supervise the child, must possess an ATV Safety Certificate. ATV Certification Use proper equipment: When operating an OHV, the proper protective gear should be used at all times. Free ATV Safety Training may be available from the manufacturer for adults and their families who have purchased a new ATV. Free ATV Safety Training is also available for all California residents under 18 years of age, including those riding used ATVs. Contact the ATV Safety Institute at (800) 887‑2887 for more information. All operators should thoroughly acquaint themselves with their vehicle before starting out. Accessibility Drive and Ride Safely Take a training course: All operators of an OHV should take part in a safety training course. Drive and ride within your limits: Minimize the chance of injury and maximize fun by exercising common sense. Take time to evaluate the situation and consider options. Do not attempt to exceed your abilities. Operate your vehicle intelligently, and treat others with courtesy. If a rain closure is in effect, a red warning light will be activated at the ranger station. California State Parks supports equal access. Visitors with disabilities who need assistance should contact the Carnegie SVRA Ranger Station at (925) 447-9027 or 711 TYY relay service prior to arrival. This publication is available in alternate formats by contacting the OHMVR Division at Alternate formats for print media include audio, large font print, electronic files, internet information, and Braille. Park History In 1855 surveyors for a railroad found coal in Corral Hollow. This led to the building of California’s first commercial coal mine and the town of Tesla. From 1896 to 1905 the Tesla district was the largest coal producer in California. High quality clay was found in the coal mines which led to the construction of the Carnegie Brick and Pottery Company in 1902. Owner John Treadwell named his newest enterprise after philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. By 1910 as many as 110,000 bricks a day stamped with the name “Carnegie” were being shipped all over California. Tesla sand was used in the first window pane factory west of the Mississippi. PARK HOURS: Open daily year round, except for special events. November 1 – February 28 8 am to 6 pm March 1 - Second Sunday in March 8 am to 7 pm Monday after second Sunday in March – September 30 8 am to 8 pm October 1 - October 31 8 am to 7 pm Park staff ensure the condition of soils, wildlife, and vegetation are continually monitored to determine if soil conservation practices and habitat protection protocols are being met. Through this monitoring process, changes can be tracked and, when necessary, corrective actions can be implemented. Occasionally certain trails or areas may be temporarily fenced off or permanently closed in an effort to protect wildlife and restore habitat. Carnegie has an active California Archaeological Site Stewardship Program (CASSP). This program trains volunteers to work with professional archaeologists to FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Carnegie SVRA 18600 West Corral Hollow Road, Tracy, CA 95376 (925) 447-9027 Mailing Address: 15751 Tesla Road Livermore, CA 94550-9167 California State Parks, OHMVR Division 1725 23rd Street, Suite 200 Sacramento, CA 95816-7100 (916) 324-4442 © California State Parks, 2018 Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division All rights reserved. [12-2018] Printed on recycled paper. Carnegie Kids’ Tracks - Located in the eastern end of the park, these two tracks provide practice areas for young people (under age 14) operating smaller motorcycles and ATVs to practice and improve their riding skills. Rain Closures Protecting resources today makes it possible to provide quality OHV recreation in the future. Composed mostly of oak studded grasslands, the park is home to some special California native plants which have adapted to the warm Mediterranean climates of wet, mild winters and long, dry summers. It is also home to the federallylisted threatened California red-legged frog and the California tiger salamander, as well as a wide range of bird species and mammals. protect the archaeological and historical resources by regularly visiting sites and recording changes. Modesto State Vehicular Recreation Area Beginners Riding Area This area is located at the base of the Hillclimb Event Area. It is an open, speed restricted, flat area set aside for beginning riders both young and old. Education Facilities A little town of about 350 people sprung up around the brick works. The town included a hotel, two bunkhouses, a bakery, saloon, slaughterhouse, school, and 17 homes. 99 Carnegie SVRA San Jose 101 Repeated flooding, boiler room explosions, and the 1907 failure of the bank that held the mortgage on the plant forced the closure of the Tesla mining operation and the Carnegie Brick and Pottery Company. In late 1911 the company stopped production despite high demand for brick. Carnegie was sold in 1916 to a competitor who dismantled the machinery and tore down the plant. On May 27, 1917, the tall smokestacks at the plant were dynamited as a small crowd stood watching. In order to accommodate the emerging electric OHV industry, an e-motorcycle charging station was installed at the park main entrance. To access this station, request assistance from staff at the park main entrance. 205 Tracy 880 18600 West Corral Hollow Road • Tracy, CA 95376 • 925.447.9027 toxic substances – are permitted for campfires. Firewood is available at the MotoMart store. Livermore 580 1 elcome to Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA)! Located in the coastal hills of eastern Alameda and western San Joaquin counties, Carnegie SVRA provides more than 1,300 acres of off-highway vehicle (OHV) recreation opportunities. The landscape at the park is characterized by rolling hills and steep, rugged canyons with outstanding opportunities for hillclimbs and many scenic vistas. Park elevations range from 650 to 1,750 feet above sea level. The climate is Mediterranean with cool, wet winters and hot, dry summers. Carnegie SVRA offers various off-highway opportunities including roads, trails, tracks, and hill climb areas for motorcycles and ATVs, and a 4x4 play area for 4x4s and side-by-sides. Staging areas, camping facilities, tracks, and the 4x4 area are located on the valley floor. Marked crossings indicate access to the hills. The hills are divided into two use areas – open riding and designated trails only – and provide outstanding opportunities for hill climbs and single-track riding. Roads, trails, and riding areas are two-way; please watch for oncoming traffic. Always stay to the right side of the trail. Scout the terrain, especially in the grassland areas for obstacles. Oakland San Francisco State Vehicular Recreation Area y, CA 95376 • 925.447.9027 18600 West Corral Hollow Rd • Tracy, Carnegie Park Rules and Regulations REACH AND OPERATE ALL CONTROLS: All operators of off-highway vehicles must be able to reach and operate all controls. You are responsible for knowing park rules and regulations. All provisions of the California Vehicle Code are enforced. A copy may be found at: If you have questions, please contact the park staff or call (925) 447-9027. The term OHV means off-highway vehicle. Any motor vehicle operated off-highway is an OHV. A highway licensed vehicle is an OHV when operated off of the highway. Vehicles having green and red stickers are OHVs. To Livermore Tesla Road ow C reek Maintenance Yard Tyson's Basin tery p Loo Mi dd le T rac k r a il Par Campground Area l Carrol Basin il Most Difficult Trails ail s Tr Re d Ta il Tra il il ail Tr n rE as t Trail op Lo I SR SRI Loop Area Lower Waterfall Canyon (Closed) Tr R e d Tail ail yon Tra il il gle Tra LO SE D Ser pe n     il e T ra tin Golden Ea g le Trail SRI a il ) LIC UB P TO ED LOS C ( ad Ro Ro SRI ad (C Upper Waterfall Canyon (Closed) Tr sO s lde n Ea Can   il r Tra Bea k c Bla Go Kiln l rai sT o s Th he ras Gr izz ly Tr ail Trails Only Riding Area Tr op il Oso Los se adi Par ise ra d Badg e ge ve Rid ge ge Rid sO Lo Trail I SR n Trail anyo nC l i K Tr a il l r ai dg e Grizzly p o Lo ail SRI ail Tr Barn O w l Telephone Wheelchair Access Designated Crossings Fences 121º 34.000’ W Lo First Aid Trails Only Riding Area Closed Area Tra Trail os Day Use Area Open Riding Area Maintained Tracks on Racco  Camping Locked Gates Special Use Area Kiln Canyon Area Tra ake d T cat Bob rail ess V alley T il Tra Brew er s can ail Loop Tr a il More Difficult Trails n Ri il Trails (Motorcycles & ATVs only) Easiest Trails Osos Climb Los er nip Ju sn Whip i p er Trail J un an cis Ha pp in r sT Tra Park Boundary Pa il Loop Tra Franciscan er s River or Stream il r T il ra Tr er gg Ja ra il Fr Restrooms Tra Ba d T runner ad Ro Kiln Basin l Trai op Lo Riding Areas and Trails Main Park Road (2 and 4 wheel vehicles) il s Oso Lo Ranger Station MX Track mi Paradise l rai rT 4x4 Area ra il Special Event Parking min ise s so sO o L ipe Tra Paved Roads BT P Jam il Stovep Trials Area k rad dise Bre w ee eT r Tra Lower Juniper Basin Cr Jam il il Tra ip e Para BTP BTP ra Happiness Valley Area Pa ow n sT un J rail nT sca Fr r Dead Bi P oll BTP so nci Fra Fran cisca n L o o p T r a il ail p Juni er Tr er Trails Only Riding Area W ise Trails Only Riding Area il ra ke na s hip d ara lH us D rra & Tracy 70cc Track 110cc Track ho g Pi oad nk White Hillclimb Red Hillcli mb Blue Hillclimb Low Franciscan Basin mb illcli tate 580 To Inters Bu Carrol Canyon Area (Black Diamond Area) Co ow R mi sO d ea H Pink Jam Lo il Tra Dead Snake oo ow Elb Harrison Hill Area l Holl P T ail r rT ipe n Ju Jagge r op l Cow Canyon Trai Dead Clear Basin Open Riding Area Los Os os Tr ail Tr ail ond Trail ar P Cle il ail p an ra pT Loo Dead Cow Canyon Area Trans Am Basin o ciscan L an C orra BT m ns A Tra rail b Clim ATV Track cisc Fran L ol sos T op C arr Los O I Lo ail r Tr Ca mb l Cli r ro rail ra op T ore Hillclimb Event Area pT Loo P o ry L otte VEGETATION: It is illegal to run over vegetation. Ranger Station ipe tery Training Hill Area SUSPENDED OR REVOKED LICENSE: Anyone whose driving privileges have been suspended or revoked is prohibited from operating any motor vehicle, on- or off-highway. k St Jun Pot T r ai C lear Pond Beginners Riding Area ail Tr SR pT rail T er Po tte ry L oo ip Jun Pot ter yL il Tra Open Riding Area il p Tra oo Sand Hill Area 37º 37.000’ N NOISE EMISSIONS: The law limits noise emissions from all OHVs. Noise emissions for most OHVs are limited to not more than 96 dBA when measured from a distance of 20 inches using standardized test procedures. Free sound testing is available at the ranger station. For more specific information, go to Main SVRA Entrance Corral Hollow Creek SPARK ARRESTERS: All vehicles operating off-highway must be equipped with either a street legal muffler or a spark arresterqualified and rated by the United States Forest Service and maintained in effective working order. Ra Burned Pottery Area DOGS: Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. Please pick up after your dog. SR IL o tank Trail Water SPEED: Please follow posted speed limits throughout the park. In camping and developed areas, keep speeds to 15 mph or less. Never drive faster than is safe for conditions. TO PU BLI C) al H oll ATV LAWS: There are laws which apply specifically to the operation of ATVs only. (For more information please see reverse page.) Tr ail Corr ALCOHOL: Open container and DUI laws apply off-highway just as they do on-highway. Don’t drink and drive. RED STICKER RIDING SEASON: Red stickers are allowed to operate in the SVRA from October 1st - April 30 th only. These dates are established by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and are subject to change. Please call the park for updated information. Re dT a il Trail Pot 37º 38.000’ N Pottery Loop REGISTRATION: When operating an OHV, you must display either a license plate or an OHV sticker. OHV stickers include “Green Stickers,” “Red Stickers,” California Nonresident OHV Use Permits, and OHV stickers from states that have an OHV program. Locations of features are representations. Actual locations of some features may vary over time as a result of weather, maintenance, and other factors. Observe all signage, and use appropriate caution when traveling through the park. All Trails are Two Way Index Contour 100 ft Contour 20 ft 0 2000 feet 1000 Scale in feet 121º 33.000’ W 121º 32.000’ W NAD27 121º 31.000’ W

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