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Calaveras Big Trees

Ski Map

brochure Calaveras Big Trees - Ski Map

Ski Map of Calaveras Big Trees State Park (SP) in California. Published by California Department of Parks and Recreation.

Calaveras Big Trees State Park Winter Trails SCALE IN MILES ay Hi w gh Wa 4 ith m S . W r lte r mo e M ia k ar P l North Grove Ski Trail Beginning of Parkway Loop Ski Trail e mm r Only Su P Park Entrance Tre es w 1/4 Big 0 ay eek r C Visitor Center End of Parkway Loop Ski Trail Paved Roads Jack Knight Hall Parkway Loop Ski Trail North Grove Ski Trail Hiking Trails/Fire Road (summer) North Grove Big Trees Creek Campground P Parking Ranger Station Restrooms Viewpoint Ski Trail Calaveras Big Trees State Park P. O. Box 120 Arnold, CA 95223 (209) 795-2334 WELCOME TO THE WINTER SEASON AT CALAVERAS BIG TREES STATE PARK! In order to help us protect the park and ensure a safe visit, please review the following: FEES: Park fees must be paid prior to entering the park. When park staff is not available, pay fees by self-registration at the entrance station. DOGS: For wildlife protection and public safety reasons, dogs are allowed on paved roads and fire roads only. Dogs must be on a six foot leash at all times. Dogs are welcome on leash on the Parkway Loop Ski Trail. SNOWMOBILES: Snowmobiles and other mechanized devices are strictly prohibited in the park. SKIING/ SNOWSHOEING: The park has two winter trails, the North Grove Ski Trail and the Parkway Loop Ski Trail. Trail conditions are subject to change. Please stay within your skill level. WEATHER: The weather in the Sierra Nevada can change quickly. Please be prepared at any time for winter conditions. Carry cold weather gear and vehicle chains. For updated road conditions, call (800)427-ROAD. The park is located off of HWY 4. WARMING HUT: The warming hut, located near the restrooms at the main North Grove parking lot, is open on a limited basis and is operated by volunteers. Please warm yourself by the fire when the hut is open! VISITOR CENTER: The visitor center has limited winter hours. Its hours are posted on the exterior of the building. Call (209)795-3840 for more information, or visit the California State Parks website at You are responsible for knowing park regulations. Please contact a ranger if you have any questions. TRAIL DESCRIPTIONS: The North Grove Ski Trail is a relatively flat, 1.5-mile loop trail, that winds through the majestic Giant Sequoias. The Parkway Loop Ski Trail is a 3.5-mile trail that affords a scenic view of the Sierra Nevada. This trail is marked with orange signs and covers moderate slopes. Less-experienced skiers are advised to travel the Parkway Loop Ski Trail in a counter-clockwise direction to avoid the steeper downhill section. ©2005 California State Parks

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