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Calaveras Big Trees

Campground Map

brochure Calaveras Big Trees - Campground Map

Campground Map of Calaveras Big Trees State Park (SP) in California. Published by California Department of Parks and Recreation.

Calaveras Big Trees State Park North Grove and Oak Hollow Campgrounds 1170 E. Hwy. 4, Arnold, CA 95223 • (209) 795-2334 Welcome to Calaveras Big Trees State Park, home of the giant sequoias. Experience the great outdoors in one of our 120 campsites or try one of our new rental cabins. Park activities include guided hikes, interpretive programs, hiking, swimming, fishing, wildlife viewing, photography and winter activities. For your enjoyment, comfort and safety, please read below. CAMPGROUND OCCUPANCY: Each campsite is limited to eight (8) people and two (2) licensed vehicles, including trailers (CCR 4323). All vehicles must park in designated campsite parking. No road or off-road parking permitted. VEHICLE FEES: Campsite fee includes the first vehicle only. Additional vehicles must pay additional fees per night and may be required to park in overflow parking areas. CHECK-OUT TIME: Check-out time is 12 noon (CCR 4456). If you wish to re-register for another night, you will need to check with the entrance station before 11 a.m. for site availability. QUIET HOURS are between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. (CCR 4320). Loud music, activities and/or equipment are prohibited at all times. GENERATORS may only be operated between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. (CCR 4320). WEAPONS: Firearms, bows and arrows, explosive projectile devices and fireworks are prohibited at all times (CCR 4313 & 4314). HIKING TRAILS: Several interesting hiking trails have their own brochures. Brochures can be purchased at the visitor center or trailhead. BIKING: Bicycles are NOT ALLOWED on the trails. Bikes are permitted on the dirt fire roads, paved roads and campgrounds. Bicyclists under 18 years of age must wear an approved helmet. After dark, bicycles must be equipped with a headlight, reflector, and tail light (CVC 21201). MESSAGES: Post all messages on the message board at the park entrance. FIRES must be confined to either stoves provided by the park or to metal containers six inches or more off the ground. Hot coals must be disposed of properly. Fires are not allowed in makeshift rock fire rings, on tables, or on the ground. Purchase firewood in the park. All natural materials in the park are protected by law, so please do not gather down wood, pine needles, cones or twigs (CCR 4306 & 4311). INTERPRETIVE PROGRAMS: Throughout the summer months, we provide regularly scheduled interpretive programs for your interest and enjoyment. Activities include campfire programs, guided walks and Junior Ranger programs. MOTORIZED VEHICLES: Motorized vehicles are not permitted on trails or fire roads. All vehicles and operators must be licensed for the street. California helmet laws apply to motorcycles, motor-driven cycles and motorized bicycles (CCR 4355). SPEED LIMITS: Speed limit is 15 MPH and strictly enforced. Children and adults frequently cross roadways. Please drive carefully (CCR 4353(a)). WILD ANIMALS: Bears, raccoons, birds and squirrels are native to this area and commonly visit the campgrounds. Please DO NOT FEED the animals (CCR 4305). WASTEWATER: An RV sanitation station is located near the park entrance, and use is included with campsite registration. BEAR WARNING: Bears may come into the campground at any time, day or night. Please lock all food and scented items in the bear-resistant food locker at all times, except when actually preparing food or eating. Do not keep food or toiletries in your tent, sleeping area or in exposed ice chests. Place all waste in dumpsters as soon as possible. Improper food storage could result in a citation, with a maximum fine of $1,000 and/or ejection from the park (CCR 4323(b)). PETS: Except for service dogs, pets are NOT ALLOWED on the trails. Pets are permitted on the paved roads, campgrounds, picnic areas and dirt fire roads. Pets must be on a six-foot leash and under your immediate control at all times. Dogs must be confined inside your tent or vehicle at night. Do not leave your pet unattended in a campsite or in a hot vehicle. Visitors must clean up after their pets. Visitors with noisy or aggressive pets will be removed from the park (CCR 4300(a) & 4312). RESPECT PARK PROPERTY: Please respect the tables, posts, and trees, and do not cut, carve, tie ropes or drive nails into them (CCR 4306(a)). If you have any questions, comments or concerns, or if you need additional assistance, please contact the parks staff. We hope you have a safe and memorable visit. Calaveras Big Trees State Park — inspiring, protecting and preserving California’s rich natural and cultural resources for future generations. Discover the many states of California.TM CAMPING RESERVATIONS: You may make camping reservations by calling (800) 444-7275 (TTY 800-274-7275). To make online reservations, visit our website at ALTERNATE FORMAT: If you need this publication in an alternate format, contact 8 Upper Group Camp tt be Eb s as sP 4 28 29 St 52 36 37 45 at e 26 R 25 50 53 55 56 57 27 54 51 5 49 to the river Kiosk 20 21 15 18 14 17 19 2 Gate 22 ee 3 Tr 4 5 1 11 Jack Knight Hall 61 62 63 64 re 9 7 8 69 68 65 ek 6 10 Education Center Warming 1 Hut 13 12 16 3 Bi g 60 Visitor Center North Grove Trail 2 71 70 66 AB 6 74 Famcamp 67 73 72 te 2 3 LEGEND Cabin Bridge Ranger Station Picnic Area Parking 96 100 9 99 98 101 95 76 94 92 87 89 78 93 84 82 91 90 80 88 79 81 83 85 86 Oak Hollow Campground 97 10 102 103 104 75 to p ark way © 2003 California State Parks (Rev. 2015) to river (1.3 miles) 121 120 105 106 Numbered Restrooms Camp Host Restrooms # Campfire Center Showers Accessible Feature Group Camping Telephone 107 123 122 119 118 Group Picnic Area # Tent Only 117 116 11 109 115 124 ani sl aus Rive r Trail 126 108 Locked Gate 111 110 114 129 127 125 (1 . St 3 mi les ) 128 112 Trail to ov e rlo ok 113 Nature Trail 911. Ga Big Overloo k Tr ail Stump North G rove Trail For Emergencies Dial Open Meadow 24 22 59 23 58 Dump Station Park Entrance Gate 21 Maintenance Shop 30 31 (authorized personnel only) 32 44 39 34 35 41 C North Grove Campground p Cam Lower Group Camp els to Ang ld to Arno Extra Vehicle Parking Lots 38 33 40 42 43 wa lk rd Bo a 4 e ut o

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