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Map and Guide of Rasor Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Area (OHV) in California. Published by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Rasor provides for a remote motorized recreation experience amidst an expansive landscape of small rugged mountains and scattered sand dunes. encompasses nearly 24,000 acres of public land along with a few private sections. This Special Recreation Management Area is located about 50 miles east of Barstow, CA where self-reliant OHV enthusiasts challenge themselves against the elements. The remote and rugged nature of the terrain appeal to those seeking primitive camping opportunities as well as challenging terrain, fabulous scenery, and opportunities for solitude. Recreation Visitors to Rasor enjoy excellent recreation opportunities including open desert riding on AllTerrain Vehicles (ATVs), motorcycles, dune buggies, Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs), and camping. In addition to the riding and camping activities this area provides access and support facilities for staging OHV and 4X4 vehicle touring into the adjacent area of the Mojave Trails National Monument (MTNM). This and other surrounding limited use areas require vehicles to travel on designated routes. There is also street legal vehicle access into the Mojave National Preserve along the Mojave Road. Access roads to Rasor are Basin and Rasor Roads via Interstate 15, 12 miles southwest of Baker, CA. Hunting and Shooting The Rasor OHV Area, as well as surrounding Limited Use Areas, are open to recreational shooting with the exception of the Afton Canyon Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC). The Afton Canyon ACEC is closed to recreational shooting except legal shotgun hunting outside a ½-mile perimeter of the campground and middle of railroad trestle. Seasons and bag limits vary so be sure to check with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for complete and current hunting regulations. Fire and county ordinance restrictions may apply as well. In the immediate vicinity of wildlife guzzlers, hunting is limited to 30 minutes. It is illegal to shoot within 150 yards of any campsite or to shoot at trees, signs, glass bottles, domestic livestock, outbuildings, or other objects on federal land. On private land, visitors must obtain permission from the landowner to discharge Camping Camping is permitted anywhere within the open area of Rasor, but is limited to a maximum of 14 consecutive days There is less primitive camping available at the Afton Canyon campground, situated at the west end of the canyon. This newly renovated campground for a fee of $6 per night. There is also a 14-day stay limit. Each site is equipped with a shade structure, October). Fire danger is extreme during most of the Historic Highlights The Mojave Road, an important historic period travel route, bisects the OHV area in a southwest-tonortheast direction. Remnants of the 1906 Tonapah & Tidewater Railroad berm is adjacent to the eastern OHV area boundary, and a portion of the historic and boundary. Native Americans as a trade route for thousands of In 1829, Mexican explorer Antonio Armijo pioneered trail, now designated a National Historic Trail, can still be found at Afton Canyon. When the Americans began pushing westward, Jedediah Smith, Kit Carson, John Fremont and others came this way to reach the pueblos on the coast. When gold was discovered in ‘49, most of the ‘Niners took the northern route, but thousands followed the southern route and took the Mojave Road. Today, visitors can enjoy this 138-mile 4-wheel drive trail from nearby Camp Cady to the shore of the Colorado River. . Afton Canyon Campground Located within the Mojave Trails Monument, Afton Canyon is designated an ACEC to protect plant, wildlife, and other resources within the canyon. Recreation opportunities abound for OHV touring, birdwatching, wildlife viewing, and hiking in the ACEC. Flora Touring OHV use is restricted to signed designated “open routes” within the canyon - cross-country travel is not authorized. For more information, contact the Bureau (760) 252-6000. Wildlife Administrative Wilderness Study Areas Railroad Military - DOD Place of Interest National Preserve - NPS Open OHV Area National Monument - BLM C4033 7 83 L8 Mojave National Preserve 83 1 7 CL833 44 83 34 88 CL 830 CL8 CL CL8 8 07 23 C L8339 83 2 CL83 19 83 CL 3 33 1 CL 8 3 82 76 CL CL8250 7 8 CL CL826 0 04 M AC 9 AC9612 82 94 AC 6 10 -M j ve (see inset) Ro a 37 o Mojave Trails National Monument d 960 6 AC AC 0 96 6 Cady Mountain Wilderness Study Area ve 01 02 96 16 9 60 4 Roa d A AC 83 9 AC9 6 AC9606 C9 6 CL 8 AC8720 AC8710 AC 9 AC A TAKE PRIDE IN RASOR OHV AREA AND LEAVE IT AS YOU FOUND IT! While Rasor is an open area, of-route recreation travel through adjacent wildlands has caused damage or disturbance to the soil and wildlife habitat, as well as cultural and vegetative resources. Please stay on designated routes if you leave The Rasor OHV Area. Pack out all trash. Even orange peels and other natural items decompose slowly in the high desert climate. Respect wildlife. Do not feed or approach wild animals. Observe them from a distance. Secure food out of their reach. Red-Tailed Hawk SAFETY 96 Beavertail Cactus Rattlesnake A FEW RECOMMENDED SAFETY TIPS Expect wild, rugged conditions and extreme temperatures. Prepare for your trip by learning about ways to stay safe in the backcountry. This brochure provides only limited safety information. Carry plenty of water—a minimum of 1 gallon per person, per day. If you arrive unprepared, you could become lost, dehydrated, injured, or even die. Your safety is your responsibility. If you are stranded, stay with your vehicle. Tell someone where you are going and when you plan on returning. Dress appropriately for the season and changing weather. 12/17/18 4:59 PM Be careful with fre. Keep campfres small. Comply with campfre permit requirements and fre restrictions. Do not approach or feed wildlife. d oa Mojave National Preserve AC9622 a 6 963 AC Afton Canyon ACEC d oa Rasor OHV Open Area o 82 oad 06 9- Mo j e Roa d av 60 R ave oj AC9 6 14 1 AC964 R ve oja AC 8 AFTON CANYON ROAD EXIT 4 AC962 CL8240 236 CL8 6 CL7 1 30 CL8 35 BASIN ROAD EXIT 712 24 96 AC eR jav Street Legal Vehicles Only M CL8314 8 CL 830 CL8 809 C L8 37 83 CL 9 CL 83 15 CL83 32 2 3 CL8 6 82 C L 8344 833 25 83 C L8 CL RASOR ROAD EXIT M 83 15 CL 38 8836 CL CL88 3 4 AC8828 28 AC88 8 AC Danger Live Bombing Area Keep Out! CL Soda Mountains Wilderness Study Area 88 4 Miles CL 3 The Bureau of Land Management makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of this map. The map is merely representational, it and the data from which it was derived are not binding on the Bureau and may Cro be revised at any time in the future. The Bureau of land Management shall not be liable under any circumstances forneany se direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages with respect to any claim by any Va on account of or arising from the use of this map or the data from which it was derived. user or any third party l le Cro nes eV alle yR oad CL88 Street Legal Vehicles Only zx Rd Z zy 2 Fort Irwin National Training Center To Barstow, HWY 58 & I-40 CL 88 47 5 1 Inch = 1.52 Miles 1 9A 83 4 88 Afton ACEC 0 839 To Baker HWY 127, & Kelbaker Road 8 39 CL8 Private Property C Authorized/Permitted CL8 39 State Land NOTICE MOTORIZED USE IS PERMITTED ONLY ON ROUTES SIGNED "OPEN". ANY ROUTE THAT DOES NOT HAVE AN "OPEN" SIGN IS NOT LEGAL FOR MOTORIZED USE. MOTORIZED USE OF ANY CLOSED ROUTE WILL RESULT IN A FINE OR CRIMINAL PROSECUTION. CL 8 8 Open Route 5 BLM Land CL8 CL Campground w/ toilets CL RasorRoad_Final.indd 2 To Silver Lake & HWY 127 Legend Desert Candle Coyote IN AN EMERGENCY, CALL 9-1-1 Nearest Hospitals: Barstow Community Hospital 820 E. Mountain View Street Barstow, CA 92311 (760) 256-1761 Victor Valley Global Medical Center 15248 11th Street Victorville, CA 92395 (760) 245-8691 St. Mary Medical Center 18300 Highway 18 Apple Valley, CA 92307 (760) 242-2311

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