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Brochure of Bidwell-Sacramento River State Park (SP) in California. Published by California Department of Parks and Recreation.

BidwellSacramento River State Park Our Mission The mission of California State Parks is to provide for the health, inspiration and education of the people of California by helping to preserve the state’s extraordinary biological diversity, protecting its most valued natural and cultural resources, and creating opportunities for high-quality outdoor recreation. At Bidwell-Sacramento River State Park, “cruising down the river” on rafts or inner tubes is second only to fishing for salmon, steelhead, California State Parks supports equal access. Prior to arrival, visitors with disabilities who need assistance should contact the park at (530) 342-5185. This publication can be made available in alternate formats. Contact or call (916) 654-2249. CALIFORNIA STATE PARKS P.O. Box 942896 Sacramento, CA 94296-0001 For information call: (800) 777-0369 (916) 653-6995, outside the U.S. 711, TTY relay service Discover the many states of California.™ Bidwell-Sacramento River State Park 12105 River Road Chico, CA 95926 (530) 342-5185 © 2013 California State Parks stripers and shad along its tree-lined, ever-changing banks. A bout six miles west of Chico, BidwellSacramento River State Park stretches along a river whose banks are still relatively untouched by development. A classic landscape of riparian habitat, the river is lined with trees and wild vegetation. Visitors enjoy kayaking, canoeing, tubing (floating downstream on inner tubes), fishing, picnicking, hiking and watching the abundant wildlife. PARK HISTORY Native California Indians The indigenous people of this area are known today as Northwestern Maidu (including Mechoopda Maidu). For about 4,500 years, they lived in a portion of the Sacramento Valley, from west of the Sacramento River into the foothills above today’s Oroville and Chico. The oxbow lake along the river held a weir built by native people to trap fish. Today the area is called Indian Fishery. The Bidwells In 1849, John Bidwell acquired the Rancho del Arroyo Chico, a Mexican land grant that encompassed parts of today’s park. General Bidwell employed the local Mechoopda to operate his farm, orchard and ranch. Most of the Mechoopda workers, and some from other local villages, lived on the rancho. When local citizens threatened the Indians of Butte County with violence and removal, General Bidwell used a company of soldiers under his command to keep the Indians safe from hostile vigilantes. Native people due to be removed by the government also sought refuge at Rancho del Arroyo Chico. In 1868, John Bidwell married Annie Ellicott Kennedy, who became an advocate for the native people, including building them a church and encouraging their education. She eventually became a vice-president of the National Woman’s Indian Association (now the National Indian Association). John Bidwell died in Osprey 1900, leaving his widow to river. Gravel bars are used by foraging water birds, nesting killdeer, spotted sandpipers and lesser nighthawks. Endangered yellowbilled cuckoos, nesting eagles, ospreys and Swainson’s hawks prefer Fremont’s cottonwood trees and the open grassland habitats. Threatened bank swallows nest in burrows along eroded riverbanks. Valley oak woodlands shelter owls, woodpeckers and bluebirds. Along shaded banks, juvenile salmon, beavers and river otters hide. Blue grosbeaks build nests in willow scrub. Water birds feed in the wetland areas, while sloughs and side channels provide shelter for nesting egrets and herons, as well as basking western pond turtles. Indian Fishery Nature Trail oversee the rancho. In 1908, Annie Bidwell deeded several small portions of land along the Sacramento River to the State to preserve the trees on its banks, to prevent the diversion of water for private purposes, and to maintain the natural beauty of the river’s feeder streams. Before her death, Mrs. Bidwell provided for the rancho’s village residents by placing the land into trust for their occupation. NATURAL HISTORY Flora and Fauna Willow and white alder stand among other native riparian trees. Button bush and wild blackberry hug the edges of the meandering Day Use River Access Points Four unconnected subunits make up the park: Irvine Finch River Access, Pine Creek Landing, Indian Fishery and Big Chico Creek. Irvine Finch River Access —This 5.2-acre west bank section has a boat launch, picnic tables, restrooms, and en-route camping. Fishing is good here. See for licensing regulations. Pine Creek Landing —Near the boat launch ramp on Pine Creek, 4.8 acres of riverside park have boating, picnicking, fishing and wildlife watching. Indian Fishery — This 100-acre subunit has a picnic area, nature viewing, hiking trails and fishing. Big Chico Creek — At Big Chico Creek, 96 acres have trails that are ideal for bank fishing, nature viewing, sunbathing and handcarried boat launching. Photo courtesy of Kurt Geiger Western pond turtle Accessible Features Sacramento River Access at Pine Creek, part of Indian Fishery, has accessible picnic tables and barbecues, paved pathways, an accessible trail, parking and accessible vault restrooms. At Indian Fishery, the Nature Trail is constructed on compacted native soil that leads to a fishing area. The trail is accessible for ½ mile. Off River Road, the trailhead is signed, as is the accessible parking. Accessibility is continually improving. For updates, visit PLEASE REMEMBER • WEAR YOUR LIFE JACKET AT ALL TIMES ON OR IN THE RIVER. • Alcohol consumption and glass bottles are not allowed in the park from April 1 through October 1. • Do not tie yourself to anything; if tubes, ropes and ice chests get caught in submerged branches, they can pull you underwater and hold you down. • Watch for and avoid anything sticking out of the water. Riffles or waves on the surface could mean submerged tree snags. • Wear shoes; some areas of the beach may have rocks or broken glass. • For river emergencies, call 911. Glenn and Butte County Sheriffs are responsible for patrol and rescues on the water. State Parks owns and operates only the areas that provide river access. The Park Ranger Office phone number is (530) 342-5185. • Bring your supplies; floating downstream takes time, with few services on the river. • Leashed dogs under the control of their owners are permitted in the park. NEARBY STATE PARKS • Bidwell Mansion State Historic Park 525 Esplanade, Chico 95926 (530) 895-6144 • Colusa-Sacramento River State Park Levee St. & Tenth St., Colusa 95932 (530) 458-4927 • Lake Oroville State Recreation Area 400 Glen Drive, Oroville 95966 (530) 538-2219 fishing on the river Both native and introduced game fish may be caught from the banks or by trolling. Lucky anglers may hook a sturgeon, salmon, steelhead or shad. The oxbow lake at Indian Fishery holds introduced crappie, largemouth and striped bass, and bluegill. Steelhead Trout Shad Salmon Sturgeon River Mile 200 32 to 32 to 5 , Orland AND WILDLIFE State Park S E RV I C E A R E A River Mile 199 , Chico Bidwell-Sacramento River Pine Creek Boat Launch US FISH Irvine Finch River Access 99 Pine Creek Landing Sa cr am en to Sacramento River Access at Pine Creek C A L I F O R N I A D E PA RT M E N T R iv OF FISH AND WILDLIFE er River Mile 198 AREA Legend CALIFORNIA CDFW AREA 0 20 Mi Lassen NF 30 Km Los Molinos Quincy Parking Rive r 45 Picnic Area Colusa Ranger Station Williams 20 5 Sacramento Willows Clay Pit SVRA Colusa-Sacramento River SRA Yuba Sutter Buttes SP 20 45 Yuba City iver rR Plumas NF Lake Oroville SRA Oroville 99 th e 49 Malakoff Diggins SHP Nevada er City 20 Marysville r 5 Fe a to ve Bidwell Mansion SHP en Ro a d 70 Bidwell-Sacramento River SP Chico Hand-Launch Ramp ©2013 California State Parks 20 32 En-route Camping Restroom 10 10 Empire Mine SHP US FISH River Mile 194 Chico C 0 reek B ig 99 Red Bluff River Mile 195 1.4 Kilometers C ree k 0.7 M ud 0.35 BIDWELL SACRAMENTO RIVER S TAT E PA R K 1 Miles Ri v 0 0.5 Ri Boat Ramp 0.25 0 Ri v e r Accessible Feature to 99 , Chico AREA m River Miles Ave AND WILDLIFE ra 1.0 Sacramento Indian Fishery Nature Trail Sac Park Property West OF FISH Paved Road Accessible Trail Indian Fishery Day Use Area Ro D E PA RT M E N T Major Road Trail: Hike River ad River Mile 196 River Mile 197 BSR SP Big Chico Creek Day Use Area BSR SP AND WILDLIFE S E RV I C E A R E A 49 80 65 Auburn Auburn SRA River Mile 193 Mugwort Meadow Trail

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