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Campground Map of Big Basin Redwoods State Park (SP) in California. Published by California Department of Parks and Recreation.

Big Basin Redwoods State Park Big Basin Redwoods State Park CAMPGROUND RULES AND INFORMATION 21600 Big Basin Way • Boulder Creek, CA 95006 (831) 338-8860 Please follow these rules and regulations during your visit and help preserve the qualities that make Big Basin a special place. ai t Tr l e p i ng Fo r e s k Ro ca pe Es Tr a il ee S emper vir ens Cr l C r 236 Sky Meadow Group Camp sin Bi g Ba W ay ia Sequo rt h No Trail Wastahi Walk-in Campground Ro ad Tra i l Trail ebe rry Cre y w do M ea do Sequoia Group Camp Nature Lodge and Store Sha ckl Sk e li n Sky To The S Old Lodge ek w o bro rail k T Huckleberry Campground & Tent Cabins p Lo o Th l i ne T 236 od wo ed S equ Bl o o ms ai l p al . Blooms Creek Campground ms C r e ek East Ridge Trail e k © 2007 California State Parks (Rev. 2018) Bloo in W a d d e l l Cre e to 9 & Boulder Creek 236 M tn Hi h Cre r ail ek T Sempervirens Campground P l Cre n ek Bl Ham oo m m o s C nd R ree k d oa O oi a Jay Trail Camp r E a s t Ridg e T ai ky o S Bob Kirsch Connector Trail Trail eS e a Tra il Park Headquarters & Visitor Center Pine Mtn . Road CAMPING RESERVATIONS: You may make camping reservations by calling (800) 444-7275 (TTY 800-274-7275). To make online reservations, visit our website at ALTERNATE FORMAT: This publication can be made available in alternate formats. Contact ad ea et Hih Skyl i Co n Ha nem nn ect mon or Tra d il Tick Opa or Tr Rattlesnake br o ad Poison oak w do gF rail tT R e ns Warning: Be aware of the presence of poison oak, rattlesnakes, ticks, and yellow jackets. Yellow jacket Sempervirens Falls eek es k DOGS must be kept on a six-foot-maximum leash and may not be left unattended at any time. They are ek pin Picnic Loop o Cr PLANTS, FLOWERS, mushrooms, natural scenery, and animals are protected by law from human disturbance of any kind. Nails, axes, knives, and other sharp objects may not be put into any trees, downed logs, campsite tables, and parking barriers. Hammocks may not be hung from the trees. zos C re e Ga PAY SHOWERS are located in the campgrounds. Change is available from the Blooms Creek Camp Host and at Park Headquarters. Showers accept two quarters for two minutes. GAMES must be safe and not damage park resources. No airsoft weapons, BB guns, paintball guns, or horseshoes. Drones are prohibited in all of Big Basin Redwoods State Park. If in doubt, please ask staff. Su Hu FIRES are allowed only in stoves or in the provided metal fire rings. Do not build fires outside of fire rings. Fires must be completely out when not attended. All fireworks are prohibited. ol l CHECK-OUT time is noon. Please vacate your site by this time, including vehicles and all belongings. Do ood GENERATORS may only be operated between the hours of 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. ok Sequoia Trail Cre e THIS IS A CRUMB-CLEAN CAMPGROUND: You are required to secure your food and trash at all times, except when eating, to protect yourself and park wildlife. Raccoons, birds, and squirrels can be aggressive and will steal food that has been left out. Lock food and ice chests inside a vehicle or the campsite food storage locker. It is not secure in tents. Dispose of trash and food waste into the campground dumpsters immediately to keep wildlife from consuming or spreading it around. Please recycle your plastic, glass, and aluminum. Sha to 9 & Saratoga Gap Cr e WOOD COLLECTING, including leaves and twigs, is not allowed. This material decays and assists the growth of live trees and other plants. Firewood is sold at the park year-round. to Lodge Road Slippery Rock i Tra QUIET HOURS are from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Radios and other sound-producing devices must not be audible beyond your immediate campsite. To ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone, please do not disturb other campers. BICYCLES are restricted to paved roads and fire roads only. They are not allowed on any of the trails. Bicycle riders under age 18 must wear a helmet. Bicycles ridden after dark must be properly illuminated. Please ride safely. Big Basin is California’s oldest state park, established in 1902. Camping and tent cabin reservations are essential during peak season and may be made year round. Unreserved campsites and tent cabins will be sold on a first-come, firstserved basis. Tent cabins are operated by a concessionaire. Redw VEHICLES must register at Park Headquarters and display a valid receipt on the windshield prior to parking. Vehicles must park in their designated campsite space only. Standard tent or RV drive-in sites allow parking for one vehicle and one extra vehicle. Trailers are counted as a vehicle. Walk-in tent sites allow parking for one vehicle only in an assigned parking lot space. Fees are due for all extra vehicles, except trailers. No parking is allowed along campground roads. Extra or oversize vehicles must park in the lots adjacent to Park Headquarters. allowed only on paved roads or in your campsite. Dogs are not permitted on fire roads or trails (except for service dogs). Dogs must be confined to a vehicle or tent at night. Please clean up after your pets. R OCCUPANCY: Eight-people maximum are allowed per family drive-in or walk-in site. Map not to scale. See next page for legend. Legend Big Basin Redwoods State Park Campgrounds Paved Road Unpaved/Service Road For Emergencies, Dial Your Site #__________ Sequoia Trail Ro ad M to Boulder Creek 129 128 110 126 125 119 123 124 122 B 127 Blo om s ee Cr 133 131 s Cr e e k loom 140 155 154 rail kT 96 139 138 132 134 99 152 156 146 148 150 143 144 142 145 90 84 86 83 81 188 76 to Park Headquarters Huckleberry Campground & Tent Cabins 65 31 49 67 68 66 48 50 k oad ow R ead yM Sk 69 70 71 44 72 74 42 13 14 38 12 18 15 16 17 23 10 cars Fire Ring oia Tra i l Se q u 6 7 10 9 Un a do wb r o 8 cars 20 19 11 8 1 22 41 Sh to Park Headquarters 35 40 24 ok Tr ail Creek ion 236 No Dogs Allowed Parking Picnic Area 163 161 157 Restrooms 158 79 RV Sanitation Station 159 to 236 to Huckleberry Campground Blo om s to Sempervirens Falls & Slippery Rock to Park Headquarters 25 21 39 75 Wastahi Campground 27 37 43 73 26 33 36 45 28 29 32 34 46 47 30 Locked Gate to Boulder Creek Cre e k Showers Sempervirens Campground Tent Cabins ## Water Maps not to scale Gro 64 Campground: Group 162 236 80 to Park Headquarters Se q Ramada Sequoia Group Camps (Day-use only) FRAGILE Jay Campground (Trail Camps) uoi a to Wastahi Campground Trail 3 2 1 MEADOW 1 4 5 Fire Ring (CLOSED AREA) 6 7 3 cars 8 3 cars oia r pervir e n s C ee 63 61 Campground: Bike-in 160 Fire Ring 4 cars 4 cars 4 cars 2 Fire Ring (Bike-in only) to Park Headquarters qu 62 164 77 78 Se Se m 51 up C am p Trail 53 52 60 to Sempervirens Falls & Slippery Rock Wastahi Campground (Walk-in Sites) ai l a Tr 54 166 Campground 82 oi qu 55 56 Walk-in Sites (52-59) 184 167 Campfire Center 165 Se 58 183 169 87 85 59 57 182 187 153 to Pine Mountain Trail Camp Host 170 185 88 Bridge: Seasonal 168 89 to East Ridge Trail 147 92 93 171 181 91 141 151 149 98 94 95 Ro ad Bridge 172 179 180 178 p Accessible Feature br o o k Tr a i l 112 111 121 130 135 136 137 102 97 ow Accessible Campsite ## Shadow 109 117 120 236 yM ea d eek 116 113 114 115 108 118 101 100 Cr 107 106 y n Wa y B l ooms Creek Campground Tr ail ( D w e d) og s o n l eash a llo 103 104 105 Sk viren s er Big Ba si Trail: Hike & Horse 174 173 175 176 177 Se m 236 Sk Trail: Hike to Huckleberry Campground to Sempervirens Waterfall ea do w Blooms Creek Campground to Park Headquarters to Slippery Rock 911. Trail: Accessible Sky Meadows Group Camps 2 236 Bl oo m s Cr e ek 236 Ca m p gr o u nd T rail to Blooms Creek Campground © 2007 California State Parks (Rev. 2018)

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