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Hunting at Pintail Slough

brochure Havasu - Hunting at Pintail Slough

Hunting at Pintail Slough in Havasu National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Arizona and California. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

E U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Hunting at Pintail Slough Havasu National Wildlife Refuge 2020-2021 Season Pintail Slough, located in Arizona, is comprised of all refuge lands north of the North Dike and west of Mohave Co. Rd. 1. Species, Dates and Hours Quota Hunt Permit Individuals wishing to hunt waterfowl in the Pintail Slough Quota Hunt permit area must submit an application for a quota waterfowl This leaflet contains hunting regulations for hunt. Applications are available on-line the Pintail Slough only. Consult the general (https://www.fws.gov/refuge/Havasu/ hunting leaflets for regulations activities/hunting.html) or at the Havasu governing public use and hunting on all NWR office in Needles, CA. Applications other areas of the refuge. will be accepted by mail or e-mail (lakehavasurefuges@fws.gov) from General Regulations September 1 to September 14, 2020. Quota 1. We only allow take of those species permits will be selected by random drawing legal sunrise to 2:00PM MST. specifically listed. We allow hunting that will be posted on-line or on social media of mourning and white winged dove, duck, around September 16, 2020. The drawing Daily bag and possession limits coot, moorhen, goose, common snipe, quail, order will determine permit number priority. cottontail rabbit, and desert bighorn sheep on In accordance with Arizona State Once the $25 slot fee is collected from a designated areas of the refuge. All other regulations: info available at: azgfd.gov. drawn applicant, a quota permit number will species are prohibited. be issued. Preferred hunt date and blind Hunting Days (In-state season) 2. Persons possessing, transporting, or location (hunt slot) will be filled by ascending carrying firearms on national wildlife refuges Dove, Cottontail, and Gambel's Quail: permit order. Successful applicants will have Is permitted on all open refuge areas must comply with all provisions of federal, 7 business days to secure a permit number and any designated dove and small state and local law. with payment by CASH, personal check or game fields (A-3 and A-4) in Pintail money order payable to: U.S. Fish and 3. Havasu NWR is a non-toxic shot zone, Slough in accordance with state Wildlife Service. Each drawn hunter may use or possession of toxic ammo (lead), is regulations. Hunting for these species purchase up to (4) hunt slots through the quota prohibited. We allow shotgun, muzzleloader, will not be permitted in the Pintail hunt permit system. Any un-selected hunt pistol, pneumatic gun, crossbow, and archery Slough Quota Hunt permit area. slots remaining after the drawing based equipment for hunting. selections will be filled on a first come, first Quota Hunt Permit Area Regulations 4. Use of rifles is prohibited (with the serve basis until the end of waterfowl season. 1. Hunters must carry their quota hunt permit Each hunter can only obtain a maximum of 10 exception of Desert Bighorn Sheep hunts). and hunt licenses while hunting. quota hunt permits per season. Quota hunt 5. Target shooting or the discharge of a permits can only be issued by Refuge staff at 2. Hunters are required to hunt within 25 feet weapon except to hunt is not permitted. the Needles office during normal business of the numbered post of their assigned blind hours. Call ahead. 6. Motorized vehicles may operate on location or goose field. designated public roadways only and must be Quota Hunt Locations 3. We limit the number of persons at each “street legal” i.e. licensed, insured and Hunt blinds will be available during AZ equipped to operate on highways according to blind to (4), including observers. Observers cannot hold shells or guns unless in possession Desert zone waterfowl season on Wednesdays, Arizona state laws. of valid state license and stamps. Saturdays, and Sundays only, from 4:00am to 7. Pits, permanent blinds and stands, trail or 2:00pm MST. All hunt locations (blinds) are scouting cameras, and baiting are prohibited. 4. All hunters must possess at least 4 decoys reserved the first weekend of January for per blind location (We recommend the outer Youth Hunt Camp. 8. The use or possession of alcoholic decoy be placed no more than 75 feet from the beverages while hunting is prohibited. Goose Field blind to reduce cripples). The goose field (A-1) will be partially planted 9. Temporary blinds, boats, hunting and irrigated. The field is hunt-able on 5. Use of retrieving dogs is encouraged. Dogs equipment, and decoys must be removed Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Hunting is following each day’s hunt. must always be kept under control. allowed across the entire field. Hunt slots for 10. Guide service providers must obtain a 6. All personal items must be removed at the this location will be filled by quota permit first. Special Use Permit from the refuge on which Any un-selected hunt slots remaining after the end of each day's hunt, including all trash. they provide services. drawing, will be filled on a first come, first serve basis until the end of waterfowl season. 7. Hunting weapons must be unloaded except 11. No fires. when at designated blinds/goose field or when Hunt Vacancies/ No Shows 12. No camping. retrieving birds. An estimated 42 hunt-able days with 10 hunt 13. No falconry. locations will be available at Pintail Slough 8. Completed hunt data form must be turned this waterfowl season. If a quota permit hunter 14. Air-cooled outboard motors (surfacein after the completion of a quota hunt. Failure can not show up for their designated hunt, they drive) are allowed, but all air-thrust boats to report hunt data can affect future eligibility. must notify the Refuge prior to the hunt date to including floating aircraft are prohibited. prevent cancellation penalties. Dove, rabbit, and Gambel’s quail may be taken during the state specified seasons in all areas open to hunting, except in the Pintail Slough Quota Hunt permit area. During waterfowl season, only hunters with valid quota hunt permits to hunt ducks, geese, coots, and moorhens from a blind or goose field may incidentally take cottontail rabbit and Gambel's quail only. Hunt hours are from Youth Hunters Pintail Slough Management Unit Havasu NWR in partnership with Arizona Game & Fish Dept. will be conducting a youth hunter education hunt/ camp January 1–3, 2021. Blind reservations will not be available for those dates. For further information about youth participation or opportunities to volunteer as a mentor, contact the Arizona Game and Fish Department Kingman office at 928/692-7700. p Hwy 95 B8 1 Quota Hunt Fee A $25.00/ per hunt slot payable by cash, personal check or money order. p Hunt Times/ Check-Out It is recommended that all hunters occupy their designated hunt blind locations 30 minutes before legal shooting time, but no earlier than 4:00am. Hunting in the Pintail Slough Quota Hunt permit area is allowed until 2:00PM MST. Quota permit holders and guests can end their hunt and leave the area at anytime, but must minimize disturbance to other hunting parties. All hunters and equipment must be out of Pintail Slough by 3:00PM MST. Each migratory bird hunter must fill out and deposit a Migratory Bird Hunt Report (FWS form 3-2361) accounting for all birds harvested and/or not retrieved. Failure to return a Migratory Bird Hunt Report after a quota hunt will result in disqualification in the next following year's quota hunt drawing. p Pullout h Hunters with disabilities who hold a CHAMP permit will get preference to the handicap blind adjacent to the Hunter's gate. B4 Road ug Slo Hunters with Disabilities Access A–2 (Permit Required) B3 A–3 Legend Refuge Roads Access Road p E B# Blinds Closed to all hunting (During Waterfowl Season) Closed to All Entry (During Waterfowl Season) A-#3-4 Small Game Hunt Areas 0 500 B2 Small Game Hunt Area H Small Game Hunt Area p 1000 Dove Field & Small Game Hunt Area A–4 B1 To Golden Shores 4 miles (Permit Required) Small Game Hunt Area 2000 Ft Walking Access to Ag fields North Dike Conduct Each hunter is expected to respect the rights of others. Interference with another’s hunting, long range shooting or unsportsmanlike behavior, or failure to follow refuge hunt regulations may result in revocation of quota permit and hunting privileges for the remainder of the season and disqualification in the next season's quota hunt drawing. Littering Hunter Check-Out Box/ Gate Parking Area A-#1 Goose Field Closed to Hunting (Noted on the Pintail Slough Management Map) Areas with cross hatches are closed to all entry, including hunting, from beginning of the state waterfowl season to the end of January. Entry to retrieve downed birds in this area is prohibited. (Permit Required) B6 Pullout Pint B5 ail B10 The Pintail Slough gate will remain closed to public entry during waterfowl season, but quota hunt permit holders will be given access to the area via gate lock code. The entry gate must not be left open to the general public to minimize waterfowl disturbance to the area. Vehicle access will be limited to the refuge road and to parking areas. The gravel road adjacent to blind locations will be limited to walking access. Closed to All Entry B7 ____p A-1 Goose Field Gate/ Parking (Noted on the Pintail Slough Management Map) Areas with one line crossed through them are closed to all hunting. Hunters may retrieve downed birds in this area as long as they leave their method of take (shotguns, pistol, crossbow, and bow) in the open area. Dogs may retrieve in these areas. B9 Hunters are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Shell casings and associated debris must be picked up and packed out. All blinds must be left clean. pN Small Game Hunt Areas Parking Accidents or injury Accidents involving damage to property, injury to the public or injury to wildlife that occur within the boundaries of any national wildlife refuge are to be reported as soon as possible. To report incidents or illegal activities after hours and weekends call 1-800/637-9152 for law enforcement dispatch office. Injuries or accidents occurring on the refuge during normal business hours, must be reported immediately to the Refuge Manager at 760/326-3853, ext 123. August 2020

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