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brochure Sonoita Creek - Brochure and Map

Brochure and Map of Sonoita Creek State Natural Area (SNA) in Arizona. Published by Arizona State Parks & Trails.

Nearby Parks Habitat Park Rules If you’re having a great time here, don’t forget to visit one of the four nearby state parks! Patagonia Lake State Park (1.3 miles) Tucked away in the rolling hills of southeastern AZ is a hidden treasure. An ideal place to find whitetail deer roaming the hills and great blue herons walking the shoreline. The park offers a campground, beach, picnic area with ramadas, tables and grills, a creek trail, boat ramps, and a marina. (520) 287-6965 Tubac Presidio State Historic Park (33 miles) Arizona’s first state park, this historic site rests on the Anza Trail and commemorates the oldest Spanish presidio in Arizona with a museum, schoolhouse, colonial ruins, and picnic grounds. (520) 398-2252 Sonoita Creek State Natural Area is unique in that, within a relatively small area, seven distinct vegetative communities are present ranging from semi-desert grasslands to riparian deciduous forests. The visual and biological characteristics of these communities are markedly different, and their combined presence in a relatively small area is quite rare. The natural area is located in a transitional zone between the Sonoran Desert an the Chihuahuan Desert. Representative species from each zone can be observed within its boundaries. General Rules • Do not litter! “Leave no trace” and pack out what you bring in, or use the trash receptacles provided in the park. • Drive your vehicle only on designated paved surfaces. Park only in designated parking areas. Do not park on the side of the road. • Stay on designated trails. Cutting trails degrades habitat and harms the landscape. • Do not use glass containers in the park. • All of our parks adhere to firearm and hunting regulations. Please familiarize yourself with this information. Fires • Keep fires in grills or designated state parks fire rings. Never leave fires unattended! • Only charcoal fires and propane fires are allowed in the park. • Do not gather firewood in the parks. Firewood is for sale in most park stores. • Fireworks are not permitted in state parks. • Be “fire smart” and check fire restrictions at azstateparks.com/fire-safety. Camping • Campsites are limited to up to six adults and up to 10 people total. Pets • Keep your pets on a maximum six-foot leash at all times. Pets must be attended at all times. • Pick up after your pet. • For additional information related to pets, visit our website or ask park staff. Natural Area Rules • A permit is required for each person and each horse before entering the natural area. Permits are available at the Patagonia Lake Visitor Center. • No bicycles or motorized vehicles. • Horses must stay on designated trails and cannot stay overnight. Feed horses weedfree hay for seven days before entering the natural area. The rules of this park are not limited to the rules listed above. Additional park rules may be found at azstateparks.com. Kartchner Caverns State Park (54 miles) “Arizona’s Best Attraction” as voted by USA Today’s 2017 Reader’s Poll, this hidden jewel features cave formations found nowhere else in the world. Take the Throne Room tour and see the five-story formation Kubla Khan! (520) 586-4100 Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park (62 miles) Located in “the town too tough to die,” this preserved court building houses a collection of historic artifacts and memorabilia from the legendary American Old West. (520) 457-3311 Established 1957 Sonoita Creek State Park SONOITA CREEK STATE NATURAL AREA Management Goals 01/22 Established in 1994, the mission of Sonoita Creek State Natural Area is to preserve this fragile riparian area and its surrounding environment. Encompassing a major portion of the Sonoita Creek and Coal Mine Spring watersheds, this is Arizona’s first significant natural area. The natural area protects not only the endangered Gila Topminnow and several special-status birds, but also historical and cultural relics. Low impact recreation such as hiking and bird watching co-exist with educational and scientific research at Sonoita Creek State Natural Area. Thank You for visiting! 400 Patagonia Lake, Patagonia, AZ 85624 (520) 287-2791 | 1-877-MYPARKS AZStateParks.com/sonoita-creek AZStateParks Like/Follow/Watch us on: 1-877-MYPARKS | azstateparks.com Sonoita Creek State Natural Area is home to one of Arizona’s few permanently flowing streams and provides habitat for many rare species of fish, birds, and plants. Because of this, Arizona State Parks & Trails has distinct goals for managing this area. Maintaining natural surface water flow supports many of our other goals, including protecting and restoring riparian and upland habitat, maintaining diverse and healthy populations of native wildlife, as well as protecting existing populations of special-status, native wildlife. The natural area is also a cultural resource for Native communities historically connected to the area. We’re happy to receive visitors, but because of the sensitivity of the area, please pack out what you bring in and leave all plants, animals, insects, rocks, and other items in the natural area. Birding The natural area offers exceptional birding opportunities. Over 315 resident and migratory bird species inhabit Sonoita Creek and Patagonia Lake including eastern, western, and accidental Mexican species such as the elegant trogon, rufous-backed robin, and the black-capped gnatcatcher. A schedule of birding hikes and boat tours are available online. G r o s v e n o Arizona Game & Fish Coal Mine Spring Property Managed by SCSNA 9 ! Gift Shop ³ ! Market i ! Parking @ ! Ranger Station _ ! Restroom Junction # Peak C o M al in e C tag on ia L ak Day Use Area i ! PATAG ONIA LAKE STATE PA RK on ny Ca LAN D Sonoita Creek Visitor Center S TAT E o Son @ ! ita C re ek Ca ny on Trails may be unmaintained. Travel at your own risk. o Patag CC ! Encino 9 PATA G O N I A NAT UR AL CM BH Spillw k re e ay C 0 0.25 0.25 0.5 Contour Interval 40 Feet 0.5 1 1 Kilometers Sonoita Created by: ASPT GIS Team Date:5/29/2019 Cuates Buttes # PA R K i ! Partnership Hill SC OV FH STAT E To Patagonia 11mi 18km T RUST Cr e e k i ! Horse Trailer Parking HC RR Hiking Only Segments: Horses Follow Stream RR Miles SC AREA RR 0 S TAT E # VI Sonoita Creek Park @ Entrance ! ke nia La LAKE CC 9 ! Entrance Road Exit Road (One Way) no * E=Equestrian H=Hike P=Portions have an alternate equestrian route Park @ Entrance ! As h Fr es H H H H H EH H P P H ³! ! i ³ ! CM CREEK Uses* Lakeside Market Marina Store e TRUST CM 00 i ! STAT E Park Boundary Blackhawk Cat Cave Coal Mine Spring Coal Mine Spring Campsite Foothills Horse Corral Overlook New Mexico & Arizona Railroad Sonoita Creek Vista 38 on S O N O I TA Other Boundary Length One Way mi km 1.4 2.3 2.6 4.1 6.5 10.5 0.3 0.5 0.4 0.6 1.4 2.3 0.7 1.2 5.7 9.1 1.5 2.4 0.8 1.3 9 ! Campground y Creek BH CC CM CA FH HC OV RR SC VI Sonoita Creek Visitor Center n Wash Trail Name _! ! h! @! i s Pedestrian Bridge Trail Trail Code l Gate ! ! ! i l Pa h ! Coal Mine Spring CA Trailhead " H Han gm ans Can yon Campsite r a 9 ! Visitor Center Location LAND To Nogales 15mi 24km

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