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brochure River Island - Brochure and Map

Brochure and Map of River Island State Park (SP) in Arizona. Published by Arizona State Parks & Trails.

Nearby Parks Hiking Trail Park Rules If you’re having a great time here, don’t forget to visit one of the three nearby state parks! Buckskin Mountain State Park (1.3 miles) Mountains line the river on both the Arizona and California sides, and the wildlife is as varied as the recreational opportunities along the river. This picturesque park provides a scenic respite and a fun-filled escape from the desert heat. (928) 667-3231 Cattail Cove State Park (13 miles) A quiet spot for river campers, this park offers a white sand beach, 32 primitive boat-in campsites, a boat launch area, with more park development on the horizon! The park has a trail for hiking and access to off-highway vehicle back-country roads. (928) 855-1223 Lake Havasu State Park (28 miles) The scenic shoreline of Lake Havasu State Park is an ideal place to enjoy beautiful beaches, nature trails, boat ramps, and convenient campsites. This spot is truly a watersport haven located near the famous London Bridge of Lake Havasu City. (928) 855-2784 Wedge Hill Trail (Brown Trail): 1.0-mile round-trip with several spectacular lookouts of the Colorado River. Buckskin Trail (Yellow Trail): 6.8-mile roundtrip that includes three abandoned mine shafts. Two of the abandoned mine shafts are found approximately 1 mile from the trailhead. PLEASE NOTE: Mountain bikes are permitted on the Buckskin Trail east of the Desert Bar 4x4 road. General Rules • Do not litter! “Leave no trace” and pack out what you bring in, or use the trash receptacles provided in the park. • Drive your vehicle only on designated paved surfaces. Park only in designated parking areas. Do not park on the side of the road. • Stay on designated trails. Cutting trails degrades habitat and harms the landscape. • Do not use glass containers in the park. • All of our parks adhere to firearm and hunting regulations. Please familiarize yourself with this information. Fires • Keep fires in grills or designated state parks fire rings. Never leave fires unattended! • Do not gather firewood in the parks. Firewood is for sale in most park stores. • Fireworks are not permitted in state parks. • Be “fire smart” and check fire restrictions at azstateparks.com/fire-safety. Camping • Campsites are limited to up to six adults and up to 10 people total. Cabins are limited to six people total. • There are designated dump facilities at the park for your convenience. Swimming • Please obey all posted signs. Boating • Review boating regulations before heading out on the water. Pets • Keep your pets on a maximum six-foot leash at all times. • Pick up after your pet. • For additional information related to pets, visit our website or ask park staff. The rules of this park are not limited to the rules listed above. Additional park rules may be found at azstateparks.com. RIVER ISLAND Fishing Sport fish for large and smallmouth bass or bottomfish for catfish and carp. Kids enjoy fishing for bluegill, sunfish, and crappie. A valid Arizona fishing license is required for anglers 10 and older. Boat Ramp Three boat ramp lanes are located in a calm cove. Launch ramp parking has 20 boat-length deep spaces. NOTE: There is an island reef located in the center of the cove. Boaters should stay close to the cliffs to access the main river channel. Please observe all navigational aides and buoys. 01/22 Established 1957 River Island State Park River Island State Park is ideal for tent campers and RVs and can provide a scenic respite, a desert escape, and a fun-filled water adventure. The park offers campsites, a ramada, a sandy beach and cove, and a boat launch. The park also has a group camping site or group day-use area available for reservation. Thank you for visiting! 5200 N Hwy 95, Parker, AZ 85344 1-877-MYPARKS azstateparks.com/river-island AZStateParks Like/Follow/Watch us on: 1-877-MYPARKS | azstateparks.com Wildlife Viewing Mammals that may be seen at the park include bobcats, ringtail cats, coyotes, and gray foxes. Reptiles in the park include coachwhips (red racers), king snakes, desert iguanas, and collared lizards. Birds include red-tailed hawks, vermilion flycatchers, great horned owls, burrowing owls, turkey vultures, and egrets. Area Grassy # To Parker 11 mi 18 km ! Ri ve r ! 0.05 Kilometers 0.1 @ ! 0.1 Miles Í ! ! ! ! Ma rke t Tr ail (V iol et ) C o l o r a do R i v e r Vie w Tra il (B lue ) nge ) ! To The Desert Bar 4.3 mi 6.9km ! STATE PARK MOUNTAIN ! - Do Not Enter Emergencies Only i ! _! ! p y ! do R " - ! 0 0 ) 0.075 0.15 0.075 ! i! ! ^! 3! h 0.15 Kilometers 0.3 ck 0.3 Miles Bu CASTLE ROCK SHORE S Yellow Orange Black Red Violet Blue Brown Route Color Length One Way mi 6.8 1.3 5.2 0.4 2.3 2.7 1.0 @ ! ! ^ ! STATE PARK _ ! ISLAND ! # To Lake Havasu City 26 mi 42 km ! ^Bikes and equestrians only permitted east of the Desert Bar Road. RIVER \ ! DH ^BDEH BDEHO DH DH DH DH Uses* To Cattail Cove State Park 13mi 20km To Lake Havasu City 25mi 40km \ ! * B=Mountain Bike D=Dog E=Equestrian H=Hike O=OHV Buckskin Buckskin Loop Desert Bar Road Lightning Bolt Market River View Wedge Hill Trail Name Wedge Hill \ ! ) own (Br e v i r Buckskin Trail System Buckskin Mountain Trail System BUCKSKIN STATE PARK MOUNTAIN h! ! @! ^ 0.05 0.025 0.025 BUCKSKIN 0 Cactus Garden Park Entrance i ! ! _ ! p» ! Contour Interval: 20 Feet Created by: ASPT GIS Team Date: 3/9/2020 Group Ramada 3 ! RV Sites Electric & Water Campsites 1 - 29 Park Boundary Trail OHV Trail Trailhead To Buckskin Mountain State Park 1.5mi 0 2.4km To Parker 12mi 19km " Junction Tent Sites Electric & Water Campsites 30 - 37 a c h Gras sy A r ea Be C olora i n Loo p Trail ( O ra ar 4 Bucksk Desert B ! Viewpoint Shower Restroom Ranger Station Ramada Point of Interest Parking Dump Station Dog Park k x4 R oa d( Bla c Boat Ramp W ed (Yellow) Trail # ! y Í ! » ! i ! O ! 3 ! @ ! _ ! p ! \ ! Tra il ge Hill B skin uck ow) (Yell rail T in sk

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