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Brochure and Map of Oracle State Park (SP) in Arizona. Published by Arizona State Parks & Trails.

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Nearby Parks Hiking Trails Park Rules If you’re having a great time here, don’t forget to visit one of the three nearby state parks! Catalina State Park (24 miles) With miles of hiking, birding, biking, and equestrian trails winding through the base of the Santa Catalina Mountains and the Coronado National Forest, this park is truly a haven of desert wilderness. Canyons, pools, and saguaros beckon to visitors! (520) 628-5798 Picacho Peak State Park (48 miles) A centuries-old historic landmark, this park offers day-use picnic areas, overnight and RV camping, and hiking trails on and off the peak. Enjoy the view from the top of Picacho Peak, but make sure you bring plenty of water. (520) 466-3183 McFarland State Historic Park (57 miles) Named after Governor Ernest W. McFarland, who signed the bill to form Arizona State Parks & Trails, the building has served as the county courthouse, sheriff’s office, and jail until converting to a county hospital. (520) 8685216 There are over 24 miles of trails in the park, most circulating through desert wilderness. We advise extreme caution when hiking through the park. Arizona Trail Loop: A 6-mile loop open to hikers, dogs, and mountain bikes. Begin on Nature Trail Loop, veer off on Manzanita Trail or Wildlife Corridor Trail. Bellota Loop Trail: A 0.9-mile loop open only to hikers. Trailhead is at the Group Use Area parking area. The trail goes through Kannally Wash and has great views. May be reserved for school tours. Gasline Road: A 2.7-mile trail open to hikers, dogs, mountain bikes, and horses. A two-track trail that crosses the park. Granite Overlook Loop: A 1.6-mile loop open to hikers and dogs. Trailhead is at the Oak Woodland parking area. A counterclockwise hike is recommended to allow an easier descent from the top of the trail. Mariposa Trail: A 1.1-mile trail open to hikers, dogs, and mountain bikes. Named after the mariposa lilies that bloom in the spring, this trail connects the park road to the American Ave parking lot. Nature Trail Loop: A 1.2-mile loop open to hikers, dogs, and mountain bikes. Starting at the far end of the Kannally Ranch House parking area, this trail leads to the adobe nature blind that overlooks the wildlife waterhole. Powerline Trail: A 3.7-mile trail open to hikers, dogs, mountain bikes, and horses. This trail leads to additional trails to make an extended tour around the park. Wildlife Corridor Trail: A 1.6-mile trail open to hikers, dogs, mountain bikes, and horses that connects two separate paths of the Arizona Trail. Windy Ridge Trail Loop: A 0.9-mile loop open only to hikers. Trailhead is at the Kannally Ranch House parking area. This trail takes hikers along a sandy wash with boulders to the top of a ridge. May be reserved for school tours. General Rules • Do not litter! “Leave no trace” and pack out what you bring in, or use the trash receptacles provided in the park. • Drive your vehicle only on designated paved surfaces. Park only in designated parking areas. Do not park on the side of the road. • Stay on designated trails. Cutting trails degrades habitat and harms the landscape. • Do not use glass containers in the park. • All of our parks adhere to firearm and hunting regulations. Please familiarize yourself with this information. Fires • Keep fires in grills or designated state parks fire rings. Never leave fires unattended! • Do not gather firewood in the parks. Firewood is for sale in most park stores. • Fireworks are not permitted in state parks. • Be “fire smart” and check fire restrictions at Pets • Keep your pets on a maximum six-foot leash at all times. Pets must be attended at all times. • Pick up after your pet. • For additional information related to pets, visit our website or ask park staff. The rules of this park are not limited to the rules listed above. Additional park rules may be found at The Kannally Ranch House Visitors can take a self-guided tour of the Kannally Ranch House and the collection of items housed within it. The Mediterranean and Moorish-style ranch house features many unique design elements resulting from its hillside construction. In addition to historic photos from the region’s history, visitors can also view almost 30 oil paintings from cowboy artist Lee Kannally. Established 1957 Oracle State Park ORACLE 01/22 Oracle State Park is a 4,000-acre wildlife refuge in the northern foothills of the Catalina Mountains. The park offers d ay-use p icnic areas and over 15 miles of trails for use by hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians. A section of the National Scenic Arizona Trail also crosses through the park. The property includes a unique Mediterranean and Moorish-style ranch house listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Kannally Ranch House houses a collection of historic photos, artwork, and unique design features. The park also serves as a Center for Environmental Education and provides programming for all ages. Interactive programs for school groups are offered by reservation. Additional public programs, workshops, tours, and concerts are offered throughout the year. Thank you for visiting! 3820 Wildlife Dr, Oracle, AZ 85623 American Avenue Parking Lot (520) 896-2425 | 1-877-MYPARKS AZStateParks Like/Follow/Watch us on: 1-877-MYPARKS | The American Avenue parking lot is open from sunrise to sunset. Use the self-pay station or contact the park for an after-hours parking permit. Trail Etiquette • • • • • Hikers traveling uphill have the right-ofway. Horses always have the right-of-way. Move to the side to allow hikers to pass. Please practice “Leave No Trace” and pack out what you pack in. Shortcutting switchbacks causes erosion. To Oracle Park Entrance Mou nt Le mmo n Rd To Oracle m ! on Rd Park Entrance 520 life ld 0 Dr MR 0.3 Miles Kilometers MR 0.3 GO MR GO 5! i! ! _ GO Oak Woodland Area GO ! ! " " " MR ! " " ! : ! GO ! _ ! 5! ! 3 GO FB ! AZT ! C ! h " " " 3 ! BE [ ! NT ! ! ! WR WR WR ! ! a 0 n y 00 " t a t s o h n ! ! ! CW C NT NT FB ! ! FB WC !! = h! _! i 4200 o d GR o MN o 00 To San Manuel 11mi 18km w 38 un Mo tL " 44 American Flag Ranch 00 AZT Coronado National Forest AZT ! PL W a " ! ! h ! 0 PL Park Boundary Forest Boundary Unmaintained Trail Trail Gate Trailhead Junction ! ! s ! CW ! Contact Station ? h Gift Shop ! : Group Campground ! É Corral ! = Historic Building ! i Parking ! 5 Picnic Table ! ! Point of Interest O 3 Ramada ! _ Restroom ! [ Wildlife Viewing ! AZT CW WL Windmill ! O ! ! CW ! W WC WL h KW 4000 e W s AZT a l y a y l MN a l PL V l To Mammoth 11mi 18km Kannally Ranch House & Gift Shop 0 44 MN 48 " FB ! ! GR n r WC r NT e 0 44 K ! i "! _ 3 ! ! BE ! ! ! " Kannally Ranch House & Gift Shop BE WR : ! ! ! Wildlife Drive " " " GR PL AZT BDEH BDEH H BDEH† BDEH† BDEH BDEH DH BDEH† BDEH† BDH BDH BDH BDEH BDH BDEH H Uses* Rd em 0.15 ! ! CV 0 44 ? ! 0.15 0 ? ! ! ! CV - Contour Interval 40 Feet Created by: ASPT GIS Team Date:4/18/2019 0.075 0 ! HD ! " _ i! ! (Open all hours for Arizona Trail access and stargazing) PL Contour Interval 40 Feet Created by: ASPT GIS Team Date: 4/18/2019 0.25 American Avenue Trailhead 0 0.25 Old Tiger Rd 0.5 Miles " Kilometers ! 0.5 * B=Mountain Bike D=Dog E=Equestrian H=Hike † Wash trails are unmaintained and best suited for equestrian use. Arizona (Inside Park) Arizona (South to A.F.R.) Bellota Loop Cherry Valley Wash Cottonwood Wash Firebreak Gasline Road 4200 Granite Overlook Loop Horse Detour Kannally Wash Manzanita Mariposa Nature Power Line Wildlife Corridor Windmill Loop Windy Ridge Loop 0.125 AZT AZT BE CV CW FB GR GO HD KW MN MR NT PL WC WL WR Length One Way mi km 4.9 7.9 2.3 3.8 0.8 1.3 1.0 1.6 2.1 3.4 0.7 1.1 2.7 4.4 1.6 2.5 1.1 1.7 1.1 1.8 2.0 3.2 1.3 2.1 1.1 1.8 3.6 5.8 1.6 2.6 4.1 6.6 1.0 1.6 00 0 Am e ric an Av e 40 00 Trail Name ! ! 46 00 W a s h V a l l e y C h e r r y i 00 44 42 00 42 00 W d bR ! W eb Trail Code ! ! ! 44 ! ! 4200 m on Mo u nt L em 0

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