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brochure Lyman Lake - Brochure and Map

Brochure and Map of Lyman Lake State Park (SP) in Arizona. Published by Arizona State Parks & Trails.

Nearby Parks Cabins Park Rules If you’re having a great time here, don’t forget to visit one of the two nearby state parks! Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area (61 miles) Nestled in the tall pines of Arizona rim country is a 150-acre lake perfect for fishing, canoeing, kayaking, or escaping to cooler weather. Enjoy the great outdoors! (928) 537-3680 Homolovi State Park (101 miles) An archaeological treasure, this sprawling park also has campsites and picnic tables for the everyday traveler. The park museum includes a collection of Hopi artifacts as well as records the contributions Hopi people have made to the country and their people. (928) 289-4106 The park has eight camping cabins that overlook Lyman Lake available for reservation. Each cabin has a covered porch, a full-sized bed, two sets of bunk beds, a table with chairs, electricity, lights, heating and air conditioning, and a locking door. Campers must supply their own linens or sleeping bags. Restrooms and showers are within walking distance. Cabins sleep up to six people. Reserve a camping cabin and start your park adventure at General Rules • Do not litter! “Leave no trace” and pack out what you bring in, or use the trash receptacles provided in the park. • Drive your vehicle only on designated paved surfaces. Park only in designated parking areas. Do not park on the side of the road. • Stay on designated trails. Cutting trails degrades habitat and harms the landscape. • Do not use glass containers in the park. • All of our parks adhere to firearm and hunting regulations. Please familiarize yourself with this information. Fires • Keep fires in grills or designated state parks fire rings. Never leave fires unattended! • Do not gather firewood in the parks. Firewood is for sale in most park stores. • Fireworks are not permitted in state parks. • Be “fire smart” and check fire restrictions at Camping • Campsites are limited to up to six adults and up to 10 people total. Cabins are limited to six people total. • There are designated dump facilities at the park for your convenience. Swimming • There is a designated area for swimming. • Please obey all posted signs. Boating • Review boating regulations before heading out on the water. Pets • Keep your pets on a maximum six-foot leash at all times. Pets must be attended at all times. • Pick up after your pet. • For additional information related to pets, visit our website or ask park staff. The rules of this park are not limited to the rules listed above. Additional park rules may be found at LYMAN LAKE 01/22 Established 1957 Lyman Lake State Park Created by damming the Little Colorado River, Lyman Lake State Park is a 1,200-acre park at an elevation of 6,000 feet. It is fed by snowmelt from the slopes of Mount Baldy and Escudilla Mountain, the second and third highest mountains in Arizona. Because of its size, Lyman Lake is one of the few bodies of water in northeastern Arizona with no size restrictions on boats. The west end of the lake is buoyed off as a no wake area (5 mph) so anglers can fish without disturbance from watercrafts. The fishery consists of walleye, channel catfish, and largemouth bass. The large remainder of the lake is open for all other types of watersports. Summer days with temperature highs in the 80s to low 90s are perfect for fishing, swimming, leisure boating, waterskiing, hiking, or just relaxing. Thank you for visiting! 11 US-180, St Johns, AZ 85936 (928) 337-4441 | 1-877-MYPARKS AZStateParks Like/Follow/Watch us on: 1-877-MYPARKS | Hiking Trails Peninsula Petroglyph Trail: A 0.25-mile selfguided trail is accessible from the campground and is open during daylight hours. The trail requires a mild climb. A number of petroglyphs and interpretive signs are easily visible from the trail. This trail connects to several loop trails, totaling 1.5 miles of additional trail around the edge and top of the hill. Buffalo Trail: A 2-mile trail, named for a group of bison that were once kept near the front entrance. Trailheads are located at the park entrance and on either side of the B Loop campsites. This hike requires accessing some steep, vertical inclines and steps. Pointe Trail: A short 1-mile trail that starts at the north end of the day-use area and joins two loops on top of the hill that overlooks the point near the group use area. Moderate inclines and some steps are found at the beginning of this trail. Trail Code Lit t l e Col o Dam Water Ski Course d o Riv er ra Lyma n BU PP PO UP RP Ditc h 3 ! Trail Name Buffalo Peninsula Petroglyph Pointe Ultimate Petroglyph Rattlesnake Point Ruins Length One Way mi km 1.2 1.9 1.3 2.0 0.8 1.3 0.5 0.7 0.1 0.1 l ! No Wake Within 100ft of Docks Group : Campsites ! To St. Johns 12mi 18km UP Ultimate Petroglyph ! Tour O Site Horseshoe Pits PO i ! PO Park Entrance No Wake Within 100ft of Docks y ! PP k _! 3 ! ! BU 27 4 6 8 5 7 Main 9 11 26 13 10 28 23 Horseshoe 14 22 Pits 12 30 21 29 17 20 " 19 16 15 18 _» ! ! 9 ! Do Not Enter Emergencies Only ! 6100 37 43 36 38 40 44 42 6000 ① Antelope ② Buffalo ③ Cougar ④ Coyote ⑤ Deer ⑥ Elk ⑦ Fox ⑧ !Raccoon 39 41 an La ke Boat Ramp 9 ! Campground » ! Dump Station k ! Fish Cleaning Station l ! Fishing Dock ¸ ! Gas Station : ! Group Campground ³ ! Market i ! Parking 3 ! Picnic Area ! | Playground O ! Point of Interest @ ! Ranger Station _ ! Restroom p ! Shower r ! Swimming ! ( Camping Cabin 00 Trailhead " 3 ! ! Gate Trail No Wake Zone Do Not Enter Emergencies Only Cabins ! 35 56 _ ! 47 45 _ ! Beach Day Use Area and Camping No Entry Or Exit Park Boundary Gravel Road Beyond This Point - 00 ( ! 34 ! !1 ( 2 ( ! p _! ! 3 ( ! 4 ( ! 60 7 ( ! 8 Cabin Area 3 ! Campground 51 31 52 55 50 32 49 53 5 48 54 33 6 46 ! ( ( ! 9 ! BU _! ! p Do Not Enter Emergencies Only BU PP ! BU " 24 i ! PP m 2 | !" 3 i ! 3 i ³! !! @ 3 !! ¸! r ! 3 ! Ly 1 3 ! r ! Main Campground Ranger Station & Market y ! 0 To Springerville 18mi 28km 0.1 0.2 i ! RP Rattlesnake Point Ruins O ! 0.4 Miles Kilometers 0 0.1 0.2 0.4 Contour Interval 20 Feet Created by ASPT GIS Team Date: 9/10/2020

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