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Trails Guide to Catalina State Park (SP) in Arizona. Published by Arizona State Parks & Trails.

Hiking Etiquette & Tips Follow Leave No Trace Principles. Preparation: • Inform someone of your plan, when you will return, and then stick to it. • Drink at least 1 litter of water per person per 2 miles. Don’t wait until you get thirsty. • Avoid hiking in the hottest part of the day. • Be aware floods may occur anytime, even if it’s not raining were you are. • Carry a cell phone. • In an emergency dial 911. Trail Use: • Yield to someone traveling faster. • Keep groups small, do not block the trail. • Those traveling uphill should have the right-of-way. Equestrians always have the right-of-way. • Stay on designated trails, desert environments are easily damaged and slow to heal. • Stay in the middle of the trail. • Don’t shortcut switchbacks as this can cause severe erosion problems. Waste: • Pack out what you pack in. • When restrooms are unavailable dig a hole for waste & cover when done. • Use as little toilet paper as possible. • Be at least 200 feet away from the nearest water source. • Remove pet waste in disposal bags. Respect Land & Animals: • Leave what you find, no collecting is allowed. • No wood or ground fires. • Give animals their distance; do not feed wildlife. • Keep pets on a leash. Pusch Ridge Wilderness Area & Desert Bighorn Sheep Management Area The Pusch Ridge Wilderness Area is located within the Coronado National Forest. The first 30 Desert Bighorn Sheep were reintroduced into the Wilderness Area in November 2013, with the overall goal of more than 100 animals after three consecutive years of transplants. Special management restrictions are needed to limit disturbance to the sheep population and to maintain the wilderness character of the area. Please note that Catalina SP is not located in the Management Area, but select trails leaving from the park are. Please ask park staff for more information. 1) It is prohibited to bring in, possess, or allow dogs in the Bighorn Sheep Management Area year round (this includes the Romero Canyon Trail from Montrose Pools to beyond Romero Pools, and parts of Sutherland Trail). 2) Between January 1 through April 30, it is prohibited to enter beyond 400 feet off designated Forest Service trails (e.g., Romero Canyon and Sutherland). 3) It is prohibited to use a campsite or other area by more than a maximum daygroup size of 15 individuals, and maximum overnight group size of six individuals year round. 1300 W. Washington Street Phoenix, Arizona 85007 Reservations (520) 586-2283 Info & TTY (602) 542-4174 Fax (602) 542-4180 Equal Employment Opportunity Agency. This document is available in alternative formats. Contact the ADA Coordinator at (602) 542-4174. State Park • Trails Guide 11570 North Oracle Road Tucson, AZ 85737 Park Phone: (520) 628-5798 Reservations: (520) 586-2283 Canyon Loop Trail 2.3 miles, loop Easy hike through the foothills that begins and ends at the Trailhead parking lot. The loop is created by a link connecting the Romero Canyon Trail and the Sutherland Trail. The trail is relatively flat, about halfway around there is a slope with approximately 90 stairs. There is a bypass trail around the steps for horses. Plan on 90 minutes of walking time to complete the loop. The Canyon Loop Trail crosses a wash several times, so seasonal stream flow may result in wet feet. Sutherland Trail 9.1 miles, one-way — no dogs in Desert Bighorn Sheep Management Area — no bikes in Wilderness Area First few miles are easy hiking. Beginning at Trailhead parking lot, trail gradually climbs 700 feet. Plan on 90 minutes of walking time from the Trailhead to park boundary. After one mile trail weaves in and out of the park and the Coronado National Forest (including the Desert Bighorn Sheep Management Area and the Wilderness Area which is closed to dogs and bicycles respectively). There is a 2.2-mile Trail Link on the north end of the park that connects the Sutherland Trail with the 50-Year Trail. Continuing on Sutherland, this difficult trail climbs through Cargodera Canyon with a steep and rocky ascent to roughly 8,600 feet elevation ending at the Mt. Lemmon Trail (to Mount Lemmon). Total elevation gain of 5,900 feet. 50-Year Trail 8.6 miles, one-way A moderate trail that is especially popular with equestrians and mountain bikers. Trail begins at the park’s Equestrian Center and follows a ridgetop 2.6 miles. A 2.2-mile Trail Link connects the 50-Year Trail with the Sutherland Trail. Or after leaving the park, trail continues for 6 miles through open desert. Terrain is up-and-down through the foothills with a few-hundred feet of elevation gain. Plan on 4 hours of walking time each way for the entire 8.6-mile length of this trail. Romero Canyon Trail 7.2 miles, one-way — no dogs in Desert Bighorn Sheep Management Area, beyond Montrose Pools — no bikes in the Pusch Ridge Wilderness — not recommended for horses beyond Montrose Pools Progressively difficult trail. Montrose Pools and Romeo Pools are shallow catchments on canyon streams that flow seasonally. Start at the Trailhead parking lot and cross Sutherland Wash, which flows seasonally. The first mile is a relatively flat and easy walk to Montrose Pools (usually dry) and the park boundary. The next 1.7 miles is a steep and rocky climb to Romero Pools. Poor trail conditions might be encountered as this is an un-maintained wilderness trail. From the Trailhead to Romero Pools is 2.8 miles with an elevation gain of 900 feet. Plan on 2 hours of walking one way from the Trailhead to the pools. To continue to Romero Pass, follow the trail to your right as it ascends out of the streambed. The trail then slowly climbs up-canyon 4.4 miles to Romero Pass at 6,000 feet elevation. From the Trailhead to Romero Pass is 7.2 miles with an elevation gain of 3,300 feet, about a 5-hour hike one way. Romero Canyon Trail ends at Romero Pass, where it intersects Mt. Lemmon Trail (to Mt. Lemmon) and West Fork Sabino Trail (to Sabino Canyon). Inner Park Trails Park Phone: (520) 628-5798 Reservations: (520) 586-2283 NATIONAL BOUNDARY Montrose Pools Legend Ranger Station Rest rooms, Gift Shop 3900' 0.8 4.3 2.3 Romero Ca n y on Trail Trailhead Area Equestrian Center Parking, Rest Room Rest Rooms Miles Between Dots (mi.) 3600' Elevation Above Sea Level Desert Bighorn Sheep Mgmt. Area 8600' on T ra i l 3600' 2.3 1.0 mile, loop — no horses To Mount Lemmon 2.1 To Wilderness of Rocks Trails 1.9 Coronado National Forest Parking, Rest rooms, Gift Shop Map not to scale Please Recycle il Romero Pass Easy loop which begins south of the main road across from the second pull-out. The trail crosses a seasonal wash (feet may get wet) before climbing about 80 steps to the hilltop. The Romero Ruins archaeological site includes the surface features of the remains from a Hohokam village dating back to about 500 A.D. Trailside signs address the archaeology of the site, the Hohokam culture, and the Romero homestead. Plan on 30 minutes of walking time. For the protection of cultural resources no collecting is allowed. Nature Trail To Samaniego Ridge Trail & Cañada del Oro Trail 1.7 BOUNDARY Romero Canyon Trail Birding Trail Mo 2 un .4 t Le mm Ye ar Tr a il 50 - 2. 6 p .5 rla he ail t Su Tr No Dogs in Desert Bighorn Sheep Management Area Romero Pools WILDERNESS FOREST Can y .9 0.6 00 Trailhead n so c Tu 1.8 L on oo 8 0. r eT idl Br Oracle Road 3400' 2700' Ranger Station Suther l and 4 1. Equestrian Center l rai T e Tr a Catalina State Park l 0.75 mile, loop — no bikes, no horses nd uinls R o er . Trai rp Rom Inte ink il L 2.2 Tra Flo ren ce B ri d Romero Ruins Interp. Trail Nature Trail 6000' To West Fork Sabino Trail & Cathedral Rock Trail Map is intended only as a guide. Persons planning to use longer trails should carry a topographic map. Carry at least one gallon of water per person per day. Pools are seasonal and may be dry parts of the year. For your safety, DO NOT enter washes when flooded. Easy loop begins at the Trailhead parking lot, climbs a hill, then meanders through low foothills with typical desert scrub vegetation. Trailside signs feature local plants and animals, in addition to climate and geology information. Plan on 45 minutes of walking time. Birding Trail 1.0 mile, loop — no horses Easy loop begins at the Trailhead parking lot. The trail crosses a wash (seasonal stream flow may result in wet feet) then loops up and down the foothills. Desert scrub, mesquite bosque, and riparian vegetation are seen with trailside signs highlighting the relationships between certain bird species and their preferred habitat. Plan on 45 minutes of walking time. Bridle Trail 1.4 miles, one-way A flat, easy trail connects the Equestrian Center with the Trailhead parking area. Plan on 45 minutes each way.

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