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Uganik River

brochure Kodiak - Uganik River

Uganik River in Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Alaska. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

East Arm Uganik Bay A 35 36 p T28S T29S Lower Uganik River 32 Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge 31 NWR Boundary A Suggested camping site Voluntary Camping Closure 4 3 µ Bear concentration area 1 2 6 M k La R26W R25W h us e 9 10 Mus 11 h Cr . 12 A A A AA 7 USFWS camp n A p Uganik Lake A 16 15 14 0 13 0.5 1 18 1.5 Miles 2 Uganik River Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Welcome! The Uganik River is one of Kodiak Island’s most popular remote silver salmon sport fisheries. In recent years Refuge staff have heard public concerns about issues such as fishing holes being monopolized, large groups staying for extended periods of time, bears being lured for viewing, disruption of bear feeding areas, improper garbage disposal, and general unruly behavior. Refuge managers are committed to allowing every visitor a reasonable opportunity to enjoy this fishery, provided that Refuge resources are not adversely affected. The best way to ensure this is for visitors to be considerate of one another, apply ethical camping practices, and allow wildlife to share this resource without human disruption or food habituation. It is also recommended that there be no overnight camping downstream of Mush Creek (see map). The stretch of river beyond this point is a recognized bear concentration area and camping should be avoided. Camping above Mush Creek will disperse public use along the river corridor and lessen the human impact to bears feeding in the lower river. You will find a map with suggested camping sites on the other side of this flyer. Please help us protect the opportunity for all visitors to partake in this fishery by heeding these guidelines. If voluntary measures are ineffective, managers may seek alternative measures to regulate use of the Uganik River. We hope you enjoy your stay. Visitor Guidelines: 1.) Voluntary camping closure below Mush Creek. As you’re headed downstream, Mush Creek will be on the left just before the first sharp 90 degree bend (look for the signs). 2.) Monopolizing fishing areas is unethical and strongly discouraged. Make room for fellow fishermen and camp a reasonable distance from recognizable fishing sites. 3.) Disturbance of archaeological and historical sites is prohibited (16 USC 470aa) and is punishable by fines up to $100,000 and a year in jail. 4.) Discharge of firearms is authorized only for hunting or for defense of life or property. State of Alaska defense of life or property provisions (5AAC 92.410) must be followed when dealing with nuisance or threatening bears. Problems must be reported immediately to the Refuge Manager and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. 5.) All camping and fishing sites must be maintained in a neat and sanitary manner. Pack It In – Pack It Out: 1.) All items transported to the Uganik River must be removed when you leave, including equipment, food and garbage (burying garbage is prohibited). 2.) Trash burning is allowed, but not recommended. Use only dead and downed wood for fires. The wet climate and lack of dry firewood often make burning incomplete. Pick through the ashes for unburned materials and pack them out. 3.) Toilet paper is trash too. Pack it out or burn it. 4.) Store food and garbage in bear proof containers, available from Kodiak Refuge on a first come first serve basis. 5.) Dispose of fish offal in the river in riffles, at the downstream end of pools, and away from camps. 6.) Electric fences to protect food and personal property are helpful in deterring bears and foxes. 7.) To avoid bear problems or unintentional waste, we recommend you not retain fish until the last day of your departure. Never stake a live or cleaned fish in the river by your camp. For sportfishing and hunting regulations and the brochure “Bear Facts,” please contact: Alaska Department of Fish and Game 211 Mission Road, Kodiak, Alaska, 99615 907-486-1880 Email: carrie.butler@alaska.gov For Refuge information and “Leave No Trace” brochures, please contact: Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge 1390 Buskin River Rd, Kodiak, AK, 99615 907-487-2600 (toll free, 888-408-3514) Email: Lecita_Monzon@fws.gov

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