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Guide to Trails at Point Bridget State Park (SP) in Alaska. Published by Alaska State Parks.

Guide to Point Bridget State Park Point Bridget Trail: Trail Access: Glacier Highway Mile 39 Recommended Uses: Hiking, Skiing, Fishing Distance: 2.3 miles to Cowee Meadow Cabin; 3.6 miles to Blue Mussel Cabin Difficulty: Easy to moderate Elevation Change: -100 feet North Bridget Cove Trail: Trail Access: Glacier Highway just before Mile 38 Recommended Uses: Hiking, Fishing Distance: 1.8 miles to Camping Cove Cabin Difficulty: Easy to moderate; some muddy and uneven sections. Elevation Change: None Cedar Lake Trail: Trail Access: Camping Cove or Cowee Meadow Cabin Recommended Uses: Hiking, Skiing, Fishing Distance: 2.1 miles one-way. Cedar lake is 0.7 miles from Cowee Meadow Cabin and 1.1 miles from Camping Cove Cabin. China Poot Difficulty: Moderate; some muddy and challenging Lake tree root sections. Elevation Change: +450 feet Note: Blue Mussel Cabin and Camping Cove Cabin may also be reached by boat from Amalga Harbor or Echo Cove. Trail Descriptions: The Point Bridget Trail begins on packed gravel that descends to rainforest muskeg. The trail then skirts meadows on the way to Cowee Meadow Cabin. A short planked trail leads from the cabin to a natural sand berm and the scenic shoreline, then follows the cliffy coast through the forest for about a mile to the Blue Mussel Cabin. A faint trail leads from the cabin to Point Bridget. The Cedar Lake Trail begins from the Cowee Meadow Cabin, and climbs with many small ups and downs to Cedar Lake (340 feet above sea level). The trail continues to Camping Cove. This trail is less developed; hikers will encounter difficult sections with tree roots, short steep sections, and uneven surfaces. The North Bridget Cove Trail begins in the forest then follows a beach. The trail alternates between beach and forest to avoid headlands and private cabins. Look closely for the trail re-entering the forest at these locations. The trail ends at Camping Cove Cabin, overlooking a pebble beach. Special Features: Sights in the meadows include beaver lodges, horses from Echo Ranch Bible Camp, and wildflowers (beginning in mid-May; peaking in late June). Bears frequent Cowee Creek when salmon are spawning (June through October). Lynn Canal and the Chilkat Range are viewable from Point Bridget. Berners Bay and Lion’s Head Mountain can be seen from Blue Mussel Cabin and vicinity. Cabins: Cowee Meadow Cabin (58.67251°N, 134.96367°W), Camping Cove Cabin (58.64947°N, 134.96619°W), and Blue Mussel Cabin (58.67842°N, 134.98563°W) (waypoints are in decimal degrees) can be reserved at: http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/cabins/south.htm Camping: There are areas near Cowee Meadow Cabin and Camping Cove Cabin suitable for camping; there is limited camping near Blue Mussel Cabin. Fires in authorized structures or on sand or gravel bars only. Water Availability: Small creeks are at the cabins; the creek near Blue Mussel Cabin may run dry in low rain years. Water in the creeks may be suitable for drinking provided it is purified or boiled (water may be dark from the presence of natural plant tannins). Park Rules: Motorized vehicles prohibited. Fireworks and explosives are prohibited. Discharge of firearms prohibited within 1/2 mile of cabins, trails, and road. Disturbing or damaging natural objects prohibited. Permit required for more than 20 persons. Alaska State Parks, Juneau Area Office 400 Willoughby Avenue Juneau, AK (907) 465-4563

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